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A Succinct Theory of Intelligence

Space Warlock

Martin White

Psychological Research Thesis


The human race, without reprehension, can be said to be the most capable species on the

planet. The human race has accomplished, are accomplishing, and will accomplish incredibly

magnanimous feats. They have built skyscrapers, eradicated diseases, and created renewable energy

sources, to name a few. There are numerous reasons that can lay claim for the reason of such feats.

However, it can be posited that the most important reason is due to unfathomable intelligence.

The most important reason, serves as the motive for the research project. This project was

initially spurred due to the study into a technique known as the “Memory Palace Technique”.

Practitioners of this technique, that utilizes the spatial memory centralized in the hippocampus

region, were shown to be able to access long-term memory quicker and easier. The utilization of this

technique has lead to humans being capable of memorizing decks of cards in under sixty seconds, a

man reciting pi (3.14) to the 80,000th place, and even has been utilized in medical schools.

The main question was how to best utilize this technique; which led to this research. So at

first, this study was to test the credibility of the “Nine different intelligences”, the impact, and the

strengths and weaknesses of each category. Then it led to, which intelligence can best utilize this

technique and why?

So to answer that question, some questions must be answered first. Namely “do different

intelligences exist” and “can be they discerned, if the first question can be verified”. From the

research and results, the answer is yes. Each individual has their special intelligence, but it can be

taken a step further. The assertion can be made (from the research) that closely related intelligences

can be utilized but not to the fullest extent. The exploration of this assertion can be seen widely from

notable animes like “Hunter X Hunter”, to the ancient Asian culture in which water divination types

dictated a person’s personality in lieu of intelligence, and even movies like the trilogy “Divergent”.

Each exploring it in their own ways.

Now these are not being used to lend credibility to the hypothesis, only to give credit to

people’s work and to improve upon their ideas using research. In all of the research that has been

done beforehand, they have agreed on one common factor in which has caused the most trouble in

this research. That each of these different intelligences have the capability, to some degree, interact

with other intelligences within them. This makes discerning them difficult, because some

intelligences can work cohesively to create new personality traits similar to that of other

intelligences, giving false positives.

Lastly, due to the nature of this research project there are great many things that are not

allowed to be mentioned specifically because of the extremely strict contract rules. So the students

names and information, the company’s name, the company’s style of teaching, and information

about co-workers have been left out. However, due to the freedom of the position, the parts in which

have been personally changed to the teaching style and the changes to the lesson plans can be

discerning the intelligences.explained. In the future. This thesis is mainly focused on the existence of the intelligences. History: To begin to understand the different intelligences. the next two thesises will be on the impact of these intelligences on the “Memory Palace” and then all encompassing lesson plan in which caters to all of these intelligences. and giving credence to past work performed. there are things that must .

and where it is now. Cattel in 1963. However. perceptual. it wasn’t until 1938 when Louis L. The start of the theory began with Charles Edward Spearman in 1923. verbal fluency. in fact. in which he posits that there are an extra two types of intelligence. In his book. spatial. memory. prodigies and other exceptional people. Thurstone criticized these theories in place of his own version on intelligence. The complete theory itself took root in the book “Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences” written by Howard Gardner in 1983. the existence of savants. In his paper “The Nature of ‘Intelligence’ and the Principles of Cognition”. presence of core operations. and verbal comprehension. a distinct developmental progression. how it evolved. namely: fluid and crystallized intelligence. This work would later be expanded on by Raymond B. Where the idea came from. and support from experimental psychology . Spearman notes his findings of The G factor. The criteria were: potential for brain isolation by brain damage. he puts forth eight different criteria for in which must be fulfilled for each of these intelligences to have it’s own separate group. These are namely: numerical. find things in which are disagreed upon to find mistakes within both research. place in evolutionary history. symbolic expression. reasoning.first understood. This is important because then trends can be tracked and.

