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A BYTE OF LIFE Friday, June 27, 2008

on your clothes



You have seen movies where

the cops chase the convict. THE STAGE IS SET
Quite literally! We just approved the stage design
Now, look at this.

for Ergo Blitz and cannot wait to watch you guys

face the arc lights.
We have slightly modified the rules – see Page 3.
Also, we are roping in some exciting young talent
» PAGE 04 for the pro show.
Team Ergo

02 ERGO Friday, June 27, 2008
in g
m o r n
Friday, June 27, 2008
E Gobinath, RJ-VJ
Chennai is a place very close to my heart. The
roadside eateries and tea stalls are amazing.
K.K Nagar has a special place in my heart for its
greenery. The people are warm and friendly.
As told to Swetha Ganesan

List of entries for Ergo Blitz

Hi guys,
Thanks for flooding our in- Here are list of confirmed registration till 3 p.m. on Thursday. Please remember this is not the final list.
box with your emails on our
culturals. We have tried to re-
spond to most of them as soon
Singing Sensations Winning Moves
as we can. Registration Company Name of one Registration Company Name of the
Though there have been a code name participant code name participant
good number of queries on
the events, only a few teams SS1 TCS Vani WM1 Sutherland Leo Talstroy
have registered until 5.30 p.m. SS2 TCS Priya WM2 Infosys Tech Jaikishan
on Thursday. The last date for SS3 Systems Sridhar WM3 Cognizant Lakshmi
registrations has been extend- Technology Group Ramachandran Narayanan S
ed to June 30 (Monday) based SS4 TCS Vijayakumar P WM4 TCS Shankar
of requests from various SS5 HCL Tech Vivek Kumar Narayan
readers. SS6 Caliber Point Bharathi Priya WM5 Satyam Computers Vinothkumar
Also, we have decided to re- SS7 Citigroup Global Raghunandhan WM6 TCS Hema
lax the two teams per compa- SS8 Cognizant Abdul Riyaz Venkatalakshmi
ny rule. This is because SS9 Satyam Computer Revathy Kumar
different organisations have Services Ltd Surendran WM7 Steria Charles
different number of SS10 Perot Systems S Vijaykanth WM8 Steria Padmaraj
employees. SS11 Cognizant Dorairaj
Those who have registered SS12 CSS Corp Pvt Ltd P Sumesh
for the vocal competitions, SS13 Steria Limited Charles Volunteers
please send your list of songs SS14 Steria Limited Suja
to before July SS15 Standard Sowmya A big thank you to all those who have enrolled as volun-
1, with your respective regis- Chartered Ramasamy teers for Ergo Blitz at We will
tration code on the subject SS16 CSS Corp S Sudha define the roles you can play by Monday.
line. We need the list so that Looking forward to meeting you next weekend. Cheers.
our orchestra will have ade- TEAM ERGO
quate time for practice.

This Sunday,
Rock Till You Drop
Rainbow Bridge and Molotov Cocktail to perform at Speed
ERGO CORRESPONDENT Srinivasan (guitars) and Jerry A. energy to alter original compo- John (drums) of Junkyard sitions. Benny and Sanjeev
Groove for an eclectic sound. have worked previously with

et ready for a smashing Some songs one can hear from A.R. Rahman on a number of
Sunday at Speed as rock this band will be covers of Deep movie soundtracks, most nota-
bands Molotov Cocktail Purple and Red Hot Chilli Pep- bly Azhagiya Tamil Magan and
and Rainbow Bridge per. Sivaji amongst others.
come together to perform their Rooted in folk music, Rain- The event Rock Till You Drop
best beats. bow Bridge has Sanjeev Tho- will be held between 7.15 p.m
Molotov Cocktail is best mas (vocals, guitar), Wayne and 12 a.m on June 29 at Speed,
known for its frontman Arjun Fernandez (bass), Shyam Rao Grand Orient Hotel on Mount
Thomas, who is known to sing (drums), Salwin Alfred (percus- Road.
jazz, funk, with a little reggae sion) and Benny Dayal (vocals). For more information, call
thrown in. Add a new line-up to The band is known to jam on Arjun on 9840955588 or email
this band, namely Siddharth stage, bouncing off each others’ ■
04 ERGO Friday, June 27, 2008

Big Story
igh drama unfolded on
Thursday afternoon on
the banks of the
Cooum in Aminjikarai,
when a suspect escaped from
police custody, took a plunge
into the ‘river’ and refused to
come out. It took an agonis-
ing hour for the police to con-
vince him to come out of the

filthy waters.
According to reliable police
sources, the middle-aged
man, identified as Sankar of
Chetpet, had jumped off the
police van on Poonamalee
High Road while he was being
taken for investigation in con-
nection with a crime case in
Maduravoyal. To escape the
chasing cops, Sankar jumped
into the Cooum river behind
Convict escapes from police jeep, the under-construction Ampa
Centre One mall on Nelson
jumps into Cooum river and Manickam Road-Poonamal-
lee High Road junction.
holds police to ransom for As police constables tried to
get the suspect out of the wa-
more than an hour. R.Ravindran ter, a big crowd gathered to
watch the unusual cop-cul-
captures the drama! prit drama. Ergo lensman
R.Ravindran, who was in the
vicinity, was quick to get to
some shots.
Sankar stood in chest-high
waters, threatening the cops
that he would drown himself
if not let free. The cops plead-
ed with him and after almost
an hour-long drama the
khakis finally managed to
convince him out of the filthy
waters. Sankar was taken
away, given a brief shower
with clean water on the banks
to cleanse him of the Cooum
stink and whisked away.
Shankar may not stink any
more but for the police this
could be one stinking episode
that they would want to forget
in a hurry. ■

Sankar remains in the water as a cop pleads with him

from the bank PHOTOS: R.RAVINDRAN

Sankar (left) whisked away by police after he A cop drags Sankar into the police van
comes out of the Cooum after a nearly one-hour-long ordeal
Friday, June 27, 2008
Positive Parenting Photography and Music
A parenting workshop will be held on June 28th at Vanilla On June 27, Vanilla Art and Music Café hosts a series
Children Place. The topic for the session is “How do you tell a tilted ‘Raw Nature’ by wildlife photographer, Partha
story to children?” Contact 45534145/46 for further details. Datta and also a performance by Vedanth Bharadwaj.

Touching lives Catching up with the Marriott family as they spend a month at Marriott
Home, a facility for children of the leprosy-affected

David Marriott, Senior Vice President, Global sales of Marriott International, and Becky Douglas, Founder of Rising Star Outreach
with the children at Marriot Home. PHOTOS: R. SHIVAJI RAO

DIVYA M. CHANDRAMOULI portunities for people who stay in buyers from near and far. The or- The children at Marriott Home and psychological make-up be-
leper colonies,” says Douglas. To- ganisation also began a school in present a picture of happiness. fore creating a daily chart,” says
day, Rising Star has touched lives 2004, which has recently moved Fourth-graders Surya, Sathya and Taggart Grant, Managing Direc-

o, how does a Marriott in 44 colonies and has many suc- to a sprawling premises in Kan- Ashok enjoy the schedule charted tor, Rising Star Outreach. Grant
spend his summer? On a cess stories to tell – from the lady chipuram district, that includes a out for them by the Rising Star alongside Executive Director Amy
yacht or at a swank resort? who breeds turkeys to the car- hostel for boys and girls respec- team. “We consulted with experts Antonelli (who incidentally let go
You might be taken by sur- penter whose work fetches tively, built by the Marriotts. on the children’s dietary needs of a top-rung job at Apple Com-
prise when you hear that the puters) manages the day-to-day
Marriott family had chosen to functioning of the facility. It’s a
spend a summer month as vis- pity that there are few Indian
itors to Marriott Home – a facility volunteers, but Grant and com-
managed by Rising Star Outreach pany are looking at ways to rope
Inc. that houses 140 children of in more. “We ultimately would
parents affected by leprosy. “I like to see Indians running the
wasn’t going to miss out on a show,” he says.
chance to be here,” says David
Marriott, Senior Vice President, Nurturing ambition
Global Sales of Marriott Interna- The children aren’t short of
tional. “My grandparents started ambition at all. If Sathya wants to
with a focus on taking care of as- be a doctor and Ashok a fireman,
sociates, customers and society. Surya upstages them by wanting
We have followed suit,” adds the to be Chief Minister! The quality
heir apparent. of education and the advantage
of learning English will stand
A promising start these children in great stead.
Rising Star was founded in “The likes of Intel and DELL can’t
2004 by Becky Douglas, who vis- wait for our kids to graduate.
ited India after the passing away They’ve promised to give them
of her eldest daughter. On com- internships and sponsor their
ing here, she was moved by the further education,” says Douglas.
plight of lepers and their children Rising Star aims to add 50 chil-
who were found begging on the We follow a micro-lending model to create business opportunities for dren a year and perhaps even
streets. “We follow a micro-lend- people who stay in leper colonies take the model to other parts of
ing model to create business op- India. ■
06 ERGO Friday, June 27, 2008

Gay rights

A commercial for Heinz Deli Mayo has been
pulled off the air because it features two men
kissing. The commercial was banned after
receiving 200 complaints and gay activists are
furious the ad was pulled.

