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1tool Version V 2.7.x - Release notes



o Installation
o 1tool is now compliant with Microsoft Windows 8 (x86/x64). To install 1tool on Microsoft
Windows 8 an internet connection is required. 1tool needs Microsoft .NET Framework
3.5. At you can find two different installers, one for 1tool on Microsoft
8 and another one for all the other supported Microsoft Operating Systems
o Any new Operative System possibly introduces some changes to the font set. If you use a
different font from a standard Carel font its possible that some graphical effects in the
application change their aspect

o Solution Management
o Upon opening a project with old libraries, 1tool will now group in a single window the list
of libraries to update
o Added a waiting window during the opening and compiling process. In Fig.1 there is the
layout of the waiting window

Fig. 1

o Modbus Master 3.0

o Enlarged the Device type combo-box in the Modbus Network tab
o Added a right scrollbar to the Device type combo. Now you can consult easily all the
available templates
o Added the auto-complete feature to the combo. Now you may select the desired template
simply by typing the names first chars and the template name auto-completes
o Reduced the minimum Offline retry timeout to 15 seconds

o Terminal Editor
o Added the keyboard shortcut CTRL+TAB to switch between Strategy Editor and Mask
editor (or between ST editor and Mask editor in ST-only projects)

For support and further information contact 1tool Customer Care (
Customer Care

o Added the keyboard shortcut TAB / SHIFT+TAB to navigate between objects (TEXT, FIELD,
IMAGE) of the same mask
o The PGD1 terminal can be set with blue or green background. Click on Tools Options
menu, select the Mask Editor tab and select the preferred colour. The default is blue

o Strategy Editor
o Added a new option in the Tools Options - FBD Strategy Editor tab to enable the
feature "Show Variable tooltips". By default this option is disabled. If it set as true, 1tool
enables the variables tooltips

o Simulator
o Since BIOS version 6.22 a new system variable has been added. The digital
EN_DIV_BY_ZERO_CHECK variable (false as default) enables the check on the division by
zero operation in ST code. Setting to true this variable, whenever a division by zero occurs,
a system mask appears with the information about the offset at which the problem
happens. In the simulation environment this check is always ON (regardless of the setting
of the sys variable) and when the problem happens 1tool stops the simulator and it shows
a message-box with the information. If the ST code is accessible (not protected by
password) 1tool shows the cursor on the row in which the error happens.
For any further information please consult the release notes of BIOS 6.22

o Library management
o Defrag of the libraries. During the backup process you can defrag all the project libraries
and, if you wish, also the userlibrary. In the backup option form (File Backup Solutions
menu) there is a new checkbox called Vacuum Libraries. If you flag this checkbox, during
the backup process 1tool performs a vacuum of all the project. This way the size of all the
library files will be smaller. If you flag the Include User Library checkbox also the
userlibrary will be defragged

o Help system
o Introduced the possibility to write help pages for custom macroblocks and modules.
The custom help pages must be inserted in the
path %APPDATA%\CAREL\1tool_custom_help\ and the pages name must match the name
of the block with the .htm suffix

Example: if you have a block named MyBlock in either a project library or in userLibrary,
its help page should be named MyBlock.htm, and put inside a folder having the same
name of the block. The full path will
be %APPDATA%\CAREL\1tool_custom_help\MyBlock\MyBlock.htm
Tutorials and examples are available at

o Variable Wizard
o Introduced the possibility to declare custom unit of measurement and category in the
variable definition process. With this enhancement the interfacing with Device Creator is
easier. To use this feature simply type the custom unit of measurement or category in the
drop-down controls
For support and further information contact 1tool Customer Care (
Customer Care

o Compiling options
o Introduced the possibility to choose a custom index for the variable logging.
The new feature is available at the project level and it can be enabled by the Compile
Compiling options menu. In the Fig.2 is shown the new flag (in red). By default its un-

Fig. 2
When you are working on a new project and create a new variable with the logging feature
enabled, in the Log tab appears the new combo-box shown in Fig.3

Fig. 3

In that combo-box you can choose the preferred order for each log variable. The combo-

For support and further information contact 1tool Customer Care (
Customer Care

box is filled only with the available indexes. You can choose the index in the drop down list
or by typing the desired one. Like in Easytools the indexes must follow a particular pattern.
For Integer variables the index must be Ixxxx where xxxx is an integer number between
1 and 4096. The same rules are valid for Analog and Digital variables. The indexes start
with A (for Analog) and D (for Digital) ones.

