HST-3140: Gilded Age and Progressive Era Book Review Guidelines Cut out b/f you post: provide

your sample review, and ³rules for writing.´ Per the syllabus, you must prepare a book review for every monograph we read and discuss in class. Here are ³the rules´ that apply to these assignments:  Basic formatting guidelines o The top left corner should report: your name, class info, and the ³Review of *insert book title*´ o 12 point fount o One-inch margins on all four sides of your document o 500 words, double-spaced [this is roughly 2pp.] How to write a book review for this class o This is not a book report that conveys details from a book. In a review, you must do that AND judge the book¶s strengths and weaknesses.  Read the book with this in mind.  Your job is figuring out what the author wants you to believe after you are done with the book.  Start by looking over the table of contents so you can understand the lay of the literary land, then pay particular attention to the preface/introduction and prologue/conclusion.  These are the places authors tell you what they will argue and what the main points of their argument are. Sometimes they are very clear, sometimes they imply their argument.  Here is the blueprint for your review o A short 2-4 sentence introduction that states your thesis [your thesis is your argument about what the book argues and whether or not it is successful] o A paragraph that summarizes the book¶s argument and important points²this is basically a one paragraph book report. Don¶t detail the book¶s contents; instead, you should describe the book¶s main points. o A paragraph that assesses the book¶s argument, its main points, compares it to the book I had you read reviews of (see below). o A concluding paragraph that passes judgment on the book; you may supplement your argument on the book¶s argument with a discussion of the types of evidence the author uses, bibliography, illustrations, etc«. To help you gain perspective on the book you are reviewing and evaluate the contribution it makes to historical literature, I will provide you with a citation to a comparative work o You do not have to read this book. o You should search for reviews of the book on Jstor.  Type in the name of the book into the search bar  Limit your search to reviews  

For your review of Charles Morris¶s The Tycoons (2006), due on Sept 13th [this is different than stated on your syllabus], you should find reviews of:

Jospehson, Matthew. The Robber Barons. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Co. 1934.

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