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The True Story of Lord Krishna

There is one thing stronger than all the armies of the World,
and that is an idea whose time has come.

Victor Hugo
19th Century Author

Author: Stjepan Spanicek – Independent Researcher
Version 3.1, October 2017.
Last revision – October 14,2018
Zagreb, Croatia

This essay does not have any commercial use. Author of the essay does not have any claim on copyrights, so
the essay itself can be used freely, partially or entirely, for further researches and for education purpose. The
author retains right on changes, modifications, improvements and making some appendices, because of
material affluence and complexity, the entire research is just like the never-ending story. Therefore, always
check if you have the latest version of that text.

When was Krishna born? As a researcher in the spiritual field with a lot of experiences was always asking myself
when was Lord Krishna walking on Earth. So many books, so many texts … so many prayers dedicated for Krishna
and directed to him … but it seems, nobody knows exactly what the real Krishna time was. It is true! Modern science
would even say that he never did exist … it’s all about myth and legends. This is what they say. But, is this true? Is
there a way to prove that he really did exist? What can Jyotish say about it? So far many natal charts of Vishnu
incarnations have been done, so what about Krishna? Can all this acquired knowledge be useful to cast the true
natal chart of Lord Krishna?

For the reason of easier following of the basic story, and before entering such a very ambitious project, which by
the way, have been hard to be cracked even by stronger and brighter minds then mine is, all along with last few
millenniums I would say, just a few very necessary preliminary introductory points I need to expose.

Text in front of you came into existence after long, long research, what culminated with putting together two very
great passions and obsessions of mine … Vedic Astrology-Jyotish … and … research on True History, what I call … the
Vedic History. Somehow it happened that in spring of 2014, due to an incredible set of events put in motion by
almighty providence, I realized that some Jyotish software designers had made possible to watch on very ancient
dates with the same precision as that we are watching some contemporary dates of today or maybe yesterday. That
was an incredible revelation indeed. All these natal charts what we use in Vedic Astrology-Jyotish and Sidereal
Astrology, are based on true positions of planets in certain moments, and that is additionally based on ephemerides
and ephemerid range or coverage. In the initial stage I realized, when positions of planets are concerned, they do
guarantee possible mistake of few fractions of an arc second for all dates up to 2000 B.C.E. That is phenomenal
precision indeed! To be even better, later on, along with upgrading that astrology software, the ephemerid coverage
was extended even further on, to almost unthinkable dates. Therefore, that was a strong wind into the sail of my
two fields of very intensive research and learning, what I already have mentioned before. In fact, that was the
trigger for unbelievable revelations, and some absolutely stunning natal charts surfaced. Text in front of you is not
the beginning of this story, need to say. Due to some very objective reasons, we need to go little bit around, and
instead of going from the very beginning of that adventure story, we will jump, let’s say, somewhere in the middle.
I promise, the very beginning of the story will be given out very soon as well, thus, you will not be missing anything.
We better start from the middle now.

Something else should be mentioned and emphasized as well. The fact is that this text is astrology oriented, better
to say … Jyotish oriented. Therefore, the text is full of astrological terms and expressions. That was impossible to
avoid, though I tried to balance everything, and tried to make it with a good measure so that the essay itself would
be understandable for all those who are not familiar with any kind of astrology. Nevertheless, I couldn’t go to the
level of teaching basic terms and meanings. Even though one can learn a lot by following the text itself, this is not
the basic intention of this essay. That would say, some elementary knowledge about Vedic Astrology-Jyotish is very
welcome. If this is not the case, no need for panic or leaving the text, just simply skip all these astrological
explanations and follow the basic underlying story of the essay, and this is … the True History-Vedic History. It would
be welcome to have some expert with good experience in Jyotish around you so that all such basic questions can
be answered quickly. I kindly encourage everybody to take some basic and maybe even advanced courses on Jyotish,
just to be familiar with. You would be surprised to discover that such Jyotish teachers today you can find even in
your neighborhood. After all, there are so many online lectures and courses, thus, there is no excuse for anyone to
be Jyotish ignorant. Always have in mind that Jyotish is a Science, Science of Light and how this Light is coming to
us. Once when you start, you will be surprised to find out that the entire Universe itself, all magnificent disciplines
like Astronomy, Cosmology, and Cosmogony, and much, much more … you will find out that all of them are suddenly
there, on your palm. Furthermore, with great pleasure and satisfaction, you will discover that Universe is just there
ready to whisper answers on all questions you ever did dare to ask, or, whatever you will ever be wishing to ask. It
should be noted that once upon a time, when Humanity was enjoying more light and knowledge of all kinds, during
the era of Vedic Civilization flourishing on Earth, Astrology and Astronomy were not separated as they use to be
today. At that ancient time, all science was completely united and holistic, not separated and fragmented as it is
today, but this is certainly the topic for some other frame, and for some other situation.

Well, recently, along with updating the Jagannatha Hora Jyotish freeware software, which I generally use for all
Jyotish researches, I discovered that they made many sophisticated improvements. One of them is to extend the
ephemerides coverage so that it is now going many, many thousands years back before the Christ (12900 B.C.E.),
and almost with the same precision, they used to declare so far. And this is exactly what we need in this case.
Because, we are stepping back in time, much deeper we used to be so far. It is quite a challenge, excitement and
thrill, to see if we can go beyond that magic borderline of 2000 B.C.E., the frame we never touched so far.

So, let’s try to see what can be done about the true story of Krishna.

Nevertheless, one thing we need to mention before doing any serious research by using so far the well-defined
system of casting charts of avatar Vishnu. I need to expose some already existing options, and especially one, which
is used as a mainstream when rising any question about the chart of Lord Krishna. Well, this is more to say what the
natal chart of Krishna is not like. Because, one chart is being shown for generations, and now it will be proved this
is completely wrong one.

From the following website:

… the following chart as an option for Krishna’s birth chart can be exposed:

Birth Chart...........................Navamsa

Birth Details: 19th July 3228 B.C.E.
at about midnight (Lat. 27N25, 77E41)

I was researching this situation very carefully, and then I’ve noticed that the author of this text observed by himself
there are some discrepancies with the true nature of planetary positions, and he immediately exposed that out.
Prof. Rao's findings may be considered as correct. But the Chart or Kundali he gives showing Saturn in Aquarius, Jupiter and Mercury in
Virgo, the Sun and Venus in Leo, the Moon and Lagna in Taurus, Mars in Scorpio and Rahu in Libra does not fit in with the birth data. Mr.
Cyril Fagan, to whom I am much indebted for the immense trouble he has taken to calculate some of these ancient horoscopes, informs
me that by making a thorough astronomical search from 4000 B.C. to 2000 B.C., i.e., for 2,000 years on either side of the traditional date
of Kaliyuga he has been able to find that the position of the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn in Leo, Virgo and Aquarius respectively and Rahu in
Libra could occur only in 3251 B.C., …

It occurs to me that the Kundali given by Prof. Rao was not probably verified as otherwise, he would have taken care to see that there was
no inconsistency between the planetary positions and birth details. ….

