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18 January 2017

Class Adviser
College of Engineering Education
University of Mindanao
Matina Campus, Davao City

Dear Engr. Lacsado:


This refers to our meeting with your students on 04 January 2017, pertaining to their request
for MinDA to provide possible thesis research topics in line with the requirements of their
course on BS Civil Engineering.

During the subject visit, we have discussed with them our current research and policy
agenda for Mindanao. As an outcome of our discussions, we are pleased to inform you that
they have chosen, “Design of Climate Resilient Shelter for Disaster Response in Davao
Oriental Adopting Indigenous Materials”, as their research topic for their thesis. The
selected thesis topic is aligned with our priority research agenda that support the goals and
directions for the overall peace and development in the island embodied in the Mindanao
2020 Peace and Development Framework Plan.

As part of enriching our agency’s knowledge resource on this area, may we request that
their final outputs be shared and presented to MinDA for future reference in aid of planning,
policy development, and project implementation. We have attached the list of other priority
research agenda topics relevant to the course, for your perusal.

As a member of the Mindanao Knowledge Center (MKC) network, we thank you for your
institution’s contribution by way of aligning your students’ research efforts towards our
collective effort to realize the priority research agenda for Mindanao.

Very truly yours,

Executive Director

Old Airport Terminal Building, Km. 9, Sasa, Davao City 8000 Philippines ▪ Telephone Nos.: (6382) 221 1345 & (6382) 221 7195 ▪
Telefax No.: (6382) 221-8108 ▪ Email: ▪ Website: @MinDAgovph
M2020 RESEARCH AREAS that Civil Engineering students may pursue based on MinDA’s
initiatives with partners:

A. Development of the Biodiversity and Ecotourism Cluster (BETC), encompassing the
Eastern Seaboard of Mindanao – Dinagat Islands, Surigao del Norte, Surigao del
Sur, Agusan del Sur, Compostela Valley and Davao Oriental;

B. South-Central Mindanao Development Corridor (SCMDC) study – see presentation
shared to the group of students during the meeting session;

C. Evaluation of resiliency of infrastructure system in Mindanao;

D. Identification of standard-based relief sheeters and sites;

E. Recommendation/Study on the set of minimum standards/prototypes or Designs of
temporary sheeters / climate resilient infrastructure for disaster response;

F. Development of guidelines on the re-design, retro filing or operational modification of

G. Application of Mindanao’s distinct culture to infrastructure designs for public and
private structures;

H. Identification of tools and technologies that mainstream Disaster Risk Reduction and
Management (DRRM) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA);

I. Vulnerability of Mindanao in terms of infrastructure and ways to address it; and

J. Reforms on systems (transport logistics) that are inefficient and costly, and its
alignment to industry development

4th Floor SSS Building, J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City 8000 Philippines ▪ Telephone Nos.: (6382) 221 1345 & (6382) 221 7195 ▪
Telefax No.: (6382) 221-8108 ▪ Email: ▪ Website: @MinDAgovph