In the following table are shown some valid examples.

Variable name Log index

VarInt1 I0001
VarInt2 I0002
VarDig1 D0001
VarDig2 D0002
VarAnalog1 A0001
VarAnalog2 A0002

All the indexes must be contiguous and starting from X000; X can be A, I or D. Otherwise
1tool gives an error after the compiling process.

This feature is available also with old projects. To use this, you have to open the solution,
set the flag in the compiling options and export all the variables by clicking the Export
Variables feature in the project menu. In the exported worksheet there will be one more
column called Log Index in which you can define all the logging indexes. You have to insert
all the desired indexes following the rules described above. At the end of the process you
can import the variables by using the Import Variables feature in the project menu. If
there are some problems with the validity of the data, 1tool will interrupt the importing
process. Otherwise you can modify manually all the variable indexes by using the Variable
Wizard menu

Fixed bugs

o Simulator
o Fixed Bug#9972 Fixed 1tool crash during the editing of the I/O configuration window
o Fixed Bug#10002 Fixed a problem with the board type when the user chooses the
MultiController board
o Fixed Bug#10098 Fixed a problem with analog fields data type. There was a mismatch
between Simulation Value and ResourceUsedOnInt
o Fixed Bug#10170 Improved the behaviour of the Goto Offset feature and added a
check about the available limits
o Fixed Bug#10434 Fixed 1tool crash if you click the Enter key in the PGD3 display just
after the simulator start
o Fixed Bug#9110 Fixed a problem with simulation value and Row Zoom factor different
by the default

For support and further information contact 1tool Customer Care (
Customer Care

o Interface Editor
o Fixed Bug#9937 Fixed a problem with Chinese language. In these case and with PGD2
and PGD3 displays the user couldnt edit the FieldText property for a field
o Fixed Bug#10064 Fixed a problem when the user tries to add new masks in a crowded
o Fixed Bug#10124 Fixed the loss of some mask fields after the removal of a language in
a PGD1 display
o Fixed Bug#10199 Fixed a problem about the disable option of a module mask. A
disabled module mask is now disabled also in the application in which the module is used
o Fixed Bug#10237 Fixed a problem about the moving of a mask object in PGD3 display.
You can move the object also by the property grid now
o Fixed Bug#10357 Fixed a problem about the ImageText with Chinese font, Simsun and
o Fixed Ticket#1194 Fixed a problem when renaming a user variable with the same name
of a module variable. The renaming process renamed also the following mask properties:
mask EnableOn, variable EnableOn, variable Min/Max and the alarm signal

o Variable list
o Fixed Bug#9645 Removed the hourglass after a change in the Variable List
o Fixed Bug#8323 Fixed the automatic numbering for BMS index with system variables
o Fixed Bug#10382 Fixed the Lon-code attribute during the exporting process of the
variable list to MS Excel file
o Fixed Bug#9807 Changed the format of pco_type system variable from i to ii

o Compiler
o Fixed Bug#9993 Normalized the warning messages in 1tool
o Fixed Bug#10076 Fixed a problem during the generation of .iup file in a solution with
some ST functions saved in a folder containing Chinese chars. The problem happened only
in XP Chinese system
o Fixed Bug#10249 Improved the storing address process in order to reduce variable
overlapping problems when the Maintain Variable Address feature is on
o Enhancement #E1740 Added the following warning message E1T20820: Block
pin(Array) PinName of module ModuleName in library LibraryName has input direction
and it is not used. Please connect the pin or change the direction to help the user to solve
the error E30100-IUP

o Solution documentation
o Fixed Bug#10074 Fixed a problem with Full Parameter table generator in a solution with
two or more projects
o Fixed Bug#9764 All the masks screenshot are exported now with the right language
chosen in the documentation form
o Fixed Bug#8817 The available checkbox properties are now aligned with the columns of
the generated HTML
o Fixed Bug#6752 The simulation value appears now in the PGD2/PGD3 screenshots
o Fixed Bug#5599 Fixed the data format for the analog variables
o Fixed Ticket#1116 Fixed the data format for all the analog variables in which the
For support and further information contact 1tool Customer Care (
Customer Care