Anyway, I do not want to go very deep into this chart elaboration, just wanted to show there are some serious
problems with the true nature of the chart. It seems as that planetary positions have been modified in order to fit
into the desired frame. Author of that text is referring to the data exposed in … An Introduction to the Study of
Astrology: Royal Horoscopes …, by Prof. Bangalore Suryanarain Rao. No doubt, Prof Rao was a great pioneer of
Jyotish in his time. He was born in 1856, and he left this world in 1937.

So, now we can start to search for Krishna’s real birth chart by using the same principles we used many times so
far. Yes indeed, the same principles should be applied as for any avatar Vishnu incarnation.

Thus, for three principles we are very sure now. It should be a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, or at least their mutual
seventh aspect. Another principle should be taken into account, and that is – exalted Surya. Krishna was born in the
royal family, and he was a prince for a long time, with the potential to become a king, and in some stage, he
established his kingdom in Dwaraka, so Surya-Sun definitely should be exalted. It should be Karkha Lagna applied
as well. These three principles are absolutely the must, and they should be followed without any discussion.

OK then, but where to search!?

Well, throughout the careful analysis of all possible options I could find, it was crystalizing a need to check the period
of some 200-300 years … to be completely sure, all from 3000 B.C.E. to 3300 B.C.E., so to say. And this is exactly
what I did! I was systematically searching and checking all such conjunctions, Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions, and then
several interesting situations were filtered out. They became the subject of even deeper scrutiny … because … the
question rose… where was the Chandra-Moon at the moment of Krishna’s birth? This is now the big question. To
know the exact day of birth, the position of Chandra should be known. But I did not know that. Well, we saw that
in most of the cases when he comes as a king-worrier, the Moon, as a ruler of the ascendant sign and first house, is
in the ninth house. This is depicting truth-oriented person ready to follow the highest natural law values and highest
moralistic and ethical principles. It is about to be a righteous person. This is also depicting a person who would
never allow anyone to be above him or herself. Only God and Heaven could be above such person having lagna lord
in the ninth, and especially the Chandra-Moon.

But is this the case with Krishna? I tried some options but it did not work. Well, by considering his role very precisely,
he was proved more like instructor, advisor, and moderator in very difficult situations. He was a moderator between
two sides, in what was proved as a very big war. One side claimed they are good and moralistic, another side was
considered not so good they say; on the side of evil. This is the eternal play of positive and negative principles. This
is nothing new. Thus, Krishna was more like a moderator, though at the certain moment he took a side … or was
chosen to be on one side. To conclude, whatever I tried with fitting the Chandra-Moon in the ninth house simply
did not work.

Then, where could Chandra be?
Well, Chandra-Moon theoretically could be anywhere, in any rasi-sign. It could possibly be in any house as well.
Nevertheless, some entities would prefer more some specific signs, some specific houses, or even certain
nakshatras, for Chandra-Moon to be in during the birth. Some framing could be done by the karma law itself,
because, though we are free to expose our own will, we are also kind of limited by our past doing. Thus, each soul
would develop a certain frame for its own appearing on a way to be comfortable and most evolutionary. Same is
with Vishnu incarnations. So far I discovered ninth house for Chandra-Moon to be, as a lord of the first house,
because we always consider Karkha lagna-ascendant. Obviously, there are some other places for Chandra-Moon to
be in such cases, but they need to be discovered.

Thus, in Krishna’s case, one option for Saturn-Jupiter conjunction placement, among these filtered out, I was
favoring very much. Just the very same position of conjunct planets can tell a lot … which house … which sign …
which nakshatra … this is actually a lot of information. One very important and helpful detail I followed is that
Krishna lived a very long life. They say he was about 120-125 years of age when he left this world. That was directing
me, and giving an idea, that something very unusual is happening in, or with … the eight house. I found an option
where the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn goes exactly there … in the eight house. Eight house is longevity, and
presence of Saturn there, for this lagna-ascendant, for Karkha lagna, would mean high dignity of Saturn and strong
delay of death, what actually means … long life.

Fine … but where is Chandra-Moon!?

That question was in the air for more than one year, all until I was searching for something else and did stumble on
the extraordinary text of David Frawley … about cycles of yugas … and how wrong they are interpreted … all is
exposed in his famous and legendary book about Jyotish … The Astrology of the Seers … (Chapter 3 – The world-
ages or the cycles of the Yugas) and adapted to the link:

This book, and especially this chapter, I am reading again and again … Actually, it was so useful for my research in
general, because, nobody ever explained so nicely except him, David Frawley, how cycles of yugas are functioning.
He exposed the fact that there are two cycles of yugas, actually … revolving one within another… and that there are
cycles and cycles … Nature of everlasting life deeply established in never-ending changes … and all is defined by
never-ending cycles …

There is the last paragraph of this chapter … called … The Star Vega … and there is the last sentence of this paragraph

Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita states, “Of the Constellations, I am Abhijit.”

So many times I was passing this passage … but forgot about … and then … when I read it again after dealing for
about one year with a problem where Chandra-Moon in Krishna’s chart is placed, all of sudden, it was … as that
somebody hit me with heavy stone … My God! … This is it! Let me just try …

And I did try.

Need to say that at that ancient time they used 28 constellations instead of 27 they use today. In fact, even today,
in the theory of Jyotish, they use two or even three systems of nakshatras. One system is with 27 nakshatras, and
another one is with 28 nakshatras. This additional one nakshatra is being called … Abhijit.

Abhijit is the 28th nakshatra or asterism in the Indian astrology system. Abhijit is the Sanskrit name for Vega, the brightest star in the
northern constellation of Lyra. Abhijit means "Victorious" or "the One who cannot be defeated". In Mahabharata (Harivamsa), Krishna
was born under this nakshatra

However, the point is that by sequence Abhijit is not the 28th and the last nakshatra.

In Bhagavad Geeta, Krishna tells Arjun, that among Nakshatras he is Abhijit, which remarks the auspiciousness of the Nakshatra. Its
longitude starts from 06° 40' to 10° 53' 20 in sidereal Capricorn i.e. from the last quarter of nakshatra Uttara Ashādhā to first 1/15 th part
of Shravana.[2] Hence, Abhijit Nakshatra is not a regular nakshatra with four padas or quarters, it serves as an intercalary asterism most
of the times. It is not mentioned as frequently as other asterisms in mythology.

