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ANTI-INFLAMMATORY created by an influx of blood carrying

specialized proteins to clean up de-

Diet GUIDE bris, fight infection, and heal damaged

tissue. The swelling and increased
pain prevent you from using and fur-
by Brenda Walding, DPT, FDN and ther damaging the joint, thus allowing
Chad Walding, DPT, OPT L1, RKC the injury to properly heal. The acute
inflammatory response usually lasts
minutes to several hours to a few days.
THE BAD: Inflammation turns bad
when the acute inflammatory response
THE GOOD, THE BAD, doesnt shut off and becomes chronic
AND THE UGLY OF and systemic. In a healthy system, a
INFLAMMATION destruction process tidily ends the
acute immune response; when this
process isnt turned off or completed,
the immune system begins to break
down healthy tissue and wreaks havoc
on the body. This ongoing onslaught
of inflammatory chemicals sabotag-
es our health over time, prematurely
ages us, damages DNA, and keeps us
from feeling our best. This can last for
months or years. Issues like allergies,
asthma, and various itis conditions
THE GOOD: If you cut your finger rear their heads, including arthritis,
or sprain your ankle, you want your sinusitis, tendonitis, and dermatitis, to
body to be able to produce inflamma- name a few.
tion. An acute inflammatory response
is vital to a healthy body and neces- THE UGLY: If chronic inflammation
sary for healing from an injury and persists long enough, we develop a
fighting foreign invaders. serious disease process. Underlying
every chronic disease condition is
Lets take spraining an ankle as an inflammation. Were talking about
example. When you sprain your an- the big onestype II diabetes, obe-
kle, the joint typically gets warm, red, sity, heart disease, COPD (Chronic
swollen, and painful, and you probably Obstructive Pulmonary Disease),
have to stay off it for a bit, maybe even Alzheimers, cancer, chronic fatigue
using crutches. Although it can be un- syndrome, and autoimmune disorders
pleasant and annoying, inflammation (e.g., celiac disease, rheumatoid ar-
is your bodys brilliant way of helping thritis, Hashimotos thyroiditis). The list
you heal. The warmth and swelling are goes on and on.

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Nobody wants to feel bad or experi- To avoid disease, we must ditch
ence chronic disease conditions and pro-inflammatory foods and focus
their associated maladies. on foods and lifestyle factors that
promote a healthy body and immune
To avoid inflammatory diseases and
symptoms, we must avoid the things
that cause and trigger chronic inflam-

After all, its much easier to prevent

disease than it is to cure it!

Diet and lifestyle factors play a key

role in the development and exacer-
bation of chronic inflammation. From
a dietary perspective, inflammation
comes largely from poor-quality foods
loaded with chemicals, preservatives,
toxic oils, gut-irritating foods, and
sugar. And it just so happens these
foods make up the majority of what
everyone is eatingAKA the Standard
American Diet (SAD). The SAD is a
pro-inflammatory dietit creates
chronic inflammation.
To build a healthy immune system that FOODS
properly regulates the inflammatory
response, we must provide our bodies ALL SUGAR and processed foods
with the key nutrients it needs to do so. create inflammation. If you did just
one thing to optimize your health and
When we feed our bodies toxic foods avoid chronic inflammation, cutting
and deprive it of essential nutrients, out sugar and processed foods should
inflammation becomes chronic in na- be number one.
ture. The inflammatory response fails
to shut off, becomes chronic, and can According to Dr. Robert Lustig, sugar
even begin malfunctioning by target- is toxic to our bodies and a key player
ing healthy body tissues (AKA autoim- in the epidemics of obesity, heart dis-
munity). ease, diabetes, and some cancersall
inflammatory diseases. We highly rec-
Remember that underlying every ommend watching Dr. Lustigs video
disease is chronic inflammation. to get a better understanding of the
dangers of sugar.