of which have their strengths and their weaknesses (according to him). then therefore it must be correct. this presupposes that the lack of evidence is evidence of no evidence. better know as “IQ”. Naturalistic. Garner remarks the fact that each of these different intelligences have a certain “G” factor. Intrapersonal.and psychometric findings. visual learners will learn best in a visual setting and learning style versus bodily that learn from gesture based lessons. Interpersonal. however when it . In which. fortunately. in all experiments. Verbal. and Existential. versus the other side in which the G-factor reason has less empirical evidence. Visual. Bodily (Kinesthetic). Namely. the null hypothesis must be acknowledged. Now. So. These different groups are: Rhythmic. As well as. However. Her main argument was that there was an overwhelming support of evidence for the “Intelligence Quotient”. there is no doubt that most scientific findings are collected diligently. was published in a study by Linda Gottfredson in 2006. There are many problems with this mindset. pushes the notion that if more evidence is published in favor of something. Logical. Gardner then breaks down the categories in eight different types. This factor determines the level to which a person of that intelligence would be able thrive in certain environments versus other environments. In his 2006 study.

Later down the line. but for the sake of this research only the nine previously mentioned intelligences were explored.comes to psychology there is a subjective nature to it. in which he suffered/blessed with Synesthesia. Gardner then adds the ninth and final type of intelligence. the main competitors against this theory are the aforementioned IQ theory and in rare case. Gardner would finally add Linguistic intelligence to complete the set. Gardner believes that there are other intelligences. This condition allowed him to to perceive reality differently than most people do.e. This was most notably noted in two cases. A side effect of this. Studies can be performed and experiments of a million people. . i. However this is not to say that this is final. but it only be applicable to those million versus the other 6. This syndrome was used to denote the fact that some people. Moral intelligence. Some people have been noted to seeing music and tasting color. was that he was able to recollect everything due to the fact that it immediately registered into his spatial memory. irrelevant of their intelligence. the savant syndrome. can undergo changes in which allows them to do magnificent feats. in which a mentally impaired person had the “hyper- numerical” ability in which he could recollect numbers without effort. The second is in the case of S.99 billion participants on planet earth. Ultimately. The first case was in the movie “Rain Man”.

even though there are countless other papers and research studies that were used. Other cases can be stimulated from genetic or hereditary diseases that manifest themselves after a certain period of time. This is mostly because they are either repeating the same information without supplying new information. Lastly. they will be denoted as outliers for the time being. that intelligences (under extreme circumstances) can be changed. these were the most influential to the study performed. but very minimally. or rather it is assumed. While it is believed. or does not have credible experimentation. and it being in very rare cases. the other studies will be shown. it is often dangerous and come from intense trauma. Due to the nature of it. a lot of the methods that were used to prove the existence of the different intelligences were limited due to contract. In many cases. So throughout the assessment. however what can be mentioned are what was added to the original lesson plans that allowed the testing for the validity of . they will be withheld from this research because of the nature of how it is changed. Methods: To reiterate.

However. resulted from just having a better teacher (teacher efficacy) (ruled out due to the control (just say it was controlled for) and will be explained later but still can be effecting the study (it is called a caveat and these are usually discussed in discussion/conclusion and not the methods)). location and culture differences. different intelligences acting a certain way due to (you don’t need this) peer or societal pressure. Which is understandable. there were a lot of different environmental factors that were taken into account as to get the most objective results as possible. and new students coming so they were only able to take the second test (are these really environmental factors that influence your results?). (you still haven’t described the tests) These are some of the main reasons that doubt can be casted on the study. (you don’t need this) by no means are the complexities of the machinery that is a human (I assume you mean human mind) easily explainable by this method. Such factors were: human error when taking the tests. As well as. Lastly. All in all. that is not to say that the machinery does not have certain noticeable trends that can be categorized while they exist (just say your model fits well with the . having older students who were not given tests. discern between the different intelligences.the theory as well as. students opting out of taking the tests (because they were not mandatory). about twenty five students took both tests and roughly forty seven students took at least one.

