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Agnes Monica

Agnes Monica Muljoto commonly called fans Agnes Monica was born in Jakarta on July 1 st,
1986 is a singer and a female artist from Indonesia. She is one of multi-talented singers and
actress in Indonesia. She has lovely parents named Ricky Suprapto and Jenny Siswono.

Her elder brother named Steve Muljoto manages her carrier very well. He always accompanies
Agnes in every single day of her life.

Agnes not only has a good achievement in her academic at school, but also in her extra
activities. She is good in Singing, playing piano, and English. She is a smart and good girl.

Tarakanita is her elementary school and she continued her study at Pelita Harapan Junior and
Senior High School. However, she decided to resign from Pelita Harapan University and she
took a program of Distance Education at Oregon States University (USO). Wow!

She began her career in entertainment at the age when it was still six years as a child singer.

At that time, Agnes released three albums of children who also managed to bring her name to
the line of popular singer in the era of the 90’s. Not only in singing, Agnes became a presenter
on several TV shows. In her teens, Agnes ventured to plunge into the world of acting. Some of
appearance in Indonesian TV program is “Pernikahan Dini” in 2001 drove back her name.

Agnes released her first album in his adult life, titled “And the Story Goes” in 2003, where her
name back riding in the Indonesian music industry. Seeing success in the homeland pushes
herself to be an international career.

In 2005, Agnes released her second album, titled “Whaddup A ‘..?!”. In this album, Agnes duet
with on of famous singers from the United States, Keith Martin. Agnes also was involved in
filming the Asian Drama Serial, such as “The Hospital” and “Romance in the White House”.

emotional nahan. etc. patience nahan. Anyway stuff related to cartoon character Hello Kitty. He has been racing in Brigif. pillows and much more. Since then his parents have also approved his racing career until now. but there are also invites him down in the official race. rich learning life. His name became known when starring in street soap opera on RCTI. "he said. one of the achievements he had achieved is Podium 1 MP Serang Banten in 2013. Indramayu. Achievement that he achieved certainly a lot. Sentul. In early 2013 he started training regularly. . he collects a variety of knick- knacks hellokitty ranging from key chains. Banten. Drivers numbered 188 are now in the shade Team Beautiful Moon Ternate NRT FDR KYT ALZ. 1994. Originally he did not get the blessing of his parents. "If it's really adrenaline rush. This beautiful girl is very fond of cartoon character Hellokitty. February 10. At first he did not intend to become a racer. First exercise he immediately liked the world of racing because he thought the race is a breakout stress.Raya Nur Fitri Rahmadiana or known as Raya Kitty (born in Bandung. When found in Brigif Cimahi 5/9/15 he tells about likes grief at the time of the race. Cirebon. but after he followed the race for the first time the media was simultaneously preach about this beautiful racer. he had invited his friends down in wild races and even then only once. Dukanya most if the event is complicated. age 23 years) is an Indonesian racer and actress. dolls. Singaparna. continue to bike problem. let me know also how to be able to move forward.

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Florence was an independent republic and commercial center at the time of his birth. Later. in the valley of the Arno River. he really started to dive into the field of science and learn a lot. Go to the science section to learn more! . diving suit. which lies high up on Mount Albano. he was offered the job of court artist for Lodvico Sforza. and submarine. He started to use his science to enhance his paintings. skilled craftsmen. and quickly went to further develop his talents with a tutor. and a peasant girl named Caterina. Right away. he stayed for a short time assisting Andrea del Verrochio. he had a great variety of jobs including designing artillery. There. He took it and lived in beautiful Milan for 17 years. He had very few close friends during his life. he started to find his niche at inventing machines like the helicopter. After that. His father married into a wealthy family and he went to live with his grandparents. He was the son of Ser Pierro da Vinci. In Milan. sculptor and painter. who was an artist. He was considered an “illegitimate” son because they were not married. He studied and sketched rock formations. As a child he was very smart and was very quick at arithmetic and music. even though he was very kind and sympathetic. who was a legal specialist. Later he lived with his father’s family and they didn’t conceal his birth and welcomed his addition to the family. during his apprenticeship. After he finished his education.Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452. in the heart of the Renaissance in the heart of Europe. near the city of Florence. He was born outside Vinci. From 1478 to 1482. and planning river system diversions for the city. he went to become an apprentice of painting under the instruction of Andrea del Verrochio. he obtained his own studio. the Duke of Milan. caves and fossils. in Florence. He learned the lyre and had a wonderful singing voice. goldsmith. At age 17.

