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NOVEMBER 22, 2017

The Pietasters w/ Bumpin Uglies & The Players Band ......................... F NOV 24
Keller Williams Thanksforgrassgiving feat.
Larry & Jenny Keel, Jeremy Garrett, Danny Barnes, Jay Starling........... Sa 25


Cut Copy w/ Palmbomen II........W 29 U STREET MUSIC HALL PRESENTS

Deer Tick w/ Nore Davis ..........Th 30 Flosstradamus .....................Th 28


Priests SPOON w/ White Reaper

Complimentary Champagne Toast
w/ Blacks Myths & Mellow Diamond . F 1 at Midnight! ............................ Su DEC 31
Reverend Horton Heat
w/ Big Sandy Dale Watson JANUARY
The Blasters...................................Su 3
Jungle w/ Makeness....................M 4 The Dead Milkmen
w/ Mindless Faith ...........................F 5
Hadag Nahash with Boat Burning:
special guest Hanan Ben Ari ...W 6 Music for 100 Guitars
NEW MEDIA TOURING PRESENTS w/ Visuals by DC guerrilla
Matt Bellassai This is a seated show. projectionist Robin Bell .............Su 7
Everything is Awful Tour .............Th 7 The Wombats
No Scrubs: 90s Dance Party w/ Blaenavon & Courtship.............M 8 Lincoln Theatre 1215 U Street, NW Washington, D.C.
with DJs Will Eastman Cracker and THIS SUNDAY!
and Brian Billion .........................F 8 Camper Van Beethoven ....Th 11 MURRAY & PETER PRESENT
Majid Jordan w/ Stwo................... JAN 23
Gary Numan w/ Me Not You AN EVENING WITH A Drag Queen Christmas .......NOV 26 ALL GOOD PRESENTS
Early Show! 6pm Doors ....................Sa 9 The Disco Biscuits AN EVENING WITH The Wood Brothers
STEEZ PROMO PRESENTS Ticket included with purchase of tickets to David Rawlings ............................DEC 6 w/ The Stray Birds ........................... JAN 26
Bear Grillz w/ Phase One 1/13 The Disco Biscuits @ The Anthem..F 12
Robert Earl Keens Dixie Dregs
Dirt Monkey Kompany ALL GOOD PRESENTS
Merry Christmas (Complete Original Lineup
Late Show! 10pm Doors.. ..................Sa 9 Collie Buddz w/ Jo Mersa Marley From The Fam-O-Lee Show.........DEC 7 with Steve Morse, Rod Morgenstein,
Mogwai w/ Xander Harris ........Su 10 & The Holdup..............................M 15 AN ACOUSTIC EVENING WITH Allen Sloan, Andy West,
and Steve Davidowski) ..................MAR 7
Hiss Golden Messenger .....M 11 The Infamous and Wade Bowen...................... DEC 13 AEG PRESENTS

The White Buffalo Stringdusters ......................Sa 20 NEW YEARS EVE AT LINCOLN THEATRE! Bianca Del Rio ........................... MAR 15
w/ Suzanne Santo ........................W 13 M & Cashmere Cat .............M 22 White Ford Bronco: Rob Bell w/ Peter Rollins ............. MAR 27
D NIGHT ADDED! Tennis ........................................W 24 DCs All 90s Band..................... DEC 31
Angel Olsen w/ White Magic.....F 15 Big Head Todd Henry Rollins -
Travel Slideshow .......................... JAN 15 & Palast Orchester...................APR 11
Victor Wooten Trio w/ Luther Dickinson ..................Th 25 U Street (Green/Yellow) stop across the street!
feat. Dennis Chambers & Enter Shikari
Bob Franceschini ...................Sa 16 w/ Single Mothers & Milk Teeth..Su 28
Municipal Waste Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
w/ NAILS Macabre Shitfucker .Su 17 w/ Night Beats .............................M 29
Up and Vanished Live Kimbra w/ Arc Iris....................Tu 30
This is a seated show. .....................M 18 9:30 CLUB PRESENTS AT U STREET MUSIC HALL
Typhoon ....................................W 31
Ookay .........................................F 22 FEBRUARY Maximo Park herMajesty
w/ Active Bird Community ............. Tu NOV 28 & Honest Haloway
Tony Kill Echelon The Seeker Stop Light Observations w/ Greenland ................................Sa JAN 13
Greensky Bluegrass
OG Lullabies Dawkins w/ Billy Strings w/ Little Stranger ............................... F DEC 1 Alex Aiono ......................................... Sa 20
FootsXColes Sugg Savage .Sa 23 Ticket included with purchase of tickets to Allan Rayman ..................................... Sa 2 Rostam w/ Joy Again .......................Th FEB 1
2/3 Greensky Bluegrass @ The Anthem .F 2
Uno The Activist & Thouxanbanfauni Flint Eastwood ......................................F 2
w/ ........................................... Tu 5 Mod Sun w/ Karizma .............................. M 5
MANY MORE SHOWS ON SALE! Busty and the Bass w/ Caye .............. Th 7 Why? .......................................................F 9
Rico Nasty .............................................F 8
9:30 CUPCAKES The best thing you could possibly put in your mouth
Cupcakes by BUZZ... your neighborhood bakery in Alexandria, VA. |
Cousin Stizz w/ Levi Carter & Big Leano
Anti-Flag & Stray From The Path .. Sa 10
New date! All 11/13 tickets honored. ........ Tu 12
Wylder ................................................ Sa 17
Shamir w/ Partner ................................ F 15 MAGIC GIANT w/ The Brevet ............... Su 18

Buy advance tickets at the 9:30 Club box office

TICKETS for 9:30 Club shows are available through, by phone at 1-877-4FLY-TIX, and at the 9:30 Club box office. PARKING: THE OFFICIAL 9:30 parking lot entrance is on
9th Street, directly behind the 9:30 Club. Buy your advance
9:30 CLUB BOX OFFICE HOURS are 12-7pm on weekdays & until 11pm on show nights, 6-11pm on Sat, and 6-10:30pm on Sun on show nights. parking tickets at the same time as your concert tickets!

The Creek Boyz, compromised.

Screenshot courtesy YouTube

Attorneys representing the six-year-


Week In Review
old son of Korryn Gaines, a woman shot HAVOC ON THE STREETS OF
and killed by police in Baltimore County, BALTIMORE. SQUARE OFF SPECIAL
are suing county policeincluding Royce SUNDAY 11AM ABC 2, local TV personality
Ruby Jr., the officer who shot and killed Richard Sher tweeted just like that in
Stories from last week in Baltimore Gaines (and also struck Gaines son
twice)and question major details of
ALL CAPS to promote the latest episode
of his long-running news commentary/
not covered elsewhere in this issue the days events. Namely, they say Gaines debate show. The guests on this episode
was not aiming her gun at police when of Square Off were Commissioner
she was shotone of the many confusing Kevin Davis, States Attorney Marilyn
elements of the events highlighted by Mosby, Councilman Eric Costello, BPD
activists in the days after the shooting. spokesperson T.J. Smith, and Gavin
The civil trial begins on Jan. 30. Patasknick of the citys Juvenile Division.

In other words, all city officials very

As the Woodlawn-based rap trio much of the we need to lock more kids
Creek Boyzs maudlin With My Team up persuasionand no youth advocates.
gains more traction, moving from a local Skip this scaremongering nonsense
staple and a buzzing song among serious and copaganda and watch our friends
rap heads to potentially a national hit, at The Real News Network talk with
it has also been compromised. A new, Councilman Bill Henry and public
more professional video for the song was defender Jenny Egan in Questioning the
released last week and with it, an edit Narrative of Increased Youth Violence.

to the hook. Everyday we on our grind/
Baltimore too many niggas dying/ Gotta In recent months, authorities with the
watch out for me and mine/ Everyday U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Im with my team, goes the original. The Information, or ICE, have taken full
line referencing Baltimores homicide advantage of support from the Trump
rate has been changed to, Cant nobody administration to lock up immigrants
stop our shineturning the touching in hospitals, at work, or outside schools
track into just another great rap song while they pick up their kids. Its created a
about success. As Noiseys Lawrence very real culture of fear here in Baltimore
Burney wrote, [Creek Boyzs record and all over the country. To combat
label] has deflated a song that was those fears, the Open Society Institute-
initially made as a coping mechanism to Baltimore announced Safe City Baltimore
heal a city in pain. last week, a fund that will collect money

for immigrants in need. The group hopes

Eddies Market in Mount Vernon has to raise $500,000 so they can help with
been approved for demolition so that legal claims and provide representation
the space can be used for a new grocery and education. Mayor Pugh has said
store and a mixed use development, Baltimore is a welcoming city for
which as we all know by now translates immigrants, but cant officially be termed
to expensive apartments and places to a sanctuary city. Thats because we dont
eat. The plan from developer Dennis have control of our detention facilities
Richter was voted on by the Commission and therefore dont have a say in whether
on Historic Architectural Preservation immigrants held here are turned over to
due to Mount Vernons status as a federal officials.

historic district. For those counting: Club
Hippos now a CVS, Grand Centrals for There were four homicides in
sale, and Eddies is good to go. It seems Baltimore over the past week (Nov. 13-
Mount Vernon has moved one step 20, the week before the Beat goes to
closer to morphing into Adams Morgan. press): Brandon Neville on Nov. 13; Tyrone
Rogers and Alexander Wroblewski (a
Locust Point bartender whose homicide
was highly publicized) on Nov. 14; and on
Nov. 16, Baltimore Police Detective Sean
Suiter, an 18-year veteran of the police
force. As of Nov. 20, Baltimore has had
309 homicides.

NOVEMBER 22, 2017

Community Events
N O V . 2 2 - 2 9
West Wednesdays. Tawanda Jones, the
sister of Tyrone West, a man killed in police
custody in July 2013 has been gathering every
Wednesday with other activists in the city to
call attention to Wests death and police brutal-
ity in Baltimore. Nov. 22, 6:30 p.m, at Northeast
District Police Station, 1900 Argonne Dr.
Thanksgiving Dinner with Hearts and
Ears. Community dinner for members and
non-members of the LGBTQIA community.
Nov. 22, 4:30-7:30 p.m., 2640 Space (St. Johns
Blackity Black Friday Pop-Up United Methodist Church), 2640 St. Paul St.,, free, do-
N O V . 2 4 nations accepted.
Chuckies Angels Thanksgiving. Free
Remember when Insecure star Issa Rae was at the Emmys back in September and someone on the red carpet Thanksgiving meal for those in need. Nov. 23,
asked her who she was rooting for and she was like, Im rooting for everybody black? Some white people clutched their 12:30-3 p.m., Frederick Douglass High School,
pearls at this, but black people knew she was speaking our language (why do you think the Country Music Awards got 2301 Gwynns Falls Pkwy.,
a ratings bump the year Beyonc performed?). This is like that, but in shopping form. The pop-up is sponsored by the events.html.
groups Not Without Black Women, Leaders of the Beautiful Struggle, and the Greater Baltimore Urban League, three Bea Gaddy Thanksgiving Circus. Help
organizations that are dedicated to keeping things for us, by us. In addition to black owned and operated vendors, food entertain children and families waiting in
trucks will also be on site. 2-6 p.m., 512 Orchard St., (443) 799-5300, free admission. (Lisa Snowden-McCray) line for their Thanksgiving meals. Nov. 23, 9
a.m.-noon, Bea Gaddy Family Center, 425 N.
Chester St., (410) 563-2749,
Black Friday Toy Drive. Drop off toy dona-
tions. Nov. 24, 3-7 p.m., Baltimore Legends Bar-
bershop, 23 E. North Ave., blackfridaytoydrive.
Buy Black on Black Friday. Shop black-
owned businesses. Drum circle, ujamaa educa-
tion, musical performance, kids activities, health
demonstrations, and more. Nov. 24, 11 a.m.-5
p.m., St. Frances Academy Community Center,
501 E. Chase St.,
#HashtagLunchbag Baltimore. Pack
lunch bags and then pass them out in the com-
munity. Nov. 26, 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Impact Hub, 10
E. North St.,
glunchbag-baltimore, $10 donation requested
to cover the cost of food, but not mandatory.
Workplace Readiness Workshop. Learn
Word 2010, Excel 2010, and Powerpoint 2010.
Email address required. Register online, or by
calling. 5:30-7:30 p.m., Enoch Pratt Free Library
Pennsylvania Avenue Branch, Pratt Center for
Technology Training - Computer Lab , 1531 W.
North Ave., (443) 984-4944, calendar.prattli-, free.
Trump-Republican Tax and Budget
Town Hall Meeting. Representatives Elijah
Cummings, Dutch Ruppersberger, and John
Sarbanes discuss the Trump administrations
proposed tax plan. Nov 27, 6 p.m., War Me-
morial Building, 101 N. Gay St.,
Benefit Baltimore Market events/1914146085469875, free.
BPD Monitoring Team Community En-
N O V . 2 8 gagement Forum. The second of four planned
events held so that citizens can contribute to
You know how now we dont just have Black Friday, but also Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday and the teams community engagement plan. Nov.
probably others too? Well the third day of splurging is Giving Tuesday, when were encouraged to donate to causes 28, 9 p.m., Douglass High School, 1400 Orleans
more worthy than Wal-Mart or Best Buy. But giving, though a pleasure in itself, sometimes comes with perks. Head to St. (410) 528-4670,, free.
Peabody Heights Brewery to stock up on handcrafted giftssoy candles, stationery, leather goods, knitwear, silkscreen West Wednesdays. Tawanda Jones, the
posters, jewelry, and moreand enjoy grub from food trucks and beer from the resident microbrewers all while support- sister of Tyrone West, a man killed in police
ing local non-profits. Each vendor will give 20 percent of their sales to one of five non-profits, choosing from Bikemore, custody in July 2013 has been gathering every
Blue Water Baltimore, Open Works, Village Learning Place, and Youth Empowered Society. Technically, this also fulfills Wednesday with other activists in the city to
the mission of Small Business Saturday too. 5-9 p.m., Peabody Heights Brewery, 401 E. 30th St., (410) 467-7837, benefit- call attention to Wests death and police brutal-, free admission. (Maura Callahan) ity in Baltimore. Nov. 29, 6:30 p.m, at the corner
of Greenmount Ave. and 33rd St.