Min/Max values are different from the Special Field ones

o Import/Export feature
o Fixed Bug#10088 The import variables from MS Excel file process now correctly imports
the max and min values now
o Fixed Bug#10089 The import of an interface worksheet process now also imports the
BeginFromMask property

o Solution Manager
o Enhancement#8567 Added a "Waiting window" during the delete Unused Resources

o Strategy Editor
o Fixed Bug#10251 Fixed a problem appearing when the zooming feature goes out of
range. Now 1tool sets the zoom to the default value and the strategy page doesnt become
o Fixed Bug#10105 Fixed a problem with the option "bring to front" with the arrow object
o Fixed Bug#8209 Fixed a problem with Undo/Redo when moving an arrow project
o Fixed Bug#6256 Fixed a problem with the Pan mode. Sometimes the space bar turns
temporary ON the Pan mode, but sometime remains ON even once released the button

o pLan environment
o Fixed Bug#10003 Prevent a 1tool crash if the user copies useless files in the installation

o ST environment
o Fixed Bug#9910 Fixed a problem of intellisense in the editor when a MOD operator is
o Fixed Ticket#1126 System variables FREQ_MEASURE_FAST_ID1_EN,
FREQ_MEASURE_FAST_ID1 are now available in ST environment
o Fixed Bug#6793 Fixed an error in the page opening when double-clicking a message in
the MessageList
o Fixed Bug#9925 Fixed the shape of the password module form at 120 DPI
o Fixed Bug#10157 Improved the active project policy of a solution with more than one

o pCOManager
o Fixed Bug#9256 Fixed a 1tool crash during the LEF file management while opening
another solution
o Fixed Bug#9358 The Log editor wizard form is resizable now. The user can work with the
logging info without using the scrollbar
o Fixed Bug#9314 Fixed a 1tool crash that happened after a disconnection
o Enhancement #10012 Changed the info label from Commissioning(USB) to USB in

For support and further information contact 1tool Customer Care (
Customer Care

the property grid in which the user can choose the connection type

1tool Touch Editor integration

With the 1tool installer is provided also the 1tool Touch Editor setup v. Please download
from the hotfix available for this version.
Please check periodically if some upgrade exists

Macroblock library

For more information see section "release notes" of the on-line help of the single block.

Note: the library maintenance team periodically publishes the latest version of single blocks in
Carels KSA site Home->Software & Support->1tool->MBKs/MODs . Visit that page if you wish to
check whether there are updates for the blocks youre using in your applications


o Change Clock 1.1

Converts pCO controllers time and date.

o CelsToFahr, FahrToCels, UnitMeas_Temp_X, UnitMeas_Temp_T, UnitMeas_Temp_Rel_T,

BarToPsi, PsiToBar, UnitMeas_Press_X, UnitMeas_Press_T 1.4
Manage variable conversion from C to F, Bar To Psi and vice versa in T or X memory.

Major fixed bugs

o Hrs_Counter_2 1.4
Changed macroblock icon

o Alarm_HighPressure 1.1
Changed memory type from T to G for pin Enable (Carel_Ref #10030)
Added a pin description.

o Alarm_HighPressure_Adv 1.1
Added a pin description (Carel_Ref #10030).