CINTA SMU 2. . After playing hard temperament. or also known as Reza Rahadian is a man born in Jakarta on March 5. Top Guest Aneka Yess! in 2004. Several titles were dijajalnya soap opera. Reza started to prove the quality of his acting on Perempuan Berkalung Sorban (2009). Reza had tried comedy on Kirun+Adul (2009). March 5. From the film with shades of horror. Until now. 1987 it began to explore the art world role. From soap Reza started to get some offers to play movies. From here. Habibi & Habibah. the road to the entertainment world began to open to Reza. known as a model and actor. 1987. Reza started his career in the entertainment world when winning the selection of models. At that time Reza managed to become champion Favorites. ABG. Reza has starred in dozens of film titles sera successfully won many prestigious award. the actor was born in Jakarta.Reza Rahardian Reza Rahardian. IDOLAKU. Starting from the modeling. PULAU HANTU 2 (2008). His acting debut on the big screen the first time at HORROR FILM (2007). CULUNNYA PACARKU and soap operas are a few titles he ever did.

as the best fighter in the category of demonstration. Russia. Laos. since the age of 10 years at the school Silat uncle. Iko was a midfielder in the B-League football club Indonesia. and learn the art of Pencak Silat martial. Skills in Pencak Silat eventually led him to travel abroad in several exhibitions Silat in the UK. . and athletes Pencak Silat. He grew up in a family environment Betawi descent. once had a relationship with Jane Shalimar. About romance. But unfortunately. the club broke the shelter. Audy was rumored to be the third cause of rupture Iko and Jane. Three Chain. Cambodia and France. In 2003. He was born in Jakarta on February 12.BIOGRAPHY OF IKO UWAIS His real name Uwais Qorny. he is also talented in the sport of football. Iko Uwais known as an actor. and he had to stop dreaming of becoming a soccer star. but the issue was denied by Iko. 1983. in the month of August 2012 Iko married to singer Audy . Iko managed ranks third in Jakarta Provincial Silat Tournament title. And then in 2005. he became champion in the National Silat Championship title. Not only Pencak Silat. choreographer movies.

she followed the war to fight back England with her second husband. 1899 he was died in Meulaboh. Her father’s name is Teuku Nanta Seutia. generation from Datuk Makhudum Sati. The eyes is very sightedness and the back got rheumatic. that’s the Cut Nyak Dien Condition. And she gotten married again with Teuku Umar on 1880. She put in Banda Aceh. Besides that. Cut Nyak Dien was got education of social and religion from her parents and her teacher religion. She found a son with Teuku Umar. and she began to recover. On 1862 Cut Nyak Dien was 12 years old and she gotten married with Teuku Ibrahim Lamnga. But her father had a good candidate to get her husband.The Cut Nyak Dien Everyone knows in Indonesia how Cut Nyak Dien is. but on February 11. his name is Cut Gambang. she can cooking and grown becomes a beautiful women. But on June 29. Kesultanan Aceh on 1848. Teuku Umar is one of heroes from Indonesia. he is Uleebalang. he fight England too in Aceh. She never got study in school but she had good attitude. He is a heroes too fight England. He had different trick to turn against of England. And her mother is a princess of Uleebalang Lampagar. . She was oldest than before and it make get caught by England. Every man in Uleebalang want to married with her. 1878 her husband was died because of war with England in Gle Tarum. She is a one of women patriots from Indonesia. But the troops of England carry and take care with her condition. Then. After Teuku umar passed away Cut Nyak Dien must be fought back in the corner of Meulaboh with a little formation. She was born of nobility family in Lampadang.

