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Automatic Reinstatement Clause

In consideration of this insurance not being reduced by the amount of any loss the insured shall
pay the appropriate extra premium of the loss from the date thereof to the date of the expiry of
the period of insurance.

Removal of Debris Clause

It is agreed and understood that otherwise subject to the terms exclusions, provisions and
conditions contained in the Policy or endorsed thereon this insurance shall be extended to
cover the expense necessary to dismantle and remove debris of the property insured how ever
up to the limit 10% of anyone contract value.

Escalation Clause (10% of the Sum Insured)

If the estimated final value of the contract insured hereunder shall after award exceed for any
reason whatsoever the Sum Insured, this shall automatically be increased by the amount of
such excess value, up to a maximum of 10% of the Sum Insured stated in the schedule.
Political Risk Exclusion Clause

This policy excludes confiscation, expropriation, nationalization, commandeering, requisition or

destruction of or damage to property by order of the Government de jure or de facto or any
public, municipal or local authority of the country or area in which the property is situated;
seizure or destruction under quarantine or customs regulation.

Nominated Loss Adjuster Clause

PT. McLarens Indonesia, PT. Kuadra Inti Adjuster or PT. Cunningham Lindsey Indonesia will
be appointed as the nominated independent adjusters under this insurance to handle all claims
or possible claims which are notified to Insurers under this Policy.


Notwithstanding that this policy is issued as a contract for a period of a period of twelve months, it is hereby
understood and agreed that the premium shall be payable in the following installments :

1st installment, due and payable on August 1st, 2017 = Rp. 134.522.637,60

Policy cost = Rp. 50.000,00

Stamp duty = Rp.


Total = Rp.

2nd installment, due and payable on October 1st, 2017 = Rp. 100.891.978,20

3rd installment, due and payable on December 1st, 2017 = Rp. 100.891.978,20

Nevertheless it is further understood and agreed that :

(1) In the event of any installment not being physically by the Company prior to, or within fourteen
calendar days after its due date, the cover afforded by this Policy shall be deemed to have ceased
at the time as in the manner stipulated on the Policy, as regards the original inception of the cover
of such due date as stipulated above under heading due dates, without the Company being obliged
to give notice of default whatsoever.
(2) The insurance shall be reinstated at the same time as in the manner stipulated on the policy as
regards the original inception of the cover, on the next calendar day of the day when the overdue
premiums shall have been physically received by the Company. The insured shall not be entitled to
any refund of premium in consequence of the period of such suspension.

(3) In the event of a claim arising hereunder which, exceed the installment paid on the policy,
all the installments of premium then outstanding become due and payable forthwith.