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Lal shobuj fast food is selling variety of foods in Bashundhara.

As a new food store introducing
in the country, we are focusing food products like Pizza, Burger, Hotdogs, Sharma, fruits drinks
and etc. Lal shobuj not only a Brand name, it is an identity for the food lover’s. This shop has
studied about product feature, product benefit, and proprietary rights and stage of new
development. LS foods will produce Burger, Pizza, Shawarma, and Hotdogs. The products of
LS foods have legal and culture value. Ls foods have targets the people who like to take taste of
our different foods. The parts of the marketing plan of LS foods are customer research, target
market strategy, channel strategy, channel strategy, market positioning, product strategy, pricing
strategy and advertising and promotion strategy.

Appoint Partners:

The business is following Partnership system. Typically, we are six members. We are also
owners, employers and also investors. And we make sure that all of us at all levels comply with
company policies and federal regulations.


To win the hearts of our customers through exclusive food items.


LS foods will be exclusive and entertainment fast food centre; this will provide a nice
atmosphere with excellent and hygienic foods. The mission is to have a different food offering
and efficient and superior service- customer satisfaction is our important objective. LS
foods will be the fast food centre concentrating for mature and adult crowd, couple and single,
young and old, male or female.

Business Objective

LS foods want to promote quality and different products with objective setting up benchmarks
for industry practice. Through it is a profit seeking company but our main target is to fulfill the
customers’ needs and satisfactions. To fulfill customers’ needs –

- Launching new and specialized and hygienic products and ensuring customers’
- Ensuring sustained and significant growth in sales and profit.

Our values

In order to achieve our aspired vision we shall subscribe to the following values-
- Quality in everything we do
- Transparent and fair in all our dealing
- Trust and respect for each other
- Share social responsibility
- Work as a team
- Live up to our commitments

Business History:

The Lal Shobuj fast food is a new company of existing products of food industry. This will
provide the existing food in different flavor and style. LS foods will be established in 2015 as a
partnership business. The owners of business are Sujon Chadra Kor, Sheikh Sadia, Nazmur
Nahar, Rubel Ahmed, B M Saifur Rahman, Bidhan Biswas Shawan. The business is formed
basically with our fellow friends who have got extraordinary innovative ideas which highlighted
the significant financial and operational activities in business. As we all student, yet we are
developing our ideas and view to tackle every risk management and we believe taking risk in our
own terms. We collected fund from our family and other sources that had the interest in our fast
food program. Our family was the most to thank about, after we completed our Bachelors’, we
thought of doing certain kind of business which could helps to make profit, wealth and bond
friendship. We are basically the owners and forming and partnership through friendship. We
have applied everyone thought and ideas and innovation to make it. It is the imaginations that
make us to do what we like to chose.

The Lal Shobuj fast foods are a various kinds of fast foods product business. It will offer various
types of hygienic and quality foods mainly for middle, upper classes and short period food eaters
in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The target area is Bashundhara residential area. We choice this particular
location because of high involvement of student scattered around through this area, and also the

and hygienic environment for infrastructure support. Raw materials and skilled employees are available and LS foods think intense. Though it is profit seeking company but our main target is to fulfill the customers’ needs and satisfactions. Chicken. Business Strategy Opportunity trends: Fast foods are major Tiffin food in our daily life for students. a bit help from our families. The direct competitors are Boomers and Bamboo Castle. the numbers of competitor are not so high. good quality show room. LS foods will start with a suitable footprint ranges from a 300-square-foot kiosk to the 1. French fries. Business Profile LS foods royalty income funds are based upon our own pockets.people as they try to utilize the place as their own and do not want to go anywhere else. As the raw material of the products are available in Bangladesh. LS foods think it will get political and legal support for a clear concept that is better for the people and their health. receives royalties from Food Services in the amount of around 3% of the sales of the Ls foods in the Royalty Pool. Hotdogs. (Food Services). The Fund. a license to use the LS foods trade marks in Dhaka. which feature trade-marked menu items. Shawarms. On the other hand LS foods think there is a great chance of distribution and promotion. Technology are also easy to operate and available with reasonable price. The main objective is to promote quality product with the objective of setting benchmark for business purpose. reoccurring and detailed training is the cornerstone to success. The Fund invests LS foods. The products of LS foods have legal and cultural value. LS foods will produce a wide range of fast food with various fruits flavor which are not available in the market. The Fund’s objective is to maintain an annual payout ratio at or below 10%. It operates LS foods. LS foods will get political and legal environment . through its investment in Trade Marks. LS foods will organize Superior building. which through its ownership interest in the Partnership. This has got everything and the place growing fast with people buying lands and people trying to stay because of their sons’ or daughters’ university nearer and student coming to stay in the area for the same reason. So. such as The Burger. And the Government is also fear about agro based business and others types of business boom to contribute in national GDP. LS foods also minimize the unemployment in Dhaka City.L S foods will produce Burgers. excellent sitting arrangement. The basic module represented by the 300-square- foot kiosk represents the core concepts of business. Huge amount and various types of fruits are growing in Bangladesh. But some specific time these are used as immediate food especially in many occasions . This unit square footage range allows LS foods to address a wide range of location formats on a modular basis.The Partnership has granted Food Services of Bangladesh Inc. owns LS foods trademarks used in business in Dhaka.500- square foot in-line location. and Drinks. LS foods will start its operation firstly in Bashandhara area. Pizza. Chicken and etc. travelers and young generation. The growing number of health conscious people can be a good market for future various kinds of fruit and vegetable juice. So. LS foods will add some extra service like home service delivery by phone call and internet that will be demandable in future. So.

