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Muhammad Aqib bin Ambok Delek AP160199

Muhamad Nur Ridhwan bin Norddin CE160010


Advantages of Reading Technology

Our society is now being reshaped by rapid advances in information technologies.
These technologies allow us to transmit information quickly and widely. The dialogues is about
two friends are discussing about the advantages of reading technology.

Firstly, the speaker is discuss about reading using smartphone. The speaker B is telling
about reading using smartphone is very easy and convenience. By using smartphone we also
can search news in other country and access newspaper online in e-book. Secondly, the speaker
A is telling about her using i-touch to reading book. Using i-touch we can change the size text
in the application, if is small we can make to bigger size text. Furthermore, by using i-touch is
very easy to carry better than book because is small and light. The next point is Audiobook,
Audiobook is voice recordings text of a book. The speaker B told that we could prefer to use
Audiobook while driving, travelling or in long journey. Besides that, Audiobook can be exact
word for word versions of books or abridged versions. So it help the listener to sidest.

In my opinion, using technology to reading books or news is much better because we
can save many of trees in world by stopping using papers. People can store thousands of book
within one device.

We can conclude that using reading technology is very useful in nowadays because
technology give many advantages to user.

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