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Seens like Ive spent my whole life hopin

Dreamin of things Ive never tried
Tangled in knots,just waitinfor my time to shine
What if the doors began to open;
What if the doors became untied;
What if the one day,nothing stood in my way
And the doors was mine;
Would it feel this fine;
Cause Ive got the wid in my hair
And a gleam in my eyes
And an endless horizon
Ive got a smile in my face
And Im walkin on air
And evrithing life oughtta be
Its all gonna happen to me out there
And Ill find it,I swear
Whith the wnd in my hair
So many roads Ive yet to travel
So many friends I havent met!
So new adventures, just around the bend
Plenty of mysteries to unravel,
Tons of mistakes to not regret
So much to see,
And to do,and to be,
A whole life to spent!
And it doesnt end!
Cus Ive got the air in my hair
And a song in my heart
And the funs only starting
Ive got a skip in my step
And I havent a care
And everything life outta be
Well I know that its waiting for me out there
And Ill find it, I swear
With the wind in my hair