All the fast food centers are willing to making more profit. The rivalry intensifies if the firms have similar market share. Finally the main trends of LS foods are to provide a wide range of fast food with different flavor and reasonable price. Competitive Environment and Competition Fresh and quality fast foods are always demandable. Before starting the operation BFP tried to gather information about some competitor in fast food sector in Golshan Banani. So it increases rivalry because more firms must compete for the same customers and resources. Bamboo Castle A larger number of firms: Here in Dhaka city there are so many fast food shops operating business. leading to a struggle for market There are many fast foods centre in Dhaka city. The nearest six competitors that LS foods found are as follow- 1. Uttara and Dhanmondi area. Boomers 2. .

On the other hand there is some problem in selecting location. That's why they have the high bargaining power. Disagree completely=0. Mostly disagree=2. Suppliers: In the Dhaka city the bargaining power of the suppliers is really high. There is some problem in selecting location and product layout. Though they are not proving the same service but they can easily copy the products. So this market is very competitive for LS foods. The strength and weakness are as follows: Boomers: Product services. And when it is fast food that time it is more attractive for young people. Because they have other options to run their business. Produc Packagin r t Featur n i t g Phic e Service System sing Locatio Layout n Boomers 5 4 4 3 4 4 4 Bamboo 5 3 4 3 4 3 4 Castle Agree completely=5. Advertising is the main weakness of Boomers. partially agree=3. Mostly agree=4. unique feature. So the customer's have options to choose. distribution system and packaging are the strength of Bamboo Castle. unique feature. Advertising is the main weakness of Bamboo Castle. packaging and product layout are the strength of Boomers. Target Market and Customer Foods are actually delicious for anybody.Threat of Substitutes: In Dhaka city there are so many fast food shops operating business. distribution system. Buyers: In Dhaka city there are so many fast food shops. Bamboo Castle: Product services. These young people are basically Schools Colleges and Universities going . From the competitor analysis LS foods find out some information of competitor’s strength and weakness. Competitive Matrix Chart Competito Produc Unique Distributio Advert Geogra.

.2 Market Size and Growth LS foods targets the people who like to take the taste of different foods. and home service delivery by using internet or phone call. And the buying condition will be acceptable for all consumers.4. cleanliness. Total sales volume can be approximately 400000 units per year. The target customers of LS foods are: Class of Customers Importance Upper class High Upper Middle class Medium Tourists High Vegetarians People High Class of Customers Importance Universities students High Colleges students High School students Medium Others Medium Market Segment The maximum upper middle and upper classes people seek different food with different taste and flavor. We hope we will make every customer in every house or area smile. LS food thinks it will get approximately 100.000 customers per year. our target is upper middle and upper class consumer in Dhaka city. Market survey of LS foods conducted that it will get 20-25% customer in beginning time. And LS foods wishes it will capture minimum 10% growth rate.studentOn the other hand no Fast food Shops expect franchises are providing outstanding quality. Firstly. In general. The primary customers are upper middle and upper class people. 4. service. people are likely to accept various types of fast food with different flavor.

