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Ref: Q/P/MG/12/0384 QUOTATION Date: 19/10/2017

M/s: Power & Controll

Doha, Qatar

Attn: Mr. Jithesh

Sub: Repair of Elc. Motor & Pumps

Dear Sir,
With reference to the above-mentioned subject we pleased to quote our offer
for the following,
Sr.# Description QTY RATE Total QR
1 Rewinding of Elc. 1.5 KW , 230/400V & 50 HZ Motor with E class inc 4 750 3000.00
2 Replacement of Bearings Z Class 8 150 1200.00
3 Warnesh , Heating & Testing / Assembling 4 100 400.00
4 Pump GG4195 Repair Bush, Seal Kit replacing 4 400 1600.00
5 Pump GG4195 Machineshop Job 4 100 400.00

Note: Fault tracing & Programming will be done by computer

Ever data will be provided on demand
We have all software's no hit & trial method
No accident last track with in 50 months
At every service we clean Generators or Fire Pump by high pressure
air to avoid humidity & Leakage

Note: 1.Electrical & Electronics Parts have No Guarantee

Please make LPO & Advance
QR Six Thousand & Six Hundrad Only 6600.00
Payment Terms : 1. 50 % Advance along with LPO & Balance Payment on Delivery.
2. Quotation Valid for 15 Days Only
3. Job will be completed in 10 working days after receiving Advance & LPO
4. All necessary Spare Parts we have to reduce breakdown
5. If have Extra work then Charges will be Extra
Workshop is not Responsible if Goods are not Collected in 30 ( Thirty ) Days.
We shall commence work on your written approval only, for your any clarification please feel
free to contact us, we hope to receive your acceptance to our offer at the earliest and assuring
you of our best service all the times.

With Best Regards

Balbir Singh
General Manager
Mob. : 55802138
Email : Majha Group