7 NOVEMBER 22, 2017
Mondawmin big box store to close, and with it a community space and oasis amid a retail desert
By Brandon Soderberg

The Target at Mondawmin Mall, Target because its in a black community. operates eight stores and employs more Properties (GGP) for improvements to
which will close on Feb. 3, 2018, is not like This is just how theyre doing it, Target than 1800 people. Giving back to the Mondawmin Mall, improvements that
most other Target stores, according to shopper Brian Singleton told The Real communities we serve is part of Targets arguably made it easier and cheaper for
West Baltimore residents and shoppers News Networks Eddie Conway last week. DNA, and something we know our Target to open up there.
from all over the city. Councilperson Leon Another shopper, Edward Craig, guests appreciate. In 2016, Target gave Meanwhile, employees of the
Pinkett of the seventh district, where the explained what Target meant to black over $1.9 million in cash and product Target will potentially lose their jobs
Target is located, totally agrees. shoppers in particular. donations in the Baltimore area and our and shoppers will have to schlep across
I jokingly told someone that This is the [Target] that we needed team members volunteered over 9,000 the city to Canton to go to a Target in
even as a councilperson, I dont need a for the black people, Craig said. The one hours in the community. Baltimore City. According to Google
satellite office because all I have to do is thats out in the counties, not trying to People recognize that there are Maps, to get from Mondawmin to
go to that Target, he said. be racist, but thats for the white people. certain areas of the city where theres the Target in Canton takes about a
There he can meet his constituents This decision was not made lightly, a lack of fresh foodfood deserts, but 25-minute drive or a 36-minute bus ride
and get a sense of the mood and tenor Target spokesperson Erin Conroy wrote over they dont acknowledge the lack of retail on the Navy Link, followed by a 12-minute
of not only his district but the entire email about Target closing the Mondawmin opportunities in our communities as walk from the closest stop (ODonnell
city. Along with it being the rare one- location. We have a rigorous process in well, Pinkett said, calling West Baltimore and Dean streets) to the store.
stop shop in a part of the city mostly place to evaluate the performance of a retail desert. And Target presented for One of the reasons that Target is
full of dollar stores, convenience stores, every store on an annual basis, closing or the community in a retail desert a place to such a critical asset is because in a city
that is challenged with transportation, it
provides a resource and an employerwe
can debate about the wages but Target
also employs 200 people in a community
that desperately needs employment.
Pinkett said. If theres no transit accessible
its a challenge to get [to another Target],
employee or customer.
Target spokesperson Conroy said
over email that Target has offered
employees the chance to relocate to
another store.
Our team is one of our greatest
assets and all eligible Target store team
members are being offered the option to
transfer to other Target stores, she said.
In what can only be described
as a maddeningthough telling
conversation, Conroy remained on the
defensive, disinterested in Mondawmin
Targets specifics.
For context, this year we are closing
12 stores on a base of more than 1800,
and last year it was about 5. Thats in
comparison to chains that are closing
Target at Mondawmin Mall
hundreds of underperforming locations,
she said.
Screenshot courtesy The Real News Network
At her weekly press conference on
Nov. 15, Mayor Catherine Pugh said she
reached out to Target and is intent on
changing their minds.
and scrappy small businesses you go to relocating underperforming locations as get the products they need in one stop. I know that the mayor has been
for one specific thing and one specific needed. Stores that are closed as a result On Nov. 13, about 200 people from intimately involved in reaching out to
thing only, the Mondawmin Target is an of that evaluation process have shown the community gathered for a public Target all way the up to the president
inexplicable big box chain store contorted decreasing profitability over time. However, meeting about the Target closure at [of Target], and I support that effort,
into a community space in a notoriously we dont share any details beyond that in Baltimore City Community College. No Pinkett said.
divested area lacking community spaces. terms of how the process unfolds, as its Target representative was present at He is also focused on finding
Ive only been to some of the internal to Target. the meeting, residents noted. The forum something else to replace that large
other Targets but that particular store Conroy said she could not answer focused on the ongoing rumor that it retail space so that it doesnt go dark in
presented one of the most diverse further questions about general protocol was theft (though Pinkett said that if West Baltimores long-term growth.
Targets Ive ever been ina mix of for this rigorous process. The Beat also did this was the problem Target should have I want the community to know that
individuals from all walks of life and from not receive any clarification on whether or communicated this sooner) and the West Baltimore is in a better place than it
all over the city, Pinkett said. not a store is less apt or more apt to be aftermath from the Baltimore Uprising was 10 years ago. Do we wish that Target
News of the closure was a surprise closed if its near other stores (the Target (residents also noted that the Target was reconsiders? Absolutely, he said. But lets
to everyone in the community and to in Canton opened in 2013, for example) protected during April 27s rioting) that work towards getting some retail or business
elected officials, Pinkett said. What has or if Target, which touts its corporate led to the store closing. to relocate. Theres a lot going on in West
been related to me is that it was declining wokeness, considers how specific closings Also mentioned: Target leaving so Baltimore. The future of West Baltimore is
sales over a several year period without might impact a specific community. soon after getting financial help from bright and whether Target wants to be a
detail. What does that mean? The store I can tell you that Target has a the city. Target indirectly benefitted part of that future is up to them.
was not profitable or just that it was not legacy of giving back to the communities from a 2008 $15 million Tax Increment
meeting the targets they set for a store? we serve, and Baltimore is no different. Financing (TIF) via noted mall and Additional reporting by Eddie Conway
I believe theyre really moving Conroy said. In Baltimore County, Target shopping center investor General Growth of the Real News Network.

NOVEMBER 22, 2017

Police Tragedy, Police State
Detective Sean Suiter is killed in Harlem Parkand the communitys put on lockdown
By Brandon Soderberg

Just a few hours after a Baltimore even those willing to give their names been shot with his own gun. into concrete and meditatively standing
Police officer was shot in the head most who didnt give their names said On Thursday, Nov. 16, at an afternoon where people in Baltimore have been
around 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 15, they were either afraid of drug dealers, press conference, Commissioner Davis killed, intended to do the same for
cops swarm around some vacants on the cops, or both). announces that Det. Sean Suiter18 Det. Suiter, but cant get to the location
900 block of Bennett Placethe shooter Residents say they have requested years on the force, a veteran, a father of because of the lockdown.
may be inside one of them, some people blue light cameras be placed on the five, 43 years oldis dead. Once its no longer a crime scene,
say, but residents of Harlem Park just blockan Open Baltimore map shows By the weekend, the reward for shell show up and mourn.
want to get into their homes. This crime the closest one is about five blocks away. information on Suiters killer reaches This particular incident has put
scene isnt going to let that happen. There have been 11 other homicides on $215,000. their community on lock down for days
Big-ass crime scene right there, this block since 2013. Harlem Park, meanwhile, is on because of the investigation, Bridgeford
one resident declares, then puts his Not long after Det. Suiter was shot lockdown. Lines of police officers walk says. This space and these people have
phone to his ear and tries to duck under and not too far away from Harlem Park, the streets and knock on doors for experienced more than usual trauma.
the yellow police tape casual-like. Hes there was a car accident involving a information and the crime scene stays As Harlem Park residents show their
stopped and told to go another way. cop car over on Martin Luther King Jr. sprawling. Police search Harlem Park papers to police and are occasionally
Another gets into it with the police. Boulevard, now closed. Theres a sense residents and pat them down. Mail searched and patted down before
Hes trying to get to his bus and starts that the city may once again totally fall isnt arriving, kids miss school, no one is they can proceed, Commissioner Davis
to cut across Schroeder Street near apart. It would later be revealed that the outside except for cops, and the same addresses 500 or so Baltimoreans in
the scene of the shooting to ensure he police vehicle in the accident was driven people who asked not to have their Locust Point, part of a vigil for Alex
doesnt miss it. by Suiters partner, who was taking him names in this story because theyre Wroblewski, a bartender murdered
scared of dealers and cops must show during a robbery on Nov. 14.
the police their identification whenever Your police department, I promise
they ask for it. you, will work with you hand in hand
Its still a very active crime scene in until we get there. I feel every anxiety,
that were looking for evidence. Forensic every frustration that you do, my heart
evidence. Were knocking on doors, breaks like yours does, Davis tells the
two three times, looking for witnesses crowd. Youre here for a reason. Stay.
whether its an eyewitness or an ear Fight. Work harder. Work with us.
witness, Commissioner Davis tells the On Sunday, Nov. 19, David Rocah,
Beat on Nov. 16. So its still a very active senior staff attorney for the ACLU of
scene. Our police academy class was out Maryland, released a statement about
there this morning, theyre looking for the Harlem Park lockdown.
the smallest bits of evidence that can The ACLU is concerned about the
help us solve this case. police cordon that is being imposed
Around 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. on the Harlem Park neighborhood,
18, three days after the shooting, two following an interaction that resulted
detectives lift up the manhole covers on in the tragic death of a Baltimore
Schroeder Street not far from Bennett homicide detective, Rocahs statement
Place and look inside. Theyre outside reads in part. The residents of Baltimore,
the yellow tape marking off the crime and, in particular, the residents of the
scene, so a few members of activist affected community, deserve a clear
group Baltimore Bloc observe them explanation from the City as to why this
Baltimore police search a home near the site of where Det. Suiter was shot. closelyit all has echoes of the curfew unprecedented action has been taken,
during the uprising, and so the police what rules are being enforced, and why
Photo by J.M. Giordano should be observed. A pissed-off cop it is lawful. The need to secure a crime
tells Bloc and Beat reporters they cannot scene from contamination to preserve
cross the street, though the yellow tape evidence does not, on its face, explain
doesnt begin until after you cross the the wide area to which access has been
Get out of my motherfuckin space, to the hospital. street. He sarcastically offers to move the restricted for days after the incident.
fuck you mean? I dont got to do shit. Commissioner Kevin Davis, clearly tape across the street if it would make it The next day, Monday, Nov. 20,
You being a bitch about it, he yells. rattled in the many tough press clearer for everybody. Davis says at a press conference that
Police nearby tense up except for the conferences hes had to givethe night Residents who walk up to the yellow the perimeter around the crime scene
one being beratedhe gently gets the of the shooting he accidentally calls tape show ID or wave a yellow piece of is open, but that the direct area where
man on the other side of the tape. Suiters shooter a killer before Suiter paper around and the police let them Suiter was shot remains closed. He also
Theyre not letting people go in, I is declared deadrefuses to explain through. One man pulls his car closely to addresses concerns about the Harlem
got told around 5:15, I had my I.D. and why or how Suiter was taken in a car cop cars, parks, shakes his yellow paper, Park lockdown.
everything ready, a woman who just got instead of an ambulance and says he dashes into his house, and comes back I would much rather endure some
off work says. I just want to go inside, wont Monday morning quarterback out with a big bag so he can leave for the predicted criticisms from the ACLU and
shut the door, and not come back out. the situation. Emails to the police next few days and avoid this altogether. others about that decision than endure
This isnt long after the shooting about standard operating procedure A hashtag #FreeWestBaltimore a conversation with Det. Suiters wife
of Det. Sean Suiter, but Harlem Park for transporting wounded police officers darts around Baltimore Twitter thanks about why we didnt do everything we
already knows whats up and whats were not answered. to Baltimore Bloc, who observed the possibly could do to recover evidence
about to happen. This is different than According to police, Suiter and his police Saturday night and Sunday and identify the person who murdered
all the other shootings that happen near partner were investigating a homicide in night, spreading the word about what is her husband, a Baltimore Police officer,
here. Theres little lip service paid to the the area, and he was shot after observing essentially an occupation. Davis says.
shot cop here, only frustration and fear suspicious activity and approaching a Erricka Bridgeford, the most public
(this is why the Beat has decided not to suspect. Police also say that Suiters gun face of Baltimore Ceasefire who has Additional reporting by
identify any of the residents we spoke to, was fired twice and that he may have been practicing the act of pouring light Lisa Snowden-McCray.

9 NOVEMBER 22, 2017
Controversial Cop on Trial Board
Makes Mockery of Process
The presence of Capt. Charles Thompson on the disciplinary board of Brian Rice, the
highest-ranking officer charged in the Freddie Gray case, nearly assured the outcome
By Baynard Woods

The highest-ranking officer who the theory was never tested.

was charged in the in-custody death of It did not even come up in the
Freddie Gray in 2015 was cleared of all administrative proceedings, where the
charges by a departmental trial board three-member panel was provided
last week. That result is not surprising opportunities to ask questions of the
since one of the three law enforcement witnesses.
officers on the administrative trial board is Did you think that any use of force
a controversial captain with a reputation occurred? Thompson asked Miller at
for violating the civil rights of protesters one point.
during the protests following Grays death. Capt. Charles Thompson No, sir, Miller responded, satisfying
None of the officers criminally Thompson.
charged for Grays death were convicted. Photo by Reginald Thomas II But if Millers case had gone forward,
Lt. Brian Rice, the officer who first initiated it is possible that Thompson himself
a foot chase with the 25-year-old African- would be facing criminal charges, as
American man, was found not guilty of well as a civil suit, over the Afromation
several charges, including involuntary and otherwise violated the rights not activists on dubious grounds at least mass arrest.
manslaughter, on July 18, 2016. only of protestors but of citizens merely since the earliest protests following Grays Brian Rice had faced administrative
Two days before the verdict was attempting to observe police in the death. He has also threatened numerous leave before April 12, 2017, when he called in
rendered by Judge Barry Williams, a aftermath of the shooting of an unarmed journalists, including me, Brandon an order to chase Freddie Gray. Documents
group of activists held a protest at the citizen. His inclusion on the board is an Soderberg, and Reginald Thomas II. obtained by the Guardian in 2015 showed
citys Artscape festival. The protest, insult to Freddie Grays memory and to The Afromation suit alleges that that an ex-girlfriend claimed that Rice
billed as Afromation, was shut down the citizens of Baltimore. Thompson has told plaintiff Christopher threatened to kill her when she tried to
when city police engaged in a mass The Baltimore Police Department Comeau that he fucking hates him and leave a house they had once shared. She
arrest of people near where the protest says it had no role in choosing Thompson told Comeau he was going to fucking filed a restraining order and said he kept
had moved to an already-shut-down for the three-member panel. sue your ass if you blow my ear drums an AK-47 assault rifle in the house.
freeway ramp. The activists have filed The Collective Bargaining out with a bullhorn. In 2012, Rice reportedly threatened
a lawsuit against the Baltimore Police Agreement (CBA) requires members of Thompson arrested Comeau two to kill both himself and the partner of
Department, Commissioner Kevin Davis, the Administrative Hearing Board (AHB) weeks after the suit was filed as Comeau one of Rices exes. I witnessed Brian Rice
and Captain Charles Thompson. to be selected randomly, spokesperson filmed the arrest of another activist remove a black semiautomatic handgun
The protest was designed to draw T.J. Smith wrote in an emailed in City Hall. No one unassociated from the trunk of his vehicle, the man
attention to a series of incidents involving statement. This is accomplished by a with BPD has accused me of doing wrote, adding that Rice sent harassing
the unlawful use of police force against computer randomizer. The names of anything beyond filming at the time and sexually explicit text messages and
African-Americans, the lawsuit reads. individuals are selected by a computer of that arrest, Comeau said, although caused me to become distraught and
Thompson, about whom activists program; then, the respondent officer Thompson alleges that he was assaulted fear my life was about to end.
have long complained, is one of three is given the opportunity to makes by Comeau, whose Nov. 16 trial was The man added that Rice
members of the panel who judged Rice strikes in accordance with the CBA. The postponed because Thompson was still encouraged his children to use a gun to
in the administrative trial, where he was department is not permitted to make serving on the trial board. shoot photographs of their mother and
charged with 10 offenses. If Rice had strikes and does not have discretion in The irony is not lost on me that, at her new partner.
been found guilty on any of them, he the selection process. the same time I head to court . . . [to] face After this alleged confrontation,
could have lost his job. But, activists point After they were arrested, the plaintiffs four charges, including second degree Rices guns were confiscated and he was
out, an officer like Thompson, who could in the lawsuit were allegedly left in the assault, the officer who has illegally temporarily relieved of duty.
also potentially face charges himself, has cramped vans at the Northern District arrested me and my friends on multiple But he was back in office by April
a vested interest in keeping the stakes Police Station for between 6 and 10 hours occasions will be judging whether or 2015 and in charge of other officers. If
lowand clearing Rice of all wrongdoing. in 90-degree heat, according to the suit. not Brian Rice made an illegal arrest, there were a more robust trial board
Thompsons presence on the trial One prisoner passed out. All charges Comeau said. or disciplinary system that did not rely
board makes it clear that there is no against the protesters were later dropped. In her criminal cases against officers on officers like Thompson, perhaps he
intention to hold anyone accountable The suit alleges that the officers, Garrett Miller and Edward Nero, States would not have been on the street when
for the murder of Freddie Gray, the including Thompson, falsely imprisoned Attorney Marilyn Mosby pressed the Gray was killed.
Baltimore Bloc, an activist group activists without grounds to stop or novel legal theory that making an arrest
involved in the lawsuit, wrote in a detain them, and that they did not give without meeting the legal standard Visit for
statement. Thompsons history of activists enough time to disperse after of probable cause is assault. Nero was independent local, national, and
violence and corruption is well known, instructing them to do so. found not guilty when Miller testified international journalisms that
as his is particular hostility to people Thompsons antagonism toward that he was the one who arrested Gray. examines the underlying causes of
who seek to hold other violent officers the activist community is long-standing. Charges against Miller were dropped chronic problems and searches for
accountable. He has physically assaulted He has been involved in the arrests of after Rice was found not guilty and so effective solutions.