Mandela bans Campbell from his Maria Sharapova loves ’menswear’

The secret behind Maria
90th birthday concert Sharapova’s ’tuxedo’ look
Nelson Mandela has banned catwalk queen Naomi this Wimbledon has been
Campbell from appearing on stage at his 90th birthday revealed - the tennis star’s
concert. According to the Daily Mail of London, the former love for menswear. The
South African leader told organisers to take the 38-year-old world no 2 has revealed
supermodel off the bill for London’s Hyde Park charity that she loves to wear
event after she was fined and sentenced to 200 hours’ trousers with her dinner
community service for assaulting two police officers on jacket. Sharapova won
board a British Airways flight at Heathrow in April. wolf-whistles from the
Mandela felt the arrest was at odds with his charity’s goals. crowd after hitching up
ANI one side of her shorts and
flashing a glimpse of her
thigh at her first
Wimbledon match. “I love
Hyundai chairman babysits instead menswear. I love tuxedo
jackets. I didn’t wear my
of being imprisoned pants on court today - but
The chairman of Hyundai Motor Co has been cleaning they’re very wide-legged and high-waisted,” The Sun
rooms and feeding and bathing abandoned babies at a quoted her as saying. “If there’s a place to do it, it’s
Catholic welfare centre as penance for his embezzlement definitely Wimbledon,” she added. And it’s not just only
conviction. “I feel like being young again with babies,” Sharapova who debuted her new look reigning men’s
Chung Mong Koo said while holding a 1-year-old in his tennis player Roger Federer turned up on Centre Court
arms. “I have 11 grandchildren, and I would like to be looking like a granddad with a 1920s-style cardigan with
babysitting these babies as if they were my own gold trim. Serena Williams was seen warming up for her
grandchildren.” A court sentenced Chung, 71, in February match against Estonia’s Kaia Kanepi in a belted Raincoat
to three years in prison even though it was sunny.
for setting up 90 billion ANI
won (87 million US
dollars) in slush funds to
bribe officials. Later,
however, an appeals Random drug test in schools
court reduced his prison Random drug tests could be introduced for teenage
term to 300 hours of children in schools and discos as part of a package of
community service measures considered by a government sponsored
involving physical labor, anti-narcotics group on Thursday.
saying his imprisonment The Action Committee Against Narcotics could
would have a negative recruit doctors to carry out the compulsory and
impact on the country’s instant tests on a young person’s saliva or urine in a
largest carmaker, which effort to curb drug use.
accounts for about 5 per An instant test kit to check for ecstasy or ketamine
cent of the country’s would cost less than 4 US dollars. The drug tests
gross domestic product. could be introduced later this year.

No space for train commuters in UK

The trains are already carrying 50 per cent more passengers
F arm animals in Britain are be-
ing given priority over commu-
ters in so far as railway
On some crowded trains pas-
sengers have even found them-
selves having to stand in toilets. It
ly, commuters should be allocat-
ed 0.45 square metres of space -
whether they are seated or stand-
transportation in the country is has led to complaints that they ing. With the average human be-
concerned. are being forced to travel ‘cattle ing weighing 73.5 kg this is
Statistics provided by the De- class’. equivalent to allocating 0.0062
partment for Transport to The According to the Government’s square metres per kg.
Telegraph show that passengers rail White Paper, published in Ju- This is less than half the space
can be packed into carriages in allocated under European Union
conditions that would be regard- regulations for transporting farm
ed as unacceptable for goats, animals to a chicken weighing up
chickens, calves and sheep. On some crowded to 1.6 kg, who the European
Some of the most crowded trains passengers have Union guarantee 0.02 square
trains are already carrying 50 per metres per kg.
cent more passengers than they
even found themselves Goats, Brussels insists, should
were designed to and with de- having to stand in get at least 0.0086 square metres
mand for rail travel soaring, com- toilets and calves 0.008. ■
muters’ plight is set to get worse. ANI
Friday, June 27, 2008
This day, that year Largest library
It was in June 27, 1954 that the The Chicago Public Library is the world’s
world’s first atomic power station largest public library with a collection of
opened at Obninsk, near Moscow. more than 2 million books.

MOST DREADED Hu la la la....

‘We need to talk’ - tops in the list

e need to talk’ - they might be four pipped “The boss wants to see you” to bag the
simple words but the phrase is more first spot, reports The Sun.
likely to bring on frayed nerves and A thousand adults who were quizzed rated “I
a racing heart among Britons, says a had an accident” in third place, “Can I borrow
new poll. your credit card?” fourth and “There’s a leak”
According to a new survey, “We need to talk” fifth. The Top 10 Most Dreaded Phrase list was
is the Most Dreaded Phrase for Brits. The ex- compiled by deodorant firm Right Guard.
pression, which The sixth position was taken by “Did you re-
often member my birthday?” followed by “I’ve so-
means mething to tell you”; “You know that xxxx you
bad lent me?” at the seventh and the eight position,
news respectively. “You haven’t forgotten we’re go-
is to ing out tonight?” and “Now I know it looks bad
fol- but” rounded off the top ten list. ■
low, ANI

쒀 Zana Krasniqi, Miss Kosovo 2008, enjoys a beach

party at the Palm Garden Resort in Hoi An on
Wednesday. The 57th annual Miss Universe
competition will take place in the central city of Nha
Trang on July 14, 2008. AFP PHOTO

He changed sex, but partner lost interest

Now, it is not possible to get back to his original male form
E gged on by his gay partner to go for a sex
change so that they could marry, a man
undergoing the process found to his dis-
avoiding him.
It was not clinically possible for Dipu
now to get back his original male form,
may that his partner showed no interest in albeit effeminate.
him any more nor could he return to his Ajit was absconding and his parents
original self now. claimed to have no no knowledge of their
Feeling betrayed, Dipu Ghosh from Sili- son’s homosexuality, Thapa told PTI. They
guri, West Bengal, lodged a complaint to say, it is a plot against their innocent 23-
the police who are now looking for Ajit year-old son.
Mondal, Dipu’s estranged partner, officer- Dipu came in contact with Ajit two years
in-charge of New Jalpaiguri Police outpost, ago and they developed a homosexual re-
Pankaj Thapa said on Thursday. lation. Later, with the help of local eunuch
Dipu, a resident of Rangapani, alleged in community, Dipu went to Mumbai and
the complaint that Ajit had convinced him started working as a bar-girl. He now earns
to go for a gender change. a modest amount.
He has been in the process for the past “Money is not a problem for me. I am
three months but his counterpart was now ready to give Ajit everything, a beautiful
life.... (I’ll) fulfill all his dreams. But he has
Now he works as a bar girl no right to insult my love," he told a local
in Mumbai television channel. ■
08 ERGO Friday, June 27, 2008

Shaolin online!

Chinese famed Shaolin temple is going online, in
order to offer it’s products to fans across the world.
The temple, which is the birthplace of kung fu and
is featured in many martial arts films, has been set
up by popular e-commerce site

What to look for in

a photo printer
ou can have the best digital
camera on the block, but
that won’t matter if your
prints are no good. The fact
is, that to get the most out of dig-
ital photography, you need to de-
vote as much time to learning
about photo printers as you do
about digital cameras. Part of the
challenge lies in knowing which
photo printer will best suit your
needs. Another part is under-
standing which features that are
commonly touted by printer
manufacturers really matter.

