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" FEED A MIL How to Help Feed a Family BOXES Gather a few (the size of a typical recycling bin works best) and find a prominent place in your business or organization to place them. SIGNS Print out the included sign to display on or around the boxes. DONATIONS Encourage your co-workers, family, and friends to donate non-perishable food items, toiletries, or money (see list of needed items below) Fill the boxes with donations and bring them to Healthy Living Market & Cafe on Thursday, December 7 between noon and 7pm. if you have an interesting story or an impressive donation, you or your group could be seen on Local 22 or Local 44 News. Stop by and meet our team! Monetary donations should come in the form of a single check or money order, made out to the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf. Cotte cat rttel Other good donations ee ed Der ae UU Ru RCo ot al euo canned fruits, canned tuna or other proteins, ee Bie er Se keno) Reena es a Coe Ce Ce een Sto Rue ence sn DO ene ae CNAs OMe acc ia ER ae ce na UN ee ee ce uae CC] Petes) Comer Ms eset sea XG uec ea) DONATE HERE | AMIL PRESENTED BY SPONSORED BY LOCAL LOCAL ‘v1 @ms England Qasr Credit Union e oe Healthy Fea loo Living § 97S Ces DONATIONS BENEFIT THE CHITTENDEN EMERGENCY FOOD SHELF