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what is site and site profile

This includes general customer data, customer company code data (optional), and customer
sales area data (optional). Depending on your requirements, you maintain additional data, such
as supplying sites, departments and merchandise categories. You maintain the vendor data for
the site if the site profile requires it.
1) Sites i.e. Distribution Center perform the role of Vendors by means of supplying Merchandise
to other Sites i.e. Retail Stores and both Distribution Center and Retail Stores also perform the
role of Customers by receiving Merchandise either from External Vendors or from other Sites.
2) Number Ranges are determined by the Account Group of the Site Profile and the path is as
IMG-Log Genl-Business Partner-Customers-Control-Define Account Groups and Field
Selection for Customers
Refer 0100 to 0170.
3) We use a Refernce Site as Copying Rule which will reduce the amount of data we need to enter
and this will copy the customised settings from Reference Site to our new Site.
Menu path for Create Site Profile
Logistics General > Plant Master> control data > Site Profiles
use site Profile 0120 - Store with intercomp. billing, better make a copy to A120(new profile)
Create one refernce site using WB01 and at the time of saving confirm with copyrule 01
and go change mode of site profile (A120) and enter the refernece site and copy rule, customer,
sales area and save.
now strat to create new sites using reference site
WB01 enter the site number ex: 1000 and enter the site profile A120, system displays popup to copy
from refernce site, press enter, now system copied entire data from reference site expect address
and communication data.
Once you have created a site you cannot change the site profile or the site category.
Site profiles are used to differentiate site categories (distribution center or store) and control
maintenance functions.
Changes to the screen modification group in the site profile apply for all sites. However, changes to
the site category only apply to sites created after you made the changes.
My suggestions for you to create new Site using right Site Profile. This existing Site data can be
archived from your client.