o Alarm_LowPressure_Adv 1.6
Added a pin description (Carel_Ref # 9706)
In block Hrs_Counter_2, in block ICOUNT_LAPSE, corrected the value of variable N_Hours from
1 to 32676 (with 1, T memory that was not used by the macroblock was updated every minute)
In block ICOUNT_LAPSE changed block Hrs_Counter with block Hrs_Counter_2.
For support and further information contact 1tool Customer Care (
Customer Care

o Com_Scroll_Piston_3 1.0
Update with Timer_Safety_CD_3

o MB_Sublist_Mng_Offline 2.6
Added Online pin in Shape

o Timer_Safety_CD_3 1.0
Fixed start problem for another compressor in the event of simultaneous request.
Timer reset is not impulsive

o Comp_Rotary_Scroll_2 1.0
Update with TIMER_SAFETY_CD_3

o Pid_Manager 1.3
The set limits are not controlled by active integral action while they were fixed in previous
versions (-100.0...100.0) (Carel_Ref #8889).
Set PID anti-bump control in the correct position in the PID list (Carel_Ref #8792)
o Alarm_pLan 1.3
Changed the block pin in shape from T memory to G memory to avoid variable errors in X
memory at input.
Changed the block pin in shape from Input/Output to Only input to avoid constant errors at

o Timer_Min_Off 1.1
Replaced GE atom with GT atom. (Carel_Ref #9057)

o Conderser_Fan 1.1
Eliminated unused library in the block. (Carel_Ref #6507)

o Alarm_Delay_Start_Running_2 1.0
Fixed problem that prevented the alarm from resetting (Carel_Ref #8943)
Changed delay management (Startup_Delay and Running_Delay)
Changed Startup_Delay variable default value from 0 to 30
Changed Running_Delay variable default value from 0 to 15
Added pin description in shape.

For support and further information contact 1tool Customer Care (
Customer Care

o Dout_Mng 1.1
Changed the maximum limit and format on the mask for variable Ch_Dout to values 9999 and
"llll" respectively (Carel_Ref #9916)-
Changed memory type from X to G for variables Value and Test_Dout_Value
Added pin description

o Din_Mng 1.1
Changed the maximum limit and format on the mask for variable Ch_Din to values 9999 and
"llll" respectively (Carel_Ref #9916).
Added pin description

o Move_BT_EN_10
Default in value error in shape En (Carel_Ref #10234)


o Comp_Scroll_Piston_2 1.3
Its replacement is Comp_Scroll_Piston_2 1.0

o Timer_Safety_CD_2 1.2
Its replacement is Timer_Safety_CD_3 1.0

o Comp_Rotary_Scroll 1.2
Its replacement is Comp_Rotary_Scroll_2

o Alarm_Delay_Start_Running 1.1
Its replacement is Alarm_Delay_Start_Running_2 1.0

ModStd library

For more information see section "release notes" of the on-line help of the single block.

Note: the library maintenance team periodically publishes the latest version of single blocks in
Carels KSA site - Home->Software & Support->1tool->MBKs/MODs. Visit that page if you wish to
check whether there are updates for the blocks youre using in your applications

o Added standard Modbus template for the following modules: Mod_CPY_1_5_01,

For support and further information contact 1tool Customer Care (
Customer Care

Mod_EVDEVO_1_3_01_EEVA, Mod_EVDEVO_1_3_01_EEVB, Mod_EVDEVO_1_3_01_Mng,

Mod_EVDEVO_1_3_01_ParamsA, Mod_EVDEVO_1_3_01_ParamsB, Mod_pCOe_4_1_01,
Mod_Serial_Probe_1_0_01, ModMBInvPwrPlusRun_1_0_01, ModMBInvPwrPlusStart_1_0_01


o Mod_MB_ZiehlAbegg_Fans 1.0
First version: ZiehlAbegg fan management via Modbus Master protocol.