The archenemy of health, processed Even most restaurants cook with them
foods typically contain multiple because they are cheap.
components that create the perfect
Ironically, these fats have convention-
storm of inflammation: sugar, refined
ally been promoted as heart-healthy.
grains, and hydrogenated vegetable
They are quite the contrary. Incredibly
oils (we will address the latter two
inflammatory, industrial seed oils are
often bleached, deodorized, and high-
Remove all sugar from your diet. ly processed using caustic chemicals
Ditch the processed and packaged that form free radicals. The end result
foods, which contain ridiculous is a cheap, highly toxic substance.
amounts of chemicals and artificial
Trans fats are produced when in-
substances that arent even food! Toss
dustrial seed oils (naturally liquid at
the candy, crackers, chips, cookies,
room temperature) undergo a process
sodas, fruit juices, frozen dinners, soy
called partial hydrogenation, which
foods, and condiments laden with
creates a substance that is solid at
scary additives and flavorings.
room temperature. Trans fats are used
in processed and packaged foods as
INFLAMMATORY OILS a cheap way of extending shelf life.
AND FATS There is no safe consumption level for
WESTERN DIETS are high in trans fats, which damage immunity,
inflammatory fats and oils, including hormone function, insulin metabolism,
industrial seed vegetable oils such as and tissue repair; promote weight
canola oil, safflow- gain; and are linked to heart disease.
er oil, soybean oil,
corn oil, cotton-
Omega-3 to Omega-6
seed oil, and trans Imbalance
fats derived from AN IMBALANCE of anti-inflam-
partial hydrogena- matory and pro-inflammatory fats
tion. can cause chronic inflammation. We
These industrial typically consume way more ome-
seed oils are an ga-6 fatty acids (building blocks of
unhealthy source pro-inflammatory substances) in our
of omega-6 fatty modern diets than omega-3 fatty acids
acids. They are (building blocks of anti-inflammatory
found in processed compounds), producing a net inflam-
foods, frozen foods, matory effect. As mentioned earlier,
salad dressings, the large consumption of industrial
margarine, non- seed oils (omega-6 fatty acids) is a
dairy creamers, major contributing factor to this im-
and fast foods. balance.

WE NEED both omega-3 and ome- bacteria and enzymes that help us di-
ga-6 essential fatty acids for a healthy gest the milk properly, but it also de-
body. Omega-3 fatty acids can be stroys many valuable nutrients. Even
obtained from foods such as salmon scarier, conventional dairy purchased
and other cold-water fish. Industrial from the grocery store usually comes
seed oils (bad) and nuts/seeds (good) from cows pumped with antibiotics
are examples of foods containing high and hormones, which subsequently
levels of omega-6 fatty acids. These find their way into the milk and ulti-
essential fatty acids must be obtained mately our
from food because our bodies cannot bodies.
generate them on their own. We need
People are
balance, however, as well as quality
often intol-
food sources. We dont want to get
erant of or
omega-6 fatty acids from industrial
allergic to
seed oils.
the pro-
Our ancestors typically ate a diet teins found
ranging from a ratio of 1:1 to 1:4 ome- in dairy.
ga-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. In West- Food aller-
ern diets, we usually see a ratio of 1:20 gies and
to 1:30largely due to consumption of sensitivi-
toxic industrial seed oils. ties are key
culprits in
To avoid inflammation, you must nix chronic in-
all industrial seed vegetable oils and flammation
trans fats! Improve your omega-3 to and should
omega-6 ratio by consuming more be taken
omega-3 fatty acids in the form of seriously.
wild-caught fish, grass-fed meats, and
pastured eggs. Avoid fast food and For these
processed/packaged foods at all costs reasons, conventional dairy can be
and learn which fats and oils are safe quite irritating to the gut and inflam-
to cook with (see our Anti-Inflamma- matory in nature. This is why we rec-
tory Guide to Fats). ommend avoiding them entirely.

Note: If you do wish to include dairy

CONVENTIONAL DAIRY in your diet, we suggest you consume
WE RECOMMEND you cut out raw dairy in its whole, original state.
conventional dairy products to reduce Including or excluding raw dairy is a
and avoid inflammation. The milk you gray area and highly dependent on
buy at the store is typically pasteur- individual circumstances. A complete
ized and homogenized to give it a lon- food, raw milk is entirely different from
ger shelf life and kill pathogens. This processed, pasteurized milk. Raw milks
process not only kills the beneficial enzymes, nutrients, and proteins are

still intact, making it more easily digest- they pass almost entirely intact into
ible and beneficial for the body. Raw the bloodstream (where they dont
milk contains anti-inflammatory and belong). This creates an opening that
immune-enhancing constituents. Many allows other foreign pathogens and
report significant health benefits after unwanted food particles to also enter
adding raw dairy to their dietses- the bloodstream, thus invoking an
pecially raw fermented dairy such as immune response and chronic inflam-
yogurt and kefir. Raw dairy may not be mation if left unresolved. This situation
right or health-supportive for everyone, is often referred to as leaky gut and
though. We recommend doing your own can be a huge source of inflammation
research to decide whether it is right and a gateway to chronic disease con-
for you. ditions such as autoimmune disorders.