NOVEMBER 22, 2017

A roundup of LGBTQ news
from the region and around
the world courtesy the
Washington Blade
between me and him was obviously about TGIFs identity including his
negative at best. name and photos but has decided
A Grindr screenshot reveals TGIF to withhold that information from this
messaged Humphries from less than article. (Chris Johnson)
500 feet away, which indicates the
D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser addresses a rally in support of D.C.s bid for the user was in the Capitol Hill area where
Gay Games in June. Hong Kong won the bid. Humphries lives. Puerto Rico
After the exchange, Humphries AIDS organization
Photo by Michael Key / Courtesy Washington Blade alerted his boyfriend, Joel Garcia, and his
friend, Matt Curtis. Garcia, a 27-year-old still without power
teacher, said he had a different reaction
than Humphries over the exchange and An organization that delivers meals
Trump to blame for D.C.s Gay Games loss? was more upset and like ticked off than to people with HIV/AIDS in hurricane-
his boyfriend. ravaged Puerto Rico has been without
Two weeks after the Federation of Gay Games announced it had selected Garcia and Curtis took it upon electricity for more than two months.
Hong Kong over D.C. and Guadalajara, Mexico to host the 2022 Gay Games, officials themselves to uncover the identity Food and Friends in D.C. has
with the D.C. bid committee said they dont begrudge Hong Kong winning the bid. of TGIF. Under the false pretense of pledged to donate between $30,000-
But bid committee chair Brent Minor joined D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and arranging sexual encounters, Garcia, $35,000 from its annual Slice of Life
City Council member Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) in saying issues beyond what they whos Latino, and Curtis, whos white, pie sales fundraiser to the San Juan-
called D.C.s extraordinarily comprehensive bid were at play in the selection of both exchanged messages with TGIF based Bills Kitchen. Food and Friends
Hong Kong. on the same day. spokesperson Abigail Seiler told the
Minor, Bowser and Evans were among the citys 32-member contingent that I reached out to him and basically... Washington Blade the donation will
traveled to Paris last month to advocate for D.C.s bid in the final round of the pretended to be like someone who help Bills Kitchen purchase a generator
FGGs site selection process during its annual General Assembly meeting. wanted to meet up and hook up with that will power their facility.
All three said they believe the FGG clearly had been leaning heavily toward him, Curtis said. My sole motive was to Food and Friends Executive Director
bringing the quadrennial international LGBT sports event, which attracts try to find out who this person is. Craig Shniderman spoke with Bills
thousands of athletes and thousands more spectators, to Asia where it had never Instead of proceeding to meet for Kitchen Executive Director Sandy Torres
been since the Gay Games founding in 1982. the sexual encounter, Curtis immediately last week, according to Seiler.
I would only be telling you what my feeling is, Bowser told the Washington sent the photos and TGIFs identity to Torres told Shniderman that Bills
Blade on Monday. And my feeling is that they were set to go to Asia. That is what Humphries, who posted the information Kitchen has not had electricity since
I would surmise. on Facebook alerting others to the Hurricane Irma brushed Puerto Ricos
Minor agrees with that assessment and says he also agrees with others exchange of hate speech on Grindr and northern coast on Sept. 7. Hurricane Maria
involved in D.C.s effort to host the 2022 Games that a dislike for President Donald the identity of TGIF. devastated the U.S. commonwealth on
Trump by at least some of the Europeans and Australians who were among those Humphries said TGIF was alerted Sept. 20 when it made landfall on the
who voted on the selection placed D.C. at a disadvantage. to the Facebook post when someone islands southeast coast with 155 mph
I think that was a factor, absolutely, Minor said. I think that was part of it. I he knew tagged him in it. The Grindr winds.
think there is kind of a natural bias against the U.S. by some folks. We heard from user sent text messages to Curtis, which They have been without electricity
some folks that the Games are going to come back to the United States at some were shown to the Blade. Curtis also said for more than 70 days, Seiler told the
point and that was just not going to be this time around, he said. (Lou Chibbaro Jr.) TGIF attempted to call about 10 times. Blade, referring to what Torres told
In apparent alarm, TGIF urged that Shniderman. [The] power went out
the post be deleted because he wasnt during the first hurricane, Irma, and
open about his sexual orientation. never came back.
Look man, I truly apologize, the Statistics from the Puerto Rican
Grindr user wrote in one text. I truly government indicate that half of the
Rep. Wilsons former user followed up with another message, apologize. Im just now coming to terms island remains without power two
intern caught using Fuck me nigga.
Bro you think using nigga in any
with who I am.
In a subsequent text, TGIF says, Im
months after Maria made landfall.
Torres told Shniderman that 25 of
racist epithets on Grindr context would make a black person want fucking crying. And in a subsequent the 28 people who work for Bills Kitchen
to fuck you? Humphries responded. Get text, he writes, Please tell him to delete have no electricity at home. Torres
At a time of growing concern about the fuck outta here with that racist shit. the post. also said the small generator that her
racism in gay social media apps, a former The Grindr user responded, Nigger. Curtis said he hopes the fallout of organization is using to prepare meals
campaign intern for Rep. Joe Wilson Humphries, a 27-year-old former making the exchange public will make periodically breaks down and it cant
(R-S.C.) was recently caught using racist Marine whos now an administrative people start to think before they send run their (air conditioner) or walk-in
epithets on Grindr while on Capitol Hill. specialist for the U.S. government, told these messages. (refrigerators) in any case.
Rep. Wilson was widely criticized the Washington Blade the exchange He kind of felt that Grindr was Its in the mid- to upper 80s with
in 2009 for shouting You lie! at former was an unfortunate situation and he protecting him and he could act a high humidity, Seiler told the Blade.
President Obama during the 2009 State wanted to make it public because it was certain way anonymously and not be Their staff are starting to experience
of the Union Address. the last straw in being subjected to held accountable...a total disregard for significant stress related anxiety and
The Grindr user messaged D.C. racism in the LGBT community. the other persons feelings, Curtis said. depression. Clean water is still a serious
resident Rashad Humphries, whos I became upset, more so annoyed, I feel like people shouldnt be able to issue. Their current meal capacity is 20
black, on Nov. 9 from a profile named Humphries said. I wanted to find out get away with that. Its 2017. percent of the pre-hurricane service.
TGIF with the words sup nigga. The who he was because the communication The Blade has more information (Michael K. Lavers)

11 NOVEMBER 22, 2017
Finding the heroes in the global fight against fascism

By Baynard Woods

A couple weeks ago, when tens of according to the group Jail Golden Dawn. al, wrote in a recent post. which Heyers killer belonged. Instead of
thousands of Polish fascists marched in Fyssas stood up to them. He was When asked why his son was killed, prosecuting the white nationalist groups
the streets of Warsaw, a smaller group surrounded by a number of black-shirt- Fyssas testified: Because this organization to which terrorists like Fields belong,
of anti-fascists confronted themmany ed Golden Dawn operatives with sticks. silences the voices that oppose it. His songs Trump and the American far right are in-
carrying images of slain Charlottesville He fought them in hopes that his friends were anti-fascist and this annoyed them. spiring fascists around the world.
anti-fascist Heather Heyer. could escape. Then Giorgos Roupakias, a Fyssas mother said that he had Trumps policies have given us a new
Heyers image also adorns walls in member of the party, allegedly came up ideas and principles. He wrote what he wind of support, Elias Panagiotaros, a
Exarchia, the anarchist neighborhood in and stabbed him. believed in his songs. Before he died he Golden Dawn MP, told The Independent.
Athens, where 3,000 protesters took to The attacks were tactical, launched had taken to helping the homeless. He Its validating and reinforcing our nation-
the streets in September, marching to by two or three people at a time, Pan- helped, he was clean, a free spirit with alistic and patriotic policies. . . . We should
the U.S. Embassy to honor Heyer. giotis Fyssas, Pavlos father, said in the principles; those were his only weapons. reclaim our country and our interests and
In the United States, we dont know subsequent trial. I dont know how long She was asked whether his music put them first, just like Trump.
how to honor the martyrs of our politi- this lasted. Until the professional killer bothered anyone. Yes, she testified. Their The 60,000 fascists in Warsaw
cal movements as wellwe dont have as Roupakias showed up. anti-fascist and anti-racist content did. His marched under a banner that read We
much experience. Roupakias is among several Golden wanted to educate younger people. Want God, a phrase from a Polish patri-
Its also tricky. Heyers mother, Su- Dawn members on trial for the murder When the trial began more than otic song that Trump recently quoted.
san Bro, told the Guardians Lois Beckett of Fyssas. The leaders claim that he was two years ago, it was dubbed the trial Other signs called for a white Europe
that she did not want a park in Charlot- a rogue actor not really affiliated with of the century. Now people joke it may and an Islamic holocaust.
tesville to be named after Heyer. the party. Some have even claimed he last that long. But Golden Dawn Watch Fascists see this as a global struggle,
Everyone who knows Heather is a communist infiltratorall of which argues that, though the trial is slow, the as they did before World War II. In hon-
knows that she hated statues of any should be familiar from our own fascists system is working. Golden Dawn has oring Heyer, European anti-fascists are
kind, she said. attempt to distance themselves from ceased violent criminal activity [and] helping us see the same thing. But while
I think its a damn shame that a James Alex Fields, Heather Heyers killer. removed the terrorist battalion from the American liberals hate Trump, they have
white girl had to die for people to have to Like American Nazis, the Golden street. The parliamentary mantle can yet to become actively anti-fascist and
pay attention, Bro said of the spotlight Dawn fascists claim they are being pros- no longer cover the odious face of the often demonize the real resistance as
her daughters death has cast on racism ecuted for their ideasfree speech, as neo-Nazi organization. The trial frightens extremist. They call themselves the Re-
and the rise of fascism in America. Richard Spencer and his racist comrades the leadership of the [Golden Dawn] and sistance but fail to acknowledge the
When the Greek protesters have put it. exacerbates the contradictions within it. examples of Fyssas, Heyer, and the activ-
marched to the U.S. Embassy to honor But in Greece, the groups leader This is the same kind of slow work ists facing decades in jail for organizing
Heyer, they were also commemorating and some of its parliamentary members we see happening in the U.S. as anti-fas- against Trump. In order to become a real
the 2013 murder of anti-fascist rapper are also facing charges for belonging to cists and reporters work to expose the force, this so-called Resistance against
Killah P (whose real name was Pavlos a criminal organization involved with the racist dealings of fascist groups. But it is Trump needs to recognize its heroes and
Fyssas) by members of the fascist group murder. They are being tried as a crime has been a hard fight. In the U.S., as in to take its villains seriously.
the Golden Dawn, which is both a para- syndicate for: homicides, attempted ho- Greece, a great many law enforcement
military-style criminal organization and micides, serious intentional physical in- officers sympathize with the far right. Baynard Woods is a reporter at the
a political party. juries, explosions, robberies, blackmail, While more than 200 people are on Real News Network and the founder
One of their black-shirt security possession of firearms and explosives, trial for protesting Trumps inauguration, of Democracy in Crisis. Email
groups came to Fyssas working-class neigh- drug law offenses, Golden Dawn Watch, there are no similar conspiracy charges;
borhood in Athens in order to sow terror, an anti-fascist group monitoring the tri- against Vanguard America, the group to Twitter @baynardwoods

NOVEMBER 22, 2017

Baltimore Youth Arts director Gianna Rodriquez talks to Kendrick Woodson

On a Thursday afternoon, DaShawn, Ali, Founded in 2015, BYA provides an excited about the hunt, looking for or zine-making or the job readiness info,
and Kendrick sit in the Baltimore Youth afterschool program and a platform opportunities for youth based on their which he says will help me out in the
Arts gallery space on Mulberry Street for young people, many of whom are individual interests, going over resumes long run because I like to know a lot of
with staff members Marketa Wilson, involved in the juvenile justice system and applications with them too. On stuff. Ali tells me his plans for his career,
Leisha Winley, Bomin Jeon, and Joey, a (or are transitioning out of it), to create Tuesdays the youth work on design, zines, which include getting a commercial
volunteer through MICAs Community and sell art and to be in community and blogging with Jeon, exhibition and drivers license so he can make a lot of
Art and Service program, and plan what with other young artists. It is a shining outreach coordinator, and volunteer money and then maybe hell do some
to sell at their table at their upcoming example of the kind of community- Gabriella Souza, former arts editor of house-flipping and real estate, and also,
holiday sale. DaShawn wants to paint on based program that can be a balm for Baltimore Magazine, who helps them all before hes 30, he wants to sell cars
pants and sell them, but pants are hard youth in Baltimore who face enormous, with writing and interviewing techniques with his brother. (Hes also a Capricorn,
to sell, Ali points out. They fit everyone systemic issues of poverty, trauma, and for the BYA blog and their publication The he tells me later on.)
differently and people gotta try them inadequate education and housing. Gathering. Wednesdays are open studio; He also claims hes not really an
on before they buy them. Plus, Ali just The type of program that the police Thursdays are for screenprinting and artist: I cant even write straight, when I
doesnt think painted pants are cool. commissioner admitted the city needs meetings to figure out whatll happen in write on a blank piece of paper my words
You can walk around with paint on more of, in a recent press conference the gallery space. On Fridays, its just the be slanted, he tells me. So then when
your pants, Ali says, cracking everybody up. where he also said that the city needs to staff there to catch up on other work and I draw, everything aint gonna be even.
Young people come to the be tougher on youth who cause violence. planning, but sometimes students pop in But he walks me over to the fireplace
community studio downtown pretty BYAs approach is holistic and just to say hey. in the gallery where his drawing sits,
much every day. The size of the group interdisciplinary; the days in BYAs Ali, 19, has been coming to BYA for leftover there from the Halloween party
varies naturallypeople come by less often community studio vary in structure about a month. When he first heard fundraiser BYA hosted. A disembodied,
when they get jobs, or if they have to take and activity. Mondays are for job of BYA from his friend DaShawn, he blood-dripping hand holds a branch
care of their families, or because of school. readiness training with Wilson, the thought they probably just made blooming with skulls, surrounded by
But this fall theres been a steady group of studio apprentice program coordinator, drawings and that was that; he said he blocky, bare trees and dark clouds.
about five to 10 regular attendees. who finds ways to get the participants wasnt expecting to see screenprinting Came out alright . . . for me, he razzes.

