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The Golden Newspaper

Charlotte, North Carolina September 2, 1945

Do You Think The Bombing matter how long it may take us to prepared and the camps were not yet
overcome this premeditated invasion, completed. Most Japanese had to stay
Of Pearl Harbor Would Have the American people in their righteous in temporary shelters such as stables
Been Coming Our Way might will win through to absolute and racetracks.
Sooner Or Later? victory. I believe I interpret the will of
By: Lejoy Grant the Congress and of the people when I
The Bombing of Hiroshima &
assert that we will not only defend Nagasaki Was Brutal, To The
ourselves to the uttermost, but will Nation & People
make very certain that this form of By: Huong Y
treachery shall never endanger us
again. We hope everything will be On August 6, 1945, the United
okay and back to normal, or will it? States dropped the atomic bomb on
Executive Order 9066 & Japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They
dropped the atomic bomb n Hiroshima
Korematsu v. United States, on August 6, 1945 and in Nagasaki on
Just weeks after the bombing of Was It Necessary? August 9, 1945. This affected the
By: Huong Y
Pearl Harbor that happened on peoples health. The atomic bomb was
December 7, 1941, the war is still going brutal due to the radiation exposure.
During the summer of 1942, The exposure caused victims to burn
on but it is yet getting worse. The
Japanese were forced to stay in the and other illnesses such as cancer. The
bombing killed and wounded 3,000
internment camps in the United States, most deadly effect from the atomic
American soldiers and sailors,
regardless of citizenship, as a bomb was leukemia. Many people died.
destroyed 20+ naval vessels and
consequence for the attack on Pearl After the bomb was dropped in
battleships, and more than 300
Harbor. It lead to President Roosevelt Hiroshima, about 140,000 people died
airplanes were destroyed also. Just
signing an executive order (Executive and when the bomb was dropped in
one day after the attack, President
Order 9066) on February 19, 1942. The Nagasaki, about 80,000 people died.
Franklin D. Roosevelt asked Congress
purpose of the executive order was for This effect brought the war to a
to declare war on Japan. They
security to the Americans. Many complete end.
approved. This attack was a surprise to
Japanese were incarcerated in the
many but not all.
United States internment camps. More
Sooner or later, this was going to
than 66% of Japanese, which were
happen. The U.S. and Japan has been
American citizens and born in the U.S.
in conflict for years. America was
were sent to internment camps. But
unhappy towards Japans bad attitude
because of the Executive Order 9066,
towards China. The Japanese
it lead to the supreme court case,
government thinks that the only way to
Korematsu v. United States in 1944.
solve their economic and statistics
The court was concerning the
problems is to expand its neighbors
executive order President Roosevelt
territory and obtain its market. Japan In World War I, America gets mad
signed. When the executive order was
declared war on China in 1937 to end
revoked, many Japanese were not able when other nations attack and kills
this. America responded saying without innocent American citizens but what
to go back to their hometown.
access to money, goods, and essential they dont realize is that they are killing
supplies like oil, Japan couldnt expand. other innocent citizens from other
Americas word made Japan more nations. I think that maybe America
determined to stand their ground and couldve ended the war in a less violent
expand. way instead of causing so many victims
Japans plan was to destroy to die. But also if they war continued it
Americas pacific fleet so Americans would have caused other problems.
wouldnt be able to fight back as America didnt want anymore problems
Japans fighter planes were destroyed so they quickly ended the war with the
the whole south pacific. Every battle atomic bomb.
ship in the Pearl Harbor in Arizona,
Oklahoma, California, West Virginia,
Utah, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Maybe having Japanese in the
Tennessee, and Nevada was United States would have been scary
destroyed. considering that Japan attacked Pearl
One day after the attack on Harbor. America just wanted to be safe
December 8, President Franklin D. and make sure that the Japanese in
Roosevelt spoke to the citizens of America wouldnt do anything. But
America saying the United States of making the Japanese move to
America was suddenly and deliberately internment camps was probably too far.
attacked. He went on to say, No Also President Roosevelt wasnt
Atomic Bomb On Japan Jews were imprisoned and only a other people like minorities by
fraction survived. servicemen. As a result many Mexican
Cities Nagasaki & President Franklin D. Roosevelt youths were arrested, even the ones