Dedicated or multi-purpose
Just about any colour inkjet
printer on the market today will
claim to be able to print your dig-
ital photographs. And the claim is
not unfounded. But the fact is
that an inkjet printer designed
specifically for printing photo-
graphs will do a much better job
at printing photographs than a
printer that does double or triple
duty as a text and business graph-
ics printer as well.
The additional colours of ink
typically include lighter shades of
magenta and cyan, and they may
even include different types of
black ink to allow you to print ve-
ry nice black-and-white photo-
graphs on different types of
So if you’re an occasional pho-
to printer who is not overly picky
about the quality of your printed
photographs, a multi-purpose
colour inkjet may be all you need. fading. make most of their money on front but end up saving you mon- puting environment have a lot to
But if you hope to print photo- Of course, since these inks consumables - meaning ink and ey over the long run. Printers that do with how good your digital
graphs that rival or even exceed were developed only recently, no paper - and that’s no different come with larger ink tanks also photos turn out.
the quality that you get back from one can actually verify the claims with photo printers. But by far offer greater flexibility - such as a Profiling is especially impor-
the processing lab, a dedicated that the prints will actually last the biggest cost associated with wide body for accepting larger tant - and something that few
photo printer is what you’ll need. 200 years without discolouration. photo printers is ink. Over time, papers - but they also require people budget for. Essentially,
But enough simulations have the cost of ink refills will far ex- more desktop space. So think profiling involves using special
Print longevity been run on the inks to make it ceed your initial expense for the carefully about how frequently equipment that allows you to ad-
Colour photos from inkjet reasonable to assume that prints printer itself. you’ll print before you buy. just your monitor and printer so
printers have often suffered from using the newer high-longevity In general, the less you pay for that both are speaking the same
premature fading or discoloura- ink will not suffer from quick dis- a dedicated photo printer today, Image quality language when it comes to colour
tion. Recently, those problems colouration or fading. the more you’ll pay in ink refills You might think that image reproduction.
have been addressed to varying later. That’s because the less ex- quality should be your primary In an unprofiled environment,
degrees by the major makers of Cost pensive photo printers on the consideration when looking at which is what most people have,
photo printers and ink - especial- The good news about dedicat- market typically use smaller ink photo printers. But in fact, image a certain shade of blue, for ex-
ly Epson - and today you can buy ed photo printers is that they tanks. quality is not entirely dependent ample, will appear one way on
photo printers that feature inks don’t have to cost a lot initially. Printers that use larger ink upon the printer. The paper you the monitor and slightly different
designed to provide prints that By now it’s fairly well known that tanks - such as the Canon Pixma use, the ink, and whether you’re when printed out. ■
can last up to 200 years without inkjet printer manufacturers or Epson 3800 - cost more up working in a fully profiled com- DPA
Friday, June 27, 2008

Slowpoke MS
new computer Microsoft Corp has recently been criticised
viruses are because it was slow to catch and correct
released every glitches in technical documentation it was
month, required to provide to competing software
approximately. makers at part of its 2001 antitrust
Source: Internet settlement.

Investors, Web
beware of to get
ensuing data leeway
XBRL (extensible business reporting language) to get big test in Japan

new computer language
that will allow for the in-
stant slicing and dicing of
financial data will be put to
the test in Japan. Brokers, inves-
tors and companies everywhere
should pay notice or risk falling
Starting next month, Japanese
companies will begin reporting
their earnings in a language
known as XBRL, the first time it
will be used in filing results and

forecasts in real time. nline addresses would soon look a lot
XBRL, or extensible business more diversified as the organisation
reporting language, places that oversees web identities is ex-
unique tags on individual items pected to approve a proposal to cre-
of data that work like bar codes, ate an unlimited number of so-called
allowing software to download, top-level domains __ the familiar suffixes
codify and analyse time-sensitive like ‘.com’ at the end of web addresses.
financial data in a matter of sec- Under the plan, the Internet Corporation
onds. for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
That might not sound like a will allow organisations to apply for any
major breakthrough to the com- top-level domain, a media report said on
mon consumer used to quick Thursday.
downloading over a broadband Businesses, for example, could use brand
network. names such as ‘.ibm’ or ‘.ebay’ in their web
But the technology is expected addresses. Cities could sign up for names
to dramatically alter the way in- like ‘.nyc’ or ‘.berlin,’ the Wall Street Journal
vestors and companies process reported.
and share data, and mean a sea It will also be possible to apply to use
change for the securities indus- more general terms, such as ‘.news’ or
try, which still does much of its ‘.sports,’ to define sites associated with
data entry by hand. groups or categories of information.
“It’s a similar change to the ICANN, a non-profit group that acts as
change from film photography to regulator for the Internet, expects the
digital photography,” said John change to spur the creation of many more
Turner, chief executive of Core- Web sites and to allow individuals and orga-
Filing and chairman of the XBRL nisations to express their identities in useful
Standards Board. new ways, the report said.

Regulators in the United States “This is the biggest change to the way
are also pushing XBRL, with plans people find each other on the Internet since
to make filing by 500 of its largest its inception,” Paul Twomey, ICANN’s presi-
firms mandatory in early 2009. dent and chief executive officer was quoted
Several other countries, including as saying. ■
China and the Netherlands, have But the technology is expected to dramatically alter the PTI
already introduced XBRL or get- way investors and companies process and share data,
ting ready to. ■ and mean a sea change for the securities industry
10 ERGO Friday, June 27, 2008

Kite flying

Kite flying is one of the most popular sports and festival in
India. According to the Greek literature, kite-flying dates
back to as old as 14th century and later came to India and
other Asian countries. Kite Festival in India is popular the
worldwide and celebrated with great fun and fervour.


The country seems to be in permanent love with only one game, be it 50-over or 20
something cricket. Under its pervading influence many indigenous games have left
the arena. Rajesh Bhat gives an interesting glimpse into some traditional Kashmiri
games now on the run

ricket rules Indian sports scene. So Even the frozen Dal Lake is not left flying), which was once very com- era of change, such things were bound to
in Kashmir too, the days of Lath- alone during the winter as young mon in the valley, is also flying low happen. “Even those presently breathing
kinj-Loth or playing with the peb- Kashmiris know more about run- in Kashmiri sky these days. Simi- cricket, eating and drinking it too, are un-
bles are over. Like in other parts of ning between the stumps than larly, playing with sea-shells ( Haa- aware of the fact that few decades back, the
India, it is now the so-called gentleman’s about the playing rules of indige- ran Gindun), which was also Australians would bowl an eight ball over and
game of willow and cherry that is eve- nous games like hopping (Soza- religiously followed before and af- those playing five day cricket were provided a
rywhere, obscuring the once popular and Loung) or Tiktaar (water surface ter Shiv Ratri festival in Kashmir, rest day also during the match. Those rules
indigenous folk and rural games of this playing). Prior to the commercial- has become a thing of past. The are now no more. Surprisingly, the initial
Himalayan region. isation of cricket, these games were folk-game of Jat-tein-tein,( paying one-dayers were of 60-over match. Now we
Today, the lush green meadows, paddy played in Kashmir for generations adieu to winter) by burning the old have gone down to 20 over a game also,” in-
fields and busy streets have been con- together with a high standard of Kangris and tossing them in air in a forms Sanjeev. ■
verted into make-shift playing fields. competition and earnestness. circular motion without getting Trans World Features
hurt, is also no more in fashion.
In oblivion Avtar Krishen Chetan, 65, recalls
Today these games seem to have how all these games were very pop-
become grist for folklores. Even ular in Kashmir just two decades
then, it is interesting to explore ago. “Children would often take off
some of these indigenous games. to the banks of Jhelum to play in-
Games like tying a straw to a living digenous games of Tiktaar, Lathi-
dragonfly, Auks Bakus (playing kinj Louth or Souza Loung. Now
with hands and fingers) or Aantali children talk of funny games like
(hide and seek) Yo-Yo and Bey-blade which they
The “lost games” had, in fact, carry in their hands most of the
much in common with those in the time.”
rest of India. Soza-Loung is the Hilal Ahmad Bakshi, a college
Kashmiri version of Paandi in teacher at Sopore remembers the
South India; the Lathkinj-Loth is days when he and his friends
the Gilli Danda of this vast country. would tie straws to dragon-flies in
Had they been provided some at- the paddy fields. A player whose
tention, they would surely have dragonfly would fly farthest and
carved a niche for themselves highest was traditionally declared
along with cricket and baseball. the winner. Today, the post-har-
Similarly Trupas, a game of five vest scene shows tiny cricketers,
pebbles once exclusively played by not the dragon-fly catchers. Buzz-
teenage girls with their delicate ing over their heads, the flies, how-
hands, amidst the humming of folk ever, seem to welcome the
songs, now seems to have been lost changing tastes.
forever Sanjeev Sharma, a sports jour-
The game of Ganta-Breir (kite- nalist, however, argues that in an
Friday, June 27, 2008
A little paradise on earth,
Manipur is the home of a
host of rare species of
Flora and Fauna with
exotic scenery of fertile
plains surrounded by
green hills.