Major fixed bugs and enhancements

o Mod_CPY 1.6
Removed warning about the DevAddr_CPY if disconnected.
Added the Spanish language.
Added 2 new cylinders to the models' list. Compatible with FW 8.6

o Mod_pCOe 4.1
Fixed analog output management problem (Carel_Ref #10451)
Added jump in Modbus 2.0 pages if the module is disabled.

o Mod_MB_Ebmpapst_fans_2 1.1
Corrected fan speed management after address change.
Alarms disabled when module is off.
Fixed address reset to 1 at reboot when the address was set other to 1.
Changed all pin names
Removed pin mAl_Offline_EBM
Removed manual addressing
Removed blocks Offline_Recall_Time and Offline_delay_time from the shape. Set internally to
60s and 30s respectively,
Speed set to 0 when the module is disabled.
Variable En_EmergFunct_EBM (enable emergency mode) changed from Integer to Boolean.
Fan power unit of measure PwrOut_EBM changed from [0,1W] to [W].
Added address settings mask
Added alarm and warning masks
Added languages: Italian, German, Spanish, French
Added an identification control in mask m_Debug_ID with signal if fan stop < 3.02 (Identification
< 6)

o Mod_Serial_Probe 1.0
Added Carel Master protocol
Added Modbus Master 3.0 protocol
For support and further information contact 1tool Customer Care (
Customer Care

Optimized Modbus Master 2.0 protocol

Added Online pin to the shape to learn whether the device is online
Added the Spanish language

o Mod_MB_BLDC_Comp 1.11
Corrected the Dis_Start_DP_State pin signal that is now only activated when compressor start
is requested
Corrected settings upload for Siam ANB66F and Toshiba DA650 compressors
Corrected minimum controlled speed default value from 30rps to 15 rps for Siam SNB and TNB
compressors with R410A
Corrected minimum speed calculation according to the envelop zone (30rps and 50rps) for Siam
SNB and TNB compressors
Changed the minimum EEV opening settings limit from 20% to 0% for circuit equalization.

o Mod_MB_Inv_Power_Plus_2 1.0
Added new compressors

o Mod_Neutral_Zone_Temp 1.7 and Mod_Neutral_Zone_Temp 1.7

Added a comment in the power request page and a document in the server to explain better the

o Mod_Temp_Reg 1.4
Changed block pins from input/output to input only to avoid constant errors at input.
Updated the module with macroblock PID_Manager

o Mod_MB_Energy_Meters 1.7
Fixed Energy Meter Gavazzi bug that multiplied total kVA by ten
In IME Nemo 96 HD and IME Nemo D4, fixed KTV and KTI variable management and their
multiplication. Added limits to correctly calculate power and energy dividers (Carel_Ref #10143)
Fixed Sublist 21 management (Carel_Ref #10262)
In mask m_EM_Status_3, replaced
variables Power_Factor_1_L_MSK and Power_Factor_1_LL_MSK with
variables Power_Factor_2_L_MSK,Power_Factor_2_LL_MSK and Power_Factor_3_L_MSK, Power_
Factor_3_LL_MSK (Carel_Ref #10375)

o Mod_EVD400_Spec 1.6
Previously, if the number was greater than 16, it wasn't allocated correctly in the
PLAN_STATUS_17_32 variable, because the stored number wasnt starting again from 0
For this reason if the EVD400 has address greater than 17 the pCO give always alarm also if its
connected right to the EVD
In this version if the number is greater than 16 its stored in the variable PLAN_STATUS_17_32
and the value that is stored it is also made to start from 0
(Carel_Ref #9806).

For support and further information contact 1tool Customer Care (
Customer Care

o Mod_EVDEVO_Com 1.1
Added management of En_EVDC pin: it wasn't present till now

o Mod_EVDEVO 1.3
Fixed cooling capacity enabled via digital inputs or network, link to
parameters I85_DIGIN1_CONFIG_msk and I10_DIGIN2_CONFIG_msk
Eliminated "import shared parameters" managed for pins in shape
Backup values initialized for offline in Carel Master protocol now regardless of the slave network
Corrected pin for BLDC regulation
Added filter to avoid pLAN network interferences
Introduced new function for pLAN interface autorestart when driver synchronization fails.

