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Critical Thinking (The Market)

Summarizing passage

Task A : Discussion
Discuss the following questions with your friends in accordance to your own experience:

1. Have you ever went to a market?

2. Is it the traditional market or modern market?
3. How does it look?

Task B : Make a Summary

1. Read the news below and make a summary using your own words.

Senen Market traders must empty parking areas: Developer

Property developer PT Jaya Real Property has asked traders of Senen Market, which
was severely damaged in a fire earlier this year, to move their kiosks from the parking
areas by next week, according to the markets superintendent.
Traders have set up temporary stalls in the parking areas as well as on a nearby street
after more than 1,000 of them located in block I and II were gutted by a massive fire
on Jan. 19. Firefighters worked for more than 24 hours to extinguish the blaze.
Edi Santoso, Senen Market superintendent from PT Jaya Real Property, said the
developer made its decision despite protests from traders who had demanded an extra
week to clear to parking lots, because the latter failed to attend a meeting to discuss
the matter held on Wednesday.
They were not present during a discussion with [PT Jaya Real Property], which was
supervised by the Senen district head, the police chief and the district military
commander, Edi said as quoted by
He claimed that some 80 percent of traders had agreed to move to temporary kiosks
measuring around 1.5 square meters, located on the second floor of Block V.
Pakistan boosts orange exports to Indonesia

Indonesian fresh fruit importers say Pakistan will face tough rivalry from China
Pakistan hopes to see an increase in exports of its famous Kinnow oranges to
Indonesia, as it has started to infiltrate the market through giant retailers.
A press statement from the Pakistani Embassy made available to The Jakarta Post
states that consignments of the Pakistani Kinnow have started arriving in Jakarta, and
are currently being sold in many major grocery chains, including Carrefour, Ranch
Market, Hypermart and Giant.
The Kinnow is a larger orange, touted to be extremely easy to peel and is cited as
having a unique flavor as a result of the soil and climate in which they are grown.
The Pakistani Kinnow made its entry into the Indonesian market at New Year and
the Chinese New Year, to make them more joyous occasions. Last year, Pakistans
exports of Kinnow oranges to Indonesia amounted to US$23 million and this figure is
expected to grow significantly in 2017, the press statement read.
Indonesia has a preferential trade agreement (PTA) with Pakistan, which began in
2013, and Pakistans Kinnow oranges are allowed access through the countrys main
port in Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta.
In exchange, Pakistan exempts Indonesia, the worlds largest crude palm oil (CPO)
producer, from paying 10 percent import duty on that commodity.
Following the PTA, imports of Kinnow oranges from Pakistan reached $19.3 million
in 2014, from $3 million in 2013.
However, Indonesian Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Exporters and Importers Association
chairman, Kafi Kurnia, said that it was unlikely Pakistan could significantly boosts its
exports of Kinnow oranges because of fierce competition from similar oranges from
Kafi noted that since existing regulations limited the size of imports of certain fruits,
importers tended to be choosier.
The Kinnow imports arrived during a very good time, at around Chinese New Year.
However, they have a lot of fierce competition, mostly from Chinese exporters. If my
importing quota was limited, especially during this time, I would definitely prioritize
oranges from China, he told the Post on Monday.
Even so, the Kinnow orange will remain a major competitor for locally produced
oranges, as there was a lack of research and development that could help raise the
quality of local fruit and vegetables.
Indonesia is also home to many other tropical fruits such as mangosteen, rambutan,
snake fruit, jackfruit, soursop, breadfruit, guava and starfruit, but they are not
exported in great quantities or even consumed heavily at home.
The government aims to boost tropical fruit production by expanding land for fruit
plantations while also improving infrastructure and transportation systems to reduce
high distribution costs, as part of efforts to become the biggest tropical fruit producer
in Southeast Asia by 2025 and in the world by 2045.
Meanwhile, National Agriculture Council chairman Benny Kusbini concurred that a
lack of uniform quality among locally produced fruit was an obstacle when it came to
competing with imported fruit sold in Indonesia.
He also noted that poor infrastructure remained a problem as some fruits were cheaper
to import than to transport from regions in Indonesia.
The Kinnow, for example, can be very cheap to import from Pakistan to Indonesia.
Sometimes 10 kilograms of Kinnows can be imported for only $5 to $6. Compared to
oranges from Medan, for example, it is difficult to compete with those prices, he told
the Post.
Indonesia imported $666.37 million worth of fruit and $558.08 million worth of
vegetables in 2015, according to data from Trade Map.

2. After you make a summary, then make at least 5 questions based on the news above
with the key answers.

Task C : Group Paper Project

There are so many problems about market. It can be the placement, product, facility,
etc. In this part, you are asking to make a paper with your friends. It must be consist of 4
members per-group.

1. You and your friends should go to a market whether is it a traditional or modern.

2. If you and your friends go to the traditional market, you should pay attention about
the placement, and interview one of the seller there. You may ask these questions :
a. How long have you been working here?
b. What do you expect from this place?
c. (you may use your own questions, at least ask the seller 8 questions)
3. If you and your friends go to the modern market, you may ask the buyer about the
place. You may use these questions :
a. Do you always buy something here?
b. Do you prefer to buy something in modern or traditional market?
c. What do you think about this place?
d. (you may use your own questions, at least ask the seller 8 questions)
4. After you have completed the task, then you should present it at the class.

English for Internet Age

Blog Posting : Transportation

Task A :Online Transportation versus Traditional Taxi

If you are living in the big city, you may see a lot of kinds of transportation whether online or
traditional transportation. This is some examples of online transportation : Uber, Gojek, Go
Grab, Go Car, etc. And this is some examples of traditional transportation : Ojek, Angkot,
Taksi, etc.

1. Have you ever booked an online transportation?

2. Do you prefer online or traditional transportation?
3. What do you think the problem about online and traditional transportation?

Task B : The Application

1. Before you make an appointment with the driver, you should download and sign up.
2. Mention one of you favorite online transportation and describe it.

Task C : Group Class Blog

1. In one class should have a blog.
2. Each person should make 2 different essays :
a. The advantages and disadvantages between online and traditional transportation.
b. The reasons why the online and traditional transportation fight.
3. At least make 6 paragraphs consist of the thesis statement. Do not forget about the
introduction ,body of paragraph, and conclusion
4. After that, you should post your work in the blog.

Learner Independence and Study Skills

Finding Information

Task A : Find an interesting job vacancy on newspaper or online.

Job Vacancy with Rules How To Apply It

If you are fresh graduate and you want to apply for a job you should find a job vacancy at

1. If you have found a job vacancy and you are interesting to apply it. Then, you should
contact them that you want to apply for the job.
2. From the newspaper or online, make a note the following below :
a. Kinds of job.
b. Where is the place.
c. How to work there.
d. Rules of the place.

Task B : Asking someones exprerience.

After you make a list then ask someones experience about job vacancy, what are the rules in
the place(company or else) and the oral interview.

1. Before you ask the people, make sure you have list some questions that you will ask.
In this part, you can use these questions below.
a. What do you think about how to make a good job vacancy?
b. What are the requirements?
c. What kinds of questions are ask by the interviewer?
d. ................................, etc.

Task C : Make an interesting job vacancy.

If you want to apply for a job, you should make a curriculum vitae, and you should be
more creative to make it.

1. Before make a job vacancy, make sure you have list about the curriculum vitae and
the requirements.
2. Do not forget about the format ; font style, size, and length. Use the polite language,
pay attention about the greeting, content, and closing. If you are using hand writing,
make sure your writing is readable.
3. After that, you should make a curriculum vitae. You may search the example on
internet. But, do not forget to make it by your own.