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AOTA Professional Development Tool (PDT



Learning Plan
Structure your learning plan to indicate how you will achieve your identified learning goals. The completed plan should be included in your
portfolio. Type information directly into the spaces provided.

Learning Goal Strategies Resources Success Indicators Target Date
Related Standard What are the best ways to What do I need to help me How will I know I When do I plan to
achieve this goal? achieve this? achieved it? achieve it?

Knowledge: I will become Self-study/readings: I will Access to PubMed and/or When I can adequately By 1/15/2018 (first day
familiar with at least 3 OT research these treatment CINAHL. describe and implement the of fieldwork).
treatment strategies for strategies on PubMed or interventions.
supporting mental health CINAHL.
for veterans.

Critical reasoning: I will Case studies: I will use Access to PubMed and/or When I have effectively By 1/15/2018 (first day
apply the evidence I find case studies to practice CINAHL, case studies to applied the evidence by of fieldwork).
in the articles by application of evidence- reference. writing 3 appropriate
developing 3 treatment based practices. treatment activities.
activities using those

Interpersonal abilities: Coaching/supervisory An available supervisor to Supervisor feedback. By 1/29/2018 (two
During my fieldwork, I feedback: I want to focus converse with. weeks into fieldwork).
will foster open on the relationship I have
communication with my with my supervisor, so that
supervisor to ensure that I can strengthen my
both of our expectations or professional interpersonal
concerns are clear. relationships.
Performance skills: I will Experiential activities & Access to evaluations, Supervisor feedback. By 1/29/2018 (two
accurately administer and practice: I will practice manuals, and score sheets. weeks into fieldwork).
score 3 new assessments administering assessments
that are appropriate for my on peers and on actual
setting, per supervisor clients on fieldwork.

Ethical reasoning: I will Self-study/readings: I will Access to PubMed and/or When I can adequately By 1/15/2018 (first day
education myself on research ethical issues CINAHL. discuss the issue in order to of fieldwork).
ethical issues specifically relevant to this population. demonstrate my
related to veterans to understanding of it.
prepare me to address
these with my clients.

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