o Mod_Circuit_Prevent_2 1.0
Added limit control on the addresses in the lists used by the module
Alarm masks for all HP-LP-Antifreeze prevents did not trigger in prevent conditions: linked
masks to correct variable in strategy. See also the Changed section
Replaced the prevent alarm masks with normal masks to permit automatic reset. Masks are still
under the alarm loop
To date, prevent request reset (output pin Lst_Prevent_Circuit) only occured when all controlled
probes dropped under the threshold-differential (+ differential according to prevent). Now each
prevent is independent on its reset threshold

o Mod_HwSw_Chk 2.3
Added language: Spanish

o Mod_Sched_Graph 1.2
Fix problem on Fh_20_24 (Carel_Ref 9812)

o Mod_Dampers 1.3
Fix problem at the unit power-on sets "Damper_Startup" = 1 for the Damper opening time also if
the unit is OFF (Carel_Ref 10334)

o Mod_pAD 1.7
R/W mode parameter management in pLAN protocol. pCO now ignores values after a blackout
Updated macroblock MB_Reg_RW_Force, to ignore parameters in ModBus protocol
Improved management by added descriptions to the customizable key

o Mod_Ain_2 1.0
Manage the 11 type probe

For support and further information contact 1tool Customer Care (
Customer Care

Added languages: French, German, Spanish

o Mod_MB_Clima 2.3 and Mod_MB_Clima_Smart 1.8

Maintenance about pin in shape (Carel_Ref 8581)

o Mod_Comp_Screw_3 1.0
Fix. When the start command is ON, the compressor starts with 1 program cycle of delay
(Carel_Ref 10348)
Update with TIMER_SAFETY_CD_3
Update with Mod_Neutral_Zone_Temp 1.7B01

o Mod_Graph 1.6
Fixed problem concerning the loss of some significant zeros when variable ZERO_SUPPRESSION
was used (i.e.: date) (Carel_Ref #8674)
Added the Spanish language

o Mod_MB_Vfd 2.9
Added the result of the command in sublist 42 to the mask (Carel_Ref #8242)
Added Al_Offline_VFD alarm management to variable Status_alarm (Carel_Ref #6396)
Eliminated atom Div with reference 60 in page Sublist_1_2_3_4_5 (Carel_Ref #8422)

o Mod_ChillBooster 1.2
Changed the type of data for variable Sanitary_Thr from integer to analog (Carel_Ref #7859)
Set variable Msk_En_ChillBooster as block pin so that it can be used in the mask without
generating warnings (Carel_Ref #8596)
Moved variable Ext_Temp_Present to variable Ext_Temp_Present_Tmp so that a constant can be
put in the pin in shapeExt_Temp_Present
Replaced deprecated block Hrs_Counter with Hrs_Counter_2.


o Mod_CPY_Com 1.5, Mod_CPY_Spec 1.11

Its replacement is Mod_CPY 1.5.

o Mod_MB_Ebmpapst_fans 1.1
Its replacement is Mod_MB_Ebmpapst_fans_2 1.1.

o Mod_MB_Serial_Probe 3.4
Its replacement is Mod_Serial_Probe 1.0.

o Mod_MB_Inv_Power_Plus 1.9

For support and further information contact 1tool Customer Care (
Customer Care

Its replacement in Mod_MB_Inv_Power_Plus_2 1.0.

o Mod_Evd_Evo_Com_2 1.3 and Mod_Evd_Evo_Spec_3 2.0

Its replacement are Mod_EVDEVO_Com 1.1 and Mod_EVDEVO 1.3.

o Mod_Circuit_Prevent 1.2
Its replacement is Mod_Circuit_Prevent_2 1.0.

o Mod_Ain 1.3
Its replacement is Mod_Ain_2 1.0.

o Mod_Comp_Screw_2 1.4
Its replacement is Mod_Comp_Screw_3 1.0.

Project Template V.5.1

The main changes are:

- strategy pages reordered according to the Strategy Structure(*)

- miscellaneous management packed in 4 macroblocks
- removed Mod_ONOFF_Mng
- updated with the latest versions of the libraries

These actions was done to have less strategy logic as possible at the start up, in order to easily
integrate the new logics

(*) Strategy Structure: standard approach to the ideal sequence of logical functions in a typical
HVACR application program.

For support and further information contact 1tool Customer Care (