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About us

The Concept
OneCompany A unique concept that stems from our inherent philosophy of a connected and united
approach to partnerships. It implies that we are one with our Client, working together towards a
common goal.

The relationship between ValueLabs and its Client embarking on a journey to operate as
OneCompany builds from the fundamental principle that the two companies had always been
strategic about the engagement to deliver high-quality services and solutions to drive customer

When the Client is in an industry that is growing aggressively, it needs a partner who can bring great
people at scale and enable the transformation of the operating model. There is also a need to remove
the bottleneck of distrust and doubt to perform at the speed that the industry demands today. Having a
partner who can provide such a solution will be a strategic advantage to the Client over its competitors.

The key to transforming the operating model from where there are two companies working
independently to OneCompany working together, is to have a common set of goals. A shared value
system with similar interests and objectives along with people, who believe in the same principles,
reinforces the power of oneness. This power enables us to think, perform and make decisions the same
way as our client would.
The Driving Principles
Its less about money more about people and trust
Its all about the people
Values are the cornerstone to an engagement
Mandates dont work, pilots and proofs of concepts do
Measure everything and Track Everything
Its not just programming. Its a contact sport.

How it works
Building Trust:
We have always been in the business of building trust. OneCompany Model is an inclusive way of
operating where we do not communicate in silos within our organizations; we do not maintain
information asymmetry; we do not have a boundary line between us and our clients. We maintain
transparency and integrity across our teams.
IT services industry has traditionally been about labor arbitrage. With the OneCompany relationship, it
is all about value arbitrage what value can we bring to the table, what propositions we can build, how
can we seize the opportunities, how can we put ourselves in the shoes of Client in a completely
unselfish spirit? ValueLabs recognizes that very rarely in the industry, providers get this opportunity to
stand up and be counted as one among the entire Client team.

We are open about our opinions and pointing out risks. This means sometimes having short, terse
conversations about things that are not going great, just as Client would have with someone in their
organization. It also means high levels of trust, high levels of admiration, and making sure they truly
value the relationship with ValueLabs. There is no separation to the level that when we succeed, we
succeed together, and when we fail, we fail together. The success criteria are tied not to ValueLabs
benefit, but to Clients business goals. Only then the Client will be able to turn over their most complex
problems to ValueLabs and expect the results they want within the agreed timelines. Such a working
relationship enables the Client to transform the company to much higher levels of productivity and

The Unselfish Gene:

This engagement methodology is based on unselfishness as articulated in ValueLabs core values of
PLUS (Perfection, Love, Unselfishness, and Strength). Unless one is truly unselfish and looking out for
the others interest, we will not truly be successful. In the context of the relationship, the path to One is
really not two.

Vision & Mission

To help our clients unlock the potential of global delivery by building world-class extended teams.

To establish strategic partnerships with our clients, in the areas of Technology / Process Consulting,
Software Product Development, QA / Testing, Product Engineering / GIS Services, Digital Marketing
Services, Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)
Services, while fulfilling our employees aspirations.

To create a business impact and become a competitive advantage for our clients by virtue of our world-
class and cost-effective service delivery.

To create an extended family environment for our employees and propagate a fun culture, while
preserving our core value system.

History & Milestones

Our global presence and growth trajectory

Bangalore and Cebu offices ISO certified

Employee count rose to 5,000

Set up 24X7X365 Contact Center in Cebu, Philippines

H2 offices ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified
Set up the Social Listening & Intelligence Competency Center
Started Business Analytics initiatives
Launched vTrackFleet An end-to-end fleet management system
Started the AwsmHub group to channelize innovative ideas from our associates into mobile
applications. Applications currently live on Google Play Store include Teenmaar, Wish Book, Genius

Assessed at CMMI-DEV v1.3 Maturity Level 5 in the year 2013
Ranked among the top 10 most promising IMS companies in India by CIO Review India
Set up Singapore office
Set up Development and Research Center in Chennai
Inaugurated new facility with world-class infrastructure in HITEC city, Hyderabad
Started the Consulting and Solutions Division
Initiated the Products Division and launched two products:
o MeriSavaari A bus reservation, service management and reporting solution
o SecureChild A GPS-based vehicle tracking and security system
Ranked among the Top 100 Global Services Providers for 2012
Recognized as one of the worlds largest software companies by Software Magazine
Set up Sweden and Netherlands offices
Launched the Product Engineering Services group
Initiated the Banking Testing Practice and CRM Practice

