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International LightWorkerS

Azuriel Attunement
LightWorker Series

Artwork, Channelling and Manual

by Eileen "El" Brooks
Layout by Jens "Tehuti" Seborg
Azuriel Attunement Attunement (LW Series)
We have had El* as our LightWorker system house artist for some time, before we knew that
she had also made "writeups" for most of her beautiful paintings. Those writeups could easily be
transformed to manuals, and the contact could equally easy be transformed to attunements. So
now El* has made her attunements available for us along with these manuals. El* has a very
different writing style, filled with a lot of light. I am sure that you will enjoy her attunements as
well as her artwork.

All colour and design work is given to El* in the form of claircognisance. She is then told step by
step - what to do and which colours to use. El* has a picture in her minds eye. Often she will
revisit some work, which she has already completed and see coded information not previously
consciously noted by her. This is the way El* works - she does not necessarily grasp All at once -
it is an ever evolving process for us all. The LightWorker manuals normally contain some nice
pictures, but these series bring to you an extra dimension to the attunements, because they are
enhanced through this inspired artwork. They are all provided free of cost and placed as a part
of the

LightWorker Artwork Series (Art & Attunements by Eileen "El" Brooks)

Angel of Love and Healing Attunement (Eileen "El" Brooks) (LightWorker Series)
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Archea Faith Attunement (Eileen "El" Brooks) (LightWorker Series)
Azuriel (Angel of Blue Light) Attunement (Eileen "El" Brooks) (LightWorker Series)
Balance Attunement (Eileen "El" Brooks) (LightWorker Series)
Barbedo (Angel of Abundance & Goodness) Attunement (Eileen "El" Brooks) (LW Series)
Bedaliel (Angel of Energy & Vitality) Attunement (Eileen "El" Brooks) (LightWorker Series)
Eloa (Angel of Jesus' Tear) Attunement (Eileen "El" Brooks) (LightWorker Series)
Great Spirit Mother Attunement (Eileen "El" Brooks) (LightWorker Series)
Isodora (Angel of the Violet Ray) Attunement (Eileen "El" Brooks) (LightWorker Series)
Lady Nada (Ascended Master) Attunement (Eileen "El" Brooks) (LightWorker Series)
Muriel (Angel of Emotions) Attunement (Eileen "El" Brooks) (LightWorker Series)
Pendulum (Swings for Female Energy) Attunement (Eileen "El" Brooks) (LightWorker Series)
Rose Deva Attunement (Eileen "El" Brooks) (LightWorker Series)
Sacred Feminine Returns Attunement (Eileen "El" Brooks) (LightWorker Series)
Sophia (Wisdom Mother) Attunement (Eileen "El" Brooks) (LightWorker Series)
Tempaii (Buddha Consciousness) Attunement (Eileen "El" Brooks) (LightWorker Series)
Three Sisters (of the Celestial) Attunement (Eileen "El" Brooks) (LightWorker Series)
Zadkiel (Archangel) Attunement (Eileen "El" Brooks & Jens "Tehuti" Seborg) (LW Series)
Zechiel (Angel of Harmony & Joy) Attunement (Eileen "El" Brooks) (LightWorker Series)
Zenos (Starman) Attunement (Eileen "El" Brooks) (LightWorker Series)
And more to come

Azuriel the Peaceful Warrior.....

ArchAngel Michael has many Angels working
with him... bringing in the light to the earth
realm..... giving protection and guidance.....
helping us to give ourselves permission to be all
we can be in this lifetime... and beyond....
This Blue Angel is one of his co-workers..... He is of the name Azuriel.... he
brings the qualities of peace, strength and compassion.... He brings
unconditional love of the highest nature to and for you..... this blesses you and
all you love... all who come in contact with you....

He holds a focus of mankinds highest good as one of his main priorities.... He

is there to call upon in times of need or crisis... and is a valuable advisor and

Azuriel is a Peaceful Warrior.... He holds Peace within his great heart and
shares this peace with all of us.... He is encouraging us to go beyond the
everyday conscious level of our conditioning.... and go to the place within
ourselves that is our Godself.... Within this sacred space he asks us to seek our
innermost peace and beam the peace we have to the whole world.... Azuriel
asks us to see the world having abundance...more than enough of everything
for all.... To see the planets children and adolescents.... the leaders of the
planets future... as happy, balanced and peaceful beings.....

Beings of great wisdom and beauty

and Light.....

We are coming back to the

garden.... may we learn to tend it
with all the care and Love that we
can Master...... All can grow and
absorb love and light within this
garden.... we have all we need... all
our earthly and Spiritual desires
may be met within this sacred

Azuriel shares the colour of the blue sky.... the colour of the Throat Chakra and
communication.... he brings this higher communication to you..... your intuition
is your guide and he is here to intuit for you too! He is a bringer of the AHA
moments....he helps us on the inner planes.... intuiting and visioning..... He
brings us in line to accept our claircognisance, clairaudience, clairvoyance and
clairsentience..... our higher aspects of communication.... enhanced in a way
that best suits our individual process of becoming whole and ascension......

Azuriel.... by bringing ourselves into alignment with our higher qualities.... is

able to help us discern any healing that needs to be done within us.... on a deep
and subatomic level....We are able to
cut ties with negative thought systems,
activities and people.... he assists us in
the same way as Archangel Michael....
with Angelic intervention and Light-
Work..... His is a Blue Flame of
absolute beauty.... a clear and trans-
lucent the very sighting of
the colour we are refreshed and
cleansed..... In this world of third
dimension we are unable to see the
true beauty of spiritualised colour.... The beauty of the colours of this world are
wonderful.... however the beauty of the colours of Spirit transcend all....

So, Azuriel..... friend, protector, initiator and upholder of communication at its

highest level...... transmutor of negativity and bringer of truth and the glory of
his Blue Ray...... .Greets you.... and looks forward to working with you for the
highest good of yourself, the planet, and ALL.....

His words to you are....Treat others as you would be treated yourself..... Be

mindful of the Greater Soul that you are..... Be your Bliss and share this Bliss
with all.....

He salutes you.... from one LightWorker... to the next.....