Moreover, when I tried … bingo! That’s it! This final click had happened, and Chandra-Moon has fallen into
Capricorn-Makara! You should have seen my heart pounding, while with time tool I was shifting Chandra-Moon,
and I was just wondering if it will stop there … in Abhijit. It did! It stopped at 6 degrees and 47 minutes of arc of
Capricorn-Makara rasi-sign. It is just about 7 minutes over the threshold, but it is IN! It is there together with Rahu,
what can be interpreted as having many, many wives-partners. Then, just to adjust Atmakaraka (AK) into ninth
house navamsa … and the natal chart of Krishna was born!

Krishna was born in Mathura (77E41, 27N25) on February 26, 3162 B.C.E. at 11.22 AM LMT.

So, let us see the natal chart finally …

Immediately we can observe some well-known patterns from the life of Krishna. Rahu and Chandra in the seventh
will give an enormous number of partners or wives, and it will give strong psychic abilities. Aslesha is the ascendant
nakshatra what will amplify even more kundalini energy and give enlightenment. Eight house is one of the houses
of enlightenment and Jupiter is there giving the fifth aspect to 12th house, to the real house of enlightenment. Strong
Saturn in highest possible dignity conjuncts Jupiter. Should be registered that Saturn is exalted in navamsa chart,
and this will make houses 7 and 8 of the main natal chart exalted as well. Sun-Surya is exalted in the tenth house,
exactly as we have seen with many other king-warriors so far. But Shukra-Venus is there in the Bharani Nakshatra,
in the nakshatra which is ruled by Shukra, and that will make Shukra is in low dignity … like debilitated. This is
partially canceled by the presence of exalted Surya in the tenth. But then, we see that Shukra is together with AK in
the ninth house of navamsa, and very possibly this is saving Shukra-Venus to some extension as well, though, I think
Shukra will give mixed results, and especially two very important houses which Shukra rules, fourth and eleventh,
will be heavily afflicted. We know that many wives of Krishna were taken by the demon, and it is exactly Krishna
who saved them and liberated completely. As well, Shukra is lord of the fourth house, and we know that his home
and his mother were afflicted heavily.

Abhijit Nakshatra is very fortunate, and very exceptional nakshatra indeed. As I am stepping deeper and deeper,
more and more details are popping up. Deity behind this nakshatra is Hari, and this is God himself … God Vishnu.
No wonder that the name Hari Krishna was generated, but more about that little bit later. Additionally, Abhijit
Nakshatra is very auspicious for muhurtas. It is being called Abhijit Muhurta, and it is used very much in
Sthapatyaveda. Need to say, original Sthapatyaveda, Vedic Architecture, how they also call it, was part of Jyotish.
Furthermore, Abhijit Nakshatra is very suitable for healing and traveling. We know that Krishna was healing by his
knowledge and wisdom, and especially he was a moderator in fateful days of big war … the Kurukshetra War. We
also know that he was a charioteer … he was the charioteer of the chariot of great warrior Arjuna ...

The photo is taken from …

We see that Mangal-Mars is surprisingly weak … in the third house … but there is parivarthana yoga of Mangal and
Budha and third and tenth house … what will emphasize the importance of these two houses and couple them to
be like twins almost.

Chandra is in the navamsa lagna, emphasizing even more soft, sweet and compassionate nature of Krishna.
Furthermore, when we look into feedback from Chandra-Moon to the main natal chart, we see it will come into
Meena Rasi, in the ninth house. That means that the primary influence of the Chandra-Moon as a lord of the first is
given in the seventh house, but the secondary influence is given as a lord of the first in the ninth house. And this
we already have seen many times. That will give righteous person ready to fight for highest philosophical and ethical

If we take a look at padas where planets are placed, we see that out of nine, five planets are sitting in the fourth
pada, what gives a focus on moksha and enlightenment. Very interesting indeed. We see that the theme of
enlightenment is being repeated from several angles.

Atmakaraka is in the ninth house of navamsa as usual, but in Scorpio sign, and that reads … no milk from mother
breasts … and we have seen this already with Jesus, King Cyrus the Great, and maybe with some others … As we
know, right after the birth Krishna was separated from his mother and his family, which was passing through very
hard time indeed, and they hardly survived after all. He was reunited with his family when he was about 28 years
of age. Actually, we see that absolutely everything is fitting well in with what we know about Krishna.
One very important observation should be done as well. We can immediately observe that the birth of Krishna took
place in Krishna Paksha, the descending, waning, the phase of the Moon, and the lunar day-tithi is … Krishna
Shashthi. Well, now we need to conclude this is not in tune with official records and festivity of celebrating Krishna’s
birthday as we know it today … the Krishna Janmashtami. Krishna was not born on Ashtami, the eighth day of the
waning phase of the Moon-Chandra! He was born on Shashthi, the sixth day of the waning phase of the Moon-
Chandra. Isn’t it interesting!? By the way, in Croatia we say … šesti (shesti), because this means exactly this …
number … six. Furthermore, it was not lunar month Sravan, as it was said in many Vedic texts. It was lunar month
… Vaisakha … instead. Thus we see that portion of Vedic texts is simply … corrupted. When seeing this, many people
did expose the following question: Is this the only corrupted place in Vedic texts? Of course, it is not! Unfortunately,
this is just the beginning, and very soon we shall find out some more corruptions. In addition, one very smart lady
made an observation and directed me to take a look at Sravan lunar month and Krishna Ashtami of the same year.
This was happening in June of that year, 3162 B.C.E. To be even more precise, we have Krishna Ashtami on June 24,
and guess what! The fact is that we find the Chandra-Moon in Rohini nakshatra exactly on that day. Chandra-Moon
is very powerful and exalted in Vrishabha rasi and Rohini Nakshatra. I was just wondering isn’t that the origin of the
story Krishna was born in Sravan month Krishna Ashtami? It seems this is it! When Brahmins of India decided to
make smoke on real historical Krishna, they used exactly this situation as an alternative option of Krishna’s birthday.
Well, they needed something strong and powerful, and that was exactly the exalted Chandra-Moon … on the lagna-
ascendent … as they said. Yes, this is so easy to bite for everyone. Exalted Moon-Chandra on the ascendent-lagna,
what else could we expect from Krishan to have. Nice story, but so far from the reality.

