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Dramatic Adventure Theatre (D.A.T.) Presents The Ecuador Project

D.A.T.´s Theatrical Discovery of Ecuador

June 17, 2008 (Quito, Ecuador): On June 26 2008, Dramatic Adventure Theatre (D.A.T.) will premiere The
Ecuador Project, a collaborative theatre piece chronicling the group’s work and travels in Ecuador, for an
American audience after a well-received performance in Quito, Ecuador. The play is a reflection of the New York
City based non-profit organization’s 7 _ week journey through Ecuador and the team’s extensive partnerships
with local schools, artists, and theatre groups throughout the country: their various adventures (and
misadventures), triumphs and tribulations, and complexities and exaltations as non-Spanish speaking travelers in
a developing country.
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From April 30 to June 23 , D.A.T. had the opportunity to work with groups in Quito, the capital; coastal villages
in the province of Esmeraldas; communities such as Quilotua in the Andes; and El Pilche in the Amazon. The
Ecuador Project is play that represents collaborations with national and local theatre groups such as La Catanga
(Esmeraldas) and Patio de Comedias (Quito) and also teaching and playwriting workshops with conducted with
schools in El Pilche and Quilotua. The piece also strives to articulate the voices and experiences from the
Ecuadorian people.

Dramatic Adventure Theatre is a theater company that doesn’t ACTS! It is a theatre for social change that
collaborates, educates, builds, inspires, encourages, shares and grows. When traveling to a new place, D.A.T.
seeks to engage the local community in tangible ways by participating in service projects, hiring local artists, and
taking the time to get to know individuals. The goal of the theatre is to bring exposure to the people, the country
and its needs, and to carry those back to America through the medium of theatre.

Artistic Director, Jesse Baxter, and Managing Director, Mary K. Redington, established D.A.T. in October 2006 as
a way to combine their love of travel, theatre, and the need for international social change. In the summer of
2007, the team took their first trip to Zimbabwe and for 6 weeks workshopped with local teenagers all over the
country, teaching basic playwriting and acting skills. The result was Voices from Zimbabwe, a series collected
stories that culminated into a one hour play, which received laudatory reviews before test audiences in Baltimore,
Pittsburgh and Rochester.

The Ecuador Project will run for two weekends, June 26-28, 8:00pm, at The Red Room Theatre located at
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85 East 4 St, 3 Floor, New York, and July 5-6 (times TBD) at Teatro IATI, located at 59-61 East 4 St, 6E,
New York. For more information on Dramatic Adventure Theatre or tickets to upcoming performances of The
Ecuador Project, please visit the website at For media inquiries, photos, and/or
press tickets, please contact PR Manager Leslie Fields at
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