The Second Amendment
Improves Women’s Lives
By Jenn Jacques, Visiting Fellow, Independent Women’s Forum

In the wake of the Hollywood sexual assault scandal, thousands of women
publicly shared their tragic and life-changing stories of sexual harassment,
abuse, and rape on social media and promoted the hashtag “#MeToo” to
IN THIS ISSUE encourage other victims to come forward.
Yet, despite this positive and much-needed campaign of awareness, a
concerted and coordinated effort by the media, Hollywood, and the political
TO KNOW.................................. 1
elite is actively working to discourage women from owning a firearm and/
or becoming a concealed carry permit holder—the very things that can help
women who find themselves in a dangerous situation with a violent assailant.
In addition, women who are already gun owners and who promote the
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preservation of the Second Amendment are being silenced through online
Top Myths About Owning harassment and threats of violence.
and Using Firearms............... 2 Women who defend the Second Amendment know that a firearm is
a power equalizer—making it possible for a woman of any size to defend
Women Gun Ownership herself against or escape from a physically more powerful attacker. Our
on the Rise ............................. 5 forefathers understood this and in a prescient move, during the crafting of
the Bill of Rights, actually instructed future generations that the right to bear

WHAT YOU CAN DO ............. 6 arms “shall not be infringed.”
Women have the most to lose in relinquishing their right to bear arms,
yet women are particularly vulnerable to the messages that anti-gun activists
promote. It’s therefore important that women understand the myths
surrounding firearms and gun ownership so that they can make informed
decisions about their right to bear arms.
All Americans, particularly women, should be Understanding the myths associated with
concerned with the effort to restrict access to firearms helps everyone—especially women,
firearms because: who are often the targets of misinformation
campaigns—feel more confident about owning
l I t’s unconstitutional. The Second Amendment a firearm and better able to defend their
specifically says that the right to bear constitutional right to bear arms. Here are the
arms “shall not be infringed.” The Framers top myths about owning and using firearms:
understood that a powerful government would
one day try to limit the citizenry’s ability to MYTH: Gun violence is on the rise
defend itself and sought to guard against the in America.
attempts we see today. Thankfully, the opposite is true: Violent crime
has plummeted in recent years. According to the
l I t leaves women at a disadvantage. Like it
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) all violent
or not, men are bigger, stronger, and capable
crime has declined during the last five years, and
of overpowering a woman unless she has
according to the Pew Research Center, gun violence
the means to defend herself. Guns level the had fallen by nearly 50 percent since its 1993 peak.
playing field and allow women to fight back. Yet, despite this good news, according to the
l I t won’t reduce gun violence. Criminals, by Bureau of Justice Statistics’ National Crime
definition, don’t follow the law; so adding Victimization Survey, in 2015, an estimated
more laws does nothing to stop them. 5 million Americans age 12 or older were still
the victims of violent crimes. According to the
l I t disarms good citizens. Rendering good,
same survey, rapes and sexual assaults rose
law-abiding people defenseless does nothing
significantly in 2015, going from 284,350 in 2014
to improve civil society. People should be
to 431,840 in 2015. The same survey found that
allowed to legally defend themselves against over a million individuals were involved in a
those who illegally obtain guns. domestic violence incident.
l I t’s better to have it and not need it than need These grim figures raise the question: why
it and not have it. Having a personal protection are organized and well-financed activists—like
plan (a well-practiced, disciplined course of Moms Demand Action, Michael Bloomberg’s
action in the event of a personal attack) is just Everytown for Gun Safety, the Brady Campaign,
like having a storm shelter for severe weather or and The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence—
working to limit a person’s right to protect
a fire extinguisher for your home.
themselves against violent attackers?
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MYTH: Anyone Can Own a Gun!
FACT: While we can and should President Obama famously freaked out moms in
continue to work to reduce crime, 2016 by tweeting, “A violent felon can buy the
gun violence has actually declined exact same weapon over the internet with no
in recent years. background check, no questions asked.”
Happily, the President’s tweet isn’t true.
MYTH: Common-sense gun laws will First, the National Firearms Act of 1934
make us safer! made it illegal for felons convicted of a violent
When a violent gun incident, like the murders at crime to own a gun, and the Gun Control Act
Newtown or Las Vegas, happens, it’s natural to of 1968 expanded the prohibition to include
want limits on firearms. But, we need to examine anyone convicted of a felony (even a nonviolent
if these limits actually do anything to reduce gun felony). It’s also illegal to sell a gun to a
violence. Sadly, they do not. convicted felon.
Consider the case of gun limits in Maryland. Those convicted of domestic violence, even
In 2013, the Maryland legislature passed a misdemeanor charge, also receive a lifetime
the nation’s most restrictive gun-control ban on owning or operating a firearm. Those
measures, which required the fingerprinting of who are convicted of marijuana possession are
gun buyers, new limits on firearm purchases, banned for life, as are those who use marijuana
bans on certain weapons, and a limit on for medical purposes—even in states where
magazines that hold more than 10 bullets. Yet the use is legal. The Gun Control Act of 1968
despite this effort to curtail violent gun crime, also bans gun ownership of anyone who has been
four years later, Baltimore, Maryland reported adjudicated as having a mental disorder or has
the highest homicide rate in the country. Other been committed to any mental institution.
cities—like Chicago and San Francisco—have
also seen gun crime rise after the passage of FACT: You have to have a squeaky
extremely restrictive gun laws. clean record to legally own a gun.
This illustrates two important realities: 1)
criminals don’t care about laws, and 2) law-
abiding citizens are finding it harder to defend MYTH: It’s Dangerous to Have Guns
themselves against violent criminals. Around Kids!
As any parent will tell you, curiosity can get the
FACT: Just because you have laws best of even the most well-behaved child. That’s
on the books doesn’t mean crime why teaching children to respect firearms is so
will go down. important.