Nevertheless, it sounds good. Ram Navami and Krishna Ashtami. It sounds so logical. King Rama was born on
Navami, the ninth day of lunar month, this is what they say, so they invented Krishna was born on Ashtami, the
eighth day of lunar month. It is even rimed. Nevertheless, it is so far from the truth as I said, at least when Krishna’s
case is being considered. For making scrutiny on King Rama, well, we shall leave that for some other time. Now we
see that for the purpose of legend, for a legend to has it, everything can be done.

Thus, as we explored the most interesting points of Krishna’s natal chart, let’s try to consider when the Kurukshetra
War had happened.

Well, to be honest, that research I did not do by myself. Instead, I was rather following what others had done in this
field. By considering several options, I am prone to believe that we should tune with the work of Dr. B.N. Narahari
Achar, professor emeritus from the Department of Physics and Materials Science of the University of Memphis.

For the first time, I found it exposed in the documentary … Dwarka: Atlantis of the East …

This is an amazing documentary, and according to the statements exposed there, and based on the research of Dr.
Narahari Achar, I am prone to believe that Great War of Mahabharata on Kurukshetra Field had happened in 3067
B.C.E. They said, if we want to be very precise, it was November 22, 3067 B.C.E. All sources do mention three
important eclipses had happened just prior to the war. Nevertheless, there is a bit of confusion about these eclipses,
and I did find several variations of explanation. Of course, that gave an inspiration for personal checking, and by
very exhaustive research along with using Jagannatha Hora freeware software, it was shown that these three
eclipses are actually very real, but they were a followed by Purnima-Full Moon on November 13, and all should be
considered as follows …

1. Solar Eclipse on September 30, 3067 B.C.E., Sun and Moon at 24deg36 of Scorpio-Jyestha, Rahu at 1deg55
Sagittarius-Moola, distance is 7deg19
2. Lunar Eclipse on October 14, 3067 B.C.E. Moon at 9deg45 in the Gemini-Aridra, Ketu at 1deg58 Gemini-
Mrigashira, distance is 7deg57, Rahu is in the Sagittarius-Moola at 1deg58
3. Solar Eclipse on October 29, 3067 B.C.E. Sun and Moon at 24deg43 Sagittarius-Purvasadha, Rahu 1deg52
Sagittarius-Moola, distance is 22deg51
4. Purnima - Full Moon on November 13, 3067 B.C.E. Moon is at 10deg9 Cancer-Pushya, Ketu is at 1deg30
Gemini-Mrigashira, distance is 38deg39, Rahu is in the Sagittarius-Moola at 1deg30

Well, in the previous version of this text, I did some mistakes with calculating distances of planets, but that was
corrected now, and it seems everything is all right. I took the city of New Delhi as a point of observation in this
research. River Sarasvati was not far at that time, and the Kurukshetra Field was supposed not to be far from the
Sarasvati River itself.

Indeed, this is where we need to observe some discrepancies with the statements of Mr. Achar. For example, he
mentioned solar eclipse on October 14, 3067 B.C.E. In fact, according to Jagannatha Hora freeware software, it was
a lunar eclipse on that very same day. How did it happen for such a discrepancy to occur? I’ve noticed that the last
revision of that research was done in 2016.

They use Planetarium software which is based on ephemerides. According to my opinion, this should be the same
basic Jet Propulsion Laboratory ephemerides file as with Jagannatha Hora software. Behind both systems, very
probably, this is the same JPL DE431 file, or almost identical JPL DE430, both released in April 2013. Thus, where is
the catch that two systems basically established on the same initial ephemerid file show so different and entirely
opposite results? Or … maybe I am looking something wrong … !?

Furthermore, we even cannot totally lean on descriptions given out in Vedic literature, because all was probably
subjected to different kind of modifications throughout the time. We should have in mind that astronomical and
astrological descriptions what Krishna supposedly said about the beginning of that war, well, very probably all is
faked. We are not putting the blame on Krishna, of course. As well, we are not putting the blame on Veda Vyasa
who recited and Ganesh who inscribed the Mahabharata. Hiding the moment when that war started, is actually the
same story, the same scheme, and the same scam, as hiding the real moment of birth of Krishna. Both dates were
turned into smoke and mist. It is obvious why. If we discover one date, it doesn’t matter which one, inevitably
another one could be easily found as well. Another thing, almost all ancient history is written in reference to that
war, and because somebody was putting smoke on all ancient history, it is obvious that this war would be the main
focus of the forgery makers. Thus, we cannot follow blindly what was mentioned in the literature about the
beginning of the war. That is the reason we have some contradictions and discrepancies when considering that date
November 22, 3067 B.C.E. as well.

Despite all that, it seems to me, this is the right time frame. The solar eclipse on September 30 is relatively strong,
distance is only 7deg19. Another solar eclipse is hard to be considered as an eclipse, it is out of range of distance
for a solar eclipse, which is defined to 18 degrees. This is a very weak partial solar eclipse, penumbral eclipse. First
lunar eclipse (October 14) is of moderate strength because the borderline is defined as 11deg15. Another lunar
eclipse, the one on November 13th, is not even to be considered as the lunar eclipse, because Chandra-Moon and
Ketu are in distance of 38deg39, what is too far from the mentioned frame of 11deg15. However, there is another
thing, it seems that their individual strength is probably amplified because they are four in sequence, just one after
another … and Rahu is in the Moola Nakshatra. I think that gave such a strong burst, this is what gave this additional
momentum for provoking such a strong, destructive and horrible war, as it was the one on the Kurukshetra Field in
November 3076 B.C.E.

Thus, it seems to me, November 3067 B.C.E. is a plausible frame, but this is definitely not November 22nd. Some
clues and my own intuition, they are telling something is wrong with this date. After all, it seems too easy. To be
honest, I was confused for some time with so many contradictions being raised about that date. Was thinking not
to go very deep into this research anyway. Then, gradually an idea came … it should be corrected. Indeed, it cannot
stay this way. It simply can not stay this way!

Well, when considering this situation need to mention the chronology of events Mr. Narahari Achar has taken as
granted. It is being called Raghavan’s chronology. In reality, most of these statements are not true. And,
interestingly, the last portion, the Purnima on November 13th is missing completely. The Lunar Eclipse on Friday,
November 13 is missing! Why?

