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Incest between father and daughter has been the most documented type because

of its prevalence, its violation of the taboo against sex between parent and child,
and its potential for wreaking havoc in the nuclear family. The father's traditional
family role of provider and protector is grossly betrayed when he perpetrates
incest. Characteristics which appear repeatedly in descriptions of these fathers

poor impulse control, and abandonment anxiety,

self-esteem, insensitivity to the needs of others,
an endogamous family orientation,
a history of having witnessed abuse or having been physically and/or
sexually abused as well as emotionally deprived and rejected in their

Some of the family dynamics presented include: lying, delayed reporting, keeping
secrets, jealousy, strained family relationships, fear, denial, lack of empathy
and trauma.


In the incest family, the lies are used to keep the secret of sexual abuse.

Delayed Reporting:

In incestuous families, delayed reporting of sexual abuse is common. The victim is

often coerced, threatened, bribed, and told not to tell because of the
ramifications to the offender, victim, and the family if the secret is told.

In incestuous families, secrets are the norm. It is all about protecting the family
and continuing the pretense or faade of "everything is fine," when it is really very
different in the dark and behind closed doors. The reality is not what it appears to
be on the surface.
Jealousy: In incest families, when the victim is female and the offender is the
father, the mother commonly views the daughter as " the other woman," and of
course this creates a dysfunctional jealousy in the mother-daughter relationship.

Strained Family Relationships:

In incestuous families, where the victim is female and the offender is the father,
there is a strained relationship in the mother-daughter relationship, and an
obvious strained relationship in the offender-victim connection. There are
strained relationships with siblings because the victim is treated as special by the
offender. In general the secrets, lack of connection, and dysfunctional
communication patterns held by both types of families cause strain, stress,
trauma, and confusion.


In incestuous families, fear is a motivation and tool used by the offender to

control the secret of sexual abuse.

Consequences of Abuse

Nandi would become depressed, and nothing would matters to her.

Neither happiness nor fear. She typically loses many of her cerebral
functions. Problem assessment becomes difficult for her. She loses her
will, curiosity, interest in her well-being, and a good deal of her emotional

After damage to the victim's brain and mind, her surviving

cognitive faculties respond to her social environment poorly.
Psychotherapists often use the term that the victim is coping.

Severe abuse and chronic stress lead to dissociative disorders and

neural damage. The brain-damaged children lose their intelligence and
ability to decide what is good and what is harmful. Abused girls
spontaneously submit to abuse by others in adulthood and allow these
habitual responses to dominate family life.
I think Nandi should talk to people and share it with someone she can
trust. She should gather courage and raise her voice against it again
otherwise she will have to suffer the consequence throughout her life.