The monthly checks were graded out of a 10/10 basis (just say they were scored on a scale of 1 to 10). It was preferred that their actions were genuine and not for the sake of the experiment (just say that it eliminates bias). the wanted result is to be as objective and as close to reality as possible. (are you sure its okay to publish data without consent from the company. or students?) As with the case for all blind experiments. 9/10 would leave a score of 9 and 10/10 would leave a score of 10 on the charts. this was a blind experiment. for many reasons. this is because much like fads. The students. parents. this would give an average test score (just say you took the average of the students scores). (get rid of this part) the student’s grades were added together and divide by the number of students. This was done to get a general sense of the entire group. and to protect the students personal information (get rid of this part). So. and other teachers were not included in this experiment. (get rid) (your describing all this but I still know nothing about what the test is) The integral statement is “while they exist”. To calculate the grades. the parents. for the same reasons. Firstly. The scores for the monthly memory checks were also done in this manner. the company. From this point on. . the students were first broken down into their respective age ranges (list the age ranges).

The “Cycle Method” was heavily utilized for these experiments. or divination to be and forces the change to occur. This can be seen with astrological signs and more recently. The method is just siding the . maybe in conclusion/ discussion) This preys on the deepest need for a sense of identity and then gives us shallow forms of what humans can be. This is what is deemed as “Societal Self-Fullfilling Prophecy”. intelligence. Much like a hypochondriac. (you don’t need this paragraph in the methods) With that taken into account the methods were rather simple. As mentioned previously. they tend to notice similarities and then jump to the conclusion that it must be real. For example. older Asian cultures used water divination. searching the symptoms of a common cold online.society tends to change what they put pressure on. (this paragraph probably isn’t needed in the methods. Facebook Quizzes. while more contemporary means are done by blood type. Simply put correlation does not imply causation. once the person reads something online they tend to believe it and increase the chances of it becoming true. because when people hear about certain things. This is important because a society can impress their notions of what they believe a certain blood-type. will lead people to believe they have an even worse ailment because a lot of the symptoms are the same.

(how did you determine who was an audio learner or visual learner? What about other learner types?) After the baseline was taken. were taught using audio means. then intelligences were shifted downward. and would rather not risk the rejection. if not careful . and weaknesses. it sets the baseline for the students capabilities. However.intelligences together. So. This was done to serve as the control group. In which. This was especially important because students undergo the “Golden Student” syndrome. which will be best demonstrated in the figures below. for the first three weeks or so. the students thought to be audio learners. the student’s baseline results will be the best because they want to impress. (get rid) After this month. strengths. the students were given time to acclimate (just say the initial month served as an acclimation period). The students thought to be visual learners were taught using visual stimuli. They are afraid that they can’t be themselves around a relatively new individual. The teacher beforehand used the same methods. the students were taught exactly as denoted previously. with a 1:1 relationship (what does this mean?). the student will demonstrate the best versions of themselves because they do not know the new teacher. In this stage. Within this month. however his personality was what was a major factor. (find a better way to describe this) For the first month.

this is the stage in which the student tests their boundaries. methods is usually cold and methodical and direct. psychological profiles of each of the seventy students were made (just say psychological profiles for each student was made using information from parents and teachers). it usually doesn’t explain a lot) After the first month was over. So. while maintaining the same lesson structure/style. then different elements can be added into the lesson. (what criterion of information allowed you to discern the type of intelligence) The second month was the most important. In these profiles. they would be given different tasks based upon their assumed intelligence. So. (things like this aren’t usually explained in methods. the first student would have to play a game of “Telephone” in which a message is . the students were tested. So for each student. after getting some information directly from the parents and the previous teachers. intelligences were discerned by the information given and behavior demonstrated in the classroom. this was because now that there is a baseline for each of the different intelligences and the students. This can lead to extremely different results if the students are left unchecked. So students with each assumed intelligence were tested (say students were tested under the paradigm of their assumed intelligence) .