In fact, it seems to me as that Mr. Narahari Achar decided to stick on with supposed Krishna’s statement, which is
supposedly transmitted by Veda Vyasa himself in Bhagavad Gita that the Chandra-Moon should be in Jyestha
nakshatra at the beginning of the war. Actually, most probably this is not the case. Nevertheless, another portion
of the same statement exposes that it should be the day of some eclipse. This is what I am prone to believe. All wars
in the ancient world began with eclipses. This is kind of natural law. It was confirmed so many times even throughout
my own researches. Before the war, they even did some yagyas for good beginning of the war. All that is saying that
our ancients considered the war just as any other job to be done. Nevertheless, November 22 is not the eclipse day!
Therefore, why would such a big war like Kurukshetra war, to be an exception and not to start on the day of eclipse?
It definitely should be on eclipse day. Thus, I would rather consider the very date of the Eclipse on Friday, November
13, 3067, as the true moment when the war on Kurukshetra Field had started. Even though this is not a real eclipse,
as I already mentioned, it was Purnima, Full Moon, and Surya-Sun was eclipsed by Rahu. Furthermore, three eclipses
are preceding … and I think … this is it.

This is a very interesting conclusion indeed, so let us try to examine that day and this particular eclipse … Fool Moon
… more critically.

In fact, we see that Krishna himself was deciding when the war would start. It is obvious, some negotiations were
going on just before the war, and they were proved as unsuccessful. No doubt, they have been so unsuccessful
because they were going on along with three eclipses one after another. And then … there were no other options
than the war itself. It is also obvious, for such war Muhurta was supposed to be done, as they were doing for starting
of any important event or undertaking after all. In addition, they made a very long list of rules on how the war itself
can go on. I saw that list on one occasion, and it is really very long, there are many rules. However, one point
immediately attracted my attention. Actually, it was mentioned first on the list. No any war activity, fighting or
whatsoever, was supposed to be conducted or done in any way, before the sunrise, and after the sunset. This is a
very important point indeed. On one place, I did find that their attitudes on war and waring were very different in
general. They did fight for principles. They did fight because one side claimed that another side is not following the
Natural Law. That means, they did not fight because of hatred. On the contrary, there are descriptions where it is
being seen that they did fight each other fiercely during the day, and then … as soon the sun had faded out along
with the sunset, they sat around the table together, and they did eat and drink together. This is something
unthinkable by today’s standards of warring.

In one place it was found that the war started at 6.30 in the morning. Of course, in that statement, the day was
mentioned, but something completely incorrect. But this option for the morning start of the war had attracted my
attention, and I did check when the sunrise was on that day … November the 13th 3067 B.C.E. The sunrise was at
6H38M32 AM LMT. Well, considering the fact that the war could not start before the sunrise, the previous
statement that it started at 6.30 AM, could not be completely correct as well. The war could possibly have started
exactly at the time of sunrise, not even a second before. In fact, for safety reasons it could be a little bit afterward,
thus I took 6.40 AM LMT. Then, an idea came to make the chart for that moment. And then, by analyzing a little bit,
well … the stunning conclusion did settle in my mind … This is it! … This is the Muhurta for the Kurukshetra War!

I’ve taken coordinates of the city in India with the same name … Kurukshetra. This is an official placement for
Kurukshetra Field by Indian tradition and some archaeological research. Well, to be honest, this is the point which
should be checked in some near future.
In the Muhurta itself, we see some afflictions like Saturn-Sani and Venus-Shukra in deep debilitation. We can easily
notice that Jupiter-Guru is exalted in navamsa, what will reflect the main chart as an exaltation as well, at least for
some time. We noticed that the navamsa lagna is in the Meena-Pisces and that atmakaraka is in a ninth of navamsa,
what is very auspicious after all. Only a few minutes afterward, at 6.43 AM, the navamsa lagna would change to
Mesha-Aries, and atmakaraka can fall into the eight house of navamsa. Therefore, I think this is not god for Muhurta
anymore. That is the reason, the time frame for Muhurta was only 3-4 minutes. Incredible!

Nevertheless, this is not the end of surprises. The main one is just about to be mentioned …

In fact, something else attracted my attention as well, but imagine what!? It was … Friday, November 13 … when
all this was happening. The Kurukshetra War had started on … Friday the 13th … Unbelievable! Is it possible that the
source and origin of this popular saying, so deeply embedded in our culture, is there with Kurukshetra War on
Friday, November 13, 3067 B.C.E.? How on earth did that happen? It sounds impossible, doesn’t it? The calendar
we use today, the Gregorian calendar, was invented in 16th century C.E., and it seems there is no any touch with
such ancient era as 3067 B.C.E. But, what if this is wrong!? The Gregorian calendar has its own precursor in Julian
calendar, made by Julius Caesar himself. But before that, there was already a meeting of civilizations and cultures
through Alexander of Macedon – Alexander the Great, who performed unification of East and West on a grand
scale. Of course, they used another calendar. Ancient Brahmins in India also used some other calendar.
Nevertheless, it seems … all ancient cultures had, and kept in their memory, the beginning of that horrible war.
Furthermore, it became the synonym for bad luck and disastrous situations. Well, it doesn’t mean that in all
calendars it was the thirteenth day of the month … it could have been some other day in the month. As well, it could
have been some other day in the week, not always Friday. For example, if we use the Julian calendar, it would fall
on Wednesday, November 8. That means only one thing. Creators of the Gregorian calendar knew very well about
the Kurukshetra War and what was the exact day of its own beginning. They did transmit correctly that this is Friday
the 13th of that month, the month of November. They knew that very well. In fact, it is these creators of the
Gregorian calendar who formulated this popular saying and transmitted it toward our time. Incredible! Or … is it
some parallel line which is opposing these creators of the Gregorian calendar? Well, this point is definitely to be
discussed in the future. Just to conclude, we just made a stunning revelation. We just discovered the true origin of
that very famous syntagm … Friday the 13th.

Personally, I was never superstitious enough to believe and watch on that day as a bad omen. Not at all! The
situation is completely opposite. Many good things happened to me exactly on Friday the 13th. But I cannot recover
from just exposed discovery that the memory of Kurukshetra war survived till today, and that it is still echoing in
our time heavily. This is an absolutely amazing revelation!

Well, the situation is becoming better and better. Finally, we have one very precise point in the life of Krishna
himself so that we can try to set up his birth, right to the minute. This is exactly what I was searching for, and hoping
for. I was hoping that along with this research one very precise point in the lifetime of Krishna will occur, so that we
can adjust his birth time very precisely. Initially, I defined the birth time of Krishna to 11.22 AM LMT. That was a
guess. I did set up the birth time to the level of navamsa, but my knowledge doesn’t allow to be more precise. For
that reason, I usually adjust to the middle of navamsa, what will give precision with a tolerance of about 7-8 minutes
plus-minus. This precision is good enough for general considerations, but not good enough to read precisely the
dasha periods. For that purpose, we need precision to the level of a minute. Therefore, this is still opened to be
done. Preliminary I defined that the Mahabharata War started in Krishna’s … Sk-Sk-Sk-Gu-Gu … planetary period,
what would possibly move birth time to be at 11.27 AM LMT. This is just the assumption of mine. Nevertheless, this
is the unique situation. For the first time, we have the natal chart of the person who was witnessing that terrible
war, and it is very interesting to see how all is fitting in.