The Centre has agreed to sanction Rs 10 crore for the

hotel management institute during 2008-09, he said.
Haokip said an area of five acres of land has been
acquired at Nungsai Chiru at the trijunction of three

districts of Bishenpur, Senapati and Churachandpur.
Haokip said the process for formation of a society to
run the institute was also on.
Official sources said foreign tourists needed permis-
sion from Union Home Ministry for entering Manipur as
per provisions of the Restricted Area Permit system.

They said the state government had earlier urged the
Centre to lift this RAP system so that foreign tourists
could visit Manipur freely and if this happened, the
state’s economy would improve. ■

o improve its sagging economy, the government of state, at Nungsai Chiru in Bishenpur district with the
insurgency-hit Manipur has decided to implement Centre’s help, Tourism Minister T N Haokip said.
various schemes which will promote tourism in the Pointing out that Manipur has potential for develop-
state. ment of tourism industry; Haokip said he has submitted
As a part of the plan, the government would set-up a 17 projects to the Union Tourism Minister Ambika Soni
hotel management institute, the first-of-its-kind in the recently.

Move over, Swiss army knife

The kukri was used by the Gurkha spine and a single sharp cutting edge; strong physical resemblance to a boo-
forces in the Anglo-Nepal War as well this causes the end section of the merang, the kukri is not designed to

F orget about your expensive Swiss

army knife, a Nepalese hunting
knife or a kukri will give more value
as in First and Second World War. The
Nepalese handle these knives from
the age of five.
blade to strike harder.
Traditional kukris usually have
handles made from hardwood or wa-
be thrown. Despite usage in the mil-
itary, the kukri is most commonly
used as a woodcutting and general
for your money than the fancy foreign The kukri is designed for chopping ter buffalo horn. These handles are purpose tool, and is a very common
makes. The kukri is a heavy, curved and resembles a cross between a knife often fastened with a kind of tree sap agricultural and household imple-
Nepalese knife used as both a tool and and an axe. The blades are three to called laha (also known as Himalayan ment in Nepal. While travelling a kuk-
a weapon. It is also a part of the regi- ten cm wide and range between 30–38 epoxy). ri can come handy while cutting trees
mental weaponry and heraldry of cm in length. Blades are deflected at The kukri is considered a very effec- for firewood or while clearing your
Gurkha soldiers. an angle of 20° or more, with a thick tive weapon and although there is way through shrubs and bushes.
12 ERGO Friday, June 27, 2008


Thanks to Ed Hardy, tattoo wear has become the world’s new favourite clothing


hat’s common to Lind- Don Ed Hardy’s unique designs,
say Lohan, Larry King, the result was a line of t-shirts,
Samuel L. Jackson, intimates and accessories that
Snoop Dogg, Britney are now coveted the world over.
Spears, Paris Hilton, Madonna, Don Ed Hardy allowed Audi-
Sylvester Stallone, Geri Haliwell, gier exclusive rights to his tattoo
Mick Jagger, Miley Cyrus, Sanjay designs and slogans like ‘Love
Dutt, Amrita Arora and Salman Kills Slowly’, ‘Love is a Gamble’
Khan? Ed Hardy. The global phe- and ‘Death before Dishonor’
nomenon that has made tattoo were sprawled over art that could
clothing the thing to be seen in. well have been etched onto one’s
The Ed Hardy range of tattoo skin, albeit more painfully.
wear has become a favourite Beside Ed Hardy, Audigier’s
among celebrities and non-ce- company Nervous Tattoo has
lebs the world over, also spawn- six other designer lines, name-
ing millions of rip-offs in the ly, Christian Audigier, SMET,
name of inspiration. The designs Crystal Rock, C-Bar-A, Chuck
are tattoo designs. Only, here Boyd and Paco Chicano.
clothing and not your skin be- Recently, India got two Ed
comes the canvas. Hardy stores, in Mumbai and
Christian Audigier, the French- Delhi.
born designer who at present So, laying your hands on a
lives in LA, California, launched piece isn’t that difficult
Ed Hardy in 2004. Prior to this, anymore.
he had also worked with com- By the way, in Namma
panies like American Outfiters, Chennai you can check out
Diesel and Levi’s. Ed Hardy replicas that are
So, when he combined his available for as little as Rs.
own business and marketing 450 a t-shirt! ■
acumen with tattoo artiste

Friday, June 27, 2008

Shiseido Nutri Perfect Day Cream
and Nutri Perfect Night
The day cream fortifies the
skin and protects it against
such external aggressors as
UV damage, dryness and
pollution. In addition to age-supporting
ingredients Carnosine DP™ and Multi-
Vitamin BCE, this cream employs ‘light-
diffusing technology’ to minimise the
appearance of age spots, patchiness and
dullness that are often visible in mature
Price: Rs. 3850 for 1.7 oz.
The night cream makes use of the
restorative hours of sleep to improve the
skin and reinforce its resistance. Formulated
with Carnosine DP™ and Multi-Vitamin BCE
& P, this cream is effective from the
moment it is massaged on, for improvement
of local microcirculation, minimising the
appearance of wrinkles, sagging and
slackness and revitalising skin functions
while you sleep.
Celebrity list: Price: Rs.4080 for 1.7 oz
Available at Lifestyle, Citi Centre, and other
g Lindsay Lohan leading departmental stores across the city.
Larry King
Samuel L. Jackson
Snoop Dogg
1. Tommy Hilfiger is adapting the
Britney Spears photographic book he
Paris Hilton released last year with
George Lois, Iconic
Madonna America: A Roller-
Sylvester Stallone Coaster Ride Through
Eye-Popping Panorama
Geri Haliwell of American Pop Culture,
Mick Jagger for a one-hour television
special to air on Bravo
Miley Cyrus this autumn, according
Sanjay Dutt to
Amrita Arora reports.
Salman Khan 2. After her denim line,
Victoria Beckham will now
be launching a full ready-
to-wear collection for
women. The collection,
which is yet to be named,
will make its debut at the
New York Fashion Week in
September this year. Each piece is likely to
be priced at $1200 or above.
Who is Don Hardy? 3. Cosmetic major Estee Lauder plans to
open four outlets in the country. The first
Born in Iowa in 1945, Don Ed will be Mumbai, while Bangalore and Delhi
Hardy has over 40 years of experi- will get standalone stores in the next six
ence in tattooing and is known as months. The company intends to open 20
the ‘Godfather of Modern Tattoo’. stores in locations including
He draws from life experience to Hyderabad, Pune and
meld American, Japanese, Cholo, Kolkata in the near future.
tattoo, surf and hotrod iconogra- 4. Calling U.S. presidential
phy. In 1982, Hardy and his wife hopeful Barrack Obama
formed Hardy Marks Publications. “the man of the moment,”
Under this marquee, they began Donatella Versace dedicated
publishing the five-book series, her Spring-Summer 2009
Tattootime, which played an im- collection presented last
portant role in popularising tattoo Saturday at Milan to
Obama, creating a style she
among the uninitiated.
said was designed for “a relaxed man who
Source: Wikipedia doesn’t need to flex muscles to show he has
14 ERGO Friday, June 27, 2008

Good oregano

Apart from making your pizza more delicious, oregano
seasoning can help cure inflammations also, suggests a new
study. Oregano contains a substance called beta-
caryophyllin (E-BCP), can be effective against inflammations.