Hiroshima Or Wrong
By: Lejoy Grant
established the War Refugee Board in
1943. The War Refugee Board took
remarkable risks to save Jews that
that were already attacked.
by: Lejoy Grant
were trapped in Europe. WRB
negotiated with neutral countries in the
war to allow refugees to cross their
borders to help Jews escape from
Romania and Bulgaria to enter the
country Palestine.
WRB convinced Roosevelt to
open a refugee camp in Upstate, New
York which housed 1,000 people,
mainly Jews from Italy. WRB also
Since President Franklin D. released a report written by rescued
Roosevelt died in May 1945, new Jews from Auschwitz-Birkenau camp
President Harry S. Truman was forced letting Americans know about the Nazi
to make a difficult decision.. Should he mass murder using gas chambers,
or should he not use the atomic bomb? starving them, or beating them to
The atomic bomb does a lot of killing death. Taking more actions? I think
and destruction and can kill up to tens were doing just fine!
of thousands of citizens in Japan. Save food, and save money!
Before he dropped the bomb, on July
26, 1945, he demanded Japan to
surrender but they didnt respond. He
decided to use the atomic bomb. On
August 6, America dropped an atomic
bomb on Japanese city Hiroshima.
This killed 70,000 people instantly and
destroyed thousands of buildings.
Japan still did not surrender. Three This Is For
days later on August 9, America
dropped a second atomic bomb on
By: Huong Y
Japanese city Nagasaki. This killed Come and help! A soldier may die if
75,000 and tens of thousands of The Double V Campaign was a you dont help and do your part! They
citizens would later die from radiation campaign for the freedom and are fighting for our country! We will
poisoning. The atomic bomb did more democracy of African Americans. It win, we promise!
damage then the bombing on Pearl stood for two victories: a victory at
Harbor. This will take decades to
Hows the Economy?
home and a victory abroad. This started By: Huong Y
repair. A German priests named on February 7, 1942 in Allegheny,
Father John A. Seimes was in Pennsylvania. During the war, African Before World War II and the
Hiroshima while the bomb dropped and Americans were treated unfairly and Great Depression, stock markets were
described the explosion: didnt have much freedom because of on the rise. People thought that this
Suddenly the whole valley is their color skin. African Americans would continue and that stocks would
filled by a garish light which resembles became intolerable about segregation always be on the rise but soon this
the magnesium light used in and discrimination so they started this wasnt true. The economy was being
photography, and I am conscious of a campaign with many supporters. unfair to the people. The higher class
wave of heat. I jump to the window to I think that African Americans were were getting paid more and paid less
find out the cause of this remarkable treated unfairly. The color of a skin taxes than the lower class. This lead to
phenomenon, but I see nothing more shouldnt matter but its who they are the fall of the American economy which
than brilliant yellow light I realize now should matter. took a severe downward dive, also
that a bomb has burst Was this Zoot Suit Riots known as the Great Depression. Many
bombing victory or a depressing event? By: Huong Y people loss their jobs and banks were
U. S. Reaction To Horrific failing. Any money that was in the bank
The Zoot Suit Riots was a series of people would not get back and the
Holocaust That Left Soldiers racial attacks in June 1943 in Los money in the bank wasnt kept safe it
Terrified Angeles, California. It was between was used for other things. In 1933.
By: Lejoy Grant Mexican American youths and Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected
European American servicemen president. The lives of Americans
When American troops arrived to stationed in Southern California. It was greatly increased. Roosevelt created a
one of the Nazi Concentration Camps named the Zoot Suit Riot because of program known as the New Deal. The
in Auschwitz-Birkenau, troops were what they wore. The riots began on New Deal made public work programs
horrified. There were more than 100 June 3, 1943, after a group of sailors that gave jobs to the unemployed and it
dead bodies there and the remaining stated that they had been attacked by a provided money for welfare and other
Jews that were barely alive locked group of Mexican American zoot relief programs. The New Deal also
away in a cellar. The Jews were suiters. Many zoot suiters were beat up created new regulations to reform and
starved and very skinny. Millions of or killed by being burned as well as protect the stock market and the
banking system.
Blitzkrieg D-Day and the Invasion of Battle of the Pacific
By: Lejoy Grant
Germany Attacks Normandy
By: Huong Y By: Huong Y