That would give that Krishna was about 95 years of age, what makes sense, though due to the strong influence of
Chandra-Moon he could have looked much younger. No doubts about his vitality either. He was already very
experienced and full of wisdom, and, as he lived for about 125 years, it was little after the war that he departed in
that famous clash of Yadava clan.

In this big war on Kurukshetra Field, they say, about four million people were killed in only 18 days. If we go deeper
into the war itself, we can easily find out that very sophisticated weaponry was used, including spaceships …
Vimanas … and, according to some sources, there are traces of atomic bombs explosions found …

This all fits well, and the only thing what I can say … the story of Lord Krishna is deciphered! But the biggest
contribution for this should be given to this very important statement Krishna successfully transmitted throughout
the time …

“Of the Constellations, I am Abhijit.”

… where he actually stated …

“I am from Lyra” … “I am Lyrian” … “I am Illyrian” …

It is true, with all statements taken from ancient books, with all such texts we should be very careful. It can be that
they are not reliable. Because, they are all done by, or transmitted along with, humans in a limited state of
consciousness, what always drives out questions about polarization, intentions, motives … and so on … Ancient
Vedic texts did not come to us in the form of unique, uniformed, well defined, well established and well preserved
few thousand years old books. No, no, no … this is not the case! In fact, all these texts once upon a time have been
inscribed just as records on palm leaves.

And all such records could last for 600 years, maximally 800 years, and they were supposed to be rewritten. But
after such a long time, those who did such rewriting did find themselves in a different state of consciousness, and
because the cycle was going down, that means, they usually have been in a lower state of consciousness. Thus, they
did rewrite these ancient texts, but with their own agenda and for their own benefits only.

The photo is taken from …
For that purpose, I need to expose the statement that huge job is in front of us in order to correct all that. There is
nothing to lean on. Whatever was made by humans in the last few millennia, or, whatever human hand touched,
should be subjected to the scrutiny. I cannot resist not to mention the very appropriate statement of Buddha exactly
on this issue. It is mentioned in a text called … Kalama Sutta …, where he exposed similar, but very appropriate
opinion addressing exactly such kind of problems:

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and
rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in
anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down
for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to
the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”

Need to be honest and to say that this text and statement of Buddha is full of controversies as well. Some would
expose even the doubt if Buddha ever said that. This doesn’t matter now. That statement itself carries the very
appropriate message that there is nothing to lean on when ancient texts are in question. For more than 6.000 years
some very dark and negative energy was running the world, and they did set up the world to tune with their own
agenda. We know what this agenda is. They did everything to block Humanity to be elevated to the higher states of
consciousness. Layers and layers of manipulations, frauds, and forgeries were generated. We want to forget all that
as soon as this will be possible. But unfortunately, or fortunately, we can say also, it is not to be forgotten without
correcting it first. Also, I can promise that the story about Buddha himself will be addressed very soon as well, in
order to dispel smoke around him and to see what he did say, and what he didn’t.

Nevertheless, just now we proved that this one statement, the statement given by Krishna himself that among
starry constellations he is Abhijit, is very correct, and it is fitting well in our already well-established system of casting
these special natal charts of Lord Vishnu incarnations.

Now, to conclude this incredible search for the birth time of real historical Krishna, we can turn back to the initial
chart exposed at the beginning, which actually, as we see now, doesn’t have anything to do with real, historical
Krishna. I personally do not believe this natal chart is a fabrication of modern time. I believe that in a certain
moment, long ago, Brahmins of India intentionally forged the natal chart of Krishna, not to show it is Karkha Lagna,
in order to make a smoke how to generate natal charts of Vishnu incarnations and to hide some other historical
facts about Krishna as well. That was the time of darkness falling down on Earth; deep darkness veiled human
consciousness and ignorance have been prevailing. As we now opened this Pandora Box, we shall definitely find
much, much more forgeries and hoaxes, and we shall find out that priesthood of Egypt and many others, who along
with Bible and biblical texts turned all recent history upside down … we shall see that all of them are just amateurs
comparing to forgeries Brahmins of India had done when great Vedic Civilization was sliding into what is today …
religion. Religion with a lot of nice stories … but with a broken connection to the very source of everything; with the
broken connection to the Source itself.

But there is no one to blame. That was just the nature of the time we passed through. Kali Yuga was not easy for
anybody. That is the reason, we establish the truth as soon as it is possible, and we simply forget about all these
times of misery and suffering. Only the light is around now, and it will be prevailing. Only the truth is about to be
established all around the world.

Now when we are touching the true core of the Vedic Civilization, and as we discovered that very extraordinary
natal chart of Lord Krishna, which by the way can be proved as a very important marker on History Time Line, it
would be good to continue this way and decipher some other mysteries of the same era. There are still some
controversies remaining, and our job is far from being finished. Layers and layers of frauds, manipulations, and
forgeries, but sometimes just mistakes based of deep ignorance as well, had been accumulated throughout the
course of time and, as we are approaching inevitably to the threshold point when such kind of situations shall not
be possible anymore, we need to correct them all. There is no use to accuse anybody of the downfall of knowledge
and moral values because that would be useless. After all, that was just very normal for this cycle, and it was
expected, so to say. That was the nature of time we just left behind; the time we call the dark era. According to the
definition, darkness is something that is missing the light, and exactly such like situation we had for many
millenniums. The light was missing, and we couldn’t see properly, but we do not mind the darkness, we do not pay
attention anymore … Somebody was teaching us … do not deal with darkness, just turn on the light … and this is
exactly what we are going to do …

But, this is not as with some others who would like to have this phrase just as an empty phrase … meaning nothing
… just to have it on declaratory level … just as a rhetoric … while on a practical level they are doing something
completely opposite, and sticking with darkness …

We are turning on the switch … and making the light, turning on the light … literally …

But then, when talking about light, there is one name, and one person, I was thinking myself to put more light on. I
was thinking about Sage Parashara, who himself was considered as the embodiment of Supreme Light. But, due to
the nature of time I just described minute ago, it seems that his light faded out as well because so less is known
about him. I was just wondering how nice it would be to find his time frame, his birth time and his natal chart. He
is considered as a father of Jyotish Science as we know it today. Jyotish itself is considered to be the Light …
Parashara transmitted this beautiful knowledge to us, and what would be more interesting than seeing his natal
chart itself. I think he himself left his chart to be seen for all generations to come after him … but somehow that
was lost as well.