Assessed at CMMI-DEV v1.3 Maturity Level 3 in the year 2011

Received ISO 9001:2008 certification
Received ISO 27001:2005 certification
Certified HIPAA and SAS 70 (Type 2) compliant for Healthcare Practice
Set up Chennai office
Expanded operations with two new facilities in HITEC City, Hyderabad

Ranked among the 50 Best Companies to Work for in India by The Great Place to Work
Institute and The Economic Times
Ranked among the top 500 companies in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2009
report (for the second time in a span of three years)

Set up Dubai office in Dubai
Set up Australia office

Recognized by NASSCOM as one of the Top 15 Exciting Emerging Companies to work for in
India (of the 1100 companies surveyed)
Ranked among the top 500 companies in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2007
Set up New Jersey, US office
Set up Middlesex, UK office

Consolidated all operations within HITEC City facility
Won the Top IT SME Exporter award from Andhra Pradesh for 2006
Awarded the Best Established Indian Company in the IT Sector award for the Year 2005-2006
Acquired land in Pune (a tier II city in India) as a backup plan for expansion. Applied for more
land within Hyderabad
2004 2005
Acquired clients in the UK while simultaneously expanding client base in India
Received ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2004
Won the Best Indian SME award for the second time in 2005
Assessed at CMMI-DEV v1.1 Maturity Level 4 in the year 2004
Acquired two more facilities with capacity to accommodate 300 people each in Hyderabad
Acquired land in HITEC City Phase 2 for a 175,000 square feet facility
Set up Malaysia office in 2005
Set up two offices in the US in Georgia and California in 2004

2001 2003
We were one of the few companies to continue recruitment even after the dot com bubble burst
and the US 9/11
Won the Best Indian SME Award in 2003
Initiated the Mobile Testing Center of Excellence
Started KPO services through Customer and Technical Support, and Market Research
Expanded geographical footprint beyond the US with clients in Malaysia, Hong Kong and India
Shifted to a larger 20,000 square feet facility that could accommodate 300 people in Hyderabad

1998 2000
Initiated QA practice
Initiated and honed the Extended Team Model for US-based product companies that wanted to
leverage global delivery
Initiated many facilities for our people, including free lunch, snacks and dinner. When we started
this practice, it was pretty rare in India.
Moved to a larger facility with a capacity of 100 in Hyderabad, India

Commenced operations through software development and testing for a product company in the
US (East Coast)
Started with three employees
Based out of a small apartment in Hyderabad, India

Leadership Team
Arjun Rao
CEO and Founder
Arjun Rao is a first-generation entrepreneur who has transformed his vision of creating a unique
company into a flourishing reality; one with an entirely different approach to business.
ValueLabs was founded in 1997 with the aim of building trust-based, long-standing partnerships with
both clients and employees. Since then, the focus has been on building and sustaining relationships,
growing with purpose, having a long-term outlook, and fulfilling its social responsibilities.

As the Founder and CEO of ValueLabs, Arjun provides key strategic direction to the company and
ensures - by example - that the organization never loses sight of its culture and values. He is a dynamic
leader who is self-reliant and nimble, but is flexible in his thoughts. Those who work closely with Arjun
experience the full import of his belief that all the education one needs is inherently present and when
driven by character energy and a sense of perfection, one can learn and achieve anything.

Arjun holds a MS Degree from Cornell University, US, where he held the A.D. White Fellowship. He has
a Bachelors Degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, where he graduated at the
top of his class.

Aseervadam Gandham
Executive Vice President - Customer Success
Ashir directly manages several key client relationships for ValueLabs. He is also responsible for our
Products Division, which collects ideas, identifies those worth taking to the market, creates products,
and takes them to the market. Ashir has great experience around healthcare- and travel-related
services, and over the medium term, will create vertical practices around these. Ashir also drives IT
initiatives that have a direct impact on our ability to deliver, as well as those that improve efficiencies in
the running of the company. He manages our quality initiatives (CMMI, ISO, BS 27001, etc), and is the
driving force behind a passion for quality throughout the organization.