information gathered from the parents.passed from one student to another. In fact. and the students themselves that their they always failed their tests (these are withheld because of lack of proper storage). Previously. clues and hints that were specific to their intelligence and they would immediately remember. In all sections in which they were tested. After the test results came back. Another student would have to look at pictures of the subject matter. So. however utilized within the contexts of averages and groups are allowed). after the baseline for each of the students was set this was . during the test when a student couldn’t remember something. gestures would be done in order to bring forth the formed memory. This would repeat until all of the intelligences were completely tested. the entire staff. if a student was a kinesthetic learner. but their memories in which they formed from the past teacher because they have a test. teachers. For the third month. So this would not only give credibility to the teaching style. it would also give a better scope of where they were previously. This month was specifically important because not only was the efficacy of the lessons able to be tested. the students grades had immensely improved (the students grades individually can’t be shown. the students notably were able to perform better.

this served as another baseline to be able to tell whether or not it was due to improved teaching or was it due to addressing each of the actual intelligences. The method ebbs and flows from these control group because characteristics manifests themselves in many different ways. because kinesethic and visual are closely related. there is an ebb and flow to discern which is which. Meaning. the rhythmic learners would experience visual stimuli while the visual learners would experience kinestethic. So the continuation of each mixed stimuli was continued. So any other unforeseen circumstances can be ruled out as playing a part in the reasons as to why different information was gathered. for example. it is understood that a lot of methods would overlap with intelligences. the pattern was then switched again. the . So. For the fourth month.set as another control group for next experiment. So. the pattern was then kept from the fourth month to create another control group. the students were tested for their memories forged from the third month then going into the fourth month. so they must be introduced to many different stimulus in order to cross reference their actions versus previous actions. In the sixth month. Then after. While. In the fifth month. the input for each of the intelligences was changed. the stimuli was switched. This tends to fluctuate. So.

At the end of the month. In the ninth month. This was get another baseline. each of the characteristics were starting to become more distinct. the more that can be ruled out. After the test results came back. the visual learners would be given linguistic stimuli and the linguistic would be given rhythmic stimuli. the ebb and flow pattern were not repeated for . there will be a chart denoting each after each month at the end. In the eight month. This is important because the more the stimuli is changed. the pattern was changed to the pattern in which yielded the greatest results because this was when the second test was finally here. the pattern was kept the same from the sixth month. these are merely examples of what was done. however. memory checks were performed to test the difference between each of the memories forged. In the seventh month.rhythmic learners would be given stimuli for interpersonal and interpersonal learners would be given stimuli intended for intrapersonal learners. Then at the end of the month. In the tenth month. Note. the pattern was changed again. If they didn’t learn somethings. the pattern was maintained in order to get a baseline. This gives a better look at how the students were responding to each of the tests. So. Around this time. it would be objectively apparent as to which were not learned. memory checks were performed on which words were better remembered.

the experiment lasted fifteen months. that would also become immediately apparent from the psychological evaluations.the final two months of the experiment. Intelligence Lesson Test: Month #2 Bodily Bodily Bodily Existential Existential Existential Interpersonal Interpersonal Interpersonal Intrapersonal Intrapersonal Intrapersonal Linguistic Linguistic Linguistic . then it would become immediately apparent. and lastly the many weekly and monthly memory checks. Also. evidence of the different intelligences. they were taught to their strengths. how they performed on the exams. the charts were then laid over each other to get a much better picture of what was sought after. but once the proper pattern was discerned and after it was believed that their intelligences were properly assessed. This allows the students to thrive the best in their environment without feeling overloaded. However. if they can intermingle. if there was no correlation that gave note of the intelligences intermingling. so it begins with the second month in which the first baseline was taken. If there was no direct correlation in between the teachings and the actual intelligences. As per the reason previously mentioned. and how they impact learning. the first month was used as a control group using the already conceived lesson plan. Lastly. The first figures denote the the monthly changes that occurred and how each of the students performed.