Anyway … was really wondering how nice it would be to see the natal chart of Sage Parashara. If we start some
research about Sage Parashara on the Net, well, a lot of controversies could possibly confuse us. In some moment
I just have asked myself, how it would be if we look on Sage Parashara as Vishnu Avatar? This kind of indication I
did not find so far to be openly spoken, but with official records, I’ve learned so far, we are not to be leaned on very
much anyway. We always need to find our way … a new way … only the new paradigm can yield the new world …

Well, in this case, Lord Krishna could possibly be a useful marker. It is said that Parashara fathered Veda Vyasa, and
he had his sons, and one of them was Dhritarashtra, famous father of Kauravas and uncle of Pandavas, who are
main protagonists in Mahabharata Epic and Kurukshetra War. So, Veda Vyasa was the grandfather of both,
Pandavas and Kauravas, and because Parashara fathered him, he, Parashara himself, is also connected to the
complete story and cannot be far by time. I tried to calculate carefully, and because we know now that Lord Krishna
was born in 3162 B.C.E., my calculation ended at about 3220 B.C.E. to be the time when Parashara was born. It
should be searched about that time, I guessed.

To be honest, and to be short, ordinary research by everything I know, and what was based on assumption that we
need to search for Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, did not work well. I covered 20-30 years plus-minus of given time …
and … nothing … nothing satisfactory came out.
Then, after a long frustrating search, when I was almost ready to quit everything, all of sudden something else
attracted my attention. Well, just one last look … I said to myself … and that was the moment when something
stroked me heavily. In 3228 B.C.E. there was one extraordinary situation … really … really extraordinary … but not
with Jupiter-Saturn conjunction … something else was there … something that reminded me of King Rama’s natal
chart … I was watching in shock and disbelief … and along with playing little bit … and analyzing properly … one
extraordinary natal chart resurrected … and I could only say … This is it! This is the natal chart of great Sage

So, what do we have here?

There is a striking similarity with the natal chart of King Rama in two points. The Jupiter-Guru is exalted in the first
house, though it is not in the Pushya Nakshatra and it is in the Aslesha nakshatra instead. Another point, the Saturn-
Sani is in the fifth house again. And this is what attracted my attention to research this situation in detail. We can
observe immediately that Saturn-Sani is a far strongest planet, what for Karkha lagna people is not ideal and it’s not
very excellent. But in this case, it will exactly explain the life story of Sage Parashara. This will give separation from
child or children, separation from partner … and separation from family, in some period(s) of his life of course. But,
though Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is not used, such combination will give strong Jupiter and Saturn mutual
influence anyway … we see there is a fifth aspect of exalted Jupiter on Saturn … and through nakshatra ruler ships
there is some influence as well, though this is more emphasized in Rama’s natal chart.

In addition, there is a parivarthana yoga done by Jupiter-Guru and Moon-Chandra, and first and ninth houses; they
exchanged rulers, making them extremely emphasized and extremely connected, like twins. This we have seen
already with one very high spiritual and religious figure before, born in Stridon. It occurred only once before
Parashara’s case.

And then, Surya is there in the first, vargottama Surya, who is very strong, but mritya-dead … it will not give the full
result. Actually, the point is … it does not need to be fully exposed … he is not about to be a king … but, we know
that he was considered as a king among Gurus … king among spiritual teachers. Amazing! Everything fits so well …

Retrograde Mercury-Budha is there in the first also, making him of extremely sharp intellect, in Pushya nakshatra
ruled by Saturn, producing very serious mind inclined to austerity. We observe exalted Rahu and Ketu, and
especially this exalted Ketu sitting in the eight house … this is where we see he is an extraordinary astrologer …

One thing should be very carefully considered. Coordinates for the birthplace of Parashara, I’ve taken
approximately, but to be tuned with the flow of legendary Sarasvati River. Parashara was a big exponent of Vedic
Civilization placed around and along with Sarasvati River and Indus River, both. The fact is that Sarasvati was bigger
at that time and considered as the mother of all rivers … and all waters … Later on, all these attributes were given
to River Ganges. Many tributaries of River Ganga like Jamuna River, and tributaries of Indus River like Sutlej, were
actually tributaries of Sarasvati River at that time. Then Sarasvati River dried up … and many tectonic changes
changed forever the image of that area … even Vedic Civilization disappeared … Luckily, by scientific research, we
can trace the bed of that ancient river Sarasvati.

Actually, to be precise completely, I tried 3-4 locations; in the upper part of Sarasvati River, middle part, and dawn
close to the place where the river was touching the ocean. Did not observe any significant change in the chart, both
Janma Kundali, and navamsa. Changes will be visible on the level of the dasha system anyway.

Thus, my preliminary calculation failed for about 8 years. Great Sage Parashara was born in 3228 B.C.E. He was
around fifty when he fathered Veda Vyasa, I guess. So we can say that Veda Vyasa was born around 3178 B.C.E.
Then, Parashara departed just one or two years afterward, let’s say about a few years afterward, and let we fix this
to be around 3175 B.C.E. the latest. There was a minimum of ten years needed as a gap for next incarnation when
he appeared again as Krishna in 3162 B.C.E. Everything fits well. Actually, what we see now, there are two great
appearances of Lord Vishnu one after another … Sage Parashara … and immediately afterward … Lord Krishna.

Sage Parashara was a great personality. He made a tremendous impact on the promotion and preservation of Vedic
Knowledge for next generations. Today they describe him as a traveling sage. This is to say that he was mainly
traveling and talking, not writing so much. But I think that the opposite is the case. I think he wrote many texts and
compiled many books, to be given and preserved for the next generations. The full scale of his work we are just
supposed to discover. I am pretty sure Jyotish Community will be thrilled to see the natal chart of Sage Parashara.
Parashara was known as a king among gurus. He is one of the pillars of Guru Parampara (Holy Tradition) and
mentioned as third in the sequence. In fact, we are talking about … Advaita Guru Parampara … and a very simplified
story about it can be found on …ā

It seems, Advaita Guru Parampara, The Holy Tradition, is very important knowledge succession line of great sages,
gurus, rishis, and maharishis, in order to preserve and transmit the knowledge throughout the time. Knowledge is
very important for rising and cultivating any civilization. Because, whatever we do in our daily life, or definitely in
any field of life … we need the Knowledge. Nevertheless, the situation with the Knowledge is not so simple; the
Knowledge itself is very easy to be scattered, to be lost. Just a little bit of deviation from the true original, and on
the course of long time span, we have huge distortion. We all remember playing the children game called …
Telephone … or Chinese whisper …, how they also call it, where at the end of the line we have a completely distorted
original sentence. Just a few minutes of time, just a few meters of space, and everything could be so deviated.
Imagine now time span of hundreds of years or maybe millenniums, and the entire world as a scene, and it is easy
to observe how simple is to deviate the Knowledge. That is the reason we have … The Holy Tradition … for
preserving and transmitting the Knowledge, and for the purpose that the Knowledge is always tuned with the level
of energy and intelligence incoming to our planet. Anyway, the Holy Tradition itself will be addressed very soon as
well. We just discovered one protagonist out of many, and that is the sage Parashara. Maybe along with this
research, some other names will surface, so it will be very interesting to see Advaita Guru Parampara, The Holy
Tradition, through the prism of natal charts of main actors.

