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10 - 8 7-5 4-1
Criteria Weight Score Weighted
(Exemplary) (Satisfactory) (Needs Improvement)
Cohesive written report; Is mostly organized; draws Has missing points; poor
Organization of 25%
maintains focus throughout; adequate conclusion conclusion that is not tied to
written report
conclusion is persuasive analysis
Content of written Demonstrates substance and Covers topic sufficiently; Does not give adequate
report depth; is comprehensive; uses appropriate sources; is coverage of topic; lacks
displays mastery of subject objective sources
Delivery Has natural delivery; projects Has appropriate pace; is Is often hard to understand;
20% enthusiasm, interest, and easily understood; has no has voice that is too soft or
confidence; modulates voice; distracting mannerisms too loud; has a pace that is
is articulate; uses body too quick or too slow;
language effectively demonstrates one or more
distracting mannerisms
Use of media Uses slides effortlessly to Looks at slides to keep on Relies heavily on slides and
enhance presentation; has an track; uses an appropriate notes; makes little eye
effective presentation without number of slides contact; slides are distracting
Response to Demonstrates full knowledge Shows ease in answering Demonstrates little grasp of
Questions of topic; explains and questions and reasonably information; has
elaborates on all questions elaborates undeveloped or unclear
answers to questions
TOTAL 100%