76% 55.950 18.896 8. So Ls foods thinks that the new offering is going to be hit to the young people.23% Total 5.510 63.688 12.411 4.95% Couples 32% 17.215 3.47% Tourists 13% 7.097 68.914 2.565 21.724 4.593 22.223 11.47% The Destination Customer 8% 4.982 5.527 20.925 10.944 21.818 4.039 4.348 11.168 7.140 57.348 66.76% Upper class and upper Middle class people Maximum of upper class and upper middle class people wish to taste the different food.499 4. Students Young people are always like to taste the new and different products.141 7. So LS foods thinks that the target customer's are ready to consider our products. Tourists who are visiting the city .74% High-end Singles 29% 15. But the people in Bashundhara are ready to take the taste of different flavor.645 18. They always desire different kinds of entertaining foods.815 19. They have the tendency to adopt the new culture.054 8.673 6.311 7. Market Analysis Potential Customers Growth 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 CAGR Business Person 18% 9.991 16.

Gulshan is very important place for business sector. In the lunch time or evening time they wish to eat something. If they find fresh and quality different food then they would be potential customer of LS foods. There are more than twenty manpower and travel agency in Gulshan.407 406. A common way to estimate total market demand is as follow: Year 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Sales 371. offices and manpower & travel agency. For sales analysis LS foods analyzed the Gulshan area. So every day there are many people comes to Gulshan in bank. On the other hand there are many Embassies and private bank in Gulshan area.276 423.416 398. Sales Analysis The target customer of Ls Foods is middle. upper classes and vegetarian people.976 415.597 Sales by Yearly Product Features Lal Shobuj Products has Got variety of food items like: . Sometimes it takes huge time to process their work or many people come from different district. Many business person come to the bank for transaction. Many people come to Gulshan for process their VISA and others paper.

Pizza Burgers Fried Chicken .

Hotdogs Shawarma And .

cinnamon. g. soy oil. 50. 100 85. salt. paprika.m. or skhug (a hot chili sauce).Natural Fruit Juice Product ingredients and Description Product Raw Materials Weight Price Line (Taka) Burger Bread. Customer will get greater output because it will never use synthetic harmful color. corn syrup 200 350. French. Chicken shawarma is served with garlic mayonnaise. or combinations thereof. chicken. Patty. . and nutmeg.00 box Fig: LS Foods’s product description Product Benefits Lal Shobuj Products is a small house but suitable decorated and simplicity comfort to the guests. sugar. Lettuce. 350. flour. sodium caseinate (a milk derivative). Hotdog Beef. teaspoons beat eggs and Fried 200 100. toumaia (garlic sauce). chicken. garlic salt.00 water and Chicken Chicken g. mono and g. Onion 110g. yeast. It is committed not to use harmful raw materials to produce the products. chicken. cheese 90gm. All the customer will get Fresh and healthy food from it. curry 200. It want to provide hygiene & quality food with reliability. amba sauce (pickled mango with chili).m.m. It will provide various kinds of beef Combo Rice. and bread. 70.00 solids. hummus.00 Pizza Bleached wheat flour. Chicken and oil halua to fulfill the demand of potential customer.00 Sandwich Bread. 110gm. egg. Shawarma tahini (or tahina). tomato. 150. diglycerides. potassium bromate and enzymes. All the products color of it will be natural.00 or flavored with vinegar and spices such as cardamom. salad. pomegranate concentrate.

As I know that no one can use my logo. Stage of Development Buttercup Food Products can include with another new flavor. Though there is no law for the sole proprietorship and partnership but there are some preferences for us. brand name and copy the center’s name. products improvements.Proprietary Rights Lal Shobuj Products will produce a trade mark for its fast food house that can be able to contain the property’s sign and this sign provides the brand rights of Lal shobuj foods. products modifications and new brands. the shape and style. It will follow in their new products development which represented as follow— Fig: LS Foods’ new product development . It will try to find out the demand of new product with original products.