The first experimental group testing them for their assumed intelligences.2. Intelligence Lesson Test Month#3 Bodily Bodily Bodily Existential Existential Existential Interpersonal Interpersonal Interpersonal Intrapersonal Intrapersonal Intrapersonal Linguistic Linguistic Linguistic Logical Logical Logical Naturalistic Naturalistic Naturalistic Rhythmic Rhythmic Rhythmic Visual Visual Visual Figure 1. the third month was use as a baseline for the second month and testing.Logical Logical Logical Naturalistic Naturalistic Naturalistic Rhythmic Rhythmic Rhythmic Visual Visual Visual Figure 1.As previously mentioned. Intelligence Lesson Month #4 Bodily Visual Visual Existential Bodily Bodily Interpersonal Existential Existential Intrapersonal Interpersonal Interpersonal Linguistic Intrapersonal Intrapersonal Logical Linguistic Linguistic .1.

Utilizing the cycling method. Intelligence Lesson Month #5 Bodily Visual Visual Existential Bodily Bodily Interpersonal Existential Existential Intrapersonal Interpersonal Interpersonal Linguistic Intrapersonal Intrapersonal Logical Linguistic Linguistic Naturalistic Logical Logical Rhythmic Naturalistic Naturalistic Visual Rhythmic Rhythmic Figure cycle method was used to shift the intelligences down another row.This served as the baseline for the next experiment. each of the intelligences were shifted down by a row and tested. Intelligence Lesson Month#7 .Naturalistic Logical Logical Rhythmic Naturalistic Naturalistic Visual Rhythmic Rhythmic Figure 1. Intelligence Lesson Month #6 Bodily Rhythmic Rhythmic Existential Visual Visual Interpersonal Bodily Bodily Intrapersonal Existential Existential Linguistic Interpersonal Interpersonal Logical Intrapersonal Intrapersonal Naturalistic Linguistic Linguistic Rhythmic Logical Logical Visual Naturalistic Naturalistic Figure 1.

Intelligence Lesson Month #9 Bodily Naturalistic Naturalistic Existential Rhythmic Rhythmic Interpersonal Visual Visual Intrapersonal Bodily Bodily Linguistic Existential Existential Logical Interpersonal Interpersonal Naturalistic Intrapersonal Intrapersonal Rhythmic Linguistic Linguistic .This month serves as a baseline for the next experiment.Bodily Rhythmic Rhythmic Existential Visual Visual Interpersonal Bodily Bodily Intrapersonal Existential Existential Linguistic Interpersonal Interpersonal Logical Intrapersonal Intrapersonal Naturalistic Linguistic Linguistic Rhythmic Logical Logical Visual Naturalistic Naturalistic Figure 1.The cells were shifted down using the cycle method. Intelligence Lesson Month #8 Bodily Naturalistic Naturalistic Existential Rhythmic Rhythmic Interpersonal Visual Visual Intrapersonal Bodily Bodily Linguistic Existential Existential Logical Interpersonal Interpersonal Naturalistic Intrapersonal Intrapersonal Rhythmic Linguistic Linguistic Visual Logical Logical Figure 1.7.6.

.Visual Logical Logical Figure 1.9.This figure represents the pattern in which yielded the greatest results when adhered to.8.This serves as a baseline for the next experiment. Intelligence Lesson Test: Final Three Months Bodily Bodily Bodily Existential Existential Existential Interpersonal Interpersonal Interpersonal Intrapersonal Intrapersonal Intrapersonal Linguistic Linguistic Linguistic Logical Logical Logical Naturalistic Naturalistic Naturalistic Rhythmic Rhythmic Rhythmic Visual Visual Visual Figure 1.

The first semester test scores.Results: Figure 2.0. This is the first of the results after the students were taking the class for two .

this could have been due to having a better teacher so that is why both tests. . memory checks. If the physiological profiles. As mentioned before. not only were the test results immensely better than the failing results. So far. were incorrect. the good results gives credibility to the assumptions made by the psychological profiles. and the first month control group were being used to rule out this notion. there would be a much wider differences in between the grades and from the varying different levels.months. So.