Ashir is ValueLabs first employee and brings with him extensive experience across domains and
regions. He has the ability to cut across hierarchies and connect with people at a personal level.
Extremely approachable and easy to get along with, Ashir has been able to bring out the best in every
person who has worked with him.

His personality, adeptness at handling and resolving difficult situations, ability to mediate and reconcile
differences, and desire to 'leave people better off for having come in contact with him' has made Ashir
the de-facto mentor at our company.

Kiran Kuchimanchi
Executive Vice President - Customer Success
Kiran is the Executive Vice President - Customer Success at ValueLabs. He is responsible for
managing the entire client delivery activities at our company. In addition, Kiran drives our Telecom and
Media Practices due to his deep experience in managing clients in this space. His additional focus area
is to componentize the IP that we own in this space. He also champions our product suites in the
mobile technology and interactive TV space. Kiran was the second person to join our company.

With over 19 years of experience spanning client management, project delivery, program management
and managing relationships, Kiran brings to the table his experience in managing some of the largest
client engagements in our company. Behind his affable exterior, Kiran possesses deep expertise in
mobile-related technologies and a keen analytical mind. He has helped define the culture of our
company and epitomizes what we would like everyone at ValueLabs to be: always available, always
happy to help, and always composed. His approach to work follows the doctrine 'Actions speak louder
than words.' Kiran has a Masters Degree in Computer

Ram Manjeri
Senior Vice President - Sales and Marketing
Ram is responsible for growing ValueLabs business and building relationships worldwide for our
services. In addition, he is also responsible for orchestrating the entire Visitor experience, for the clients
and prospects that visit us. With around three decades of experience in spearheading and managing
profit centers for growth, Ram brings his expertise in managing diverse functions to our company. Prior
to ValueLabs, Ram headed business development at a custom software development company that
grew twelve-fold in his 10-year stint with them.

He started his career at Shaw Wallace & Company Limited, where he held P&L responsibility for an
entire State in India. Subsequently, he moved to the IT industry, setting up a sales channel in South
India for software products. Combined with his if-its-worth-doing-its-worth-doing-well approach and
hands-on management style, Ram has been able to significantly accelerate the sales and marketing
initiatives at ValueLabs. Extremely focused and detail oriented, Ram uses his excellent communication
skills, subtle sense of humor and friendly demeanor to great effect. Ram is a Post Graduate Diploma in
Management from the Indian Institute of Management (Calcutta, India) and has a Bachelor of
Technology degree (Electrical Engineering) from the Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi, India).

Raj Yennam
Senior Vice President - Global Delivery
Raj Yennam heads Global Delivery and PMO at ValueLabs. He is responsible for building the right team
and setting up end-to-end delivery operations for our clients.

Having gained extensive experience in various facets of Delivery, while working on key accounts across
Benefits, Insurance, Mobility, Travel and other industries, he now leads end-to-end Solutions Delivery at

He comes with a strong technical background combined with delivery excellence and operational
mindset. He has a vast experience in managing large customers, particularly distributed, cross-cultural,
cross functional and agile teams.

Raj joined ValueLabs in 2002, and since then he has progressed through several key senior positions
across the Delivery organization. His proven management, communication, leadership and mentoring
skills have established him as a true leader. Academically, he holds a Bachelors degree in Industrial &
Production Engineering.

Collaborating to Win

ValueLabs Business Partnerships Group focuses on building an ecosystem of partners across industry
domains and technologies to help our clients win in the marketplace. Our industry knowledge and
leadership in technology, combined with our partners innovations, enables us to offer innovative
solutions to solve clients business challenges. ValueLabs business partner portfolio includes the
worlds leading business and technology companies.

We are always on the lookout for partners who can help our customers win.

Business Partnership
To join our business partnership program, please write to with
a brief overview of your capabilities.

ValueLabs is known for its excellent physical and IT infrastructure. We are also the first
IT company in India to have commissioned our own captive solar power plant to
be energy self reliant, besides promoting clean energy and reducing carbon

Physical Infrastructure
With 25 offices across the globe, ValueLabs brings the perfect mix of offshore and near-shore
advantage to its clients. Our corporate office, spread over two acres, comprises of 170,000 square feet
of space that can accommodate 1,600 employees. We inaugurated another new facility in Hyderabad in
2013, which is probably one of the first agile-ready facilities in the world in terms of seating, noise
cancelling features, and video communication infrastructure. The facility covers 145,000 square feet of
space, and can accommodate 1,600 people. Besides these two offices, we have three more
development centers in Hyderabad.