pricing strategy and advertising & promotion strategy.Marketing Strategy Marketing Plan LS Foods has performed a market diagnostic study and gathered some important information from the market. By offering various types of product and marketing variations to segments. upper classes people. The parts of the marketing plan of LS Foods are customer research. Natural Juice. LS Foods thinks the customers are available and products are available in the market. are totally new product in the market. channel strategy. Huge numbers of people wish different kinds of tasty food with different flavor. We know there is one controllable and two uncontrollable variables exist in marketing. Customer will get different kinds of food with different flavor easily. product strategy. LS Foods has made a marketing plan before launch the product in the market. Market Positioning LS Foods will provide different types of new food with different flavor in the targeted segment. Burger. the young people have the tendency to taste the new food. LS Foods will open a Web Site for adverting and selling products to the customer. There are more than 5% upper middle class people who are fond of new food trends. Controllable variable are the elements of the . LS Foods will provide the necessary product that the consumer wants to get. So. Chicken. LS Foods will take care about the quality and variety of new food with different flavor. Customer Research LS Foods thinks about customer sincerely and a survey was conducted properly from the customer market. All the products of LS Foods will be free from harmful chemical. The unique selling proportion (USP) of LS Foods is Different and Hygienic food for the food lovers. target market strategy. market positioning. Hotdogs. LS Foods hope for higher sales and a stronger position within each market segment. And MFP will offer these kinds of facilities. Shawarma. MFP think people will be more interested when MFP will start its operation. LS Foods will also offer customer to buy products by phone call. These types of customer are very interested to enjoy the taste of new foods. Pizza. Sandwich. The 80% of upper classes people are ready to buy new products. Product Strategy Before telling anything about our product strategy I would like to mention few factors that we always keep in mind to make our brand a successful one. On the other hand many potential customers are willing to buy products by internet or phone call. Target Market Strategy The target market of LS Foods is Upper middle.

marketing people cannot control those uncontrollable variables which are strongly associating with the business. So. 4ps of marketing mix are Product. ethics. Direct Marketing LS Foods Potential Customers TO . Now a day it is not only 4ps but also 4Cs and 4As. socio/ religion/ culture.  Economy. Uncontrollable variable  Market/ consumer/ mix. Controllable variable  Product. On the other hand marketing people can strongly control the controllable variable which is 4ps of marketing. These have been shown below: 4Ps 4Cs 4As Product Customer value Acceptability Price Customer cost Affordability Place Customer convenience Access ability Promotion Customer communication Awareness Channel Strategy Though LS Foods is going to start with one sales centre but LS Foods has a plan for expanding the distribution channel. price. promotion and place. technology. price. promotion and place. LS Foods will provide products and services through selective distribution channel. competitive structure. The proper mixing of these 4ps is very important to survive in the market. geography. The one most important task of marketing people is proper mixing of 4ps.

My company is launching for the first time with a totally new and different product in food market. There are four types of promotional tools are more emphasis in the marketing process. samplining. Consumer –oriented sales promotion is targeted to the ultimate user of a product and includes coupon. Promotional tools: Promotion has been defined as the coordination of all seller initiated efforts to set up channels of information and persuasion in order to sell goods and services or promote an idea. Here LS Foods throwing a special offer to the customer.Indirect Marketing LS Foods’ LS Foods representatives or Potential TO TO Customers sales branch Fig: Channel Strategy of LS Foods Pricing Strategy We know that there are few ways of pricing a product. I think my advertisement will be better to publish in print media and I will also use News paper poster and billboard near any shopping complex. and various point-of-purchase materials. school. tourism place. LS Foods will follow “Market-penetration pricing”. News Paper and Billboard as well as electronic media also. So my advertisement is to create awareness to my customer in my introducing level. college and university to introduce my new innovation and exclusive collection to my target customer. So. These promotional tools encourage consumers to make an immediate purchase and . These are  Price skimming  Value pricing.  Cost pricing  Market Penetration Pricing In pricing strategy. The different types of promotional tools are mention bellows: Sales Promotion: Sales promotions are used for increase the sales volume by customer attraction. Food industries of our country have made advertise in print media like Magazine. LS Foods think production and distribution costs must fall as sales volume increases. Market penetration pricing represents setting a reasonable price for a new product in order to attract a large number of buyers and a large market share. Promotion Strategy Lal Shobuj Fast Foods is a new company of existing products of food industry. It could be discount offer or it could be the offer of buy one get one free. Poster.