Our gut lining (intestinal

barrier) constitutes at
least 70 percent of our
immune system. Essen-
tial to helping us break
down and use nutrients
from food, the gut lining
neutralizes, kills, and
removes toxins before
they enter our blood-
stream. Maintaining a
healthy digestive system
is key to decreasing inflammation and
GRAINS avoiding disease.

GRAINS, ESPECIALLY the Eliminate grains from your diet,

abundance of refined and gluten-con- especially gluten-containing
taining grains in our modern diet, grains. This means ditch-
can be a major source of systemic ing bread, cereal, pasta,
inflammation. Eating large quantities and so on. You can get all
of grains spikes our insulin levels. the wonderful vitamins,
Doing this consistently leads to insulin minerals, and nutrients
resistancea well-known culprit in grains claim to offer and
inflammatory diseases. more from vegetables and
fruits while avoiding grains
Grains also contain problematic pro-
insulin-spiking, gut-irritating, and
teins called lectins, which can severe-
inflammatory properties.
ly compromise the guts integrity as

source of inflammation and pain for
some people. A group of foods in the
Solaneceae family, nightshades in-
clude tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant,
goji berries, bell peppers, and hot
peppers (including chili peppers, cay-
enne pepper, and paprika). These are
common, often overconsumed staples
in our Western diets.

According to naturopathic doctor Gar-

rett Smith, nightshades are a calcino-
genic plant, which means that when
they are eaten, they can cause calcifi-
cation of soft tissues. He proposes this
process of calcification may be a cul-
prit in the development of osteoarthri- we highly suggest eliminating night-
tis. Nightshades also contain solanine shades from your diet for at least six
and other glycoalkaloidstoxic sub- weeks to three months. After this time
stances used by these plants as de- period, try adding nightshades back
fense mechanisms. Glycoalkaloids in- in for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. See
hibit the breakdown of acetylcholine. how you feel after adding them back
Excess levels of acetylcholine cause over the next couple of days. Often-
prolonged muscle contraction, which times, eliminating foods for a signifi-
is why people may experience mus- cant period of time and then adding
cle/joint stiffness. Sensitivity or excess them back helps you assess how your
consumption of these glycoalkaloids body is tolerating them.
may adversely affect muscle, nerve,
and gastrointestinal function. LIFESTYLE FACTORS
Avoidance of nightshades is worth DIET CAN be a major source of
mentioning here because some peo- inflammation, but there are other im-
pleespecially those with arthritis; portant lifestyle factors and triggers
joint and muscle pain/stiffness; GERD to consider as well. Jack Challem, au-
or heartburn; and autoimmune con- thor of ,
ditionshave reported significant states:
relief or even abolishment of pain and
symptoms by doing so. If you suffer -
from any of these conditions or have -
chronic pain and have tried various -
therapies with marginal to no relief,

He describes triggers as factors Disease doesnt happen overnight.
that exacerbate the inflammatory Even though people are often shocked
response once the body is when diagnosed with diseas-
already primed. The list es like cancer, diabetes,
below is a list of triggers or multiple sclerosis,
that can play a role in that disease has usually
chronic inflammation been manifesting for
and are involved in the years. When negative
experience of nega- symptoms arise like
tive physical, mental, the ones listed below,
or emotional symptoms. they are warning signs
It is important to work on that your body is no longer
addressing these factors (in functioning in a state of ease.
conjunction with diet) to decrease Ongoing, unresolved joint pain (or
your risk for developing or ridding any of these symptoms that persist) is
the body of chronic inflammation. a red flag alerting you to investigate
what is going onnot a prompt to find
the quickest way to make the symp-
physical injury (injuries not fully toms go away (e.g., popping pills) and
healed may be the result of low-
grade inflammation from a then forgetting about it.
pro-inflammatory diet)
allergies/food sensitivities SUBJECTIVE MARKERS
overuse of antibiotics, NSAIDS, OF CHRONIC
other drugs
smoking and tobacco
constant fatigue and low energy
being overweight (fat cells secrete
inflammatory chemicals such as generalized swelling or water
interleukin-6 and CRP) retention
environmental toxins ongoing, unresolved pains (joint/
muscle pain)
chronic stress
high levels of emotional stress
sleep deprivation
skin irritations, rashes
leaky gut
allergies, asthma, nasal congestion
high blood pressure
ulcers or GI upset
excess weight, especially around
YOU MIGHT be asking yourself, the waist
How do I know if I am inflamed?
Good question. If you have been We recommend you take the Inflam-
eating the Standard American Diet for mation Syndrome Quiz in -
any number of years, you likely have for deeper insight
some degree of inflammation and the into whether you may be suffering
symptoms that go along with it. from chronic inflammation.