As I started this story about the sage Parashara with the title … Parashara’s Light … need to say there is a Jyotish
software with exactly the same name. Want to be clear, this is beautiful software, and I remember early days of
Jyotish development on a grand scale in 1990-ties when they were almost the first on the market. They made a
great job of making Jyotish Science affordable in an easy way. I was learning my first Jyotish astrology steps just by
using this software, by using Parashara Light. I was really enjoying it. Well, the different software will expose
different features and different specializations. For any Jyotish astrologer, it is almost as a must to have at least two
and better even three, good software around him. It is for the sake of back up, of course, but for some other reasons
as well. Well, we need to be honest again and admit, there is no point in Jyotish which is not well disputed. There
are controversies about everything in Jyotish. Thus, the different software will be appropriate for different agenda,
for a different purpose so to say. Indeed, from renowned astrologers, I have heard so many good stories about the
advantages of Parashara’s Light Software.

I am sure that the Sage Parashara, whose name they use so proudly, and whose natal chart we’ve just discovered,
would be very happy seeing that the software which carries his name can reach the time frame he lived in. Some
time ago I learned that the newest Parashara Light Jyotish software, Version PL9, can go far back in time, far back
from the time of Parashara himself lived in. This is a very important piece of information indeed.

That would definitely conclude my story of great Sage Parashara from the point of view of Vedic Astrology-Jyotish.
Of course, his life, and his achievements are so grandiose, that much, much more time and space should be given
to him. Nevertheless, that will be done in some other frame and in some other context.

If we now search for the natal chart of the Sage Veda Vyasa, and as I already have given the general frame for
his birth, and that is the year 3178 B.C.E. to look around, I was thinking this will be very easy job indeed. But, all was
proven to be so wrong. It was not easy at all. To make story short, when following such great personalities in our
ancient history, we need to know what we are searching for. We need to look if there is some devata behind, and
if possible, we need to find out general points of corresponding natal charts. What I learned so far is that Evolution
on Earth is moderated by Vishnu himself, and he comes not only here and there; he actually comes very consistently
and on a permanent basis. He is around all the time, sometimes, when time frame was allowing, this is happening
on the opened way, but sometimes he has been coming on the very secretive way, that we do not know his real
nature. But, what I also did find, he is not alone in doing this job. There are many other devatas coming regularly
and incarnating with him, with Lord Vishnu, and they are all doing that great endeavor to create this fabulous stage
for our evolutionary play to be established. For Evolution to go on, on a permanent basis, and this is what we want,
we need a stage; a stage on a permeant basis. But in the relative world, especially as we are now very much down
with cycles of ages, nothing lasts forever. No cultures and civilizations could be established to stay forever. They
have their birth, beginning, their climax and glory, but sooner or later they will fade out. That is the reason always
new stage is supposed to be established. By experience, I did find out that all those devatas, while being incarnated
on Earth, they are all following certain patterns with their appearances, and due to that, with their natal charts as
well. If we find the natal chart of one incarnation of one devata like character, then we approximately know what
to search in some other incarnations. Then, by time interval narrowing, we find out where to search, what means
actually, where on the History Time Line that particular person should be placed.

Well, for finding Maharishi Veda Vyasa’s natal chart it was very important noticing that there is one great soul full
of wisdom and knowledge incarnating permanently along with Lord Vishnu. We have seen him many times with his
very famous incarnations predating or being contemporary with Vishnu incarnations, like sage Zarathustra and King
Cyrus the Great, like Plato and Alexander the Macedon, and we have them coming together as Jesus the Christ and
John the Baptist after all. Usually, he plays roles of great teachers and sages; he always comes, directly or indirectly,
as the teacher of avatar Vishnu himself. Thus, usually he comes before and he is older, and that is the reason we
say he is … forerunner. So, Veda Vyasa is the same incarnation line as Plato, Zarathustra, and John the Baptist. Only
by knowing this, we can make our search for the natal chart of Veda Vyasa to be successful. In reality, it was needed
3-4 natal charts to combine together, in order to decipher the true natal chart of Veda Vyasa.

To make the complete story shorter, Veda Vyasa was born on October 25, 3179 B.C.E. at 7.52 AM LMT.

This is the natal chart of the Sage Veda Vyasa …

I do not want to enter into the natal chart elaboration right now. Just to mention that if we would like to look at it
through the previously determined Mahabharata War, and that is November 22, 3067 B.C.E., then we notice the
war started and was going on during his … Sk-Ra-Ke … planetary period, what makes sense.

Well, it is proved now that I failed for about one year in my preliminary calculation when great Sage Veda Vyasa
was born. Instead of 3178 B.C.E., it should be considered 3179 B.C.E. That means, Sage Parashara was about 49
years of age when he fathered Veda Vyasa.

That would conclude my elaboration on the problem when Lord Krishna was walking on Earth, and the
corresponding era of his, which by the way, is considered to be at the threshold point between Dwapara Yuga and
Kali Yuga. Then again, when we consider this topic, what is the starting point of Kali Yuga, we see that neither
Krishna’s birth in 3162 B.C.E., nor his death which occurred approximately around 3040 B.C.E., are to be considered
as the starting points of Kali Yuga. As we know, it is assumed among all scholars that Kali Yuga started around 3101
B.C.E., so it is some other logic behind. Nevertheless, Krishna’s presence on Earth at that moment was extremely
significant and had some connection with the beginning of another Yuga. His presence definitely should be taken
as an omen and as a marker for ending of one Yuga and beginning of another one. But, all these Yugas are related
to the short cycle, which lasts about 24.000 years, and for further discussion on this topic, we need to refer to Mr.
David Frawley and Sri Yukteshwar.

The End

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