persuade. Personal Selling: The final elements of an organization’s promotional mix is personal selling. Bill board Publicity: publicity refers to non personal communications regarding an organization. photographs. This interaction gives the marketer communication flexibility. either face-to-face or through some form of telecommunications such as telephone sales. opinion. As we are new in the market we will go for informative advertising. Advertising is the effective way to pass the product benefits and information to the ultimate customer. remind in order to gain a response from the target market. This are- 1. often the same time. Advertising involves mass media that can transmit a message to large group of individuals. personal selling involves direct contract between buyer and seller. So I try to use most of the tools regarding sales promotions to attracting my target customer. a very important capability for companies selling products and services that are difficult to differentiate on functional attributes. Personal selling efforts can also be targeted to specific markets and customer types that are the best prospects for the company’s product and service. knowledge. Unlike advertising. and cause or even to affect awareness. a form of person to person communications in which a seller attempt to assists and/or persuade prospective buyers to purchase the company’s product or service or to act on an idea. These techniques used to gain publicity include news releases. So personal selling is needed for my products selling and also get the customer immediate feedback. or announcement about an organization and its products and service. FM Radio 2. another may want to develop awareness or a positive image for a product over a longer period. service or idea not directly paid for or run under identified sponsorship. . Magazine 4. One advertisement may seek to generate immediate response or action from the customer. feature articles. So I have use publicity as promotional tools to increase my sales and create my product image. The company or organization attempts to get the media to cover or run a favorable story on a product. The way of advertising can be different type. films.thus can stimulate short term sales. Therefore action taking and decision making are very much easier to me. Advertising can be use to create brand image and symbolic appeals for company or brand. press conference. It usually comes in the form of a news story. Advertising: Advertising is use to inform. and videotapes. Newspaper 3. product. service. editorial. Observing these kinds of facilities I would like to inform my target customer to create awareness my products through advertisement. the seller can see or hear the potential buyer’s reaction and modify the message accordingly. and behavior.

Operation Plan LS Foods has made a plan to operate the production sector. The operation plan of LS Foods divided in eleven stages. Bashundhara R/A Dhaka. LS Foods wish it will get much benefit from the operation plan.C. The stages are as follow: . Quality full and Hygienic Foods. Bangladesh. Location and Layout Lal Shobuj Fast Foods A House of Different. The operation plan of LS Foods is started from the purchase raw materials. Block. We Offer: Ж PIzza Ж Burgers Ж Shawarma Ж Sandwich Ж Fried Chicken Ж Natural Fruit Juice EDGEWAY Street.

Transportation and parking facilities are also a part of great advantages. Bashdundhara is very important place. Head office and Sales centre in Edgeway Street. expensive office and availability of parking area are the part of disadvantages.Fig: Operation Plan of LS Foods Location LS Foods has selected its Factory. . Bank. There are many English medium schools. post office. On the other hand office rent and other expenses are very high. and many private offices in this road. Bashundhara. So.

In quality control. Firstly the head of the cook order to start production. For this reason Managing director should be motivated. LS Foods will involve with entire supply chain management. resellers and final consumers. LS Foods always wishes to increase sales volume by providing hygiene and quality food. Then the head of the cook and production manager test the quality and evaluate the unit. Finally folding and packaging represents the last step of production or supply chain. It represents the managing upstream and downstream value-added flows of materials. It is a vertical job. Description of Management Team Develop an Organization Chart Managing Director: Managing Director is the owner and head of the business. . final goods and related information among suppliers. LS Foods always tries to control the quality and time management. The Managing Director of LS Foods will also take responsibility of production management. Then the receivers others cook receive the order and start the production. proficient and truly concern in working area.\ Supply chain analysis LS Foods will use road transportation to buying raw materials and selling products. The managing director will serve his qualified working experience to LS Foods. the company.

The partners of LS Foods are also responsible to handling the marketing manager and the head of the cook. The job responsibility of sales and marketing manager is to increase the sales volume by providing different ways. For making quality and hygiene food BFP need a small number of employees. one Sells and Marketing Manager with two sells person will be administration sector. Others cook are also able to handle the Pie and other production. The owner of the business will be the partners and the partners are responsible for operating and production sector. The director will take the responsible of production sector to control the quality. The director is experienced person in fast food production. LS Foods will start with two skilled and three inexperienced cook. Capital required. marketing and production area. . quality should be more preferable than the quantity. One Production Manager.Sales and Marketing manager: Sales and marketing manager is important employee of LS foods. Manpower is the heart production business for making quality food. Sales and Marketing manager should be experienced in fast food sector at least 5 years. Principals BFP is a Partnership business. Capitalization plan is the part of financial plan which bears three functions. So. Personnel Plan Man. It is impossible for BFP to start fruitful operation without capital. LS Foods has qualified strength in management. The marketing manager has five years experience in fast food marketing sector. Small number but qualified people are more desirable and worthwhile for more production rather than unskilled large number of people. Machine and money are the three basic elements of business. So. The cook is experienced in fast food. Capital sources and Loans required are the main part of Capitalization plan. Financial Plan Capitalization Financial plan is very important factor in Business Plan.