NOVEMBER 22, 2017

Baltimore Youth Arts
By Rebekah Kirkman
helps youth inside and Photos by Reginald Thomas II
outside the justice system

India Hill washes a palette

Ali says he appreciates the vibe of Rodriguez, BYAs director and founder, beings. Homelessness, unemployment, transition from a detention facility and
BYA, and hes motivated to learn from when she comes into the studio. drug addiction, mental illness, and are 19 and not in school and dont have
everyone he meetsthe instructors and They didnt even come here, they illiteracy are only a few of the problems a high school diploma and need food
volunteers at BYA, the visiting artists, and went by themselves, Wilson continues, that disappear from public view when stamps and a jobso what the hell do
field trips to galleries and museums. excited. They called me! I got here early the human beings contending with we do at that point? Its just developing
Some people dont take advice and I thought they was gonna meet me them are relegated to cages. connections to other programs and
well, dont want advice, but me, I want all here cuz I was gonna go with them and Rodriguez says she wants to paint people so that what we cant provide
the advice I can get, he says. Ill get 10 they all text me, We on our way to the that quote really big somewhere in their were able to send them to or connect
different people to tell me they all do the job fair, whats the address again? So studio, maybe on the ceiling, or in the them with.
same thing, but they tell me 10 different they all three of them are there. bathroom upstairs. Baltimore Youth Arts has provided
ways to do it, so I can put it all the way A bulletin board near one door is BYA acts as a conduit for youth art classes, job readiness, dialogue circles,
together so I know what not to do. tacked with job opportunities and job to other services that it cant directly and more at various sites, including the
training info; printouts of artist calls provide. Citing the mural projects Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center
A couple of weeks earlier, Im sitting in for entry, Kondwani Fidels A Death BYA members have worked on for (BCJJC); Thomas J.S. Waxter Childrens
the basement studio, the walls of which Note essay, and stories on aspirational the past two summers, through the Center; Lillian S. Jones Recreation Center,
are accented with shades of teal, green, local artists like Amy Sherald and the citys YouthWorks program, Wilson which started as a partnership with
and aquamarine, and built out with Balti Gurls are taped up near another emphasizes that connecting young Friend of a Friend, the organization co-
cubbies stuffed with student artwork door that leads to a room for the staff people to communities is vital: Thats founded by Dominique Stevenson and
and shelves for art supplies, art books, members desks and student computers. how we all get our jobs, she says. former Black Panther Eddie Conway.
and magazines. Among photos, to-do lists, and awards The programs approach, according Its YouthWorks partnership paid young
All three of them went to the job from local papers, hanging high above to Rodriguez, involves pretty much people to paint murals at the Waverly
fair this morning, Kendrick, DaShawn, Rodriguezs desk, is this quote by looking at a young person as full circle; Ace Hardwares garden section and
and Ali, Wilson, the studio apprentice Angela Davis: Prisons do not disappear what are the pieces? Theyre not just Playworkz Learning Center.
program coordinator, tells Gianna social problems, they disappear human artists or potential artists, theyre also in A small and motivated staffwhich

15 NOVEMBER 22, 2017
Zines line the wall of Baltimore Youth Arts space

includes Rodriguez, Wilson, Jeon, special are and arent in the prison allows for friend Abigail Parrish previously co-ran The opening of the combination shop/
projects and development associate anonymity, and also peer mentorship, the gallery.) Every week, staffers and youth gallery will coincide with BYAs holiday
Leisha Winley, and youth opportunities says Rodriguez. discuss what the space will becomea sale on Dec. 16.
coordinator Jonathan Jacobs, and Amani, a kind, sharp, and talkative multivalent gallery/shop/community- The number of young people who
three volunteersworks with youth in sophomore at the Baltimore Leadership gathering space, not just for BYA but also comprise Baltimore Youth Arts and who
the community studio, located in the School for Young Women, has been for other youth programs, people BYA come through its community studio
basement of Platform Arts Center, every coming to the BYA studio around the has worked with at the detention centers, every day fluctuates throughout the
day. Visiting artists like photographer corner from her school since May. She says and others in the community. (The youth yearthats partly because of funding,
Shannon Wallace, painter Jerrell Gibbs, it feels comfortable, open, and friendly. are still deciding on a name.) Rodriguez says. A few young people have
graphic designer Jermaine Bell, and Rather than being out anywhere The first official event BYA hosted been with the program pretty much
many others have come through to work or getting in troublelike, Im not a in the space was its recent Halloween since it started. Since the spring of 2016
and share with youth. troublemaker at all but I feel like this is party/fundraiser/art auction: Local until this past August, BYA had been able
And youve probably already one of the places I feel most comfortable artists donated work for the auction; to pay youth to be studio apprentices,
encountered these young people and being, Amani tells me, especially there was a photobooth with terrifying thanks to a grant. They didnt receive that
their work at all kinds of art shows and coming right after school, because once cardboard masks that youth made and grant this year, which Rodriguez says was
art markets around town too: at Gallery 3:20 hits Im here at 3:25. tarot readings from a deck the youth kind of a blow to the program: Some
CA, Platform Gallery, the 2640 Space, The community studio is about to designed. Daydrin, 17, interpreted the young people whove been paid through
Open Spaces Publications and Multiples become even more robust, with a shop cards I drew (Mr. Clean, an antique the studio apprentice program for a
Fair, and elsewhere. and gallery which will be curated and map, and stacks of cash) to mean that long time had to step aside to find work
Not all of the youth who participate run by young people. BYA took over the unfortunately, I was going to go bald, elsewhere. In the few weeks this fall that
in BYA are involved in the juvenile justice first floor gallery space after Platform but I was going to get to travel to China, I spent hanging out in BYAs community
systemsome are just there for after school, Gallery closed this summer. (Disclosure: and also Id be receiving a million dollars studio, there was a pretty steady group
because a friend told them about it. my friend Lydia Pettit owns Platform Arts sometime soon. (Im totally cool with of five to 10 people, a lower attendance
Having a mixture of youth who Center, a studio building; Lydia and my all of that happening, for the record.) than theyve had in the past. Winley

NOVEMBER 22, 2017

Amani Smith talks to Jonathan Jacobs

and Rodriguez are working on ways to founded Baltimore Youth Arts in Jan. have the chance to talk to people about BCJJC, and until they run into some
expand their capacity, and mostly that 2015, shortly after she moved here from their art, sell it, and then keep most more money to pay more instructors
means applying for a ton of grants. Providence, Rhode Island. She knew of the money (BYA takes a small cut, (and to go back into other facilities)
But these challenges, Rodriguez she wanted to teach art and work with usually about 10 to 15 percent, to recoup Rodriguez is the only instructor. Over
says, are leading the team to think incarcerated peopleshe modeled the materials cost). the course of three days a week, she
about how BYA can retool its approach, BYA in part after a similar program in When we have our art shows and teaches 18-22 young people the basics,
and shift more toward advocacy for Providence, AS220 Youth, where she I have to talk to people it builds my like painting and drawing.
youth. She has been doing work like worked for six and a half years. She notes communication skills more, Daydrin, a Ive done screenprinting in prison
this for yearsnot just in Baltimoreand that though shes been affected by the junior at BLS, tells me, because I usually before, Rodriguez says. I think that
she would like Baltimore Youth Arts as criminal justice systemwitnessing its dont talk. In select professional or would be exciting but difficult. Its hard,
an organization to be able to be more injustices, seeing family members and school settings, that is; shes pretty vocal you cant have scissors, you cant have
public about the impact of the arts on friends get locked upshe knows its in the studio, cracking jokes. Daydrin has wire, they had an issue with clay, so it has
youth inside and outside of the justice not her own experience, which is why worked on murals the past two summers to be pretty basic.
system, as well as the impact of the feedback from the communities and with BYA through YouthWorks. It can BYA staff conduct dialogue circles
justice system on youth. facilities shes worked with so far have be, like, distracting sometimes, she says and help with resume writing and other
Its not just an art education been invaluable. and laughs, you be with your friends and job readiness activities sometimes too.
program, she says, pointing to the Were not going there to save you not getting the job doneand that The size of each class at BCJJC varies
myriad other important but less someone, she says. We know the can be a problem for me too, because I because most youth are only there for
publicized ways she and her staff help impact the arts can have, we recognize like to hang out with my friends. a week or so, awaiting their court dates.
young people with job and college and that there is a lack. And because of the high turnover she
FAFSA applications, driving them to the And although creative outlets are Outside of its community studio, BYAs says the structure winds up feeling open
DMV to get an ID so they can get a job, vital, BYA isnt solely an outlet. When BYA other consistent site presence this fall and collaborative, with young people
supporting them at court hearings. is present at art shows and markets to has been at BCJJC. BYA is the only arts who have been in there longer helping
Rodriguez, an artist and teacher, display and sell their work, young people and job readiness program offered in out those who are newer to it.

17 NOVEMBER 22, 2017
India Hill paints

Rodriguez understands shes not could fill that out later. justice system who have limited family instead of being funnelled through the
necessarily training up a swarm of young Dante Scancella, a social worker supports, sometimes no family support, juvenile justice system, which, in many
people who will all pursue a career in the with the Maryland Office of the Public those supports [like BYA] are even more jurisdictions, including in Maryland,
arts, but sees how the arts can provide Defenders juvenile division, has so far important, he says. Not suggesting purports to rehabilitate youth or divert
youth with skills they can use. worked with two youth connected to that BYA or other any other entity can them from the system.
They gain something from it Baltimore Youth Arts. He sees the impact take over the family role, [but] they can Pushing to charge and sentence
because they worked with other people, that BYA and community programs like it definitely supplement and support. young people as adults also ignores the
they learned how to express their ideas, can have on youthnot only while theyre Just a couple of weeks ago at a fact, as numerous studies and reports
they learned how to think critically, she involved in the juvenile justice system press conference, Police Commissioner have shown, that locking up young
says. Art is a tool to develop relationships. but also as a way to ideally prevent them Kevin Davis called for a crackdown people ultimately causes far more
Its very much about mentoring, from having to enter the system at all. on violent juvenile repeat offenders harm than public good. The statistics
connection, and in the future employing I think we see the end resultthe whose adult charges, he said, keep also indicate that youth of color are
young people. youth being charged with a delinquent getting waived down back to juvenile disproportionately locked up more
When Rodriguez and other staff actbut we do have to look more court. Davis acknowledged systemic than white youth are. The Annie E.
try to recruit young people at BCJJC to holistically, Scancella says. issuespoverty, family instability, Casey Foundation has looked into this
join BYA when they get out, they meet Scancella works with young people addictionsthat are linked to crime, extensively; in its 2011 report on juvenile
youth who are interested but have at various points in the justice process but maintained that locking up more incarceration No Place for Kids, the
been charged as adults and might have and he says that a huge part of someone youth for violent crimes is the best way foundation wrote that incarcerating
longer sentences. going back into their community is after- to hold them accountable. This reeks young people is ineffective in terms of
Thats reality, Wilson says. Its a care planning, which BYA and programs of the paranoid rhetoric on youth in rehabilitating themnor is it proven to
lot of them who was expressing major like it can help with. From a social work the 90sthe mythic superpredator reduce juvenile crimeand its a waste
interestI wanna work with yall, I perspective I see a relationship as the generation of violent youthwhich led of public resources and money.
wanna work with yall in the community vehicle for change, he says. to legislation that caused more youth [T]he states that decreased juvenile
. . . but when I give them the form to fill In particular for youth, and the youth (predominantly African-American confinement rates most sharply (40
out [theyre] like I got some time here, I that we frequently see in the juvenile youth) to be sentenced far more harshly, percent or more) saw a slightly greater

NOVEMBER 22, 2017

Amani Smith sketches

decline in juvenile violent crime arrest increase long-term violence. their participation too. Recently, BYA own family couldnt provide him, he said.
rates than states that increased their It is also a waste of money to detain staff went to court to support a young The youths mother (who wanted
youth confinement rates, the report youth, when detention is not proven person (who will remain anonymous to remain anonymous) said that the
reads. The report also notes that young to help them. Baltimore City funds since he was a minor at the time) who workforce guidance from BYA helped
people who get detained are more the Baltimore Police Departments had been charged as an adult, hoping him, and that BYA kept him busy and
likely to recidivate, and that likelihood almost-half-a-billion-dollar budget; that the judge would knock down the out of trouble.
increases the deeper one goes into the meanwhile, so many of the community- boys charges. [I] just hope he stay positive and
system. Without proper resources and based, citizen-run, and citizen-led Rodriguez shared with the boys take this as a learning experience, she
community support and intervention, it initiatives and programs (like BYA) social worker and lawyer images of him says. I love my son and just want to see
can be hard to break that cycle. depend on grant fundingwhich can working with BYA and wrote letters of him do right and become whatever he
If we want to decrease violence, we be sparse and competitivedonations, support for him, providing proof that set his mind to.
have to decrease the motive. We have and an occasional city sponsorship or he was working in his community and It was amazing, Winley says, about
to make sure that kids have adequate partnership (i.e. Youth Works). These trying to get right. The boy had been a the court support. After that Gianna was
housing, that they have adequate programs, which provide the type of member of BYA since early 2016, before like, do you see? and I was like I get it.
access to job training, to those that have community supports that a city needs, this recent incident. BYAs presence at the I really get what were doing because
been pushed out of school, have a real, are essentially DIY. hearing, along with his family and a youth if he didnt have all of this, if he didnt
concerted, trauma-specific mentor who When young people work with BYA, coordinator from the boys church, helped have BYA, if he didnt have a resume of
can bring them back in, Jenny Egan, a it is all documented: They sign in when get his charges waived down to juvenile art selling, a portfolio, what would have
public defender who works with youth, they come into the community studio; court. He is currently detained at BCJJC. happened? And if he didnt have five
said in a recent Real News segment at detention facilities the staff records In gathering information for his case, people [at BYA] supporting him aside
with Baynard Woods. Juvenile crime young peoples attendance; there his social worker, Scancella, said that this from his family, his church members
has been steadily decreasing, she said, are photos of young people working youth told him about the relationships and community members, what else
and sending the youth deeper into together in the studio or out on field he had with staff and his peers at BYA, wouldve happened? And so many
the system will likely do little to curb trips to galleries and museums. And how they had benefited him. youth, they fall through.
violence thats happening now, and only their worktheir artbecomes proof of He was getting things there that his The past year has been particularly

19 NOVEMBER 22, 2017
India Hill picks out pencils to use for a drawing

hard for BYA. A girl that Rodriguez In this line of work, Rodriguez in a previous class. There are a lot of squeezing a tube of white into a well in
had worked with at the Lillian Jones says, you understand very clearly the hearts on their canvas boards tonight: a his plastic palette.
Recreation Center was killed in a drunk complexity of people. broken purple heart; an ultramarine blue So when I leave you gonna hook
driving accident. A young man who And I think if you are committed heart, in memoriam to someone who has me up with a job, Miss G? asks another,
had been in a class at BCJJC was shot. to this work youre committed to seeing died; a cherry red, perfectly symmetrical sitting near the back. She tells him
Two young men who were close to BYA the good in youth and others, she says. heart; a slightly less symmetrical one with theyre trying to raise money so that they
were killed within a few months of each Its hard to witness youth in prison, its a pink crown painted on. can employ youth again, and lets him
other: Amoni Grossman, 19, was shot in hard to witness young people walking in One young man focuses on know that the goal is to find a more
September 2016 in the Greenmount shackles, and imagining the prospects smoothing out the blue, white, and stable job outside of us.
West neighborhood. And this past of a young person being put behind bars yellow gradient background in his She points out that his neighbor
January, BYA staff and members woke up for years for an adult charge. painting. In the middle, a red heart with sitting next to him, the one working on
to the news that Dasean Mcelveen, aka On a Tuesday evening class at BCJJC, a black Charlie Brown-like zigzag in the the dripping heart, has already made
Smoke, a 17-year-old who had joined the Rodriguez counts out the paintbrushes, middle of it bleeds red and black drips $35 or so on prints that BYA made of one
groups studio apprentice program last pencils, and paint tubes before the seven down to the bottom edge of the canvas. of his paintings. Hell get that money
fall, had been killed. According to police, young men come into the classroom. Hes concerned that his super neat hand when he gets out.
Mcelveen had been walking around the She has to keep inventory before and lettering, NO LOVE, is uneven, but it
Coldstream-Homestead-Montebello after class because if something goes seems pretty precise to me. Outside on the noisy stoop at Platform,
neighborhood with a 20-year-old man missing, the boys spaces get searched. Rodriguez floats from station to Kendrick tells me he started with BYA
when a black van pulled up alongside She counts everything out twice. This station to help the students draw out a through YouthWorks in 2016.
them, and a passenger shot at them. particular group has been working with hand here, or a banner there, advising I wasnt really interested in art until I
Rodriguez described Mcelveen as a very her for a whilemany of them have been them on color palettes or resolving came to BYA cause to be honest before I
driven painter and graphic designer. charged as adults. backgrounds or how to cover up an errant started working . . . I thought it was boring,
The last time we spoke he said that Throughout the hour-long class, the brush stroke and make it look intentional. he says, laughing. And then when I got to
BYA was the only thing he had going for boys mostly stay seated at their benches You can never make a mistake BYA I got into it, I was like, this is fun.
him, she told me in January. and work on paintings that theyd started with paint, one student says to himself, He says hes usually more of an