Bring sense in your life


f you make a list of all the
things that you consider sin,
in let’s say, the five major reli-
gions of the world; take the
top five religions in the world, Are you ready for the conse-
make a list of all the things that quence? Being a human being,
you label as sin, then you will un- you must have that much fore-
derstand, to be alive is a sin. Isn’t thought, isn’t it?
it? There is no sin. So does it mean
So, if you don’t feel guilty about everything is punniya? No. No
something you will not go to the papam, no punniyam. It’s all
temple or church or mosque? made up by people to keep you
Fear and guilt have been two under check and control. Your
tools with which religion has sense is the best control, not
been running for a long time. If guilt. I believe human intelli-
there is no fear in people, there is gence is able to control itself.
no guilt in people, very few would There is no need for some other
go these places. Most of the peo- God to control all of you. If you
ple are going only because there that you will always feel guilty. whatever you want, but please you are the kind, no matter what allow your intelligence to func-
is fear, guilt and greed. These are So, always you must be going to understand for every action that happens to you; if you are going tion it will control you, isn’t it? It
the three forces which are driving the temple or church or mosque you perform there is a conse- to be hanged tomorrow, you will will bring sense to your life. ■
you. Look at the prayers, ‘Dear and pay the necessary money and quence. If you can bear the con- still go blissfully; do whatever you To learn more about Sadhguru
God, give me this, give me that, respects and works and everyth- sequence joyfully, do whatever want. What is the problem? Jaggi Vasudev and the Isha Yoga
save me, protect me.’ What is ing, this is how the whole damn you please. If you are the kind Every single action: whether Foundation, visit
this? Greed, guilt and fear, isn’t thing has been running. Isn’t it who will cry when the conse- physical, mental, emotional or To find
it?They have made the funda- so? quence comes, right now, you the energy action, whatever you out about Isha Yoga programmes in
mental processes of life as sin, so What I am telling you is - do need to calibrate your actions. If perform, has a consequence to it. Chennai, call 2433 3185

Women can’t stand one-night stands

omen feel bad about they should rate the experience
having one-night stands positively. To test the theory, a to-
– and will consider tal of 1743 men and women who
romping with a man only had experienced a one-night
if they think there is a chance it stand were asked to rate both
will lead to a long-term relation- their positive and negative feel-
ship, according to a new re- ings the following morning, in an
search. internet survey. Overall women’s
feelings were more negative than
No fleeting encounters men’s. Eighty per cent of men
According to Professor Anne had overall positive feelings
Campbell from Durham Univer- about the experience compared
sity in the UK, the negative feel- to 54 per cent of women.
ings reported by women after The study found that men were
one-night stands suggest that more likely than women to se-
they are not well adapted to fleet- cretly want their friends to hear
ing sexual encounters. Men are about it and to feel successful be-
more likely to reproduce and the- cause the partner was desirable
refore to benefit from numerous to others. The predominant neg-
short-term partners. For women, ative feeling reported by women
however, quality seems to be was regret at having been “used”.
more important than quantity. Women were also more likely to
Also for women, finding partners feel that they had let themselves
of high genetic quality is a stron- down and were worried about the
ger motivator than sheer number, potential damage to their reputa-
and it is commonly believed that tion if other people found out.
women are more willing to have Women found the experience
casual sex when there is a chance less sexually satisfying and, con-
of forming a long-term relation- trary to popular belief, they did
ship. not seem to view taking part in
In the research, Campbell casual sex as a prelude to long-
looked at whether women have ing their feelings following a one- adapted, then although they may than men because of their stricter term relationships. ■
adapted to casual sex by examin- night stand. If women have take part in casual sex less often criteria when selecting partners, ANI
Friday, June 27, 2008
Brush up Watery tooth cleaner
Toothpaste was ’invented’ over Romans used urine as tooth
4,000 years ago, albeit not in cleaner (contains ammonia) and
the form we know it - Egyptians particularly sought out Portugese
used crushed pumice stone and product.
vinegar as a form of paste. Source: Internet

Myths about masturbation

Masturbation is a healthy way of sexual gratification and there is no chance of contacting
any sexually transmitted diseases
DR. AMUDHA HARI periment masturbation to satisfy
curiosity and to get pleasure. But

ecently, a 25-year-old adult anything in moderation is good. If
came to my clinic for con- a man masturbates five times a
sultation. He was getting day, his focus will be diverted. He
married the next month and gets tired soon and it is also a
his major problem was masturba- waste of time. Later, due to the
tion. He started masturbating at myth surrounding masturbation
15. His main fear was whether he that one drop of semen is equal in
can lead a sexual life with his wife. number to the blood drops, he be-
It is a common query which many comes conscious fearing that he
men have, as there are a number will turn sexually impotent and in-
of cultural myths surrounding fertile. This will lead to depression
masturbation. and fear of sexual intercourse.
But the truth is masturbation is
Growing up in no way related to sexual dys-
Masturbation is the erotic stim- function. It is a healthy way of sex-
ulation of one’s own genital orga- ual gratification and there is no
ns commonly resulting in orgasm, chance of contacting any sexually
achieved by manual or other bod- transmitted diseases. Masturba-
ily contact. There is also a myth tion is not unhealthy and there is
that only men masturbate, but nothing to feel embarrassed. It is
that is not the case. Though male actually an important part of
maturbation is seen predominant- growing up. ■
ly, female masturbation is also Dr Amudha Hari is a leading
possible. gynaecologist and founder of Mithras
Masturbation is very common foundation. E-mail your queries to
among adolescent boys above 12
years. They form close friendships Taboo is a weekly
with same sex peers and may ex- column on sexual health.

How to impress her on your first date out?

KALKI SUBRAMANIAM utes, just two hours before you go out
6:00 – Shave. Take a shower. Brush. Floss.

o you plan to meet the girl on your 6:15 – Relax. Get a nap for 20 minutes.
first date out. You’ve set a time and Hey, don’t forget to put on your alarm
place and you want to make sure eve- clock.
rything’s just perfect. Oh yeah sure, 6:35 - Energize. Eat a light sandwich to
you want to flatter her with your looks. satiate your appetite.
Wait.. Getting ready for a hot date isn’t as 6:40 – Spray cologne. Back of the neck
easy as you thought it to be. Men need to and ears, under arms and shoulders.
take as much care and trouble about their 6:45 – Comb. Use a styling gel for setting
looks as women do. Here is a short and up your hair.
quick guide on how to get ready for that 6:50 – Dress up. Casual if she is casual.
exciting evening. Short sleeves or even T’s will do. Long
sleeves or that Armani shirt works if she is
One day before the date: known to go all out.
Get a nice hair cut 7:00 - Take as much cash as you can so
Give your self a manicure, cleans make that you needn’t order the cheapest thing
for a good first impression. in the menu at the restaurant, a big turn off
Give a water service for your car/bike. for her.
You can’t take her around in a dirty 7:05 - Check fuel in your vehicle. If you
car/bike. are doubtful, fill a few litres at the nearest
Book a table at your favourite restaurant fuel station.
where people know you and offer good Isn’t she special? Buy her a bouquet of
service. flowers on your way.
7: 20 - Good that you arrived at least ten
Couple of hours before the date: minutes before her.
5:00 - Get a healthy glow. Workout in the Take a deep breath. Smile. Ready? You
gym or indulge in sports for at least 45 min- are all set to meet her. ■
16 ERGO Friday, June 27, 2008

Marat was one of my idols when I was a ju-

nior. I have a lot of respect for him and maybe
that played a role during the match.

