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INCIDENT DATES/TIMES: INCIDENT REPORT Incident: 201600036282 - Case: NORTH BAY VILLAGE POLICE DEPARTMENT Page 1 of 3 Reported Date/Time: 12/17/2016 14:53:52 Dispatched Date/Time: 12/17/2016 14:54:30 Completed Date/Time: 12/18/2016 12:01:41 Enroute Date/Time: 12/17/2016 15:02:37 Earliest Date/Time: 12/17/2016 14:50:00 Arrival Date/Time: 12/1772016 15:02:57 Latest Date/Time: INCIDENT LOCATION: 7920. West Dr North Bay Village FL 33141 Miami-Dade OFFICERS ASSIGNED: NBV22, 00000220 Officer A. Suarez COMPLAINANT: Nam Address: City/Stat OFFENSES: UCR_ Offense - Description ‘Statute - Description. Degree Class Level 9000. U-Uer - SUBJECT(S) INVOLVED: pe Name DOB Address City/State/Zip Phone Offender Leon-Kreps, Connie 01/14/1954 7530 Center Bay Dr North Bay Village, FL 33141 3058616780 Victim Jackson, Andreana (01/07/1977 1900 S Treasure Dr North Bay Village, FL 33141 7868970556 Witness Shute, Sissy (Mary Elizabeth 09/30/1953 1353 Bay Ter North Bay Village, FL 33141 3057599293 NO IMAGE AVAILABLE, Offender Leon-Kreps, Connie DOB: 01/14/1954 NORTH BAY VILLAGE POLICE DEPARTMENT Page 2 of 3 INCIDENT REPORT Incident: 201600036282 - Case: ‘VICTIM/SUBJECT: Vietim # 001 Name: Jackson, Andreana 01/07/1977 Addr: 1900 S Treasure Dr B ao City/St: North Bay Village, FL 35141 F BRO Phone: 786-897-0556 Age: 39 eo Height: 510 eae Meieht: 190 Resident: 1 Individual st: Relationship to Offender 001° Other Known Offender # 001 Leon-Kreps, Connie DOB: 01/14/1954 H 7530. Center Bay Dr BRO North Bay Village, FL33141 BRO 305-861-6780 Lct 786-877-1163 Weight: 170 DANGEROUS: st: 2 Witness # 001 Shute, Sisy (Mary Elizabeth) 09/30/1953 N 1353 Bay Ter w BLN North Bay Village, FL 33141 2 OF GRN 308-759-9293 Age: 63 Let 305-467-0512 Height: $06 SSN: Weight: 130, 1 OLN: st: Contact # Name: Addr: City’st: Phot SSN: Weight: OLN: st: Administrative Agency:P Incident #: 201600036282 Case_Nr: Report No. | Entered: 12/19/2016 08:06 By Officer: 00000220 Officer A. Suatez Subject: Battery NORTH BAY VILLAGE POLICE DEPARTMENT The victim Andreana Jackson (V-1) stated that while participating in the annual city holiday event, the subject (Connie Leon-Kreps) was yelling at her to get out of the way. V-1 stated that she was helping Santa with the children in order for the parents to take pictures. V-1 stated that the subject continued yelling and that is when V-1 went over to the subject, pointed her finger at the subject and told her , am not staff and you cannot tell me what to do. V-1 stated that is when the subject “smacked my hand away and told me to get some class.” This officer spoke with the subject, she stated that she was protecting herself because V-1 put her index finger so close to her face. The subject stated that she did not intend to touch V-1, but that it was inevitable being that close to her. The subject then stated immediately after making contact with V-1 she took two steps back and sat down. This officer spoke with the witness (Sissy Shute). The witness stated in her view that this was not a fight but an attempt by the subject to protect herself from V-1. She stated she saw V-1’s index finger being waved in the subject’s face. She then stated, the subject with the palm of her right hand brushed V-1’s finger away from her face and then went and sat down. Statements from all parties are included with this report. V-1 was advised on how to file this case with the SAO in Miami. Case cards issued. Lt. Collins was on scene and was advised of this incident.