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G.R. No.

L-28089 October 25, 1967 may be enacted into law shall embrace more than one subject
which shall be expressed in the title of the bill?
BARA LIDASAN, petitioner,
HELD: No. The baneful effect of the defective title here presented is
not so difficult to perceive. Such title did not inform the members of
Congress as to the full impact of the law; it did not apprise the
FACTS: people in the towns of Buldon and Parang in Cotabato and in the
Lidasan is a resident of Parang, Cotabato. Later, RA 4790, which is province of Cotabato itself that part of their territory is being taken
entitled "An Act Creating the Municipality of Dianaton in the away from their towns and province and added to the adjacent
Province of Lanao del Sur," was passed. Lidasan came to know later Province of Lanao del Sur; it kept the public in the dark as to what
on that barrios Togaig and Madalum just mentioned are within the towns and provinces were actually affected by the bill that even a
municipality of Buldon, Province of Cotabato, and that Bayanga, Congressman from Cotabato voted for it only to find out later on
Langkong, Sarakan, Kat-bo, Digakapan, Magabo, Tabangao, Tiongko, that it is to the prejudice of his own province. These are the
Colodan, and Kabamakawan are parts and parcel of another pressures which heavily weigh against the constitutionality of RA
municipality, the municipality of Parang, also in the Province of 4790. The law is void.
Cotabato and not of Lanao del Sur. [Remarkably, even the
Congressman of Cotabato voted in favor of RA 4790.] Pursuant to
this law, COMELEC proceeded to establish precints for voter
registration in the said territories of Dianaton. Lidasan then filed
that RA 4790 be nullified for being unconstitutional because it did
not clearly indicate in its title that it in creating Dianaton, it would
be including in the territory thereof barrios from Cotabato.

ISSUE: Is RA 4790, which created Dianaton but which includes

barrios located in another province, Cotabato, to be spared from
attack planted upon the constitutional mandate that "No bill which