OBJECTIVE MEASURES mation. Weve already outlined many
pro-inflammatory foods present in the
Standard American Diet.
THERE ARE objective measures
doctors and health practitioners use We want to avoid these foods: sugar,
to detect inflammation in the body. processed foods, industrial seed oils,
Below is a list of tests you may wish to trans fats, conventional dairy, and
talk to your health practitioner about grains.
if you suspect you are inflamed, are -
experiencing any negative symptoms, -
or wish to incorporate it into a routine
evaluation of health.

Elevated High Sensitivity C-Reactive

Protein (Hs-CRP)
High ESR Erythrocyte Sedimentation
High Levels of Homocysteine
Elevated Ferritin in the Blood
Elevated HDL
Elevated Blood Glucose
Elevated Interleukin-6
The Anti-Inflammatory Diet
EAT REAL, fresh, whole food (as
close to nature as possible).

INFLAMMATION IS an un- Eat high-quality animal protein.

derlying issue in all forms of chronic Eat grass-fed meat, wild-caught fish,
disease. Scientists and researchers are pastured eggs, and organ meats.
hard at work creating anti-inflamma- Quality matters! Look for the words
tory drugs to combat this issue. But is organic, grass-fed, pastured, or
that the best and healthiest strategy? pasture-raised. The omega-3 fatty
How about asking why we have the acid profile is much higher in meat
inflammation in the first place? How and eggs from animals raised on pas-
about getting to the root of the prob- ture. More nutrient-dense, these foods
lemand correcting it? generally do not contain hormones
or antibiotics (its always smart to
To avoid, reduce, or eliminate chronic
confirm this). Grain-fed animals have
inflammation, you must address diet
a much higher omega-6 fatty acid
and lifestyle factors.
profile and likely have been injected
Addressing diet is essential to put- with hormones and antibiotics if they
ting out the fire of chronic inflam- are not organic.

Eat plenty of healthy fats and use Incorporate fermented foods. As
safe oils for cooking. Check out our youve learned, at least 70 percent of
Anti-Inflammatory Guide to Fats our immune system resides in our gut.
to get the details. It is crucial that you Fermented foods help us maintain a
cook with and consume the healthy healthy balance of gut bacteria, crit-
fats while avoiding the toxic ones! ical regulators of our immune sys-
tems and inflammation. Examples of
fermented foods include sauerkraut,
kimchi, and beet kvass.

Make bone broth. A super-healing

elixir, homemade bone broth helps
fight and reduce inflammation. Home-
made broth contains chondroitin
sulphates and glucosamine, which are
extracted by cooking bones for long
periods of time. These constituents
are well-known for reducing joint pain
Eat a variety of organic veggies and and inflammation. The gelatin found in
fruits. As many as 9 out 10 Americans bone broth helps heal and seal a leaky
fail to eat adequate amounts of vege- gut, which can be a major source of in-
tables and fruits. These foods provide flammation. Other amino acids found
antioxidants and other anti-inflamma- in broth (e.g., glycine, proline, and
tory nutrients that help reduce and arginine) are also anti-inflammatory in
prevent inflammation. Choose organic nature.
if possible to avoid exposure to toxic
Use fresh spices and herbs to flavor
pesticides and herbicides. Eat every
food. Many fresh spices and herbs
color of the rainbow to get the variety
have anti-inflammatory effects and
of vitamins and phytonutrients your
make real food taste even yummier.
body needs.
Use turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon
Consume some nuts and seeds. liberally in your diet as these spices
Buy raw nuts and seeds with no add- are anti-inflammatory in nature and
ed ingredients. Eat nuts and seeds have antioxidant, immune-boosting
in small quantities as snacks or top- properties.
pings on salad or fruit. They are high
Implement anti-inflammatory life-
in omega-6 fatty acids and can be
style factors and healing strategies.
gut-irritating for some, but they pro-
vide excellent nutrients. Soak and Get plenty of sleep. Attempt to get
dehydrate prior to eating to maximize 810 hours of sleep every night. Lack
nutrient bioavailability and digestion. of sleep negatively affects the bodys
We recommend not overeating nuts ability to control inflammation. Inflam-
and seeds. matory disease conditions such as
obesity, heart disease, and diabetes
are correlated with lack of sleep.

