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Abstract Literature works as a mirror. thoughtlessness Introduction To define the word “religion” is not easy. he had passed through the phase of Indian thought and the philosophy of the English metaphysicians and F.S Eliot shows distance from religion destroys beauty of relationships. . Many people focus to define the religion but their definition matches their own religion. The Religious Development Of T.T. T. In “Tom Jones” a novel by Henry Fielding. Interest of Eliot in Indian thought came mostly through the influence of his teachers at Harvard. But it was his anglo-catholic faith in which he was preserved till the end of his life. he defined religion in a humorous way as: “By religion I mean Christianity. In The Waste Land there are two examples of Hindu influence both exist at the end of the poem in the section entitled “What the Thunder Said” At the very end of this poem we found the triple use of the word “Shantih”. Written text is able to portray all the trends of era in which it is written by someone.S Eliot’s essay he announced his faith to the world in his famous acclamation in which he announced himself to be classicist(traditionalist) in literature. Before arriving at his anglo . boredom.H Bradley. leads to depression and materialism which never ends. Keywords: first World War. mainly a personal God or gods. and anglo-catholic in religion. royalist(reactionary) in politics.S Eliot In the Preface to For Lancelot Andrews (1928) a T. But in general a religion can be defined as a faith in worship of a spiritual controlling power.S Eliot selects genre of poetry to show moral degradation of Europe after First World War. Too much attempts have been faith. A reading of poetry of Eliot reveal the benefaction and effect of the ideas and wisdom or sagacity of ancient India. The poem “The Waste Land” is a microcosm of deterioration of spirituality and decay of faith in modern man. Religion means faith in somebody who runs the wheel of fate(God). sexual violation. by Protestantism means the Church Of England as established by law”. by Christianity I mean Protestantism . It portrays all the flaws of mankind and society and indirectly provides us solution.

Son of man refers to Jesus Christ and all the human beings. Eliot was truly a modern man in the quest for meaning. and sun are symbols of spiritual barrenness that shows lack of spirituality. symbols and images in his poetry. loss of faith. . Modern man lacks spirituality. Now a question comes in our minds. These three words stands for Datta. The theme of “The Waste Land” is the disappointment of generation after First World War. In other words. In last. Second or most importantly.Moreover there is the use of DA DA DA words in The Waste Land. after integrated into the Indian thought why did he give up his search of Indian thought and philosophy? Two answers of this question are possible. To Sympathize. Dhayadhvam.H Bradley’s Appearance and Reality and from that time he was thoroughly absorbed and integrated in the study of Bardley’s philosophy. The red rock is the only protection for humanity and that is the Christian Church. No roots or trees can sprout because of the barren land. War leads to mechanical life. loss of blood relationships and mental tension. It also foresight the theme of nothingness and despair.S. The old civilization is dead and gone leaving only a heap of broken images. In this vary passage there is a change in the voice as someone is yelling. as somebody is lamenting to see the waste land. he was not ready to give up his American and European identity for practical and emotional reasons. Lack of spirituality 'The Burial Of The Dead' of ''The Waste Land'' by T. in the philosophy of F. a complex man who skilled the reality of traditional faith and who demonstrate that faith in words.H Bradley and finally into Christianity. in June 1913 Eliot bought a copy of F. in his poem The Waste Land he deals with universal appeal and he expresses his concern for world peace. Damyata respectively means “ To Give. Eliot says that nothing can grow out of this stony waste land. But the basic idea is that re-birth is possible only through prayer and suffering. One. The Stones. Eliot also presents another scene of modern man that modern man have forgot the old civilization and adopt the new one which is of no value. Eliot refers to the modern man that modern man is spiritual waste land. To Control”. dead trees. Modern man is dry and hopeless. most notably and importantly his integration in Indian thought. as he said in his lecture to the University Of Virgina. That man can only find the broken images which outlines the loss of spiritual values in the modern world. Eliot’s intellectual and religious journey took him down through various paths.

When the things die they are burried in the ground hence land can be viewed as dead. Christ regenerates man in past and can also do with the present man. which is planted in his garden. She is physically and spiritually dead. Modern man is after lust and hatred. Marriage is designed by religion to control sexual instincts not to exploit others. The poor lady is Lil. Mental disturbance Modernism leads to mental tension. They follow their routine lives. This shows mental vacuum in relationship. Eventually St. Her lover replies in all the questions of Belladoma as nothing. O Lord Thou. Man becomes immortal if he follows the rules and regulation of Christianity. Lady Belladoma is waiting for her lover. Modern men are victims of boredom and thoughtlessness. anxiety and neurosis. Augustine prayer to God to take him away from the fire of lust. So this passage shows the difference . The corpse means the spiritual failure and the “dog” symbolizes voice of conscience. fertility and hope.A handful of dust means a man who is afraid of both death and anger of God. We keep running behind our materialistic goals and forgetting about real purpose of life. The poor people have no excitement and recreation in life and the only thing left in their lives is sex. Suffering leads to salvation Burning Burning Burning Burning line shows says fire of sexuality is burning the whole Europe. Tiresias asks the man Stetson about the corpse.. He chooses two females to cover whole society one is aristocratic lady and other is poor but same in fate. We rats in our holes. is bloomed or not. rationalism or scientific mentality to awake the spiritually dead mankind but mankind prevents the dog to bring re-birth. Majority of people are abnormal. Modern man is always in the fear of death.. People do not know to kill time. he is characterized by loneliness.pluckest refers to St. They are facing many challenges of life like boredom. Augustine was saved by the grace of God. “I think we are in rat’s alley Where the dead men lost their bones” (l-115-116) This shows that modern man is spending aimless life. It leads to meaningless and dull routine. It refers to Buddha's fire sermon where he states that the world is burning in the fire of lust and hatred. Dust symbolizes mortality of man.