Within India, we have a business continuity site in Chennai spread over 19,000 square feet of space
that can accommodate 200 people.

We have also added two more offices in Bangalore and Indore in India. With this, ValueLabs now
enjoys a total of 600,000 square feet space in India that can accommodate about 5,000 employees.

In most of our offices, one-third of the space is kept free for employee interactions and activities.
Besides this, all our facilities in Hyderabad are energy efficient.

Power back-up facility

ValueLabs has adequate power back-up facility to ensure uninterrupted operations across all its
facilities in India. This includes a total of 11,000 KVA DG sets and 2,200 KVA UPS systems. In more
than 19 years of its operations, work at ValueLabs was never impacted due to external power outage.
Captive solar power plant
ValueLabs has installed 13 MW captive solar power plants to be energy self reliant besides promoting
clean power and reducing carbon foot print. With this, ValueLabs becomes the first software company
in India to generate its own power from its captive power plant to meet the entire electricity
requirements of its offices in Hyderabad.

IT Infrastructure
Global IT support & monitoring
All Internet links and network infrastructure are monitored through a robust 24X7 SLA-based NOC
monitoring system.

We have a centralized global IT team to maintain our entire IT infrastructure in all our facilities across
the globe.
Internet facilities

We have dual links from tier 1 service providers for redundancy purposes. Both the service
providers are routed through different paths to reach many parts of the world. By doing so, we ensure
appropriate redundancy in the event of any major outage.
We have purchased IPv4 addresses from APNIC so that we can advertise our own network on
the internet and eliminate any ISP dependency.
We receive full routing table from the service providers so that our routers can take a routing
decision based on the best path without depending on the service providers for taking any routing
eBGP neighbor relationship is formed with both the service providers, and IBGP relationship is
formed between both the border routers so that the best routes can be selected out of both the service
providers and are inserted in the routing table.
Service providers are also asked to inject default route though a full internet routing table is
received from the upstream border router. The sole purpose of this default route is to originate this
route to OSPF area which connects border routers to firewall cluster. This helps the firewalls to reach
the border routers enabling the outgoing traffic to be sent to the best available one.
As two default routes with same metrics will be injected by OSPF, the outgoing traffic will be
balanced over both the service providers.
In order to fine tune the routing further, we have divided major network into two smaller
networks and advertised network 1 through first service provider and network 2 via second service
provider. By doing so, the return traffic for network 1 and network 2 will always route through first
service provider and second service provider, respectively allowing us to do the required optimization.

Server and hosting facility

All ValueLabs enterprise servers are hosted in the ValueLabs data center. Our data center
features the following:
o Redundant power supplies
o Redundancy in LAN and WAN links
o 24/7 NOC and SOC monitoring
o 24/7 IT engineering team
o Enterprise SLA system
o Enterprise backup system
Our email server is hosted on cloud with 100% uptime and global access.

Networking Infrastructure

We have dual enterprise firewalls deployed in active redundancy mode. Our dual eBGP routers
ensure that in case of any link / router failure there will not be any outage as the network will route
through the alternative service provider.
We have enterprise core and access switching in redundancy mode.
We have installed enterprise wireless solution for internal users and a separate wireless solution
for guests / visitors.