‘Best team ever’

Kiwis spare Collingwood
‘bitter taste’
England captain Paul Collingwood
admitted he would have been left
with a “bitter taste” in his mouth
had his side defeated New
Zealand in the fourth one-day
Twenty20 no problem for Kapil’s Devils
international after a controversial
run-out. As it was the Black Caps
won off the last ball for a

dramatic one-wicket win here at hat they did 25-years back is what now Ka- “We can definitely win in 2011 and we were very
The Oval which left them 2-1 up in the pil’s Devils want to witness at the next close to winning more than once. Beating West In-
series ahead of Saturday’s fifth and final World Cup in 2011 – watching an Indian dies was a glorious moment,” he said. “Now we
match across London at Lord’s. But New captain holding the most coveted cricket have started believing that we have that capacity
Zealand might have got home with World Cup Trophy. The World Cup winning team and I am sure we can win another cup.”
something to spare had not all-rounder members on Wednesday relived their glorious mo- The legendary Sunil Gavaskar, for whom the
Grant Elliott been run out in the 44th over, ments at the Lord’s – the Mecca of cricket – as they greatest moment in his career was watching Kapil
with 26 more runs still needed for victory, celebrated the silver jubilee of their historic win in Dev lifting the Prudential Cup, echoed the same
after a mid-pitch collision with onrushing 1983 when they defeated dreaded West Indies in the sentiments. “Yes, we have very good chance. We
England quick Ryan Sidebottom. Elliott, final. The cricketers, led by Kapil Dev, visited the have now plenty of options. In 2011 India will be
who’d made 24 off 28 balls, was left on the Lord’s ground and spoke optimistically about India able to win the trophy and break the jinx of coun-
ground after what appeared to be an winning the next World Cup. tries not winning the World Cup as hosts,” Gavaskar
accidental shoulder charge by Sidebottom, The winning captain Kapil Dev opened a cham- said.
going for the ball, following Kyle Mills’s call pagne bottle as he did after the 1983 win and said On being asked how he got the idea of this cele-
for single. The South Africa-born all-rounder the Indian team has it to em- ulate the feat. bration, Gavaskar said when he came across a table
was then run out after Ian Bell threw the plan at the Lord’s then he decided that they should
ball to Kevin Pietersen at the bowler’s end. have a silver jubilee celebration of the World Cup
Elliott received treatment on the field for victory.
several minutes. But during that time,
Collingwood who said he only had a “split- Padded for T20
second” to make up his mind, chose not to The heroes of ’83 also feel that their side would
withdraw the appeal and umpire Mark have been comfortable playing the new T20 format.
Benson gave Elliott out. But with two Gavaskar and all-rounder Ravi Shastri both said the
needed off the final ball, Graeme Swann’s team would have adjusted to the more frenetic style
overthrow allowed last man Mark Gillespie of Twenty20. “I think we would have done well,”
to come back for the winning second when Gavaskar said. “The biggest advantage of the 1983
he might well have been run out as New side was the all-rounders. If you have a look at the
Zealand reached their target of 246. all-rounders we had – Mohinder Amarnath, Kirti
Reuters Azad, Madan Lal, Roger Binny and above all, Kapil,
it gives you a very flexibility bowling option.”
“It was Amarnath and Lal, in particular, who res-
cued India in the final against the West Indies, with
More players may each taking three wickets – Lal snatched the prized
scalp of Vivian Richards, while Amarnath was
quit for IPL named man-of-the-match. That depth and flexibil-
ity would have served the team well in Twenty20,
At least half of world-class players say they
would be prepared to quit mainstream Gavaskar said.
international cricket to appear exclusively in Shastri, meanwhile, said he believed the best
the lucrative Indian Premier League, sides would always emerge, regardless of the for-
according to a survey. In the Federation mat. “A good side is a good side,” Shastri said
International Cricketers’ Associations (FICA) describing the World Cup-winning XI as “one of
report released on Thursday, 52 percent of the greatest teams ever”. ■
those polled said they would be willing to PTI &AFP
quit the traditional forms to pursue IPL
riches. The FICA findings are in line with a
recent poll conducted by the Professional
Cricketers’ Association that half of England’s
leading players would consider quitting
international cricket early to play in the IPL.
FICA chief executive Tim May said the
emergence of IPL and the “rebel”
Indian Cricket League (ICL), and the
potential conflict of fixtures, could
result in leading players leaving the
international game. “It is important
that such conflicts are avoided by the
creation of a window in the
international programme,” May said.
“This is not to say the introduction of
Twenty20 cricket is all negative – it is far
from that. Cricket’s biggest challenge is to
find a satisfactory balance between the
established forms of the game and Twenty
Friday, June 27, 2008
German vandals attack kebab shops
German police said on Thursday that vandals had attacked two Turkish kebab shops in the
eastern city of Dresden shortly after Germany’s Euro 2008 victory over Turkey, injuring several
people. No other incidents were reported in the country with the game passing off peacefully
between Turkey and Germany, home to almost three million Turks and people of Turkish
descent, the country’s biggest minority.



ermany beat Turkey 3-2 in an- we are leaving as the most colourful
other Euro 2008 thriller on team of the tournament.”
Wednesday to line up a final on
Sunday against either Russia or Dangerously casual
Spain and end their opponents’ roll- Turkey took advantage of Germa-
er-coaster ride through the tourna- ny’s dangerously casual start and de-
ment. Turkey, who saved themselves servedly went ahead after 22 minutes
with late goals in three previous through left-sided midfielder Ugur
matches, appeared to have repeated Boral. He fired the ball through goal-
the feat when Semih Senturk equal- keeper Jens Lehmann’s legs after a
ised to make it 2-2 in the 86th minute looping effort from Kazim Kazim
and seemingly force extra time. came back off the bar – the second
But Germany, who had been sec- time Kazim shot against the bar in an
ond best for most of the match impressive 10-minute spell. Germa-
against a side ravaged by suspensions ny, with captain Michael Ballack hav-
and injury, took a leaf out of Turkey’s ing a largely indifferent match in
book and came back themselves in midfield, then equalised against the
the final minute of normal time to run of play after 26 minutes. Midfiel-
snatch victory at St Jakob Park. De- der Bastian Schweinsteiger powered
fender Philipp Lahm, who had failed through the Turkey midfield, lost his
to stop the cross that led to Turkey’s markers and deftly flicked a cross
equaliser, emerged as the match-win- from Lukas Podolski wide of Recber
ner after playing a one-two with Tho- to make it 1-1. Germany continued to
mas Hitzlsperger and lashing the ball be outplayed for long periods in the
high into the net past goalkeeper Rus- second half, though, as Turkey, in-
tu Recber. “It was one of most beauti- spired by Kazim and German-born
ful moments in my life, getting into Hamit Altintop, dominated them with
the final,” Lahm said. “That’s always a fearlessness of spirit and a precision
beautiful. We missed that at the in their passing that Germany rarely
(2006) World Cup. Today it worked matched. Yet it was Germany who
out. We want to win the title,” he said. stole into the lead 11 minutes from
time when Miroslav Klose headed
Loew ecstatic home a Lahm cross after Rustu came
Germany’s delighted coach Joa- flying out of his goal but missed the
chim Loew said: “It was an insane clearance. True to form, Semih lev-
battle, incredible tension up till the elled for Turkey seven minutes later
last second. That makes me obviously with some near-post opportunism af-
very happy.” Turkey coach Fatih Te- ter Sabri Sarioglu got the better of
rim congratulated Germany and add- Lahm. Four minutes later, Lahm was
ed: “I am proud of my players and rejoicing at the other end after scor-
think their will to play well, and the ing the winner and giving Germany a
technical support, all came together victory that for long periods had
and they were able to show the world looked unlikely. ■
what a good team they were. I think Reuters

18 ERGO Friday, June 27, 2008

In Beverly Hills...they
don’t throw their
garbage away. They make it into
television shows.
Director Woody Allen

The King of romance now join the likes of late Satyajit Ray, Lata Mangeshkar and
Amitabh Bachchan to receive the honour

ollywood filmmaker Lata Mangeshkar and Amitabh of France to India.
Yash Chopra has been Bachchan among other Indian Bonnafont would confer the
conferred with the ‘Of- film personalities to be hon- award to Yash Chopra at the
ficier de la Legion oured by the French government French Embassy here during an
d’Honneur’, the highest with the Officer of the National official ceremony. Chopra ,
French distinction, for his Order of the Legion of Honour. known for making romantic mo-
contribution to the Indian “France has a tradition of sup- vies has delivered hits like ‘Dee-
cinema. porting artists from all over the war’ ‘Kabhi Kabhi,’ ‘Darr,’
The ‘King of romance’, world. Bestowing the insignia of ‘Chandni’ and ‘Silsila.’ He has so
whose films have also the Legion of Honour on Mr far been associated with around
been released in French Chopra, is a recognition of his in- 40 films.
cinema halls will be dec- ternational artistic career, and PTI
orated in a special cere- his notable efforts in the promo-
mony at the French tion of cultural exchanges and
Embassy in the nation- Indian cinema in the world,” said
al capital on July 5. Jerome Bonnafont, Ambassador
With nearly 50
year old association
with Bollywood,
Yash Chopra would
join the likes of
late Satyajit Ray,

Brangelina donate
one million dollars
to war children fund
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have donated one
million dollars to support the education of 8,000
children in Iraq and the United States
affected by war, a charity said Wednesday.

