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Double Entry Journal

Citation: Shy Children, Phobic Adults by Deborah C. Beidel and Samuel M. Turner

Source: Quote (Page #, Paragraph #) My Response

The person recognizes that the fear is I know that I have a problem and that I should
excessive and unreasonable. (Pg. 14, not be feeling this way and that my actions
Paragraph 6) and thoughts are excessive in many different

...the fear is not defined strictly by the Certain people feel distress in certain
physical parameters of those situations situations. One may have social anxiety but
(Pg. 16, Paragraph 9) only feel it when speaking in public

Shy persons often are not considered to have Shy people dont have a problem going out in
an emotional disorder but rather are public, I do. Shy people dont mind social
considered to be temperamentally reserved. interactions. I do.
(Pg.17, Paragraph 10)

52% Caucasian, 25% African American, I believe the reason that there are differences
11% Asian, 5% Latino/Latina, and 2% other amongst the percentages in terms of race are
or biracial. (Pg. 86, Paragraph 2) due to culture. I know personally, Asian
culture is less accepting of mental illnesses.
That doesnt mean that the numbers of those
affected by mental illnesses are any lower, it
just means that not many people vocalize their
condition unlike in America.

Among children, girls are generally more Girls do tend to be more shy, having been
likely to report the presence of fears than exposed to children a lot. I have three younger
boys...among clinical populations, however, brothers that have no problem being social at
the gender distribution is more equal (Pg. all. But, when I meet with little girls, more
85, Paragraph 10) seem to be reserved and quiet.

Taijin kyofu-sho is a fear of causing offense This is typically present in Korea and Japan
or embarrassment to others...cultural and even more so in males than females. Ive
emphasis on politeness. (Pg. 87, Paragraph never personally experienced this. Im more
13) concerned about embarrassing myself, but I
understand why the fear could be felt because
I am Korean and I have been in situations
where this fear was in the air

People with social anxiety may be secretive I have never had this issue because I just
about their distress for a variety of reasons. didnt like talking to people or seeing their
Sometimes they may be embarrassed about faces in the first place, I didnt feel the need to
their inability to control what they, as well as voice my opinions. But, I do know that many
others, believe they should be able to people view social anxiety as just being shy
control. (Pg. 122, Paragraph. 3) and that its really not a problem (even though
it is).