NOVEMBER 22, 2017

Amani Smith and Kendrick Woodson discuss a future project

abstract artist because he doesnt really but he notices that making art can be sheer sleeves. accepted to several colleges, and theyre
like to draw peoplehe prefers to throw restorative. She has been into fashion since she trying to decide where to go. Tenasia
things on the canvas and just work with Well I would usually be a little was 14, but felt like she needed a push. wants to study mortuary science, she
that, he says. He masks off parts of his grumpy in the morning but when I Now I wanna really do this, this is says, because she felt strange after her
surfaces with tape and paints over it, an would get to BYA my whole mood my passion, she says. I really wanna try grandmothers death.
analogue version of a technique that he changes, he says. Painting really helps and see where I make it with this. I was sad, but I knew I had to
uses in his graphic designs too. Kendrick me get away from my anger. Tenasia and India, both seniors at BLS, get over it so I was like thats really
says he learned a lot about Illustrator Daydrin, a 17-year-old junior at heard about BYA from Daydrin, who told something I really wanna do, see what
and Photoshop at BYA, and he shows BLS, got placed with Baltimore Youth them how much she liked it. Theyve been actually goes on behind the scenes at a
me a few of his designs on the computer, Arts two summers in a row through coming through for a couple months. funeral home, she says. Im nervous but
including a T-shirt design collab with a YouthWorks. Now she comes to BYA I like how we can just sit here and Im gonna do it.
friend, an illustration of Goofy with gold after school, and she wants to become have open conversations and express India wants to be an OB/GYN; she
fronts and a chain. a fashion designer. Shes looking into a our ideas not just about art but real life says shes just always been interested in
At BYA Kendrick has designed school on the eastern shore where she and stuff, India says, while sketching a childbirth and babies and health, so it
shirts and buttons, and he made the can major in fashion. superbly round bird in pencil. Its like a seemed like the right fit for her. At BYA, India
cover art for the second edition of their Im here just to work on things that family here. says shes open to trying all sorts of new
publication The Gathering. He shows me I feel passionate about, she says. Yeah, the support system here is things. She started making a zine about
the original painting, two light brown For the spring, Jeon is trying to help really strong, you can just get help with girl power which she thought could be
hands with thick black outlines against plan a fashion show, which Daydrin is anything and they not gonna tell you about feminism but also female health and
a stark white background. He says its a excited about. Shes working on some no, Tenasia affirms, and then pauses. hygiene. Im not just interested in drawing
reference to the hands up, dont shoot designs for a class presentation (mine Well, it depends on what it is. Most of or making videos or making sculptures, she
chant; he painted this the summer after will be short and sweet, she swears), the time its yes. says, I wanna do everything.
Freddie Gray was killed. experimenting with watercolor pencils. Both Tenasia and India, who
Kendrick says hes not exactly sure The figure shes drawn has an olive green have been friends since they started
how his attitude about art changed, mini skirt and a beige top with puffy, attending BLS in sixth grade, have been

21 NOVEMBER 22, 2017
Newly-anointed MacArthur genius Njideka Akunyili Crosby considers domesticity for the expatriate at the BMA
By Kaila Philo


Njideka Akunyili Crosby, Dwell: Aso Ebi

Photo by Brian Forrest / Courtesy the artist and Victoria Miro, London

When youre a first-generation American, you seek most formative years of her life happened in Enugu, what we presume to be her parents wearing traditional
home in everything. At first, you reject the old for the new and undergoing such a drastic change at a fragile point Nigerian garb in gold with metallic spots. Recently,
because the old feels wrong. Youre told your lunches in ones adolescence can make one ripe for cultural author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie discussed the
smell funny, or that you have an accent, or that your dissonance. This shows in her work, as Dwell: Aso importance of fashionor, at least, looking presentable
country is poor. But sooner or later, you return to the one Ebi and Predecessors both depict rooms filled with in Nigerian culture: My mother always dressed us well.
you knewyou see it when the plantain sizzles or those paraphernalia from her past; the teapots and plastic Me in little girl dresses cinched at the waist, my brothers
songs come onto WEAA every Saturday morningand jugs and pots and pans and countless family photos, all in suits and well-ironed shirts. To go out, she said, we had
its imbued in the home you make for yourself. painted against walls cut from commemorative cloth, to di ka mmadu, which translates literally to look like a
Arriving shortly after Njideka Akunyili Crosby illustrate the ways Crosby projects how shes come to person. Crosbys figures look to follow the same credo:
received a prestigious MacArthur Fellowship, her understand home in her new home. looking like people where they otherwise may not.
show Counterparts in the Baltimore Museum of Arts Perhaps her most subtly political piece is Tea Time In The Beautyful Ones, a young, dark girl with
Front Room features six large-scale mixed media in New Haven, Enugu, which features no people at all close-cropped hair and thick-rimmed glasses poses a
paintings depicting domesticity in that liminal state but a table filled with tea-time necessities that even bit uncomfortably in a light blue, short-sleeved jumpsuit
of expatriation. Many center kitchens, dining rooms, this writer recognized: Weetabix biscuits, Nestle Milo decorated in a collage made from magazine clippings.
and the figures that make them. The pieces depict chocolate, and canned condensed milk. Crosbys country The piece is staged like an old photo, and stands at five
interior life in juxtapositions, often between the artists (Nigeria) and my own (Barbados) were colonized by feet, zooming in on the girls unease. This, however, only
Nigerian past and American present. Her amalgams of the same people (the British), so there is some overlap adds to the intimacy: Its intensely personal without
paint, cloth, and collage are sharp and bright without between our cultures. Her Nigerian household, along giving away too much, as each portrait features a figure
becoming busy, achieving a synchronicity rare when with many others, has adopted ostensibly European reminiscent of the artist.
clashing colors and cultures at the same time. domestic customs such as tea time while molding it Crosbys paintings evoke the vulnerability of what
One of the pieces, a two-paneled painting titled into our own. This portrait displays just how infiltrated we call home, but empower the figures (and by
Predecessors, depicts a dark-skinned woman in a her inner life has become. Even in our most intimate extension, the artist herself) by establishing each as the
bright pink sweater dress sitting by a small table in her spaces, there remains room for our colonial past to focus in their own space. If Crosby extends Adichies
home while staring off at the separate frame beside it, infiltrate what makes us who we are. train of thought, her figures are dressed brightly to
featuring a larger table beside it that holds pots, pans, But the first thing you notice in Crosbys multimedia assert their presence in an environment that would
bowls, and a blue coffeemaker. The woman seems to be pieces is the clothing. Such as in Dwell: Aso Ebi, in which otherwise overpower thema small but vital step for
reflecting on how roomy her past seemed compared a sable woman dons a midi dress in commemorative immigrants in a new home.
to her present; while the large table holds the makings fabric speckled yellow, teal, black, and white, and paired
of a family, her small table remains empty. Its a deeply with dark blue stockings and heels that meet the Njideka Akunyili Crosbys solo show
autobiographical text for good reason: Crosby left womans gaze. Across from her, past a mint coffee table Counterparts runs through March 18
Nigeria in 1999 when she was 16 for her studies. The holding a black-and-yellow striped teapot, is a portrait of at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

NOVEMBER 22, 2017

American Visionary Art Museum, 800 Key Highway. (410) 244-1900, The Great Occupy Museums, John OConnor, Press Press, Public Collectors, The Reinstitute Press,
Mystery Show, A group exhibition of self-taught artists exploring the unknown and human Gregory Sholette, Temporary Services, W.A.G.E. (Working Artists and the Greater Economy),
imagination. Through Sept. 2, 2018. Reverend Albert Lee Wagner: Miracle At Midnight, Art by Kara Walker, and Caroline Woolard. Through Jan. 6, 2018.
the late visionary artist who experienced a spiritual epiphany at age 50. Ongoing. Maryland Historical Society, 201 W. Monument St., (410) 685-3750,
Area 405, 405 E. Oliver St., Retreat, In a dual exhibition, Baltimore-based Unscripted Moments: The Life & Photography of Joseph Kohl, Photographs from c.1980
artist Lu Zhang presents an in-flux, experimental installation Headspace alongside New through 2002 by the late Baltimore photojournalist Joseph Kohl. Ongoing.
York-based artist William Lamsons video installation Untitled (Infinity Camera). Through Metro Gallery, 1700 N. Charles St., (410) 244-0899, Complicated
Jan. 13, 2018. World Views, Works by Ryan Travis Christian, Lauren Genovese, Kat Kennedy, Matt Leines,
Baltimore Museum of Art, 10 Art Museum Drive, (443) 573-1700, Njideka and Anna Silina. Through Dec. 31.
Akunyili Crosby: Counterparts, A suite of new paintings by 2017 MacArthur fellow Njideka Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History and Culture, 830 E.
Akunyili Crosby drawing from her experience as a Nigerian immigrant. Through March Pratt St., (443) 263-1800, Maryland Collects: Jacob Lawrence, Over 50 prints
18, 2018. Phaan Howng: The Succession of Nature, in collaboration with Blue Water by Jacob Lawrence from personal collections in and around Maryland. Through Jan. 7, 2018.
Baltimore, local artist Phaan Howng highlights local environmental issues through a toxic- School 33 Art Center, 1427 Light St., (410) 396-4641, Slow Form, A juried
toned immersive installation. Through Aug. 31, 2018. Spiral Play: Loving in the 80s, Three exhibition featuring the work of Mary Baum, Mollye Bendell, Kei Ito, Elizabeth Mead, Lake
dimensional collages in intense colors and spiral shapes by the late African-American Newton, Nick Primo, Margaret Rorison, Matthew Sepielli, and Doohyun Yoon. Through
abstract expressionist Al Loving. Through April 15, 2018. Annet Couwenberg: From Digital Jan. 6, 2018. Decompositions, A solo exhibition by Chris Zickefoose employing common
to Damask, Maryland-based artist Annet Couwenberg investigates the intersections construction materials and negative space. Through Jan. 6, 2018. Lost Earring, A multi-
of science, art, history, and technology through 11 textile works. Through Feb. 18, 2018. media installation by Elliot Doughtie considers the shift of cultural touchstones and the
Toms Saraceno: Entangled Orbits, Web-like clusters of iridescent-paneled modules are evolution of the artists own queer sexuality and transgender body. Through Jan. 6, 2018.
suspended in the museums East Lobby. Through June 10, 2018. Black Box: Kara Walker & Springsteen, 502 W. Franklin St., Four Thieves Vinegar, In
Hank Willis Thomas, Salvation by Kara Walker and And I Cant Run by Hank Willis Thomas Springsteens final exhibition at its current location, Sydney Shen presents a solo exhibition
are paired as explorations of the legacy of slavery. Through March 18, 2018. Crossing Borders: inspired by a prophylactic against bubonic plague. Through Nov. 25.
Mexican Modernist Prints, 30 prints and drawings by artists including Diego Rivera, Jos St. Charles Projects, 2701 N. Charles St., Pre-Verse, Paintings
Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siqueiros, and Elizabeth Catlett. Through March 11, 2018. by June Culp, Joshua Bienko, and Delphine Hennelly in conversation with Grace Hartigan.
Creative Alliance, 3134 Eastern Ave., (410) 276-1651, Erin Fostel: A Ongoing.
Measure of Place, Baltimore artist Erin Fostel draws from grief in her charcoal drawings of The Walters Art Museum, 600 N. Charles St., (410)547-9000, Faberg
Baltimore architecture. Through Dec. 1. and the Russian Crafts Tradition: An Empires Legacy, 70 works including the Walters two
Current Space, 421 N. Howard St., (410) 343-9295, Layers, Interwoven famed Faberg Easter eggs alongside gold and silver vessels, enamels, jewelry, carved
paintings and quilts by Baltimore-based artists Elena Johnston and Monique Crabb. stones, and icons from Russia. Through June 24, 2018. After Faberg, Five digital prints of
Through Dec. 3. Its Not Complicated (But It Is), Paintings by Sara Havekotte. Through Dec. 3. surreal, digitally-rendered Faberg eggs by artist Jonathan Monaghan complement the
Guest Spot At The Reinstitute, 1715 N. Calvert St., (718) 541-9672, Not exhibition Faberg and the Russian Crafts Tradition. Through June 24, 2018.
on View: Re/Activating the Archive and its A/Effects, Work from Conrad Bakker, Eric Y:ART, 3402 Gough St., (443) 928-2272, The Miniature
Doeringer, Noah Fischer, Kang Seung Lee, Antoine Lefebvre, Kameelah Janan Rasheed, Holiday Exhibition, Small artworks that serve well as gifts by Craig Haupt, Diana Sanlorenzo
and Paul Soulellis; with selected ephemera, texts, and archival materials from John Cage, Campbell, Edmond Praybe, Justin Wiest, Ken Karlic, Lois Borgenicht, Mary Bickford, Nieves
Juan Caloca, Sylvia Federici, Coco Fusco, the Guerrilla Girls, Martin Herbert, David Horvitz, Saah, Ricardo Hoegg, Roland Phillips, Sally Hopkins, and Susan McCurdy Yonkers. Opening
the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest, Miranda July, Sister Corita Kent, Zoe Leonard, Mess Hall, reception Nov. 25, 6-9 p.m.; on view Nov. 22-Jan. 13, 2018.

