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Gender Completed Education

Male PhD
Female Masters
Age (Years) Bachelors
18-20 __________________
What is your job area?
Management Research and development
Finance Logistics
Human Resource Quality and customer services
Sales and Marketing Others
Production _______________________

Considering the statements described below how would you rate them on the given scale:
Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
1 2 3 4 5

Strongly Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly

Disagree Agree
1 2 3 4 5

1. WARDA stores offers high quality
2. WARDA offers several brands to choose
from in a category
3. Purchased products are usually found in
good condition
4. Visual appearance of products in
WARDA stores is pleasant
5. WARDA the widest selection of national
brand merchandise
6. WARDA stores offers good maintenance
and repair of good sold
7. Advertised merchandise is always
available at WARDA stores
8. WARDA offers coupons in newspaper
9. Seasonal promotions are available at
10. I love shopping here because of the
privilege card
11. I am well informed of the promotions held
12. The promotions are always attractive
13. Fast checkout is available
14. Convenient parking of vehicles
15. Outlet is close to where I live
16. Store atmosphere and decoration are
WARDA stores layout makes it easy for
me to find what I need
17. I can get a lower price if I buy additional
similar items
18. WARDA stores offers the overall lowest
price in the area
19. Maintains the best everyday price for most
20. The price of the product is reasonable
21. Consistently provides the best values for
22. The price of the product is low throughout
the year
25. I easily recognize and remember the brand
compared to other similar brands of
Brand Name
29. Brand name is my priority when making a
purchase decision
30. Well-known brand are a status symbol for
31. Branded products signify my social
32. Brand name is more important for me
compared to my other desired attributes
33. I often prefer branded products
34. Branded products have better quality
Brand Popularity
34. I purchase that brand which is held high in
esteem by its audience
35. The brand should increase my social status
36. Brand name is my priority when making a
purchase decision
Brand Awareness
I am aware of brand WARDA
When I think of clothing, WARDA is one
of the brands that comes to mind
I know what WARDA looks like
I can recognize WARDA amongst other
competing brands of clothing
Brand Associations
WARDA is good value for the money
Within clothing I consider WARDA a
good buy
Considering what I would pay for
WARDA, I would get much more than my
money's worth
WARDA brand has a personality
I have a clear image of the type of person
who would use the brand WARDA
Perceived Quality
WARDA offers very good quality
WARDA offers products of consistent
WARDA offers products with excellent
Brand Loyalty
I consider myself to be loyal to WARDA
WARDA would be my first choice when
considering clothing
I will not buy other brands of clothing if
WARDA is available at the store