IT security and IP protection

We have stringent IT security and IP protection processes in place. Our security-specific
certifications include:
o ISO 27001:2005
o HIPAA compliance for our healthcare practices
o Favorable SSAE 16 opinion from our lead auditors
When it comes to security, we strongly believe in the following:
o Protect clients data and intellectual property
o Keep pace with changing security landscape
o Thwart threats and minimise business risks
Our commitment
o Only authorized personnel can access clients data (Confidentiality)
o Only authorized personnel can make changes to clients data (Integrity)
o Clients data is available to authorized personnel, even in the case of a disaster
Measures to ensure adequate IP / data protection
o Five cornerstones
KNOWLEDGE: Proven policy and process for information security and risk
management (VIMS)
CONTROLS: 24X7X365 physical / network security, access control, activity
logging ans so on.
EDUCATION: Regular IP / data security awareness and training sessions
VALUE SYSTEM: Above all, our tenets of existence (trust, ethics, honesty)
underline everything we do
RESULT: Not a single instance of violation or data security issue
o Client focus:
Tune controls to suit clients requirements better to their satisfaction
Support clients to audit our practices
o Network level controls:
Port based access to externally published project servers
Access restriction from DMZ to internal network
All project-related servers hosted in DMZ zone
Every project is allocated with multiple functional VLANs
Access control between VLANs from different projects
Only common IT services like email/ AD permitted
SSID implementation for individual group
AD based user authentication using EAP-FAST
AES encryption for all wireless communication
Data in transit protected via site-to-site VPN
Client VPN for road warrior users to connect to office
AES encryption for data protection for VPN traffic
Web access control using project specific whitelist
Gateway level web scanning for malware/ AV
Blocking social networks, streaming etc
o End point controls:
Mass storage device access restriction
Selective access to required USB and other devices
Log reporting and monitoring for device access
DLP implementation for protecting data leakage
Data transmission tracking and DLP logging for channels
Similar logging of email, web uploads, mass storage devices etc.
User level specific file / directory access control
Access to file server, code, ftp, etc. based on project need
Log all critical server access details
Sophos Enterprise antivirus security
WSUS server for periodic windows patch updates
Application control to block unwanted applications
Centralised group policy based on active directory
Security policies like password policy, account lockout policy, screen saver policy
Gateway level spam and virus control
Blacklisting domain control based on spam

Communication and collaboration

Voice system:
o Avaya S8800 PBX
o We have three Voice service providers and three different DID numbers. -For 24/7
support, we can be reached on three ISPs. If One ISP goes down, we can be reached on two other
o Voice mail systems
o Full-fledged call routing system with a time-based access and announcements
Internal and external chat / voice / video messaging system:
o Microsoft LYNC is internal and external communication with all features like chat / video
call / voice call / desktop sharing / presentations
o Video conference and collaboration
o Avaya Radvison Telepresence system
o Radvison video conference system which integrated with all desktop and mobile device
(Android / IOS / Windows). With this people can join in video conference call from anywhere
o Radvison Scopia Solution implemented in redundancy mode.

Disaster recovery
Chennai DR center is our main disaster recovery center
We have enterprise network infra in the DR center
All machine critical systems are replicated in Chennai office, with all the important data

All key associates are facilitated with laptop and internet.
We make sure every laptop comes with the following security tools:
o Web policy control
o DLP control
o Enterprise AV and security

Value Proposition
We are an exemplary technology-driven organization, focused on delivering value and
innovation to our clients.

Over 15 of our more than 150 clients consider us a strategic partner, with the average tenure of these
engagements being more than 9 years. We have developed several long-standing relationships with
our clients, and this is best evidenced by the high percentage of repeat business and the number of
referrals we receive each year from our satisfied clientele.

Our culture is the foundation of our success. A character energy that permeates across our company
promotes excellence through trust, pride and teamwork. Our unique culture drives our ability to
effectively harmonize the three cornerstones of success People, Process and Technology.
Technology competence
o We have rich expertise across a broad spectrum of programming languages, platforms,
databases, frameworks and tools
o We keep abreast of the latest innovations in technology to help our clients stay ahead of
the curve
o We have excellent technological infrastructure network services, hardware, software
and security to meet our clients unique business requirements

Process maturity
o We are CMMI-DEV V1.3 Level 5, ISO and HIPAA certified to address quality, security
and compliance within the organization at different levels
o Client-Driven Process (CDP) We provide the flexibility to accommodate clients way-of-
work in line with their unique business processes, requirements and goals in our robust process model
o Our processes are an amalgamation of ISO standards, industry best practices, and over
17 years of multishore execution experience

People management
o Our core strength lies in the ability to build customized teams in India for our clients and
over time, make these teams a seamless extension of clients organizations
o We assure our clients team stability with our attrition being consistently way below the
industry average. Our staff retention and longevity provides excellent ROI to our clients
o Our culture and values support the entrepreneurial spirit in our employees and foster
We have implemented a system of processes ValueLabs Integrated Management System or VIMS,
that binds people and technology together, while making sure that we keep a hold on our key
differentiators. VIMS is designed to address three key elements Quality, Security and Compliance
within our organization.