23 NOVEMBER 15, 2017

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Caleb Stine

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SUSHI HEAVEN Daniel Elder Caleb Stine & The Revelations,

Every Monday Night Faunaphor, Bottom Rung
10:30pm-12:30am Katie Elder N O V . 2 4
1/2 Price Sushi Local folk singer Caleb Stine is a on a cover of The Velvet Undergrounds
Drink Specials Vanessa Vale treasure, as both a patient and somber
solo singer and as the slightly grittier leader
Sweet Janeit was like Sweet Jane done
in the style of Exile On Main Street).
of his band the Brakemen. Now hes got That night, the Revelations also covered
409 W. Coldspring Lane another band, the Revelationsa six piece This Land Is Your Land, and This Little

featuring Nick Sjostrom, Burke Sampson, Light Of Mine, crowdpleasing covers for
Baltimore, MD 21210 EJ Thompson, Ray Eicher, Tiffany DeFoe, sure, but here soaked in political context.
and Jim Hannahwhich falls somewhere So join the Caleb & The Revelations at
Monday - Friday 410-646-8124
in the middle of those two projects. At a
show earlier this year at Trinacria (lotsa
Metro Gallery along with electro-touched
group Faunaphor and Bottom Rung,
cool stuff happening there by the way, which is a group featuring members of
4:00pm-7:00pm including a drag show earlier this month), the Revelations dedicated to recreating
1/2 Price Appetizers HAIR * ART * MUSIC the band mixed their instruments to the brilliant, short-story-esque songs of
construct a bed of pleasant folk with lots Canadian songwriter Fred Eaglesmith.
$1 off all Beer & Wine of moving parts, or a gnarly, kinda heavy, 7:30 p.m., Metro Gallery, 1700 N. Charles
$5 Cocktail of the Day heroin-era Rolling Stones with loopy horn St., (410) 244-0899,,

#WeAreSoulLove parts and some stinging guitar (especially $8-$12. (Brandon Soderberg)

Industry Night
Every Sunday Night
10:30pm-Last Call
1/2 off bar tabs for we
EVERYONE support
Follow us on independent
FB and IG Knuck If You Buck Party
N O V . 2 5
for up to date In March of 2016 at University of at a minor victory over The Donald was
events, congratulations Chicago, protesters successfully shut
down a Donald Trump rallythis was when
proof that 2004the year crunk broke
is as iconic as 1988, 1992, 1994, or 1998 in

specials and baltimore he was still some kind of hatemongering terms of sound-shifting moments in rap

beat underdog and not yet the nominee,
mind you. Protesters inside the UIC
pavilion chanted the inspiring words of
(the song was also sampled and, some
have quipped, essentially gentrified
recently by Zay Hilfigerrr and Zayion
Kendrick Lamars Alright, while outside McCall in Juju on that Beat). So come to
many more protesters also chanted fuck the Crown to remember 2004 and the
Donald Trump to the tune of Crime years around it when crunk, snap, early Mobs Knuck If You Buck, a 2004 crunk- trap music, New Orleans bounce-tinged
era fight-rap song featuring an almost rap, and Memphis buck music ruled the
Sticky Rice industrial kind of beat and the groups charts. And make sure you float a few
four rappers (especially the groups fuck Donald Trump chants into the
1634 Aliceanna Street, 201 e fort ave.
brilliant Diamond and Princess) plus Lil Crime Mob classic when it drops. 9 p.m,
Scrappy talking tough. Its unbelievably The Crown, 1910 N. Charles St., (410) 625-
Baltimore, MD 21231 south baltimore great, lots of fun, hard-as-nails, and a bit 4848,,
avant-garde all at once, and its presence free. (Brandon Soderberg)
443-682-8243 @idlehourbaltimore

NOVEMBER 22, 2017

W e d . 2 2 Flying Faders, Unholy Sights. Dukes: Current State With Love.

Venues Baltimore Soundstage. Pierce Fulton,

Nvdes, Noosa.
The Black Cat. The Mattson 2, Foots x Coles.
Royal Farms Arena. Trans-Siberian
Rams Head On Stage. Burt Bacharach &
Metro Gallery. Jucifer, Cloak, Gateway To
Hell, Corpse Light.
The Ottobar. The Mobtown Throwdown.
An Die Musik, 409 N. Charles St., (410) Cats Eye Pub. Ruben Montoya Band. Hal David Tribute with Julia Nixon & The Rams Head Live. Hollywood Undead,
385-2638, The 8x10. Bunk Buddha, Image.nation, Dave Ylvisaker Dozen. Butcher Babies, Demrick, Brave the Royals.
Anthem, 901 Wharf St. SW, Washington, Linkmindz. The Sidebar. Blood On The Mercy Seat, Rams Head On Stage. Norman Browns
D.C., (202) 888-0020, Echostage. Benny Benassi, Bassjackers. Live Shit Binge Purge, Human Host, Joyous Christmas with Bobby Caldwell
Baltimore Soundstage, 124 Market Place, E.M.P. Collective. Null, Synodus Horrenda, Steamy Wolves, Crotch Key Kids. and Marion Meadows.
(410) 244-0057, Heat Death, Lavender. Tin Roof. As If - A 90s Tribute. U Street Music Hall. Caspa, Choppy Oppy
Berthas, 734 S. Broadway, (410) 327- The Fillmore Silver Spring. Hoodie Allen, U Street Music Hall. Brodinksi, DJ DeTroyt, b2b Skankuh.
5795, Luke Christopher, Myles Parrish. K Cap. The Windup Space. Drinking and
The Birchmere, 3701 Mount Vernon Germanos Piattini. The Hot Club Of The Windup Space. Funksgiving: Swift Dragons; Expert of Nothing.
Ave., Alexandria, VA, (703) 549-7500, Baltimore. Smoke and the Sparks, DJ Rob Macy. Joe Squared. Shana Falana, Saddle of
The Black Cat, 1811 14th St. NW, Centaur, Christa Wilcox. M o n . 2 7
Washington, D.C., (202) 667-4490, Lyric Opera House. Kirk Franklin, Ledisi. S a t . 2 5 Anthem. St. Vincent. Metro Gallery. F, Lazlo Lee & The An Die Musik. Gary Bartz Blues Chronicles Baltimore Soundstage. Scarface,
Cats Eye Pub, 1730 Thames St., (410) Motherless Children, The Expotentials, Recreation. Gorgeous George, MC Bravado, Ill
276-9866, Distinguished Gentlemen. Anthem. Odesza, Sofi Tukker, Louis Futon. Conscious, Icon Tha God, DJ Hi$to.
Creative Alliance, 3134 Eastern Ave., 9:30 Club. 6lack, Sabrina Claudio, Sy Ari The Baltimore Soundstage. Kindred the Cats Eye Pub. Phil Cunneff New Trio.
(410) 276-1651, Kid. Family Soul, Zo! + Carmen Rodgers. Lyric Opera House. Dream Theater.
The Crown, 1910 N. Charles St., (410) 625- The Ottobar. Karaoke Night; Seeing Berthas. Whale Show. The Ottobar. Metal Monday.
4848, Sounds - A Pharrell & The Neptunes Dance The Birchmere. David Bromberg Quintet. Rams Head On Stage. David Crosby &
The 8x10, 10 E. Cross St., (410) 625-2000, Party. The Black Cat. Church Night. Friends. Rams Head Live. Stacked Like Pancakes, Cats Eye Pub. Ursula Ricks Project; Carl
E.M.P. Collective, 307 W. Baltimore St., The Hollow Party, The Never Ending Fall, Filipiak Jazz Band.
(410) 244-0785, PLEVYAK, Joint Operation. Creative Alliance. Baltimore Plays: Songs T u e . 2 8
Echostage, 2135 Queens Chapel Road Tin Roof. Whirlwind. from The Wiz. Baltimore Soundstage. Frosty Blue Bash
NE, Washington, D.C., (202) 503-2330, U Street Music Hall. Anjunadeep North The Crown. Knuck If You Buck Party; Night 2017 with the Kelly Bell Band. American Tour featuring David Hohme, Gruuvs. The Birchmere. Nathan Pacheco.
The Fillmore Silver Spring, 8656 Jody Wisternoff, Luttrell. The 8x10. Big Something, Chris Wilcox. The Black Cat. Beach Slang, Dave Hause &
Colesville Road, (301) 960-9999, The Windup Space. Windup Friendsgiving Echostage. Diplo. The Mermaid, The Homeless Gospel Choir. with Liberata. The Fillmore Silver Spring. Bone Thugs- Cats Eye Pub. Rod & Real.
Germanos Piattini, 300 S. High St., (410) N-Harmony. The Crown. Karaoke Forever.
752-4515, Germanos Piattini. The Old Part of Town. The Fillmore Silver Spring. Dua Lipa,
Joe Squared, 33 W. North Ave., (410) 545- T h u . 2 3 Metro Gallery. Ebb & Nova, Shelby Blondell Marteen.
0444, Berthas. Jeff Reed Trio. Trio, Brothers Clair, Jimmy Warner, Strings Germanos Piattini. Billy Colucci.
Lyric Opera House, 140 W. Mount Royal Cats Eye Pub. Muleman Band Attached. Joe Squared. Songwriters Round Robin
Ave., (410) 685-5086, Motor House. Island Holiday featuring Jah with 50 Foot Woman, Yours Truly, Michele,
Merriweather Post Pavilion, 10475 Little Works. Kerra Holtgren, The Swedish Fist, Joseph
Patuxent Pkwy., Columbia, (410) 715- F r i . 2 4 9:30 Club. Keller Williams Mulhollen.
5550, An Die Musik. Gary Bartz Blues Chronicles Thanksforgrassgiving. 9:30 Club. Squeeze, Wesley Stace.
Metro Gallery, 1700 N. Charles St., (410) Recreation. The Ottobar. Bohtz Skate Night. The Ottobar. Two For Tuesday with DJ
244-0899, Anthem. Odesza, Sofi Tukker, Louis Futon. Rams Head Live. Pigeons Playing Ping Heartbreak Beat.
Motor House, 120 W. North Ave., (410) Baltimore Soundstage. Black Friday Pong, Ripe. Rams Head Live. Vic Mensa, BUGUS.
637-8300, featuring Psycho Killers (Talking Heads Rams Head On Stage. The Classic Rock Rams Head On Stage. John Anderson.
9:30 Club, 815 V St. NW, Washington, tribute), Life On Mars (David Bowie tribute). Experience. The Sidebar. Final Drive, The Shape,
D.C., (202) 265-0930, Berthas. The Juke Drivers. Reverb. Saddleback Marties, Jennifer Ann Namakubi.
The Ottobar, 2549 N. Howard St., (410) The Birchmere. The Seldom Scene, Dry Milner. Tin Roof. The Karikaraoke Band Gong Show.
662-0069, Branch Fire Squad. The Sidebar. Meteor King, 96 Olympics, U Street Music Hall. Maximo Park, Active
Pier Six Pavillion, 731 Eastern Ave., (410) The Black Cat. The 9: Singer-Songwriter Skapparoneday, Echo 2 Locate. Bird Community.
547-7200, Showcase; Dark & Stormy. Tin Roof. Sons of the Radio. The Windup Space. Brews and Board
pier-six-pavilion Cats Eye Pub. Brian Kendig; Black Falls U Street Music Hall. Blockhead, Kev Games.
Rams Head Live, 20 Market Place, (410) Band. Brown, Flash Frequency.
244-1131, The Crown. Black Friday featuring Josh The Windup Space. ZH - A Celebration
Rams Head On Stage, 33 West Stokes, Medicine Man, Bobbi Rush, Of Life featuring Terry Kilby, William Hicks, W e d . 2 9
St., Annapolis, (410) 268-4545, Strawberry Sleepover; Psychd Out Bryce Kinnamon, Craig Nasteff, Mikie Love. Anthem. DC101s Office Party featuring Baltimore featuring Blaqstarr, Yung EBT, The Lumineers, J Roddy Walston and the
Red Room, 425 E. 31st St., Atarashi Kein, Waxo, Cash Lord Liss. Business, Joywave, Barns Courtney.
Reverb, 2112 N. Charles St., (443) 447- Echostage. Bro Safari, Slander, Phiso, S u n . 2 6 Baltimore Soundstage. The Menzingers,
4325, Electric Mantis. An Die Musik. John Lamkin Sacred Jazz Tigers Jaw, The Flatliners, Worriers.
Royal Farms Arena, 201 W. Baltimore St., The 8x10. Big Something, The Apple Sextet. The Black Cat. Dot Dash, Bottled Up,
(410) 347-2020, Scruffs (Sgt. Pepper tribute). Baltimore Soundstage. Hatebreed, Dying Yesferatu.
The Sidebar, 218 E. Lexington St., (410) The Fillmore Silver Spring. The Front Fetus, Code Orange, Twitching Tongues. Cats Eye Pub. Dogs Among The Bushes.
659-4130, Bottoms, Basement, Bad Bad Hats. Berthas. Whale Show, Hootenanny. The 8x10. Bunk Buddha, Catullus Band, The
Tin Roof, 32 Market Place, (443) 873-8137, Germanos Piattini. Steve Glasser Does The Black Cat. Soccer Team, Penguin, Jauntee. Broadway. Santics. 9:30 Club. Cut Copy, Palmbomen II.
U Street Music Hall, 1115A U St. NW, Metro Gallery. Caleb Stine & The Cats Eye Pub. Steve Kraemer & The The Ottobar. Karaoke Night.
Washington, D.C., (202) 588-1889, Revelations, Faunaphor, Bottom Rung. Bluesicians; Timmy Shelley Band. Rams Head On Stage. Kris Allen, Marie 9:30 Club. The Pietasters, Bumpin Uglies, The Fillmore Silver Spring. Scott Bradlees Miller.
The Windup Space, 12 W. North Ave., The Players Band. Postmodern Jukebox. U Street Music Hall. Red Bull 3Style US
(410) 244-8855, The Ottobar. Western Star, PLRLS, The Germanos Piattini. Miki G and Miss Finals featuring Trayze, Eskei83, 2.

25 NO V E M B ER 2 2 , 2 0 1 7
Kyle Pompey wants his photos of Baltimore to make people look at the city with fresh eyes
By Lisa Snowden-McCray


Baltimore photographer Kyle Pompey wants his new self-published book, Perspective: Baltimore, to be an
interactive experience. The 118-page paperback is filed with street scenes and other photos the 37-year-old West
Baltimore native has snapped around Baltimore (one shot captures the top of a decaying rowhome and a police
helicopter; in another, a bundled up little boy casts a shadow from his perch on a bench; a third is mostly dark save a
panhandlers sign that reads Homeless, please help, be blessed). On the page opposite each photo is a lined sheet
that readers can fill in with whatever thoughts the image inspires in them.
Pompey was inspired to take this approach by Kerry Graham, a Patterson High School teacher who used his
photos to teach her students (she has an editor credit in the book). She invited him to come sit in on a class, and
Pompey says he was surprised by what he saw.
[The students] all had different perspectives on the pictures, way different from why I took them, and I was like,
how can I package this and, not make it a curriculum, but just make it to where I can give it to somebody and they
can make their own perspective?
Perspective: Baltimore also features writing from D. Watkins, Kondwani Fidel, and Tariq Tour. Pompey says
he hopes to create other editions with photos of other cities like Detroit, Washington, D.C., and Chicago with
contributions from creators there.
Pompey says he began taking pictures in 2007 when he was 27 and working as a truck driver. He remembers
seeing an eagle nesting in a tree whenever he had to travel to the Eastern Shore, and got frustrated that he couldnt
get the right shot of the bird on his phones camera. He bought a real camera off a friend who was also a photographer,
and soon starting shooting more frequently.
My friend, she asked me to shoot a party, I shot that party, and like three different people asked me if I could do
From Perspective: Baltimore three different things that night and I was like, yeah, I can do it, he says. And I just went home and Googled wedding
photography, photo shoot, album covers. I got my friends, took them out, and practiced with them and I got it done.
Photos by Kyle Pompey Pompey now works full time as a photographer. Some of his gigs are more utilitarianfor instance, school
picture shoots and event photographybut he says his more artistic shots are intended to shake people out of
These are things that everybody sees on a regular basis, especially if youre from Baltimore, he says, describing
the shots in the book. And were so numb to a lot of things, so we dont pay attention to it. So the reason why I
started taking street photos was so we can stop time to see what is going on and take it in.

