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Automation, Connectivity and

Electrification of Mobile Machines


Central Controllers

Central Controller ESX-3XM
Technical Data
Processor System
Processor 32Bit controller, 150MHz, separate system supervisor with programmable watchdog
SRAM 4MByte external memory, 80kByte internal controller memory
Flash 4MByte external memory, 2Mbyte internal controller flash memory
EEPROM 32kByte

CAN 4 separate CAN, 2.0 B interfaces, Low-/High-Speed up to 1MBit/s
RS232 programmable Baud rate up to 115kBit/s
Expansion Possibilities 3 modules for additional inputs and outputs or other functionalities

Inputs/Outputs (Base configuration 23, max. 65)

Base Configuration
Multi-Function Inputs 15

max. 15 analog, 4 mA20 mA or 0 V5 V / 10 V / 40 V, 12Bit, cut off frequency 100Hz,

short circuit protected, inbuilt diagnosis

max. 15 digital inputs , high / low active configurable, short circuit protected, inbuilt

max. 15 RPM/frequency inputs, high / low active configurable, cut off frequency 20kHz,
short circuit protected, inbuilt diagnosis

max. 3 incremental encoder inputs, (2 channels each) cut off frequency 20kHz, short
circuit protected
Digital- /PWM-outputs with 8x2,5A, high-side, 0%100%, built-in diagnosis
current measurement
Voltage Output 1x independent, regulated voltage supply, programmable 5V10V
Expansion possibilities max. 3 modules, each serving up to 14 Inputs/ Outputs, e.g. for digital or analogue I/Os
PVG-outputs for Danfoss-Valves, inputs for encoders, motor bridges, communication
interfaces or customer specific design

System Data
Voltage supply 8V32VDC
Indicators Buzzer, 2 Status LEDs (two color)
Current consumption 200mA (24V)350mA (12V), Stand-by < 1mA

Mechanical Data
Connectors 81 pol. automotive connector (Tyco / AMP)
Housing IP67 and IP69K, die-cast aluminium, GORE-TEX-Membrane for pressure equalisation
Weight approx. 1.5kg (3.3lbs)
Dimensions approx. 138mm x 217mm x 51mm (ca. 5.43 x 8.54 x 2.01)

Standards Qualified to the applicable standards for the automotive, agricultural and construction
industries, CE approved
Operating Temperature 40C+85C (40F+185F) housing temperature

Programming Freely programmable in C (high level API-library included) or with CODESYS V3 (IEC61131-3)
Application Libraries and Tool Chain
Block diagram

incremental encoder inputs

20170529-80375 EN Subject to change without notice

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