Get some sun. Enjoy moderate, safe Heal your gut.*
sun exposure to absorb adequate vi-
Eradicate infections.*
tamin D (or supplement if necessary).
Low vitamin D levels have been linked Balance hormones.*
to various inflammatory diseases.
Remove food sensitivities.*
Reduce stress.
Implement *If you have
healthy strate- symptoms of
gies to manage chronic inflam-
mental and mation or a
emotional stress chronic inflam-
(e.g., exercis- matory disease,
ing, spending addressing diet
time in nature, and lifestyle fac-
deep meditation, tors is essential
breathing tech- but isnt always
niques, Certified enough. Often-
Pure Therapeutic times, there are
Grade essential hidden inter-
oils, and doing nal sources of
things you en- stress that cause
joy). Chronic and exacerbate
stress negatively impacts your hor- inflammation,
mones and the inflammatory re- which can keep you from fully healing.
sponse. For example, a leaky or permeable gut,
low-grade infections (including para-
Practice gratitude and a positive sites), hormone imbalances, and food
outlook. Being grateful and having a sensitivities are common culprits asso-
positive outlook can protect against ciated with inflammatory diseases and
stress and inflammation. Be thankful, symptoms. We recommend you seek
surround yourself with an uplifting en- out a qualified holistic health practi-
vironment and people, meditate/pray, tioner educated in functional medi-
and spend time in nature to boost your cine to assist you with identifying and
spirits. addressing these issues. The following
links and databases can help you with
Exercise. Engage in consistent ex-
your search.
ercise to reduce stress and avoid
chronic disease. Prolonged sitting and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
sedentary behavior increase your risk Functional Medicine Doctors
for inflammatory disease conditions
Paleo Physicians Network
such as obesity, type II diabetes, and
heart disease. On the flip side, avoid
overtraining as this, too, can cause or
exacerbate chronic inflammation.

FOLLOWING IS a list of com-
pounds and supplements known or
FEELING BETTER! suggested to decrease inflammation.
It may be beneficial to include some
Many people report a reduction of these in your supplement regimen.
in joint pain, skin issues, brain fog, This is merely a list to help you initiate
allergies, and symptoms associated further inquiry. The intent of this sec-
with inflammation. Some say they have tion is to give people ideas about sup-
reduced or gotten rid of their medica- plements and compounds that may be
tions entirely (we recommend work- helpful, but we are not advising imple-
ing with a medical doctor to titrate menting them all. Most importantly, do
off medications). People often report not try to figure out a regimen on your
feeling better and losing weightwho own as many supplements interact
doesnt want that? Excess weight cre- with prescription medications or other
ates inflammation, and therefore any supplements. We recommend working
healthy weight loss can help you on with a holistic health practitioner to
your path to optimal health. find a program that works for you.

fish oil, omega-3 fatty acids

EFFORT gamma linolenic acid
Eating this way takes more time and B complex
effort than the SAD, but the payoff is vitamin D3
well worth it! Carve out time in your vitamin E
routine for meal preparation, shop-
vitamin C
ping, and cooking. Seek out quality
CoQ10 or
sources of meat, fish, eggs, vegetables,
and fruits. We recommend checking
out your local Farmers Market to
(found in
get the most deliciously fresh, nu- turmeric)
trient-dense, and healthy foodsall
while supporting your local farmers!
N acetyl
alpha li-
dietary suggestions are similar to a poic acid
Primal or Paleolithic Diet. If youd like
in-depth information on how to inte- frankincense, and other medici-
grate this way of eating into your life, nal-grade essential oils*
check out this comprehensive e-book
on the 30-day Paleo challenge.

*We personally use doTERRAs Cer-
tified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils for -
their anti-inflammatory, disease-pre- Nancy Appleton
ventative, and healing benefits. Go here
to view a list of anti-inflammatory oils.
For more information on how to get Effects of Physical Exercise on
these oils, email oilsandinspiration@ Inflammatory Markers of Ath- erosclerosis
The Inflammatory Consequenc-
Resources es of Psychologic Stress: Rela-
tionship to Insulin Resistance,
Obesity, Atherosclerosis, and
Diabetes Mellitus, Type II
Dr. Mary
Enig and Sally Fallon Morell
T.S. Wiley with Bent
Foods That Can Cause or Heal Formby, PhD
Maintenance of a Positive Out-
Inflammation and Disease look During Acute Stress Pro-
Prevention Foods Raymond tects Against Pro-Inflammatory
Francis Reactivity and Future Depres-
sive Symptoms
Jack Challem
Sleep Loss and Inflammation
The Inflammatory Effects of
Vitamin D Inhibits Inflammato-
Nightshades Garrett Smith
ry Gene Signalling

Potato Glycoalkaloids Adversely

Affect Intestinal Permeability
and Aggravate Inflammatory
Bowel Disease