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Greetings and salutations fellow readers of SMKTIS’s Permata Magazine of 2017.

I the Head of
the Redaksi and Photography Club of SMK Tengku Idris Shah would like to Thank the respected principal
of my school, Tuan Haji Ismail bin Abdullah. I would also thank my parents for giving me moral support in
pursuing my dreams in being the leader of a big club in the school. Hats off to my advisor Mr. Mohd Fahmi
bin Abdul Alian for giving me a chance to enhance my skill in being a team captain and a great
photographer here in SMKTIS.
As being in major role, we can’t consider that the job is easy. Being someone who coordinates
everything for a specific venue in the school is very time consuming and most importantly challenging. It
takes patience and detailed planning to succeed in a task in hand. As for the team, unity among us is a
must. Not only us, everyone should be united not matter what reason. To succeed and for success we must
take part in any role to get a good standing in our lives.
Being the eldest in the team, I am responsible in giving advice and moral support to my younger
teammates. I did my very best in supplying them knowledge in becoming a better leader. Everyone is born
to be a leader, no one is considered useless or a waste to society. It just takes the ability to find the suitable
job that desires you to excel in life. I chose mine a long time ago. Being a well known photographer and a
professional video editor.
Sekolah Menegah Tengku Idris Shah Kapar, well known as SMKTIS, a place where dreams
blossom. This school has lot more to offer. I believe this school will do a great job in building an individual
who is capable of creating a better future for the upcoming generation. My time here in SMKTIS was ride
that I would never forget. Going through hard times is normal in our daily lives, we should overcome that
and move on and move forward. Despite the flying tomatoes we should just wipe them off our faces and
look at the bright side. Most of my time in SMKTIS were good and rewarding moments. I can assure that
this school is the place where it’s a dreamer’s paradise. Everywhere you turn you can see a path for
Finally I hope that the upcoming batches in this school will be able to do good for this school and
make this school develop in any way possible. To wrap it up, Knowledge is the way of life, SMKTIS is the
path for many lives.
“You know it's never too late to shoot for the stars, Regardless of who you are, So do whatever it
takes, Cause you can't rewind a moment in this life.” -Chad Kroeger

Kishanraaj s/o Kathiraso