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Fire Protection

Technical Data Sheet

Product Description The GEAQUELLO® system comprises:
swell strips GEAQUELLO R 312 or R 380,
impregnation fluid FLAMMADUR E 824
and sealing compound GEAQUELLO® E 950.

It is fireproof, gastight and watertight and has been approved
by most reputable classification societies and national
authorities. No adapters, moulded components or
subdividers are required for installation, in spite of varying
cable diameters. Once the strips have been sprayed
correctly with FLAMMADUR® E 824 and have swollen, the
resulting end wall is flame-resistant, fire-retardant, self-
extinguishing and free of halogen. Its liquid component
(GEAQUELLO E 950) is drinking water which is simply
added on site.

Application A-60 Bulkhead and deck penetration according to
SOLAS 1974

GEAQUELLO® E 950 is a sealing system for making
removable, fire-retardant, gas- and watertight cable ducts for
ships applications.
GEAQUELLO® has successfully passed various tests on
water tightness up to pressure of 6 bar and all necessary fire
tests for A 60. It is approved by most reputable classification
societies and national authorities. The test surpass the
safety requirements of the SOLAS 1974 regulations for
divisional surfaces of the type A-60.

Technical Data Component: Powder

Mixing ratio: Water : Powder

Weight: 1:2

Volumetric parts: 1:2

Working temperature: > + 3°C

Application time (at 20°C): approx. 45 min. pumpable

Max. temperature during
chemical setting reaction: approx. 35°C

Chemical hardening: approx. 72 hrs

Setting expansion: ≥ 0,5 %

Relative density of the
hardened compound: approx. 1,0
Nov-08– EN-E950-PI-

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simply rinse the eyes well with water and do not rub the eyes.doc details or specifications without notice.0 Swellstrips: R 312 : 120 x 25 x 6 (Dimensions L x W x H) R 380 : 800 x 25 x 6 The swellstrip is absorbent and can swell about 10 times. We reserve the right to change any AIK.doc-AIK. Sealing compound 3 kg bucket 4145486 E 950.aik-flammadur.: +49 (0) 561 / 5801-285 e-Mail: service@aik-flammadur. are physiologically safe. E 824 is a blue liquid. and are not subject to hazard identification requirements. Fire Protection Technical Data Sheet GEAQUELLO® E 950 Technical Data Shore-A-hardness: > 80 (continuation) Sealing length: 180 mm Watertightness: 2. Sealing compound 15 kg bucket 4145524 E 824. If they get into contact with the eyes. E 950. It is based upon current test data and supplied for your guidance only. Any splashes from sealing compound or impregnation liquid on the skin should simply be washed off with water. storage E 950 = must be stored in a dry place E 824 = must be stored in a frost-free place R 312 / R 380 = must be stored in a dry place stability E 950 = 3 years E 824 = 2 years R 312 / R 380 = unlimited delivery unit designation bundle Ident-no.18 / 67°C Specific thermal capacity (kJ / (kg*K) ): 0. Processing All components of the GEAQUELLO®-system react neutrally.0 – 8. AIK Flammadur Brandschutz GmbH Otto-Hahn-Str. 5 D-34123 Kassel page 2 of 2 . Impregnation fluid 1 kg spray bottle 4145152 E 824. Swell strip 360 piece / carton 4148143 Nov-08– EN-E950-PI- The above information is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge. Swell strip 25 piece / pack 4148142 R 312. Impregnation fluid 10 kg canister 4145286 R 380.5 bar Gastightness: 30 mbar Thermal conductivity (W/m*K) of the hardened compound: 0.63 / RT pH value: Fax: +49 (0) 561 / 5801-240 http://www.