The iconic Hollywood couple made the

donation to the Education Partnership for
Children of Conflict via their charity, the
Jolie-Pitt Foundation. A statement from
the Education Partnership said the money
would be split evenly between US and
Iraq non-profit groups who seek to Urban is gentle than Cruise: Nicole Kidman
provide education and support for Actress Nicole Kidman has revealed that she loves being married to country
children who have lost parents, homes or musician Keith Urban, because their relationship is gentler than her previous
schooling opportunities. marriage to Tom Cruise. The 41-year-old actress, who had wed the country
Pitt and Jolie have given millions to music star in 2006, says that her relationship with Urban is very much the
charities in recent years according to tax opposite of her 10-year marriage to Cruise.
records. In March it emerged the actors had “We just gently, gently sort of fell into each other. We were just two lonely
funneled more than four million dollars people who went, ‘Ah, there you are’,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying.
each to their foundation, which was set up Meanwhile the Australian actress, who is expecting her first biological child
in 2006 to aid humanitarian causes around with Urban, later this summer (08), started crying the first time she saw her
the world. baby on an ultrasound machine.
Friday, June 27, 2008

No shower for a week? Lesbian love scenes

Actress Charlize Theron has revealed that she English actress Sienna Miller has revealed that she
can go without a shower for a whole week. doesn’t find filming lesbian love scenes daunting
“I’m a tough girl and I can not shower for a and
week - I’m fine with that,” New York Daily she was happy to share intimate scenes with co-star
News quoted her as saying. Keira Knightley in the movie The Edge Of Love.

YOUR Cine City
Villu story re-drafted?
Pokkiri team is back with their next flick- Villu. We
heard that Prabhu Deva had a different story in the
beginning and then he had to change since Vijay
demanded for it. The previous story seems to have
carried the traces of Vijay’s yesteryear movie Aadhi. It’s
about a rich man who gets killed in an accident, but
his son survives it. Later, the little boy grows up and
gets to know that his father was intentionally bumped
off by the opponents and he plans to seek vengeance.
On this course, he falls in love with Nayanthara who
happens to be the daughter of the same baddie who
killed his father. He gets perplexed on the thin line
between love and vengeance. It is said that though
Prabhu Deva had drafted the story very well, Vijay and
his father SA Chandrashekar together with Director
Prabhu Deva went through several discussions in re-
drafting the script. The movie will be produced by
Ayngaran Films International.

Leelai gets life
Madhavan’s upcoming
flick Leelai has been
halted down on its
shooting over for a
long time due to the
financial crisis. Ram
Gopal Varma before a
year had made the film

ung fu film legend Jackie Chan in- Chan demonstrated his latest moves in
vited the people of East Timor to front of about 5,000 fans at Dili’s national ‘Darling’ and he joined
GETTY IMAGES send him their scripts for action stadium on Wednesday. hands with some well
comedy films as he wrapped up a UN Martial arts are extremely popular in defined financiers to
goodwill visit Thursday to promote peace East Timor, which has one of the youngest produce the remake
in the young nation. populations in Asia but an unemployment version. The film
“I already told the government people rate of around 50 percent. Police and anal- featuring Madhavan,
and my friends (to) please send me some ysts say violence by some martial arts Sadha and Samitha
scripts,” Chan told reporters before leaving groups, which often double as street Shetty in lead roles is
the country at the end of a two-day trip. gangs, are a potential threat to stability. directed by Kona
He said Timor would make a great back- East Timor, which gained formal inde- Venkat. Now, producers of this film are on the urge of
drop to one of his action films. “All these pendence in 2002 after 24 years of Indone- bringing out relief to this half way canned project.
years I see Timor is fighting, fighting,” he sian military occupation, still relies on Madhavan on the other hands is busy with Guru En
said, adding that he wanted to use the me- foreign troops and police for internal Aalu that is also a remake of yesteryear Bollywood
dium to send “smart messages” about security. blockbuster Yes Boss starring Shah Rukh and Juhi
peace. AFP Chawla in lead roles.

20 ERGO Friday, June 27, 2008

Deepika’s debut

Scan According to Deepika

Padukone made her cinematic debut in
a Kannada film, Aishwarya, directed by
Indrajit Lankesh co-starring Upendra.


Zee Café HBO Sony Zee Studio

Army Wives I – 8-30 pm Mr Bean’s Holiday – 9 pm Comedy Circus Season 2 Dark Water – 8-15 pm
A new ensemble drama series about The bumbling Mr. Bean wins a – 11 pm Dahlia Williams is starting a new
the struggles, dreams and trip to the picturesque French city Fun, Laughter & Entertainment will life; newly separated with a new
friendships of a diverse group of of Cannes only to unwittingly scale new heights with Comedy job and a new apartment, she’s
women - and one man - living with separate a boy from his father and Circus Season 2 Hosted by the determined to put her relationship
their spouses and families on an must now help bring them back vivacious Shruti Seth and judged by with her estranged husband behind
active army post. together. comedy’s best exponents on big her and devote herself to raising
screen & television ’Archana Puran her daughter, Ceci.
Singh’ and ’Satish Shah’.

PICK OF THE DAY - Saturday

Star Movies Sony Max Filmy Star World

Madagascar – 7-10 pm Dus Kahaniyaan – 10 pm Jaan-E-Man Lets Fall in Bones – 9 pm
With no idea what wild life is really It is a portmanteau film of ten Love Again – 8 pm The attorney of a death row inmate
like, four animals from New York stories directed by seven notable It’s cinematic world of dreamer asks for Booth’s help to prove his
Central Zoo escape, unwittingly filmmakers including the arthouse Suhaan that outlives luxuries to its innocence before he is executed.
assisted by four absconding auteur Shyam Benegal. Dus fullest, and finally succumbs to Booth agrees and asks Brennan and
penguins, and find themselves in Kahaniyaan takes you on a tour of unforgiving miseries. It’s beautiful her team to help him out.
Madagascar. expansive highways and modern world of Piya that demands beauty
romance. from friends and finally desires her
love interest to be her soul-mate.


Zoom Star Gold Sahara One 9X

The Rise And Rise Of 101 Dalmatians – 7-30 Devdas – 5-30 pm Bhool Bhulaiyaa – 8 pm
Shahrukh Khan – 9-30 pm Live-action version of the Disney Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film is a Siddharth and his newly wed wife
The Rise and Rise of Shah Rukh classic, featuring the dastardly tragic story of doomed love. Actor Avni come home from America to
Khan’ is an eight-part series fashion designer Cruella De Vil who, Shah Rukh Khan takes the title role live in their family royal ancestral
recreates the rise of Bollywood’s having chanced upon a litter of cute as a troubled alcoholic caught mansion which is the key to a
biggest superstar, from his ordinary dalmation puppies, decides that between the love of two women, deadly secret that had repeatedly
life as a Delhi lad to his their skins will complete her exotic played by the beautiful and destroyed the family for
extraordinary success as a global new coat. talented Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri generations.
icon. Dixit.
Friday, June 27, 2008

Play proposal
Tractor ticket trouble A Ukrainian man wanted to propose to his girlfriend
A Derbyshire, England farmer who hasn’t been to London in a way she’d never forget - by starring in a play
in 45 years was fined for parking his tractor in the British that ends with a proposal. Gennady Zaleskiy, 38,
capital. Eric Smart, 74, said he had only been to London paid US$ 20,000 to be apart of the play The
once before and his tractor hasn’t left the barn in 14 Romantics, and after seeing his performance, fiancé
months, insisting someone has a clone plate. Victoria said yes.

