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ATTORNEY GENERAL DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE 88 CAPITOL STREET ‘CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE 03301-6307 GORDON J. MACDONALD ANN M RICE November 21, 2017 His Excellency, Governor Christopher T. Sununu and The Honorable Executive Council State House Concord, New Hampshire 03301 Your Excellency and Members of the Council: REQUESTED ACTION Authorize consideration of whether the petition of Hale reyuesting u pardon hearing for the offense of Theft by Unauthorized Taking should be granted, Please be advised that, pursuant to RSA 651:5, the petitioner is not eligible for an annulment. EXPLANATION Pursuant to RSA above-captioned matter. :21, et seq., enclosed herewith are reports of the investigation of the If this office can further assist you in this matter, please let us know, Respectfully, Te Coals MacDonald Attomey General GIM: jev Enclosures Telephone 603-271-8658 * PAX G09-271-2110 + ‘TDD Access; Relay NH 1-800-786-2004 INFORMATION REQUIRED WITH PARDON PETITION FullNeme:__Yea\e Hae Taclhey Residence _Deousw Facw Weloskec, NA (Town or City) Date of Birth: slighty Marital Status; Simele. Are you married? How many children do you have? Give their ages: Employment Summary: (List your last three employers, the period of time during which you worked for each employer, and the nature of your work.) Fncwecr What is your educational background? Frew Sdancled Criminal Record: (List all felonies and misdemeanors (including traffic offenses) for which you have been convicted with the place, date, and disposition of each offense.) Mey rove cohen wey Gedous sburclhey> Good on move Hron one aceonsiow. Give a brief statement of the reason why. you want aiparden. For Vincase ond cuXwnocy reasons! Fam, 0 desde ndouts off He tuclheys living in Heagert, NUL in 1TBB when Soros Soseplin Hale Ihnown as He welder of Xfi 5 DA 5 ‘dos tek to eek lows evke!). NOTE: The foll8wing information must be provided for ALL convictions for which you * seek a pardon; stating “All NH Convietlons,” “All Convictions,” or the like, is not adequatt: Attach additional pages as necessary. Give name of the offense for which a pardon is sought; __ A\\_ Cenuielion> Date of the offense: s| 16 [i7 Town or city where offense occurred:_Welosker In which court were you convicted? _Wlesrriwnondh ‘What was the name of the judge? Nasbice Revle Who prosecuted the case for the State? _G. MoacDone\d What was your plea? Nex Guiky What was the date of your convietion? UJI] 7 What sentence was imposed by the court? Diane ¥. Were you represented by an attorney? Te\wn FormeN\ Signed: Dated: _[I-Q\17 Present Address: 000002