For more information on Perspective: Baltimore go to

NOVEMBER 22, 2017


6080 Falls Road @ W. Lake Avenue 11 East 33rd Street, 1 block from Johns Hopkins
Mt. Washington Charles Village
Amy Davis, Flickering Treasures
N O V . 2 8

The arrival of the gorgeous (and closed and crumblingmore than 100
gorgeously decayed) Parkway Theater theaters according to veteran Baltimore
has gotten a whole lot more people in Sun photographer Amy Davis whose
Baltimore thinking hard about movie book, Flickering Treasures: Rediscovering
theaters past and present. Currently, you Baltimores Forgotten Movie Theaters
can toward downtown on Charles St. from offers up stunning photos of theaters
the Parkway and see the Charles Theater along with an incredibly useful map to
and look across North Avenue and see check out the 72 theaters (or theater
new version of the Centre Theater locations in some cases). A few favorite
resurrected cinema stand the fuck up, images from the book: In West Baltimore,
am I right? And when youre wandering the former Fulton theater, which partially
through the city youll see plenty of other burned about a decade ago (and was
former theaters such as the Boulevard during the uprising mistaken as suffering
Theater on Greenmount Avenue (around its damage during rioting); a photo of the
this time last year by the way, Baltimore noted porn theatre the Apex back when
police shot a guy in front of it) which it was still open in 2013; and the Parkway
might feels long lost but actually closed no long before its recent renovation. 7
back in 1989 which hey isnt that long p.m., The Ivy Bookshop, 6080 Falls Rd.,
ago. The point is, Baltimore is a movie (410) 377-2966,, free.
theatre town even if a lot of them are now (Brandon Soderberg)

Baltimore County Public Library Cockeysville Branch, 9833 Greenside Drive,
(410) 887-7750, Susan Muaddi Darraj, Jen Michalski, Lalita Norohna, Kris
Faatz, and Rebecca Faye Smith Galli discuss how their writing has been affected by
their personal experiences in a Writers Roundtable. Nov. 28, 6:30 p.m.
Baltimore County Public Library Pikesville Branch, 1301 Reisterstown Road, (410)
887-1234, Kathleen Waters Sander shares her latest book about the United
States first railroad, John W. Garrett And The Baltimore And Ohio Railroad. Nov. 29,
2:30 p.m.
The Church of the Redeemer, 5603 N. Charles St., Mark Bowden,
author of the New York Times bestseller Black Hawk Down, discusses his latest, Hu
1968, about the centerpiece of the Tet Offensive during the Vietnam War. Nov. 29, 7 p.m.
The JHU Writing Seminars, Mudd Hall, Homewood Campus, 3400 N. Charles St., Novelists Alice McDermott And Katharine Noel present side-
by-side readings. Nov. 28, 6 p.m.

27 NOVEMBER 22, 2017
Tamika Fatgirl Raye, 1991-2017
By Errigh Neek BChillin LaBoo


Fatgirl dancing

Screencapture Courtesy Youtube

A force in the Baltimore club community and in the end stole everyones heart with a crowd of over 1200 and raised two beautiful children in the process.
dance world beyond, Tamika Fatgirl Raye died on guest in attendance. She delivered a top-scoring Fatgirls impact was much bigger than her personal
Nov. 2 after succumbing to injuries from a car accident. performance and eliminated her competition flawlessly accomplishments. She was a mother to a community
TT The Artist, a widely recognized club MC and director round for round. Her win was the beginning of the in need. She inspired an entire generation of young
of the upcoming documentary about Baltimore club city taking notice of her special talent, but her actions women. She loved and nurtured her peers, giving many
music and dance titled Dark City Beneath The Beat, moving forward established her legacy. a place to call home in time of need. She connected
described Fatgirl as a legend in the making. We asked After her Queen of Baltimore victory, Fatgirl continued with children on an emotional level that made everyone
Errigh Neek BChillin LaBoo, the founder of Bmore to dominate the dance scene, leading her dance group who came in contact with her fall in love.
Than Dance and a close friend to Fatgirl, to reflect on to win the We Run This City #WRTC dance competition She inspired the culture to once again thrive after
the dancers legacy. (Maura Callahan) hosted by Bmore Than Dance the same year. Winning losing one of its greatest queens, the legendary DJ
came naturally to Fatgirl, but what was more important K-Swift. After the passing of K-Swift, Baltimores club
The definition of a queen: a goddess or woman was how the youth took a liking to her immediately. scene had no idea who would continue on the legacy.
who holds supremacy in a realm. Fatgirl inspired so many children in the community While many have made an impact, very few reach the
Imagine for a moment that the realm is Baltimore to focus on staying out of trouble and using dance as an iconic level of being Queen of the culture.
City. A city known for violence, drugs, and poverty. In escape from the reality of living in Baltimore City. Her Fatgirl was formally was crowned in 2008, the
this city and in every generation, we receive a special dance group, HCZ BBY, has been performing all over year K-Swift died, but her reign continued from that
goddess sent to impact our lives in a way that affects the world since its members were children. HCZ BBY day moving forward. Her dance spirit can be felt when
the next generation to come. has performed for the mayor and governor, and has you see so many of todays youth join in the culture of
The Queen in question here is none other than graced the stage of the Apollo Theater. Baltimore club. She was a mother, a nurturer, a leader,
Tamika Raye aka Fatgirl. Since birth Fatgirl showed Her talent was so phenomenal, international and a friend. She leaves an abundance of individuals
signs of her greatness, but it wasnt until 2008 when the recording artists such as Rye Rye and TT The Artist who reached out to her for leadership and guidance.
entire city became witness. began to take notice. The chemistry she shared with Words cant explain how much Fatgirl impacted
A popular dance competition hosted by Bmore Rye Rye could be seen from the moment they began to everyone who saw her dance. The movement she
Than Dance known as The Queen of Baltimore, a spin- work with each other. TT The Artist was in attendance created will impact generations to come. While many
off of the all-male dance competition King of Baltimore, when Fatgirl won Queen of Baltimore and immediately of us mourn her being called home so early, we still feel
annually crowned the best dancer for her talent. This felt a desire to help her get noticed. She traveled the her presence, and we know shes still here. Her legacy
year the audience was in for a major surprise. world on international tours, inspired a documentary will live forever in the hearts of everyone in the Baltimore
Fatgirl came in as an underdog, but by the nights on Baltimore club called Dark City Beneath The Beat, club and Bmore Than Dance community.

NOVEMBER 22, 2017

What It All Comes Down To
Greta Gerwig revives the coming-of-age tale with Lady Bird
By Maura Callahan


Lady Bird

Screencapture Courtesy of Youtube

Lady Bird begins with its eponymous character, her tastesnot a given for most teen girls. Lady Bird tries pay little attention to Sacramento itself. All shots are
a 17-year-old with blotchy, hydrant-red hair and acne to assimilate to the culture of cool established by say, the straightforward and restrained, effective in keeping
scarring, and her mother Marion, an anxious psychiatric trust fund bro (Timothe Chalamet) who hangs with the with the films devotion to simplicity. But by focusing
nurse, crying side-by-side in the family car as they drive other rich popular kids but claims to be an anticapitalist almost exclusively on the characters and little on the
around Sacramento. Theyre listening to the end of a and tries so, so hard to give off a loner vibe. Coming from space they inhabit, the film fails to give a physical sense
Grapes of Wrath audiobook. less than wealthy families, Lady Bird and her best friend of the city for which Lady Bird clearly serves as a tribute
By the end of the film, my mother and I are crying Julie (Beanie Feldstein) appear to be a minority at their otherwisea strange omission.
side-by-side in the movie theater. Or OK, the crying school, an isolating predicament familiar to anyone whos Before that sweet Steinbeck cry scene, the film is
started early on. pulled together scholarships or financial aid to make a introduced by a quote from a 1979 interview with Joan
In her solo screenwriting-directing debut, Greta private education possible. Didion, also a native of Gerwigs hometown: Anybody
Gerwig (until now better known as an actor in films By the way, here youll see a rare portrayal of a who talks about California hedonism has never spent
like 20th Century Women, Frances Ha, and Mistress Catholic school as a nurturing if sometimes absurd a Christmas in Sacramento. To put it another way,
America; the latter two she also co-wrote) loosely environmentyes, the prom theme is The Eternal Sacramento is the Midwest of California, as Lady Bird
channels her own adolescent upbringing in Sacramento Flame and communion wafers are the snack of choice, bitterly calls it. There is nothing remarkable about her
during the early 2000s by way of the McPhersons, a but the nuns and priests who run the school are home in the way that the counterculture of elsewhere
lower middle class family whose youngest defines empathetic and amiable caregivers (a married math in California or the art scene in New York are remarkable.
herself by what she doesnt have, and whose matriarch teacher, on the other hand, subtly but deliberately As Lady Bird rails against familiarity, Gerwig mines
is motivated by fears of what shell lose. From that feeds Julies crush). An endearing moment steeped in its riches. The films very premise is almost aggressively
first moment in the car, its obvious Lady Bird (played dark candor: The priest (Stephen Henderson) who runs ordinary: A coming-of-age story about a teen whos
by Saoirse Ronan) and Marion (Laurie Metcalf) are the schools drama department challenges his students sick of her family, especially her passive aggressive but
more alike than either would care to believe: They feel to see who can be the first to cry on commandits him dedicated mom; who rejects her delightfully dorky best
intensely and act stubbornly. in a matter of seconds, and he cant stop. He later has to friend in favor of the popular kids and lives to regret it;
Lady Bird, whose birth name is Christine but whose take time off to receive psychiatric treatment, with the who finds only disappointment in boys and her first
given name (given to me by me) is a frequent point of help of Marion, for his depression. time; who wishes her family wasnt so poor and that
contention between her and her mother, is applying to The schools principal (Lois Smith), a nun who is they lived in the big blue house in a Roland Park-esque
colleges as she completes her final scholarship-funded merely amused when targeted by Lady Birds attempt neighborhood of Sacramento.
year at a Catholic high school. Marion insists that she only to impress the cool kids (her car is redecorated in But Gerwig doesnt set out to prove, as many have
apply to nearby state schools, but eager to get as far as matrimonial trappings with the words just married to before, that the extraordinary can be found in the most
possible from her hyper-critical mother and apparently Jesus on the back windshield), delivers perhaps the mundane places and peopleeven though her writing
boring hometown, Lady Bird applies instead to more wisest insight in Gerwigs exquisite script: She notes is profound and the cast (especially Metcalf) thoroughly
glamorous colleges in New York with the secret help of her that Lady Bird in fact loves Sacramento deeply, judging outstanding. For most of us (if were lucky enough),
even-tempered and recently laid-off father (Tracy Letts). by the acute observations of her hometown articulated mundanity is where we mostly exist, where we grow and
In the meantime, Lady Bird navigates the syllabus of in her college application essay. change and also remain stay doggedly the same, where
teendom: Friends, boys, popularity, sex, drugs, music. She I guess I pay attention, Lady Bird shrugs. we shape ourselves in relation to the people we know best,
unabashedly loves Dave Matthews Bands Crash Into Me Dont you think theyre the same thing? the nun where we cry most openly. The ordinary is home, and at
(she also has the cover for Bikini Kills singles compilation offers. Love and attention? home, exceptionality is not only unnecessary but irrelevant.
album on her bedroom wall, for what its worth), but before Though the love is palpable in other ways, Gerwig
she can say that out loud she must become confident in and the films cinematographer Sam Levy actually Lady Bird is now playing at The Charles Theatre.

29 NOVEMBER 22, 2017
See us for Toys,
Books, and More!
1001 W 36th St., Hampden Baltimore, MD

December 1st at 5:00pm - 9:00pm

BLOWN AWAY: Tom of Finland opens Nov. 24. at The Parkway Theatre

KILLER BLOW JOBS! Photos Courtesy Dome Karukoski

With Stefani | $25

December 4th at 6:30pm


The Charles Theater
INFORMATION SESSION 1711 N. Charles St., (410) 727-3464,
with Dr. Samantha DuFlo The Florida Project (Sean Baker, U.S., 2017), now playing.
The Killing Of a Sacred Deer (Yorgos Lanthimos, U.S., 2017), now playing.
December 6th at 6:30pm Loving Vincent (Dorota Kobiela & Hugh Welchma, Poland, 2017), now playing.
The Square (Ruben stlund, Sweden, 2017), now playing.
Lady Bird (Greta Gerwig, U.S., 2017), now playing.

Last Flag Flying (Richard Linklater, U.S. 2017), now playing.
The Lady Eve (Preston Sturges, U.S., 1941), Nov. 22.
Il Boom (Vittorio De Sica, Italy, 1963), Nov. 25, 27, 30.

COOKIE CONTEST Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade (Hiroyuki Okiura, 1999, Japan), opens Nov. 29.

Turn on your sexy creative imagination The Parkway Theatre

December 8th at 6:30pm 4 W. North Ave., (410) 752-8083,
One Of Us (Heidi Ewing & Rachel Grady, U.S., 2017), Nov. 22: Q&A with director Grady
after the screening.
Dealt (Luke Korem, U.S., 2017), now playing.

Dina (Antonio Santini & Dan Sickles, U.S., 2017), now playing.
Paradise (Andrei Konchalovsky, Russia, 2017), now playing.
Human Flow (Ai Weiwei, 2017), now playing.
with Bianca | $25 Blade of the Immortal (Takashi Miike, Japan, 2017) Nov. 23.
Mansfield 66/67 (P. David Ebersole & Todd Hughes, U.S./U.K., 2017), Nov. 24-27.
January 10th at 6:30pm My Friend Dahmer ( Marc Meyers, U.S., 2017), opens Nov. 24.
Tom of Finland (Dome Karukoski, Finland/Denmark/Sweden/Germany, 2017), opens
Nov. 24.
Free film: China Heavyweight (Yung Chang, Canada, 2012) Nov. 28.

The Senator Theatre

FREE LIBATIONS EVERY 5904 York Road, (410) 323-4424,
Murder On The Orient Express (Kenneth Branagh, U.S., 2017), now playing.
FRIDAY IN DECEMBER Thor: Ragnarok (Taika Waititi, U.S., 2017), now playing.
Victoria and Abdul (Stephen Frears, U.K., 2017), now playing.
Justice League (Zack Snyder, U.S., 2017), now playing.
The Dragon Lives Again (Kei Law, China, 1977), Nov. 22, 26, 27, 28.
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (Martin McDonagh, U.S., 2017), now
Purchase tickets in person at the store, Heat (Michael Mann, U.S., 1995), Nov. 29.
over the phone with a credit card or online at NOVEMBER 22, 2017
Lets talk about sex
By Jacq Jones

How do you define sex? Lets start this off with a question we get a lot at the Understand that licking someones genitals in the way
When is it OK to have sex? Who is OK to have sex with? store: My boyfriend and I have been together for a few that works for them can take practice and input from
Are you having enough sex? Or whats too much? Is months. I go down on him, and I like doing it. But he the prson receiving the cunnilingus.
there such a thing as too much or too little? never goes down on me. It doesnt seem fair. If he really just doesnt like going down and isnt
What makes something a fetish? Relevant info about the question asker: She is a cis willing to try it with you, you have some decisions to
How do you ask for something new in the bedroom? woman in a relationship with a cis man. make. Is this a deal breaker for you? No one should
Whats a g-spot? What does cis mean? Most folks are assigned a do something they dont like doing in the bedroom.
Is it weird if a straight guy wants anal penetration? gender when theyre born. Many people grow up to Are there other parts of sex and your relationship that
How do I talk to my kid about sex? find that they identify with the same gender they were make up for not receiving that one thing? It can be
Why are so many people talking about rape assigned at birth. Those folks are cisgender. Some OK to stay in a relationship thats missing something.
culture? What does that even mean? folks find that they identify with a gender other than Relationship researchers John and Julie Gottman have
How do you know if youve had an orgasm? What that which they were assigned at birth. Those folks found that every relationship has 10 problems. There is
does it mean if youve never had an orgasm? are transgender. Theres a number of other gender no such thing as a problem-free relationship. The key is
Sex is delicious. And complicated. Frequently, identitiesgenderqueer, non-binary, gender freewell to decide if the specific problems are deal breakers. Its
accurate and useful information is hard to come by. talk more about those next week. OK if this is a deal breaker. Its OK if its not.
Thats why Sugar Talk is here. Youre dealing with a super common issue. Id start I will, however, make one exception to that rule.
In this column, well cover sex, anatomy, sexuality, with telling him that you like receiving cunnilingus and If hes not going down because he thinks that pussies
gender, relationships, sexual orientations, sex in popular ask him how he feels about it. Its possible that he had a are dirty or gross, and hes not willing to reconsider
culture, and most importantly, your questions. past partner who didnt like it, or hes been told that hes that concept (pro-tippussies are amazing, wonderful,
My name is Jacq Jones; Im a local sex educator and doing it wrong so hes avoiding it. magic creations that are absolutely not dirty or gross),
I own an education-focused sex toy store in Hampden Conversations like these can feel a little intimidating. thats definitely not OK. As my friend and fellow sex
called Sugar. I love talking about sex, I love helping I promise that youll survive it. Start out by having the educator Ducky Doolittle says, Sometimes were
people find their way to joy in their own sexuality and conversation someplace private, when youre both sober, fucking the wrong people.
sexual expression, regardless of what that looks like. As happy, and not about to have sex. Use the conversation You deserve a partner who is deeply excited about
long as its truly consensual, I am here to help you get sandwich. Its a magic tool. Heres how the sandwich your body and about having sex with you. This guy
the info you need to experience your desires. works: First tell him how much you enjoy having sex might be exactly that partner. If not, it might be time
Ive been working in sex education and reproductive with him, tell him about something that he does that to move on. You deserve a partner who gives you the
health care since 1994. I know a lot, but I dont know feels really good to you, then tell him that receiving pleasure you desire. So, go get itand let me know how
everything. Sugar Talk will also feature medical cunnilingus (pussy-licking) is something youd love to it goes!
professionals, sex workers, and other sex educators and receive from him and ask if thats an option. Then listen.
professionals for answers and different perspectives. If hes willing to to try it, set up some time to Do you have a question? Send me an email
Often with sex, theres more than one right answer. play with cunnilingus. Set it up as separate from sex. to
Were going to work to cover a lot of bases. View it as an experiment. Try different things. Laugh. And well get to talking about sex.