This would give credibility to the notion that practicing in one’s own .Figure 2. This can be due to the increased teaching ability and comfortability over time. the students were getting more practice within their own intelligence every week for a year. As well as. As can be seen.This is the grade results for the second semester tests.1. to the second graph. there is a slight increase from the first graph.

that the students did not perform as well as when they were at a 1:1 ratio. even though they didn’t perform as well. Also. This can be due to the fact that the older students know why they are learning so they take it more seriously. because the students were previously playing the the previous teacher’s will and not to their own. in all the students. However. if the test scores were drastically different from each other that would give credence to IQ theory. As can be seen the averages drop and rise. the monthly checks. they did perform at around the same levels in some areas. the trends in which the months where the patterns were repeated. so it was much harder for them to thrive. . Each month has its own distinctive trends. all of the charts tend to have a positive trend towards the older students. While follow each check. The IQ theory presupposes that each individual has a certain learning capacity and are limited to that capacity. when the Cycle Method was utilized. The best term that can be used for this is “playing in your own environment”.intelligence can increase the rate in which someone can learn. However. Next. Now. They were brought to a place they knew nothing about. This will give credibility to the notion that the intelligences have a possibility to work together. However. across the board. the trends tended to remain the same. As can be seen. there is an incredibly noticeable increase from when the experiment first began and less of one from around the second test.

because they are taught the subject more frequently at school. . It should also be noted that around the second month and the final months the trends should be noticeably the same.








This is because for the first two months. So it was expected to see the drops around the first two months. But as can be seen. that when they are taught within their intelligences. It was also expected to see the increase as it goes into the later months. age does tend to play a factor in the way school is handled by the students and their memory capacity. the averages across the board tend . they only knew the information in which was taught to them after the previous teacher. so there is a lot in which they did not know from the previous teacher. The test spans eight months. As previously mentioned. One of the more interesting findings is that the trends become a lot more visible around Group 1. Around the first two months more sporadic tests scores can be seen.

these students were added in with the other students because of the varying class sizes. The varying class sizes of students made this factor. They fall every now and again for personal reasons. They had their parents introducing the concepts to them. This can be due to students having a bad day at home. evidence to prove they work . Also. There is enough evidence giving it credibility of it’s existence (by way of the scores when properly assessed). Now. the last of the interesting findings was that the students who usually performed the best. very minute. However. it can be concluded that both of the hypothesis were correct.It can be inferred that separate intelligences exist there is enough information to prove that they can be discerned. Conclusion: From the results. due to its negligible size. not enough sleep. had another main factor behind them. or not enough food to properly be nourished. versus forcing the concepts onto rise.

volunteered himself to take the test. Due to their ability to mesh well. It would have been noted that the differences between some students are just too great. and hasn’t even done his . All in all.together was difficult to gather. but flexible. there was not enough time or the methods used required too much time. to prove that different intelligences can utilize different intelligences. In fact. This student. more time is necessary to test all of the categories against themselves. as imagined. Even though. the IQ theory does have interesting points. from the memory checks. However. This will allow the formation of something more rigid. there would be many false flags. a lot of the students made noticeable confidence changes towards the end of the experiment. the assertion in which details that if a person utilizes their own intelligence group more often are more likely to find better results. If the theory was as pervasive as it claims it to be. who despised the classes. However from the results. and how the intelligences reacted with each other. it can be gleamed. are also backed up by the evidence found. that some intelligences did better in some categories than others. then a more accurate depiction of it would be clearer. One student in particular. in acknowledgment to the null hypothesis. it was dependent on a lot of outside factors. they point in a direction in which can’t be denied. Furthermore. has been at the school for years. In each of memory checks.

and only one student left from the classes. However this was due to scheduling issues. the test scores dramatically increased. However. In conclusion. the student showed noticeable differences. once this experiment was getting settled. So. and showed me his cars that he never showed anyone before. Which ranged from being more polite. a lot can be said of this experiment. general attitudes increased across the board. the end goal was clear and achieved and it was to the students benefit. student mental retention rates were increasing. However. doing his own homework by himself. The class sizes were increasing dramatically (200% increase). volunteering to answer questions within the classroom. . in the end everyone was a better person due to this experience.homework. being more open. assisted in cleaning the classroom after each lesson. they were able to use the subject matter in more complex settings.