IWF Policy Focus, November 2017 n 3
Sadly, tragic accidents do occur. In 2016, by the Centers for Disease Control and
there were 117 incidents in which a child under commissioned President Obama, guns used in
the age of 18 gained access to a loaded firearm self-defense are an important crime deterrent.
outside their residence. So whether you have The research found that “Studies that directly
firearms in the house or not, firearm safety is a assessed the effect of actual defensive uses of
conversation that every parent should initiate. guns (i.e., incidents in which a gun was ‘used’
Several programs exist to help teach children by the crime victim in the sense of attacking or
about firearms. Since 1988, the NRA’s Eddie threatening an offender) have found consistently
Eagle Gun Safety Program has equipped more lower injury rates among gun-using crime
than 30 million children with the knowledge of victims compared with victims who used other
what to do if they come across a firearm: Stop, self-protective strategies.”
Don’t Touch, Run Away, and Tell an Adult.
FACT: Women should have a
FACT: Families who teach their variety of self defense methods to
children to respect firearms and access. The government shouldn’t
the rules of gun safety are less limit women’s choices.
likely to experience tragedy.

MYTH: No One Needs to Own a
MYTH: Women Are Often Harmed By Semi-Automatic Rifle!
their Own Guns! There are two common refrains from those who
Every woman should be free to choose how to object to gun ownership: “No one needs a big
protect herself, whether she chooses to attend scary assault rifle,” and “The Founders meant
self-defense classes, to arm herself with mace, a muskets and hunting, not modern firearms.”
tactical knife, stun gun or whistle, or to own and The Founders understood that weaponry,
train in the safe use of a firearm. like all things, would continue to change and
Sadly, there are cases where a woman’s own modernize. They intended for the right to bear
gun has been used against her during a violent arms to pass the test of time and include the
attack, but there are also a vast number of very weapons to which government authorities
women who have been able to defend themselves have access.
against or safely escape a potential attacker. One such weapon—the AR-15, which is often
In fact, according to the 2013 study called the “modern musket”—is used by both
“Priorities For Research to Reduce the Threat the military as well as by hunters, sportsmen,
of Firearm-Related Violence,” conducted and for civilian protection. Today, women are

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the fastest growing demographic in the shooting live in gated communities) and a coterie of
sports, and the AR-15 is popular with women constitutionally illiterate media elite who fail to
because of its soft-recoil (or kick). properly inform the public about guns.
But women deserve facts, not myths.
FACT: The Second Amendment Americans must work to maintain their
was designed to allow the constitutional right to bear arms. Legislators
citizenry to protect ourselves shouldn’t make it harder for law-abiding citizens to
using the same type of weaponry protect themselves. Women deserve choices in the
used by a more powerful foe (like marketplace when it comes to their own self-defense.
the government).
Women Gun Ownership on the Rise
While Hollywood cranks out movies with heroines
MYTH: Guns Don’t Stop Mass who display strength and self-reliance on screen
Shootings with firearms, the actresses who portray these
characters often speak out against the right to keep
Actually they do. The problem though is that
and bear arms and suggest guns are inherently
mass shootings often happen in “Gun Free
Zones” so citizens who are licensed to conceal
Yet, these aren’t the only women speaking
carry don’t have access to their own guns. But
about guns and gun ownership. With the increasing
when those with a conceal carry license are on popularity of national organizations like The
hand and have their firearms ready, they are Well-Armed Women, NRA Women, and A Girl
often able to stop the shooter from turning the and A Gun, as well as the increasing popularity of
already violent incident into a mass shooting hunting and shooting sports among women, there
incident. is no shortage of mentors for women interested in
becoming proficient with a firearm. Whether it’s for
FACT: When allowed to carry self-defense or an interest in the shooting sports,
their weapons, concealed carriers millions of women are choosing to become gun
regularly put an end to crimes owners and concealed carry permit holders each
involving guns and often prevent year, which is sparking productive discussions on
mass shootings from developing. reasonable options to curtail gun violence.
Adding more women to the ranks of
responsible, law-abiding citizens who embrace
the right to keep and bear arms will only serve to
Conclusion improve the political landscape and help gun rights
Myths about firearms are common today and
and gun control groups find a sensible response to
pushed by a very vocal group of anti-gun activists,
issues surrounding the Second Amendment.
Hollywood stars (who employ bodyguards and

IWF Policy Focus, November 2017 n 5
l  et Informed: Learn more about your right to
G about a political/policy issue (it will be
bear arms. Visit: fun!). Write a letter to the editor. Show up
n National Rifle Association’s Women’s at local government meetings and make your
Leadership Forum opinions known. Go to rallies. Better yet,
n Doctors For Responsible Gun Ownership
organize rallies! A few motivated people can
n National Shooting Sports Foundation
change the world.
n NRA’s Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program
l  emain Engaged Politically: Too many
l Talk to Your Friends: Help your friends and
good citizens see election time as the only
family understand these important issues. Tell
time they need to pay attention to politics.
them about what’s going on and encourage
We need everyone to pay attention and
them to join you in getting involved.
hold elected officials accountable. Let your
l B
 ecome a Leader in the Community: Representatives know your opinions. After
Get a group together each month to talk all, they are supposed to work for you!

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