31 NOVEMBER 22, 2017
Recipe: Coconut Milk-Braised Collard
Greens from Blacksauce Kitchen

Photo Courtesy Blacksauce Kitchen

FOOD All soul food isnt created equally. If your fried fish Coconut Milk-Braised Collard Greens
is bland, if your macaroni and cheese is soupy, or if your (serves 8-10 folks)
chicken wings arent crispy, your food is suspect. Point
blank. Another holy grail item you cant mess up: col- 8 bunches of collards, cut into ribbons, and washed
lard greens. Everybodys greens taste a little different, twice
but good greens should always be a little spicy, a little 1 cup onions, diced
savory, a little smoky, and just a little bit funky. 1 tbsp. garlic, minced
Blacksauce Kitchen [401 W. 29th St., blacksauce- 1 tbsp. lemongrass, minced] isnt a soul food place per se, but own- 1 tbsp. fresh ginger, grated
ers Damian Mosley and Vesnier Lugo know their way 1 tbsp. kosher salt
around collard greens and other vegetables too (brus- 1 tsp. fresh ground peppercorns
sels sprouts, green beans, and mustard greens all make 1 tsp. ground chilies (e.g., habaneros, scotch bonnet, or
appearances on the ever-changing menu in their brick- birds eye)
and-mortar Remington carryout, open Thursdays). Their 1/2 cup vinegar
greens arent the kind that I grew up eating (my dad 12 oz. coconut milk
uses smoked turkey necks to season his), but the coco-
nut, ginger, and chiles are, for me, a nod to the Caribbe- 1. In a stockpot, saute the onions, garlic, lemongrass, and
an, and the way black people all over are united by food. ginger.
This issue comes out right before Thanksgiving,
when Ill be eating greens in abundance. So, I asked the 2. Add greens, salt, pepper, chilies. Cover and steam the
folks at Blacksauce to allow us to publish their recipe. greens for 5-7 minutes.
Lucky for all of us, they said yes. (Lisa Snowden-McCray)
3. Uncover, add vinegar and coconut milk. Continue
to simmer, uncovered, for 25 minutes until greens are
dark, tender, and not overly acidic from the vinegar.

4. Refrigerate and eat the next day as the greens will

improve in flavor overnight.

NOVEMBER 22, 2017

A food reporters return
By Richard Gorelick


Photo Courtesy Gnocco

Whatd I miss?
Whatd I miss in the two-plus years since I stopped
Sexual harassment in the industry. The only way we
would have realistically written about this at The Balti-
reviewing restaurants full-time? more Sun was if someone formally charged someone
Not much. A bunch of new restaurants opened. I else. I dont think we would have ever committed resourc-
want to go to Gnocco. That place looks good. Some new es to developing a longform story on this issue. Of course,
places I dont think Ill ever go to, now that Im not dining everythings changed now. I wouldnt be surprised to hear
on the company dime. Im surprised how little I care about that someone at the Sun is pitching this story. And I think
a place like the Rec Pier Chop House at the Sagamore the Baltimore Beat will be writing about this.
Pendry Hotel. (I had to Google the restaurants name just Segregated dining in Baltimore. We actually did
now, and also its executive chef, Andrew Carmellini). talk about this phenomenon at the Sun, but we never
The only possible reason why anyone would care got very far. There is a way to report on this, but not one
about the Rec Pier Chop House is because it might say that jibes with the papers tidy approach to reporting,
something to an outsider about the state of Baltimore which typically involves an over-reliance on expert opin-
dining. But thats a bad reason even if it were true. And ion. Some stories are chaotic and messy and unresolv-
its not true. I promise you that not a living soul outside able. But they need to be told anyway.
of Baltimore has an opinion about the dining scene in Heres what I really dont want to write about:
Baltimore. I think thats a good thing. Service: There is an important, ongoing story about
I dont miss reviewing but I miss reporting on the the income divide between the back of the house and
restaurant industry. I arrived at The Baltimore Sun in the front of the house, and how tipping factors into this
a time when the person writing reviews was also the divide. Otherwise I dont care about service in restau-
person reporting on the restaurant industry. That was rants.
rough, and it didnt work well. Reporters need access, Barbecue: I love people who love barbecue, but I
but access compromises. dont enjoy reading about it and really dont like writing
That compromising position was only one among about it.
tons of reasons why I never managed to write good, Dining trends. What is there to say about them?
long articles on the restaurant industry about the fol- That they exist?
lowing subjects among many:

33 NOVEMBER 22, 2017
Dutch Treat Big Buddha Cheese
If youre young, it may be hard to fathom just how Before we get going, crucial inside baseball worth
underground the cannabis scene used to be. The drug your time: Weed writing, I fear, is maybe entering its an-
war really was a war, and a lot of people have a lot of noying explainer phase, with lots of glib weed hot takes
scars. It seemed then, in those grim years, that there that essentially add up to this commonly understood
was only one sane place in the world, one place you thing about weed is in fact bullshit. Vice Motherboard
could go and buy buds without worrying about going published Weed Strains Are Mostly Bullshit on 4/20 of
to jailand that was Amsterdam. this year and the Portland Mercurys recent Cannabis
But in Amsterdams Red Light district, where peo- Guide ran a piece titled, Please Shut Up About Indica
ple went to smoke, it could be too much. Your mind Versus Sativa, which declared, supposedly, indica se-
Dutch Treat was still in fear mode and everything around you was dates and sativa uplifts. But heres the thing: Thats all
bustling and crazy and it was easy to get paranoid. bullshit. Both pieces are ultimately about the weed sci-
Photo by Baynard Woods / Courtesy Democracy In Crisis
I know because I did. I was in the Netherlands for ence vanguard: cannabinoids and terpenes. The former
a conference in the small, bike-obsessed college town is the thing that gets you high, which is so much more
of Groningen. But first I stopped in Amsterdam and complicated and does not end at THC, and the latter
wigged out. But when I got to Groningen, even though is what makes weed smell and taste a certain way and
it was for an academic conference, I made plenty of affects precisely how it gets you high, apparently.
time to go and sit in the coffee shops. (This is where Both pieces are importantat this point cannabis
weed is purchased legally throughout the Netherlands, is an industry and we should not be lied to about things
though Amsterdams shops are by far the most famous.) were soldthough Id also say its generally not a good
It was such a relief to be able to calmly look over the look to tell people what they are feeling and what is
wares and decide what you wanted to smoke. It was working for them is bullshit, especially when it comes
like heaveneven if the selection was far worse than the to matters of the mind and body. My advice: When
most paltry local dispensary you can go to these days. youre reading up on the supposed specifics of weed
I chose a strain called Dutch Treat. That was near- or hearing your dispensary persons spiel about some
ly two decades ago, so I have no idea how much the sick hybrid, ponder the info the way you might use a
genes have mutated or if it is even the same strain, but horoscope, which is to say, understand that its not so
Dutch Treat is a standard of the coffee shop scene and much about truth as a series of suggestions or offerings
I felt electrified with a visceral thrill when I saw it again. to take or leave.
The flowers, with the deep red of autumn underlying a If your horoscope says youll be sweeter to strangers
glowing green fur, felt almost exotic, the odor reminis- or whatever today, it planted that thought in your head
cent of something lost in another time, a quiet room and that may dictate how you act. Even if its not cos-
Big Buddha Cheese with adults sitting around sipping coffee and smoking mically or empirically true, it might make you be nicer
joints rolled with tobacco. to a stranger on that dayhooray. Same with weed: If
Photo by Baynard Woods / Courtesy Democracy In Crisis
I wasnt at all disappointed when I took a big rip someone out there somewhere thinks a certain strain
out of a brand new bong. The pine-resin undercurrent helps them with depression or cleaning the house or
was billowed by a kind of creaky funk, like backwoods whatever, smoke it, consider that, and see if it helps you
kombucha and oyster-water. And the punch was too. If it doesnt, youre still stoned, so NBD.
near-perfect. In Groningen I would smoke, forget about If this is all reading as a touch hippy-dippy, blame
the time, and then have to rush back to the conference, it in part on Big Buddha Cheese, a strain with a truly
blitzed. But I didnt stress it. And inside I was aware and staggering, evening-out quality that will fill you with
alertI commented on peoples papers and shit. And good feelings and send you on thought tangents of the
that was the feeling Ive had these past few days trying yes and rather than no but sort. Primarily an indica,
out this pure sativa Dutch Treat. It gives an initial lift that Big Buddha Cheese is going to calm you (or maybe not,
kinda climbs up your spine and grabs you by the scruff indica and sativa are bullshit weed, men yelling on the
of the neck and the eyelids and elevates your ass, but its internet told me). And it famously took first place in the
also like it is cracking your back and chilling you out, like Indica Cup category at the 2006 Cannabis Cup. Its a
a long feeling of having had your back massaged. The hybrid of Cheese, a UK standard that has since been re-
overall effect is something like people claim for micro- fixed here in the States, and mashed up with serious Af-
dosing mushrooms, at least in the obsessive attention ghani stuff from noted grower Big Buddha. It is smooth
to detail that is still somehow lax. (Baynard Woods) with a subtle sting on the back end of the inhale, which
hits your palette slowlya bland then suddenly sharp
Strength: 8.2 taste. An easygoing smoke that yields nearly no anxiety
Nose: Kombucha, sap, and oyster-water on a flower and for serious smokers may feel as though youve not
petal even smoked at all. BBCs beloved for its easygoing, am-
Euphoria: 9.1 bient type of pleasant. No bullshit. (Brandon Soderberg)
Existential dread: 3.3
Freaking out when a crazy person approaches you: 1 Strength: 7
Drink pairing: 4 oz. of black coffee with a shot of Nose: The cheese section of your supermarket but
Jameson on the side also cheap ChapStick
Music pairing: The Magnetic Fields, 69 Love Songs, Euphoria: 8
Vol. 2 (with volume knob at 4) Existential dread: 1
Rating: 9.335 Freaking out when a crazy person approaches you: 1
Drink pairing: POM Pomegranate Peach Passion
White Tea
Music pairing: Warm Brew, Small Victories
Rating: 10

NOVEMBER 22, 2017

R E S E A R C H & W E L L N E S S

Trapped by
Let Try to Find a Way Out...

Am I Eligible?
Are you 18 - 65 years old?
Not getting adequate results with
your current antidepressant
Diagnosed with Major Depressive
Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) changes how you view the world.
It causes extreme sadness and feelings of hopelessness.

A clinical research study is currently evaluating an investigational drug for

its safety and effectiveness in the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder.


410-602-1440 /

Principal Investigator: Robert Lehman, M.D. / Sub-Investigator: Alan Jonas, M.D.

35 NOVEMBER 22, 2017
R E S E A R C H & W E L L N E S S

Has your life been aected by

bipolar depression? If so, you
may be interested in taking
part in the 401 or 402 Study.
The 401 and 402 Studies are looking at a potential
new treatment an investigational medication for
bipolar depression (bipolar I or bipolar II disorder) to
see whether it works, and how safe it is, for improving
the symptoms of bipolar depression. The 401 Study
will look at the investigational medication when it
is used on its own. The 402 Study will look at the
investigational medication in patients who are already
taking a mood stabilizer, specically lithium or valproate.

We are looking for people who are currently

experiencing major depressive episodes associated
with bipolar disorder to take part in the 401 and
402 Studies.

You may be able to take part in the 401 or 402 Study

if you:
are between 18 and 75 years of age (inclusive)
have been diagnosed with bipolar I or bipolar II
are currently having a major depressive episode
that started at least 2 weeks ago, but no more than
6 months ago
have previously had at least one bipolar manic
episode or mixed episode (if you have bipolar I
If you are interested in taking disorder) or hypomanic episode (if you have
part in one of these studies, bipolar II disorder).
or if you would like more
information, please contact: Study participation will last up to 12 weeks and will
require nine visits to the study center.

410-602-1440 Depression Program
Alan M. Jonas, M.D.
Principal Investigator

Desmond M. Kaplan, M.D. & Robert B. Lehman, M.D.,


36 NOVEMBER 22, 2017
R E S E A R C H & W E L L N E S S

Are intrusive
with your
daily life?

Do these thoughts lead to distress or fear?

If you suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) you may
qualify to participate in a clinical research study examining the use of
an investigational medication for people with OCD, not currently
satised with their SSRI (or clomipramine).

For information please call


Desmond M. Kaplan, M.D. Alan M. Jonas, M.D. &

Principal Investigator Robert B. Lehman, M.D., Sub-Investigators

37 NOVEMBER 22, 2017
R E S E A R C H & W E L L N E S S

Alan M. Jonas, M.D.
Principal Investigator

Robert B. Lehman, M.D.


38 NOVEMBER 22, 2017
R E S E A R C H & W E L L N E S S

Do You Have an Alcohol

Use Disorder and

ADVERTISE Want Treatment?

Researchers at the National Institutes of
Health, in Bethesda, Maryland are seeking

individuals with an alcohol use disorder to
participate in a study.
This research study is investigating if eating a ketogenic diet (including high fat, low

carbohydrate shakes) will have an effect on symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and on brain
function in patients with alcohol use disorder undergoing inpatient treatment of alcohol
You may be eligible for this research study if you:

Are 18-75 years old and willing and able to provide written informed consent
Have a moderate to severe alcohol disorder and are seeking treatment for your alcohol use

Research study procedures:

You will complete a screening visit which includes a physical exam, medical history including alcohol and
drug use, MRI scan, blood work, and urine sample.
You will participate in our inpatient alcohol treatment program at the NIH Clinical Center.
As an inpatient in our alcohol treatment program you will be randomly assigned to a meal plan for 3 or more
The meal plan will consist of a ketogenic diet (high fat, low carbohydrates) or standard American diet.
Your activity level and sleep patterns will be monitored.
We will also collect blood samples and perform research MRI scans.

Compensation and Travel costs:

You do not need to pay to participate in this research study.
You will receive inpatient alcohol detoxification and treatment at no cost.
NIH will provide travel to and from the NIH Clinical Center within the United States.
You will be financially compensated for your participation.

The NIH Clinical Center, Americas Research Hospital is located in Bethesda, Maryland
on the Metro Red line (Medical Center Stop).
For more information, call:
Refer to study 17-AA-0152
NIH... Turning Discovery Into Health

39 NOVEMBER 22, 2017