The Allies began planning and

preparing a massive invasion in
Normandy, France. It wasnt easy
because they would have to go through
sea and against strong Germans. On
June 6, 1944, Allied forces successfully
invaded Normandy. Thousands of
troops landed on the beaches of The Battle of Coral Sea
Normandy. This day was also known as From May 4-8 1942, Japan and
D-Day because it was a huge victory America fought through aircrafts. This
German forces used a new strategy for the Allies. The Germans was the first air-sea battle in history.
in their attack on Poland. Blitzkrieg surrendered and the Allies won their This was Americas first war or combat
emphasized speed and close victory. with Japan. At the beginning of the
coordination between planes in the air battle, Japan was winning because
and fast moving forces on the ground. they were good at locating enemy
A blitzkrieg began with air attacks that carriers. On May 8, America and
damaged defenses and it caused Australia combined but was forced to
people to panic. The German attack on stop. Japans goal of the battle was to
Poland was devastating because they capture Port Moresby, New Guinea,
quickly destroyed Polands air force. and Tulagi. Allied powers were
Poland soldiers still fought bravely and damaged also, but Japans damage left
strong but it wasnt enough to stop the the unable to fight back so America
Germans. won.
In September of 1940, the London
Blitz began with the Germans bombing
London. Their goal was to terrorize the
Battle of Iwo Jima
By: Huong Y
British so they would lose the will to
fight. They killed thousands of people
and destroyed many areas of the city
but despite the destruction, the British
still fought.
Battle of the Bulge Battle of Midway
Germany Continues But On June 3,1942, Japan attacked
Fails the Aleutian Islands. They did this to
By: Huong Y distract their main enemy, the Midway
Atoll. The U.S. knew exactly what
The Battle of the Bulge began on
Japan was doing. They met up and
December 16, 1944 and ended on The Battle of Iwo Jima began on fought Japan on June 4, and forced
January 25, 1945. The bulge referred February 19, 1945 and ended on March Japan to give up the attempt to attack
to the wedge that the Germans drove 26, 1945 between the United States and invade Midway. America seriously
into the Allies. It was the largest battle and Japan. It started with the attacked Japans naval and air power.
fought by the United States Army. The Americans dropping bombs on cities of They lost all four carriers and 250
Germans attempted to push the Allies Japan. Japanese made tunnels and aircraft. After the Battle of Midway,
back from the German territory but hiding places ready for America to Japans threat to the U.S. was
failed. The Allies had crashed the attack. The war continued for days and immediately put to an end!
German offensive at the Battle of the the Japanese fought to the death but
Bulge and Germany was defeated. America won their victory. They placed
Nuremberg Trials
By: Huong Y
an American flag on top of Mount
Suribachi and a photo was taken. The The Nuremberg trials was a large
photo became famous and it still is in collections of trials that took place in
the United States. Germany between the years 1945 and
1949. The trials took place in order to
bring Nazi war criminals to justice. The
Nuremberg trials, to this day are
considered to be be a major change
towards the creation of a international
law. International law helps fight
against genocide and other unlawful
crimes against humanity. Adolf Hitler
was among those being tried in court ,
but he committed suicide prior to his