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Daniel Sanchez

Mr. Sherwin Yu

LS 126 A (8:00-9:30 am)

19 October 2017

WAC: SWOT and TOWS Matrix for Philippine Columbian Association

SWOT Matrix
Strength Weakness
1. Known for sponsoring the PCA Open, 1. Outdated and not properly
one of the most popular tennis maintained facilities due to the
tournaments in the Philippines. problems that PCA are currently
2. Having an established name in the facing.
sporting clubs market due to its rich 2. Poor service caused by
history as one of the oldest sporting incompetent employees of PCA
clubs in the Philippines and being part 3. PCA is currently experiencing
of important historical events. political patronage and nepotism
3. Having a steady financial performance which brought a lot of problems
and a debt-free standing. such as pilferage, theft, and
4. PCA has a wide variety of sports overstaffing.
facilities and venue for certain events 4. Lack of advertisement and
such as birthdays, weddings, etc. marketing in the digital platform
such as Facebook, Google, etc.

Opportunities Threat
1. With the improving performance of 1. As sports club members go old,
Philippines' economy, there would be there is only a little number of loyal
naturally more Filipinos who would be customers.
opting for memberships in sporting 2. Sports club members tend to
clubs. choose sports clubs that have golf
2. Over the past few years, more Filipinos course.
are becoming more aware and more 3. PCA is currently experiencing
conscious of their health, thus more heavy traffic due to the
Filipinos are going to gyms or sports construction near the sports club's
complex. area.
3. PCA could take advantage of digital 4. Currently, there are informal
marketing since there are more people settlers squatting in the
that get their information thru the association's area.
Opportunities Threats

1. PCA can engage in new 1. PCA can establish its own

marketing strategy by showing golf course even if it's a small
their customers the health benefits one. (S4, T2)


of the sports that they have. (S4, 2. With its financial standing,
02) PCA can keep their loyal
2. PCA can promote its other customers by competing with
facilities when holding the PCA price with their competitors.
Open. (S1, O3) (S3, T1)
1. PCA can take advantage of using 1. To keep its loyal members,
social media and other digital PCA should improve its

promotion platforms in promoting facilities and customer

itself. Currently, the Facebook service. (W1 W2, T1)
page of PCA is not active. (W4,

By looking at the SWOT/TOWS matrix, we can see the internal (strengths and

weaknesses) and external factors (opportunities and threats) that affect the firm. Here we see

the strengths of PCA that we can improve such as the good financial standing, variety of sports,

and the yearly PCA Open. However, we can also see its weaknesses that they need to address

such as the outdated facilities, poor customer service, and its lack of presence in the digital

platform. As for the external forces, we can see how the firm's performance is affected by these.

The market provides the firms opportunities as well as threats. By knowing all of these internal

and external factors, the firm can formulate an alternative strategy logically that is based from

these factors. An example of this is that PCA can hire third-party management team that can

handle certain departments of the firms which can solve some of their problems such as the

political patronage nepotism in their HR dept. PCA can hire these people because they have

the financial capability of hiring it as shown by their strength. By having these factors as basis

for formulating a strategy, the firm would have higher chance of performing better than its

competitors since they are well aware of what is happening outside and inside their firm.