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Oil Level Regulator
Installation Instructions

Parts List
Part Description Part Number Part Description Part Number
Front Window Kit – One Piece Isoplast L Slotted Mounting Plate 3946908 S
A with Gasket and Screw Set 3945565 S
Aluminum "Y" Mounting Bracket 3946909 S
B Valve Assembly With Float 3946910 S M Slotted Aluminum "Y"
Mounting Bracket (not shown) 3968805 S
C Valve Gasket 3945567 S
Sediment Bowl Screen and N Hose Clamps (4 Required) N/A
D Gasket Combo 3967685 S
1/2" NPT Barbed Nipples
Sediment Bowl Inlet (supplied as part of O (4 Required) 3945560 S
Sediment Bowl Service Kit) 3946906 S
P Neoprene Hose N/A
Metal Sediment Bowl Service Kit 3965311 S
Q Front Ring Screw Set 3945569 S
F Assembly Screw Set 3946911 S
R Front Ring 3948644 S
G 1/2" NPT Plug 3946905 S
S Front Window – Glass 3945207 S
H Switch Assembly 3945562 S
Window Gasket (2 required – each
I Body Casting N/A T 3945568 S
side of window)
J Unvented 1/4" NPT Plug 3946907 S
Complete Gasket Set (Not shown -
K Mounting Plate Gasket 3945563 S U Includes parts A1, C, D, K, and L) 3945217 S



Furnished with part numbers:
RN24006, RN24046, and RN24048
The following parts:

C D are furnished with
Sediment Bowl Service Kit
A1 E (part number 3946906 S)
Metal Sediment Bowl Service Kit
G (part number 3965311 S)

Note: Part numbers are furnished
for Fleetguard® service parts only

EECAUTION: These instructions are intended for use by professional mechanics who are trained in the proper
use of power and hand tools, using appropriate safety precautions (including eye protection).

engine. We recommend the same approach for other applications where the engine venting might become restricted or was insufficient. Connect the engine supply line.53 mm) I. minimum. If the oil Note: Most multi-cylinder engines have an level is above the full line on the regulator. Install a clear tube. Repeat steps 9 and 10 until desired running oil a negative pressure in the crankcase. in the regulator adjusted to the same height as the 9.7 mm) NPT Inlet – To Regulator Supply Regulator Inlet Pressure Must Not to Engine 5. if preferred.D. The Fleetguard REN™ Oil Level Regulator can be mounted to an accessory bracket and bolted to an 7. to maintain a constant oil level in the engine 8. with enough length to reach above the running level of the oil. Remove the brass 1/4" (6. Start the engine and mark the tube with the running level of the engine oil. A vent line MUST be fitted.D.D. from the outlet of the regulator to The regulator should be mounted on or adjacent to the auxiliary drain plug or a tee in the existing engine crankcases with the centerline of the window drain plug (see Figure 1). from the reserve oil tank to the prohibit mounting on the crankcase. The regulator mounting bracket can be inverted and 11.7 mm) level of oil in the crankcase. and Line of Maintained Oil Level 2.D. 1/2” (12. If space limitations I. minimum. minimum. Check the oil level on the dipstick.7 mm) NPT 1/2" (12. From a separate supply tank at or near the engine. 1/2" (12.7 mm) crankcase. Start the engine and allow the oil level to possible on an adjacent member. I. Shut the engine down and drain the oil pan so Crankcase the oil on the dipstick is at the “Add” line. Figure 1 – Installing the Regulator F1301 . that is above the oil level – for best performance vent line should be 3/8” (9. RAB product is Vent Line (should be 3/8" recommended for engines with minimum four (9.53 mm) I. If no port is available below the pistons you can the regulator delivers only the amount of oil required connect to the valve covers (see Figure 1). can be mounted in a level position as close as 10. crankcase or can be mounted directly on 3/8” (9.53 mm) I. 4. minimum) Installing the Oil Level Regulator Mounting Bracket 1. 2 Introduction 6.35 mm) NPT pipe plug on the top of the regulator. the regulator regulator inlet (see Figure 1). from the port on engines and compressors equipped with a sight the top of the regulator to a port on the engine glass. Engine 3. pressure equalizing vent line between the Oil Regulator and these engines with positive or negative crankcase pressure is necessary for proper operation. to the auxiliary Center of Regulator drain plug or a tee in the existing drain plug. Mount the “Y” bracket so the marks on the tube are in the middle of the regulator mounting slots. cylinders.D. Connect a vent line. Some engines tend to develop regulator down on the bracket.58 kPa) the middle of the yellow float in the regulator window. is low adjust the regulator higher on the bracket to allow more oil into the crankcase. stabilize. if the oil level installed on the engine skid. a positive pressure while others develop 12. Mount the regulator so the “Add” line is in Exceed 4 lb in2 (27. drain operating crankcase pressure approximately the excess oil out of the crankcase and move the atmospheric. A level is achieved. 1/2” (12. Connect the regulator supply line. The float valve is insensitive to vibration.