Our core competency is in building client-dedicated Extended Teams that consistently deliver quality
services and, in due course, become seamless extensions of the client. The Extended Team Model
(ETM) is not just a delivery model for us; it is our operating philosophy that drives the entire
organization. Through the ETM of engagement, we have helped our clients achieve clear competitive
advantage beyond traditional cost efficiencies.

What We Value

Our staff retention and longevity provides excellent ROI for our clients. Our attrition rates are
consistently lower than industry averages.

Our culture engenders a strong sense of achievement and bonding within our team, while promoting
excellence through trust, pride and teamwork.

Our focus on Quality goes beyond delivery SLAs; it is an attitude that encompasses the very manner in
which we engage with all over stakeholders.

You might glimpse value when you combine energy and teamwork. Or chance upon it when you blend
expertise with innovation. You could try different things, and still find value to be elusive. There is more
to value than meets the eye.
Over a hundred clients have discovered value. We are proud to have been a part of that journey
The term we use to define the energy emanating from a company culture that is based on management
by love, respect for the individual, adherence to a core set of values, and the philosophy of always
putting the other persons interest above our own.
Feel the energy when you visit our facility

Our unique Extended Team Model gives clients the best of a captive center and an outsourced
relationship. In time, and by following the prescribed best practices, these teams become seamless
extensions of the client, setting the stage to leverage outsourcing to the maximum.
Many clients consider these teams to be a competitive advantage

With more than 19 years of extreme off-shoring experience, our processes have stood the test of
clients. They are an amalgamation of our learning from clients, experience, industry best practices and
standards (like CMMI and ISO).
The process for an engagement is further customized to arrive at the Client-Driven Process

We are a collection of human capital, each to be nurtured, and to be given the freedom, to fulfill its
potential. We strive for a work culture that respects the individual and encourages an entrepreneurial
Single digit attrition and a ranking amongst the 50 best companies to work for in India are by-

As a company, we take a very long-term view to each and every relationship, be it with a client, an
employee or a supplier. We invest the time and effort that we know is required, for the relationship to
15 of our clients consider us to be their strategic partner, with an average tenure of more than 9 years
with us

We work hard to ensure that our employees find their work, colleagues and the company culture
exciting. Employee engagement programs extend well beyond corporate mandates. ETM allows
employees get the best of a small company environment and a large company stability / infra /
growth. Having fun is serious business!

Extended Team Model

We have worked on the remote execution model right from inception and have
perfected the process of multi-shore interactions over the years of our existence.
Our core competency is in building client dedicated Extended Teams that
consistently deliver quality services and in due course become seamless
extension of the client. Through the Extended Team Model (ETM) of
engagement, we have helped our clients achieve clear competitive advantage
beyond traditional cost efficiencies.

In this model, we build a team in India for you to your specifications and with your active participation.
We take complete responsibility for project management and delivery and ensure that we meet your
quality standards and timescales.

Our approach to the ETM of engagement is as follows:

Creating an offshore roadmap
o Assign Program Manager (de-facto CEO of the account)
o Define roadmap and team required to execute
o Evolve Client Driven Process to guide the engagement
o Establish escalation chain, risk mitigation strategy etc.

Building Extended Teams

o Dedicated to the client; built to the clients specification and with the clients participation
o Leverage our brand equity to recruit and retain
o The dedicated team branded as clients own (virtual IDCs)
o The teams fortunes tied to client / account fortunes

Helping Extended Teams deliver

o Leverage experience and mature processes: best practices, ISO / CMMI
o Extensive management mindshare to ensure engagement fundamentals are established
o Completely transparent operations; strong communication channels
o Seed Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) members, own offshore process,
train and retain knowledge, perform audits

Maturing the team and expanding further

o As efficient / productive as the clients teams
o A natural extension of clients teams, plugged into the clients organization
o Competitive advantage: new business lines, clear advantage over competition, direct
revenue generation, all parts of the operation explored for outsourcing