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actsa Instructional Planning Grid

Andre Perez 23-OCT-2017

actsa Interns Name:_______________________________________________Date:________________
Subject:______________________________________________________Grade Level:_________________
Chemistry 10th-11th

1. TEKS 2. Big Understandings -

C1A: Demonstrate safe practices during laboratory and field investigations, including the
appropriate use of safety showers, eyewash fountains, safety goggles, and fire Understand Class rules and expectations.
extinguishers. C1B: know specific hazards of chemical substances such as flammability,
corrosiveness, and radioactivity as summarized on the Material Safety Data Sheets. Understand safety procedures in the chemistry lab.

Students will begin to develop respect for each other, the teacher and the classroom
rules. Students will be able to operate safely and efficiently in the Chemistry Lab.

3. Assessment Evidence
Formative assessment: Students will draw a picture of 1 safety rule "Do" and "Don't"

4. Opening Hook
Students will write as many safety rules as they can remember from previous science classes.

5. Input
Students will watch safety video.
Students will be introduced to the science journal we will be using. PowerPoint presentation.

I will show students how the safety shower and eye wash station work.
I will show students what a safety poster looks like from previous classes.

Guided Practice/monitoring
We will go over the safety rules students remember as a class; I will go over them in detail and add ones that they missed.

Check for Understanding

I will ask questions and check understanding as students complete the safety poster

6. Materials/Resources
Computer paper
Color markers

7. Grouping Patterns
Students will work in small groups of 2-3 partners to draw the safety posters.

8. Ending, Summary/Reflection
Write in journal, answer the following:
What is a safety diamond, what does it tell you?

9. Technology: I will be using the interactive whiteboard and a PowerPoint presentation.