Level Only This line would indicate the running level. However. oil levels. follow the instructions for standard installation (beginning on page 2). a line can be drawn or painted across the center of the clear lens (preferably not in a Visual Indicator of Crankcase Oil black) so that there is an indication of the oil level. Regulator. Typical Installation Fresh Fuel Return Line Oil Tank Check Remote Valve Readout Engine To Fuel Tank or Collection Tank Pressure Oil Level Gallery Regulator Continuous Oil Change Fuel Module Used Oil Tank Tank LF777 5 Micron Filter (Optional) Slow Flow Meter F1301 . simply of installing a line from the oil supply tank (Step 9). instead If an oil reservoir is added at a later date. anything above or below the line would indicate an over or To use the Oil Level Regulator to monitor crankcase under situation. page 3 Installing the Oil Level Regulator as For convenience. connect it to the inlet port on the Oil Level install a pipe plug (not supplied).

99) Crankcase (31.13" (180.98) Regulator to 1.24) (35. hose.00" (136.25 (26.58 kPa) Dimensions 0.53) 4.03) 4 Ordering Information Part Number Description RN24006 Oil Level Regulator with mounting bracket.63 Allen Head Plug (66. Max.88 Vent Plug (73. and fittings RN24048 Oil Level Regulator with 1/2" slotted mounting bracket.99) 1/2" (12.38 0. hose.36) NPT Inlet (39. (Without Bracket) 4.38 (9.06 (53.95) (9.60 mm) Weight (Dry) 9 lbs (4.65 Mounting Slots (143.60 1.68) 0.2" NPT Min Vent Hose (I.65 (11. and fittings RN24046 Oil Level Regulator with metal bowl.53) 0.05) (35.11) (61.91) (9. 9 F1301 ©2009 Cummins Filtration Inc.53) Mounting Slots 1.38 (9.13 (180.75 (44.45) 0. and fittings RN24007 Oil Level Regulator without mounting bracket.75) 1.38 (9.06 3.S.26 1/2" (12.53 mm) Depth Overall 7.25 (31. 3968805 S (136.38" (111. and fittings Specifications Specification REN™ Oil Level Regulator Height Overall (Without Bracket) 5.68) (66.38 (9.62) To Regulator from All dimensions are in inches (millimeters) Supply System Opposite Side 2.38 0.38 Mounting Slots* (15.35 mm) NPT 2.35) 7.38 1.53) (168.60 1.26" (133.56 (133.05) (15.13 mm) Mount Bracket Centers 5.12 NPT Outlet (82.05) 0. LT32567 – Rev.2" NPT Fuel Oil Connection (Outlet) 1. .00 1.69 (25. mounting bracket.25 (26. part no.75) 5.44 0. Printed in the U.38 Ref.7 mm) 2.7 mm) 1.38 1.63 2.38 6.53) 0. visit cumminsfiltration.A.91) 5.) 3/8" (9.05) (35.86) 1.D.55) 1.40) (42.53) 0.44 2. hose.98 mm) Width.38 * 1/2" Slotted Bracket Available.53) 5.98) For more information.53 mm) Max Inlet Pressure 4 in2 (27.38 (9. (9.24) (35.51) 1/4" (6.08 kg) Fuel Oil Connections (Inlet) 1.53) Mounting Slots (107.25 0.