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Improving the website

Based on the usability test, the website may be improved by making it responsive. A

responsive website consolidates three approaches to website design namely; flexible grid layout,

flexible images, and flexible media and media queries. Responsive Website design and

development respond to the user’s behavior and environment depending on screen size, platform

and orientation. The approach consists of a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and an

intelligent use of CSS media queries. As the user switches from one device to another e.g. laptop

to iPad, the website should automatically respond to accommodate the resolution, image size as

well as the scripting abilities. This gets rid of the need for a different design and development

phase for each new device on the market.

Additional improvements on the website can be made by using server technologies (such as

PHP) to dynamically build the webpages. When the user goes to the web address and the server

will find a bunch of different pieces of information that it writes into a single cohesive web page,

which the user will see. This makes the website much simpler to update information across the

many pages, all at once. By making the website dynamic, there is more flexible data since the

website content can be stored in other parts i.e. in a database. This enables easy content access,

search, update and edit.

Website Domain

Register a public domain name and host the website live using a VPS. The VPS servers can

be used as a router, gateway, server, IDS device, director and tunnel. A VPS server can assign

one unique IP address, or multiple unique IP addresses. Network traffic is isolated and

distributed between the VPS servers. Virtual Private Servers are protected from each other

making traffic snooping extremely difficult. In addition, VPS servers offer protection and

A virtual private server can ensure better security than what is provided on a shared hosting platform.  Dynamicity: It is easy to determine the performance of the server since the performance is never affected by other hosted sites. A more comprehensive website maintenance such as addition of new pages or new functionality. Site maintenance Integrate the website with social media applications so as to grow traffic. Though a dedicated server provides the best performance and security it is not ideal for a small organization with little website hosting needs.  Security: In a shared hosting environment. Also. The owner of the VPS may work remotely without working physically on the server that hosts VPS servers. Website maintenance may be used for simple website updates such as changing text or images.WEB DESIGN 2 firewalling by creating security rules to limit access to some services.  End User control: Graphical user interfaces (GUIs) give the owners of VPS servers the ability to work on their VPS servers and interact with their interfaces as they are in reality.  Flexibility: The user has the ability to install applications without the hosting provider's assistance (Any VPS administrator may have root access). addition of website services. one account can access other's files when not secured properly. memory and storage. A VPS offers the following advantages as opposed to shared and dedicated hosts  Isolation: A VPS server has its own resources that another VPS server cannot affect or consume its’ resources such as CPU. . such as photo galleries and calculators may be of great importance. Isolated hosting is powerful with more flexibility than regular shared hosting.

Web page content – ensure the HTML content sent to the end user is protected from Cross Site Scripting such that it avoids loading objects insecurely from third parties. . It ensures that the web forms are secured so that data is transmitted from the end user securely. Script Security – the scripts or programs that process the submitted data should be written with security in mind to minimize their vulnerabilities.WEB DESIGN 3 Secure the data content by considering SSL. integrate tracking in order to track events such as access to and submission of data. Web pages protected with SSL prevents tampering with their contents. Also.

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