Interior & Dining) Tk 10000 Plumbing Tk 35000 Electrical Tk 8000 Disposal & Demolition Tk 4.122 Structural Construction (4 Months General Labor) Tk 52. Investor Agreements) Tk 7.092 Security & Phone System Tk 4.3000 sq.988 Operational Tk 0 Capitalized Legal Fees (LLC.298 Dishwasher.025 POS (Point of Sale System) .092 Plaster (Dry Wall) Tk 2.500 Electrical & Structural Engineering Fees Tk 2.622 Fire Alarm System Tk 3.061 Mill & Metal Work Tk 8. Chairs. Start-up Requirements Start-up Expenses Project Management Restaurant Consultant (4 months) Tk 25000 Design Architectural Design Tk 4500 Structural & Plumbing Design Tk 2000 Mechanical & Electrical Design Tk 2. Small ware & Supplies (FOH) Tk 8.615 Utilities. ft. Disposal.115 Business License & Temp Certificate of Occ.389 FF&E Taxes (Taxes on Purchase) Tk 7.244 Interior Finishes (2500 .500 Design Consultants (Kitchen.500 Software: Cost Control Tk 6.Lease Tk 0 Kitchen Equipment Freight Fees Tk 2.615 Equipment Tk 0 Liquor Control System – Lease Tk 0 Stools.000 Impact.000 Graphic Design Tk 1. Tap & Permit Fees Tk 3.) Tk 14.615 Liquor Licenses Tk 4.250 . Tables. Small ware (Bar & Lounge) Tk 3.250 Initial Lease Deposits Tk 6. Tk 1. Tax & Insurance Tk 9. Uniforms Tk 38.099 Façade (Exterior Construction) Tk 3.298 Glassware.Lease Tk 0 Glassware. Flatware. Flatware.080 Software: Restaurant/Inventory Tk 5.275 Security Deposits (Phone/Elec/Gas/Water) Tk 6. Ice & Glass washer .538 Flooring Tk 14.

1: Twelve Month Income Projection Statement: .119 9.500 Other Current Assets Tk 73.Bank & Loan Closing Costs Tk 6.050 Start-Up Salary (Mngt & Chefs) Tk 58.099 Start-up Inventory Tk 27.000 Total Start-up Expenses Tk 427.910 Total Requirements Tk 690.3.209 Start-up Assets Cash Required Tk 97.800 Initial Marketing.050 Recruiting (Staff) Tk 14.000 Total Assets Tk 262. Training & PR Tk 19.2: Income Statement (Monthly): Mo Jan Feb Ma Ap Ma Ju Jul Au Sept Oct Nove Dece nth uar ruar rch ril y ne y gus embe obe mbe mbe y y t r r r r Sal 180 3000 19 22 20 25 24 400 2000 300 2200 3000 es 000 00 00 00 00 00 00 000 00 000 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 Exp 600 8000 70 70 65 60 60 800 7000 600 6500 6000 ens 00 0 00 00 00 00 00 00 0 00 0 0 e 0 0 0 0 0 Net 600 1200 12 15 14 19 18 320 1300 240 1550 2400 Inc 00 00 00 00 50 00 00 000 00 000 00 00 om 00 00 00 00 00 e Pro Forma Statement: 9.550 Inspections Tk 750 Initial Cleaning Services Tk 1.550 Research & Development Tk 3.250 Web Site Construction Tk 5.311 Long-term Assets Tk 65.

The income projection statement shown below: Sales Tk371. 416 Cost of Goods Sold (80000) Contribution Margin 291416 Fixed Factory Overhead (85000) Selling and Administration Expenses (110000) Advertising and Promotional expenses (30000) Other Expenses (15000) Net Income 51416 Funding 11.LS Foods has made a twelve month income projection statement.1 Source of funding  Personal Savings  Friends and family  Bank loan .