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Ha-Meem Group, a Bangladeshi clothing manufacturer, is leading supplier of readymade garments

and denim fabric in the world. They are one of the top clothing companies in Bangladesh. The
company produces some of the most fashionable denim fabrics and garment products and owns
one of the most comprehensive and resourceful manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh. It has
earned both name and fame at home and abroad as one of the top clothing companies in
Bangladesh. As a Bangladeshi clothing manufacturer, they have been contributing immensely in
the financial growth of the nation.

Ha-Meem Group, one of the top clothing companies in Bangladesh exporting to USA and
Europe for a long time. Because of their successful history with the world leading customers and
buyers, they are the most valued and well reputed Bangladeshi clothing manufacturer.


It all stared with a garment in 1984 and two enterprising men Mr. A.K. Azad and Mr. Delwars
vision to break through in the textile industry and making Ha-Meem Group a leading wholesale
clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh. The business activities of Ha-Meem Group have been
growing under their energetic leadership. Thus, they became the pioneer in wholesale apparel
manufacturing in Bangladesh. Also, Ha-Meem Group is very renowned for its wholesale apparel
manufacturing both USA and Europe. Today, the company has 26 garment factories consisting
of 250 production lines and 7 washing plants to produce 6 million pcs/ month. Their slashed
dyeing and rope dyeing denim production in 3.5 million yards per month and are looking at
expanding to jackets, suits and lingerie.


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Their vision is to become a window through which all our interacting parties can see and feel
their prospect and dream about their success. Ha-Meem Group will become a lifestyle towards
its employees, suppliers, buyers and above all shall become a role model of a green corporate
house which will be regarded as an icon brand in the country.


Ha-Meem Group will be known as an entity whose main driven force is its human resources.
With such a motivated, high skilled and professional workforce, Ha-Meem Group has started
marching towards its glory of success which is not the profit but to enjoy of life.

Concerns of Ha-Meem Group:

Sweater Factory
Carton Factory
Poly bag Factory
Label Factory
Jute Mill
Chemical formulation plant
Sourcing offices in Hong Kong & China
Tea Garden
Own CnF Office in every Bangladeshi port
News Channel
Widely Circulated national daily newspaper

Other facilities are:

Own power server

Own utility management
Transport Facilities
Medical Centre
Fire Service Facility
Effluent Treatment Plan.

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Major Products of Ha-Meem Group:

As we know that there are lots of product of Ha-Meem group which they have been exporting in
different country in the world. They have producing different kinds of fashionable cloth as well as
the cloth related materials which help them out to reach the top position of RMG sector in
Bangladesh and brought huge fame for our country by exporting those products all over the world.

Major Products of this organization are:

All types of bottoms and tops.

Hi- fashion denim jeans.
Wrinkle free garments
Laser free and 3D Whisker garments.
Men shirts
Men trousers
Jackets and sweaters
Non-Knit Mens and Womens suit.

International Customers of Ha-Meem group:

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Current and potential market of Ha-Meem Group in the world:

As Ha-Meem Group is a leading supplier of readymade garments and denim fabric in the world.
The company produces some of the most fashionable denim fabrics and garment products. They
have exporting their product in the different location of world. The Markets which are Ha-Meem
Groups Main Attraction is United States, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain,
Netherlands and mostly for the European Market.

Ha-Meems Group International Trade and Business Strategies:

Now-a-days, marketing strategy is the key for export oriented company. If the marketing strategy
is not good then it is not possible to survive in the competitive global market. In case of
marketing the garments a good dealing with the buyer is essential. In Ha-Meem Group mainly
the merchandising department & the higher officer deals with the buyers. The company have
some fixed buyers and these buyers give their order continuously all over the year.

To run business globally Ha-Meem group follows 2 basic business strategies, which are:

i. Cost Effective Strategy:

Cost Effective Strategy of this organization follows 2 key things.

Lowering cost of the products by also emphasizing on high class product.

Labor productivity improvement.
ii. Differentiation Strategy:

This organization adds value to the product so that its customers will be willing to pay more
for it. Differentiation Strategy is the important factor to keep place in the world Ready Made
Garments market. It produces different types of garments by applying trendy and recent

Ha-Meem Group follows 2 strategies to compete in International Market. These strategies are

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i. Global Standardization Strategy:

This organization increases profitability and profit growth by reaping the cost reductions from
economies of scale, learning effects and location economies. The goal is to pursue lost cost
strategy on a global scale.

ii. International Strategy:

The Organization takes the products first produced for the domestic market and sells them
internationally by the help of its designated department who deals with the foreign buyers with
only minimal local customization. It follows this strategy as because there are low cost pressures
and low pressures for local responsiveness.