The salvation depends on your efforts to purify the soul. Thunder said thrice –Da. It means surrender to the will of god and reform his body and mind. Men interpret Da as Datta means 'giving' oneself completely for some good cause. gods and demons prayed to creator and He replied in the form of divine thunder. Phlebas is handsome and rich but he is not able to turn wheel of fate. and ''control''. Spiritual salvation These are the three panaceas for the spiritual salvation of mankind ''give''. He only cares about profit and loss of business.S Eliot gives reference of river Ganges of India. One of the follower feels that there is third person walking with them covering his head with the hood after verifying they reveal that it is the Christ himself who accompanied them. You should be spiritually awake before death approaches you. Money cannot buy salvation for you. Buddha and his followers did not believe in God they believe that individual moral discipline and self -control helps the men to overcome the fire of lust. Eliot says that without religion and Christ people are visionless. In order to salvation man has to pass through the fire. Men. ''sympathize''. Both are doubtful about the resurrection of Christ. Materialism “Death by water” tells us the story of Phlebas. who was a rich merchant. Da and Da. Great men sacrifice their lives and struggle to attain will of god. He is drowned in water. Ignorance leads you nowhere. T. There is a time of spiritual crisis in every civilization. Passing through the fire is like fighting against desires and as an outcome of this our soul is purified. The river had a low water level which shows spiritual death of people.between the attitude of Buddha and attitude of St. Religion as a visionary power Who is the third who always walks beside you? But who is that on the other side of you? (Line 359-365) Eliot describes two apostles of Christ who no longer recognize him. Augustine. What modern man gave to the world? Modern man has given one thing to the world and that is . This part has lesson for modern man that material love never ends. The land was dry and plants were dying.. It shows man cannot escape death.

A modern man needs an expert controlling hand in life to take right path to become happy.Peace. Buddhism and Islam. Actually man has to give only one thing to the world that is exalt in the name of sex.” (line 427).. 3: “The Prince of Aquitaine. no pity in the modern man and no emotional bond between the individuals. 2: “When I shall like the swallow that I may be seized to be voiceless”. he's so self-centered. He suggests three remedies 1:“Please remember my pains. This is the universal appeal of the poem “The Waste . Remedies for salvation He wishes to find out remedy for the reform of spiritually dead mankind. Christianity. Today man is highly selfish and egoistic. He puts references from Hinduism.the sexual thing.It has reference to Dante’s line in the Purgatory. The last line of poem Shantih Shantih Shantih. Demons interpret “Da” as Dayadham means to 'sympathize' modern man lacks the emotion of sympathy. Peace. Gods interpret “Da” as Damyata means 'to control'..(line 428). Modern man has lost everything he's under the clutches of selfishness. and Peace. It means spiritual rebirth comes through suffering.S Eliot have chosen many references from different religions. It means complete detachment from world is essential for spiritual re-birth. Swallow is transformed kind of Procane.It has reference to the story of Philomela and her sister Procane. There is no solace. (429)A line which is taken from Italian poem. He wants to evoke emotions of all humanity regarding religion and spiritual barrenness. Eliot ends this section with pessimistic approach he hopes for peace that peace will come into this world. of the ruined tower”. There should be some guiding force for men. Only one angle is left in our instinct to fulfill in which man is using his full energies. It means that re-generation and self -purification is possible only through suffering. Man only think of himself. The voice of conscience to control the feelings and actions of the individual. For the betterment of world men should have the spirit of brotherhood and fellow-feeling between one another. Universal appeal in wasteland regarding religion In wasteland T.

Death does not mean end but beginning of new life. A man can bring peace to his world by his self-correction.Land”. As he recollected different chunks from different ages ancient times. T. He values the importance of religion and considers it a panacea for modernity. He shows the relationship between past and present through the decay of civilization. The deterioration of present civilization is part of past historical and universal dilemma and it leads to survival of new form. He is a modern man and feels a need of religion in practical life.S Eliot has given the scenario of spiritual chaos of European society after the First World War. All religions are worthy of respect. He wants to cure the whole world from this hollowness that’s why he uses different chunks or tints from different religions.S Eliot is not talking about the peace and hollowness of the west and east. Death of a seed gives rise to a new plant similarly old civilization decay leads to new standard values. Conclusion T. He is a man of tradition. . He wanted to cure not the particular ones but the whole world his appeal is universal or for all not particular. summer winter childhood in this way he also have recollected different religions in order to make them as a whole and want to tell that if we choose different teachings from different religions and recollect them then they are very much useful to cure humanity from these diseases of modernity. He uses past examples of Europe and India and says present can be saved by the same method and the method is re-birth through suffering.

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