Yamin earned his doctorate in law (meester in de rechten) in 1932. family in early modern Indonesian history. Central Java. a pioneer of the Indonesian diplomatic corps. the eldest daughter of Mangkunegoro VIII. poet. He was educated at the Algemene Middelbare School (AMS) in Yogyakarta. Sultan of Surakarta. In 1928. a son. Yamin’s political career started early and he was active in nationalist movements. as Jakarta was known during the colonial period in Indonesia. in the heartland of the Minangkabau on the island of Sumatra. and Ramana Oesman (1924- 1992). Dang Rahadian Sinayangsih Yamin (“Dian”). an educator. daughter of a nobleman from Surakarta.Biography of Muhammad Yamin Muhammad Yamin (1903-1962) was born in Talawi. The Rechtshogeschool. Dian married Gusti Raden Ayu Retno Satuti. playwright. Adinegoro. a renowned journalist. Sawahlunto. In 1937. Yamin married Siti Sundari. the premier tertiary institution in the country (Ref 1). he went on to study law at the Rechtshogeschool in Batavia. Other well known sons of Oesman are Muhammad Yaman. changed its name in 1950 to Universitas Indonesia. including Malay. and politician. Oesman had five wives with whom he had sixteen children who make up a veritably influential. Djamaluddin. Javanese and Sanskrit. but incohesive political and intellectual. majoring in history and Far Eastern languages. is the precursor of the Faculty of Law of what became the Universiteit van Indonesie and. founded in 1909. after the transfer of sovereignty. In 1969. Muhammad Yamin was a historian. . Yamin participated in the Second Congress of Indonesian Youth. Upon his graduation in 1927. by whom he had one child. He worked in Jakarta until 1942 specializing in international law. which issued the Sumpah Pemuda. He was the son of Oesman Gelar Baginda Khatib (1856-1924) the Penghulu (Prince) of Indrapura. the eldest. who later in life added to his name his nom de plume. Indonesia.

on the 3rd of August 2016. SINNER: Beyond TULUS (2012) and TULUS : Diorama Concert (2013). he found himself having a very strong bond to the music itself. Raised in a family that is not a musician. for SINCE. In the past. He holds a degree in architecture with an endless love of music. where the three aspects above (beauty. He has established himself as a disciplined and extraordinary performer. Indonesia. TULUS has performed 6 solo concerts in collaboration with local Event Organizer in Indonesia. music and architecture have many similarities that not many people know about. In music. TULUS released a third album bag titled MONOKROM independently. his fondness for the beauty of the tone has existed since He was very small. Despite its contradictions. Starting from Java Jazz. As a live singer. TULUS : The Jakarta Elephant Concert (2014).TULUS TULUS was born in Bukittinggi. Music Matters Singapore. Under the auspices of TulusCompany. He learns how to appreciate beauty while maintaining the structure and function of the music itself. TULUS : An Introduction (2011). structure. . The concerts are titled. her mother was the one who introduced TULUS on various types of music. TULUS has filled many stage around Indonesia even abroad. West Sumatera. and function) is the main foundation in the work that is architectural. TULUS : Gajah Yogyakarta Concert (2015). This album is proclaimed as one of the best music album in 2016 by Rolling Stone magazine Indonesia. to his latest appearance in Melbourne Town Hall. SINCULATE Production (TULUS Pro.) Is a dedicated team under the auspices of TulusCompany who is in charge of developing a live performance performance of TULUS . Australia. So also in architecture. TULUS : Bandung Elephant Concert (2014). International Jazz in Hamamatsu. In his studies in the field of architecture.

2012 to go solo. . Ochi Rosdiana was the first member of JKT48. singer and dancer. Indonesia dated January 24. Currently the virgin birth of Depok. before she came out on November 21. Ochi Rosdiana is also a former member of Girl Band from Indonesia named JKT48. 1999 was busy career in the art world of Indonesia's role. West Java. Ochi Rosdiana first starred in the soap opera with the title "Ronaldowati" as Nyingnying (goalkeeper Ronaldowati).Ochi Rosdiana Ochi Rosdiana is an Indonesian artist.

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