Technology used by Ha-Meem Group:

Ha- Meem Group always try to use new technology for maintaining product quality and satisfy
the exporter. Adaptation of new technologies drive the Ha-Meem Group to use up to date
technologies to sustain in the competitive market. Ha-Meem Group allows producing garments
more quickly and efficiently with less cost which helps generating less waste in the industry.
From employee attendance to shipment Ha-Meem Groups dispatching is dependent on new
technology. The latest technological equipments that are used in the organization are stated

Latest Auto cutting machines.

Sucker Muller Slasher-dyers.
Morisson Machines- for wet finishing process.
Latest Italian Tonello Machines- for dry process.
3D Flexible hanger machines.
Auto Vacuum Crinkle lazer.
Steam Pressers and Tacking Machines.

Exporting product of the organization:

Exporting of products:

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Ha-Meem Group exports products to its buyers and International clients. These products are:

a) Non -Knit Mens and Womens Suit.

b) Knit T-shirt.
c) Knit Sweater and Jackets.
d) Mens Shirts.
e) Hi Fashion denim jeans
f) Trousers.
g) All types of tops and bottoms.

Essential Documents Needed in Exporting of Ha-Meem Group:

Essential documents that are needed in exporting and importing of products of the organization
are listed below:

Letter of Credit(LC)
Bill of Lading
Certificate of origin
Commercial Invoice
Import and Export license
Insurance Certificate
Packing List
Pre-Shipment Invoice
Pro Forma Invoice
Banks related documents.

Exporting Process of Ha-Meem Group:

Contact with the buyer

Order collection

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Sample development

Sample approval


Confirmation of order


Fabric & accessories booking
Master L/C

Back to back L/C

Preparing T&A calendar

Fabric & trims in House

Pre-production meeting

Pattern and marker making for bulk production


Numbering, bundling & sorting

Production line set-up



Pre-final inspection

Final inspection

Ready for shipment

Contact with the buyer: This is the first process of Ha- Meem Group to export their product. At
first Ha- Meem Group has to contact with the buyer for order collection.

Order collection: This is the second steps. In that case Ha- Meem Group receives garments order
from the buyer. Each order contains garments specification sheet for different items or products.

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Sample development: After receiving export order, merchandiser of Ha- Meem Group has to
develop the required products by following garments specification sheet.

Sample approval: After developing product sample, merchandiser of Ha- Meem Group sends it
to the buyer for approval.

Costing: If the product sample is approved then merchandiser will make final costing for the
product by discussing with the buyer.

Confirmation of order: Finally, merchandiser of Ha- Meem Group confirms the order here.

Consumption: After confirmation of a garment export order then merchandiser of Ha- Meem
Group has to prepare consumption of required fabrics, trimmings and accessories.

Fabric & accessories booking: fabrics and accessories booking have done to in-house the
required items for the export order.

Master L/C: Meanwhile, master L/C is opened from the buyer side and submitted to the Ha-Meem
group authority.

Preparing T&A calendar: In the meantime, Ha-Meem Group has to prepare time and action plan
here for the garments production.

Fabric & trims in house: All the required fabrics, trimmings and accessories are in-housed here
according to the booking chart.

Pre-production meeting: Ha-Meem Group always arrange the meeting before stating their
production for buyer to discuss the important issue of production. Its an important factor for a
garments production. Production team should complete this meeting before staring the production.

Pattern and marker making for bulk production: pattern and marker should prepare according
to the approve sample.

Cutting: Fabrics cutting are done here according to the approved pattern and marker.

Numbering, bundling & sorting: All the cutting fabrics have to do numbering sorting and
bundling to avoid shade variation in the garments.

Production line set-up: They always maintain a structured production line to maintain smooth
production. Ha- Meem Group production team sets a perfect production line for completing
smooth garments production

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Sewing: All the cutting fabrics are sewn here according to the approved sample.

Finishing: All the required finishing procedures are done here by following the buyers

Pre-final inspection: pre-final inspection has done to ensure right quality for the export order.
Normally it is done by factory inspection team of Ha-Meem group.

Final inspection: Final inspection of an order has done here by the buyers inspection team. Where
the inspection team is confirmed by the buyer.

Ready for shipment: Finally garments sent to the buyer by using sea freight or air freight. Finally
garments sent to the buyer by using sea freight or air freight.

Advantage of Exporting:

it avoids the costs of establishing local manufacturing operations

it helps the firm achieve experience curve and location economies
Greater production can lead to larger economies of scale and better margins.
When the company like Ha-Meem group export their product in abroad it brings the foreign
currency as well as it helps to country economy.

As we know all the positive things also has some negative side. Ha-Meem Group also faces some
negative effect of exporting.

Limitations of Exporting:

there may be lower-cost manufacturing locations

high transport costs and tariffs can make it uneconomical
agents in a foreign country may not act in exporters best interest
Unless you're careful, you can lose focus on your home markets and existing customers.
In overseas markets, you may lose some of the control that you are used to at home

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