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Checklist for Speaking and Listening Skills.

No. Content Analysis of Speaking and Listening Skills Tick

1. I can participate in a conversation in a group of friends on familiar topics.
2. I can initiate, maintain and finish a conversation naturally.
3. I can speak without hesitating for longer than feels natural to me.
4. I can describe processes or events in some detail.
5. I can give my opinions in study contexts such as homework.
6. I can make formal presentations in English if I have time to prepare.
7. I can summarize stories or new items.
8. I can monitor my own errors when Im speaking.
9. Most friends can understand my pronunciation.
10. I raise my hand and share during learning by talking to my teacher and classmates.
11. I ask questions when I need to.
12. I ask and answer questions about lessons.
13. Speaking: I would like to improve:

1. I can understand informal conversations about familiar topics.
2. I can understand lectures and presentations if they are clearly delivered.
3. I can follow discussions in tutorials or study groups.
4. I can usually understand spoken language without asking for repetition.
5. I can usually follow the main points in discussions and debates.
6. I can understand co
7. I can guess unknown words from the context in which my friends are spoken.
8. I listen and share with others about learning. I let others talk and I listen.
9. Listening : I would like to improve:

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