Greetings JRO comes to town!

Dear Nazhim, Its time to head bang. The 10th edition of June
Congratulations on getting transferred rock out is coming to town this weekend.Unwind
to HDC. We are all going to miss you. Center’s annual rock show has a new name, its
Have a wonderful future ahead. called “JRO to the power of 10” this time.
Office Depot Team, WIPRO Although, JRO is only a platform for musicians
TECHNOLOGIES to perform, Unwind pays its tribute to the
Dear Gayi, Moksha vocalist who passed away in 2006 and is
Advance birthday wishes. May all your hosting the Leon Ireland Outstanding Vocalist
dreams and wishes come true. Award. Apart from the rock show there will be
Wishes from SIT & UAT Team, TCS photo stalls and other contests for
Dear Sadhu, entertainment.
Wishing you many happy returns of the When: 28 June and July 5, 4 pm
day!! May God bless you with all the Where: KRMM Hall, Behind Gandhinagar
goodness of health! Lady’s Club
Hi Saravan,
Many more happy returns of the day.
Have a blast!

Hi Palani,
TCST, iNautix
Satheshkannan A

We really miss you! All the best for

Retell Redone
your bright future in GE!!
Dear Ramya and Trisha,
I am very sorry for missing your names
on yesterday’s sticky note.
This won’t happen again.
Dear Arun and Dinesh,
Wishing you a very very happy
birthday.May all your dreams come true
and GOD bless you with success and
Wishes from V.V. Sangam
Hi Venkat,
In soft gleaming night of stars may all
your dreams come true. May every star
bring love and joy to you on your
Theatre Nisha presents Retell Redone, a narrative perfor-
By Naveen, Marees, ShunmugaVel, K7,
Kitcha, Prabhu Ram and
mance of 6 short stories- Patol Babu, Bhuto and Pterodac-
tyl’s egg, by Satyajit Ray and Shemiran Bus, Encounter
Painted Pots
To Nambi Narasimhan, and the Pomegranate Lady by Iranian author, Goli Ta- Anvita Shukla presents a sale of painted ter-
Many, Many happy returns of the day. raghi. Watch the actors rework the magic of the characters racotta pots in shimmering blue, green and
Have a wonderful and great year. that were carefully etched out by the two landmark yellow.
Bala Viswanath writers. When: June 27-28, 2008
Dear Sangi, When: 28th and 29th June 2008, 3.30 and 7 pm shows Where: Vimonisha Art Gallery, Khader
Many many more happy returns of the Where: Top storey, Alliance Francaise, Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam
day!! May God shower his blessings on Nungambakkam Contact 2833-3815
u throughout ur life!!!
Magalir Sangam, SIPTech, Chennai
Advance B’day wishes, Raji and Ramya.
May you get all that you desire for and
With loads of luv, “THE BUS GANG”
Top 5 Mokkai Jokes
Regards Radhika Q: How did the
Dear Raji, Titanic sink? Q: Why is a fire engine red?
Advance Happy Birthday Wishes. A: “Glub! Glub! A: Fire engines have ladders,
May all your wishes come true! Q: Why did a man sudden- ladders have steps, and steps
Spansion Team, HCL Technologies ly stop his bike and start can be measured with a ruler.
Hi Kaviya, dancing? A ruler can be either a king or a
Wish you many more happy returns of
A: He was a break queen. Elizabeth was the
the day. (brake) dancer. queen of England. Elizabeth
Regards, was also the name of a ship. A
Lekha/Purushoth, CTS Q: If you’re going so- ship sails in water. Fish live in
Dear Meena, mewhere and a cat water. Fish have fins. People
Happy birthday. Wish you
crosses your path, Q: 1+4+3 = 10. from Finland are also called
all success in your life. what does it mean? How did it Fins. The Finnish flag is red.
Your sister Abirami, TCS A: It means that happen? Hence, a fire engine is red.
the cat is also going A: It was a
somewhere. mistake.
22 ERGO Friday, June 27, 2008

Chimp lands job

Traffic Jam
In Poland, a town hall’s staff has added a rather
unusual co-worker - a chimp. The 17-year-old chimp
named Bobby is being paid US$ 140 a month to
promote a local tourist attraction. Bobby’s bosses
reveal he’s already being considered for a promotion.


of Sify
Limited clicked
this photo at
Kodiveri near
Gobi. Her
hobbies include
listening to
music, singing,
surfing the net
and traveling.
Email: srideepa

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Friday, June 27, 2008
Toaster pop record Word’s worth
A London art student has set the world "Katsuramono" (Kaht-soo-rah-moh-noh) one of the types of
record by creating a toaster that pops Japanese Noh drama, in which the chief character is female and
toast 8 feet 6 inches (2.6 metres) into the the theme romantic. It is usually presented as the third play in a
air. Freddie Yauner set the record at the performance of Noh. A man who plays female roles in Kabuki
Royal College of Art graduate show. drama is known as an onnagata or oyama.



The first half of the day is highly favorable for
starting any new venture or project. You might
think of fixing a meeting today. You might feel tired
in the evening. If you are already married, your
partner will be very glad and impressed with you.


Ganesha feels that you may get into scuffles with
people around you. Keep a check on your mood
swings. However, the second half of the day seems
somewhat relaxed and tension free, due to positive
response from your life partner or beloved one.


You may begin or join a new community online.
BORN LOSER Network and technology related work may interest
you a lot. In second half of the day you may make
new friends. Love relationships may blossom due to
efforts of your life partner, says Ganesha.
You will be busy for the whole day with
professional work. Love life may become more
demanding but if you express the same in front of
your beloved, he or she may feel bad. You are
advised to remain diplomatic with your life partner.
LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
You must control your aggression today. Use your
’fire’ in creative and developmental work, it will be
better for you. In personal life, Ganesha finds you
taking dips in the water of love. You may be willing
to present something to your mate or beloved.
Your level-headedness might help you achieve
FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT desirable things in office today. You can see things
from a larger angle and try to change yourself
according to the present circumstances. If married,
there may be some misunderstanding.
The day favours personal relationships. You may
remain stressed at office and important tasks may
get delayed. On the positive side, your life partner
or beloved one’s moral support will help you relieve
all the tension that you have had during the day.
It’s better not to start a new project today but you
can surely finish off pending activities. Domestic life
should be handled with care and you must avoid
being inflexible with beloved one. Ganesha finds
you passionate and intense in love relationships.
You may remain pretty busy with routine work.
Creative activities may bring credit to you, says
Ganesha. You may socialise with your beloved one
or life partner. In short, it’s a lucky and easygoing
day for you, by the Grace of Ganesha.
On the professional front, you may not be in a
position to negotiate. If you take a back-seat for a
while and let your support team handle important
meetings at office, it will be good for you. You may
not be in a mood to take much of physical stress.
PREVIOUS Many new ideas will be floating on your mind while
you are at office. Even complex coding may seem
ISSUE’S very easy to you today. In love life, you may change
your attitude to much positive and your personal life
SOLUTIONS may feel more ’refreshed’, thinks Ganesha.
It’s a perfect day to place request for salary
augmentation at office. Nothing may happen
immediately but yes, you can expect positive
response. In love life it’s right day for clarifications
leading to solutions. Overall day is favourable.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni
24 ERGO Friday, June 27, 2008

Mind your face
In Oklahoma, people who make ‘ugly
faces’ at dogs may be fined and/or

Tot’s bare bottom is porn for

UK store
A Brit mum who wanted to surprise her son with
a special 21st birthday cake featuring an old
photo of him as a bouncing baby was forced to
have it censored – because it showed his bottom.
Gail Jordan was planning to take her son David
for a birthday meal on June 18 and surprise him
with the cake. She had found a photograph of
him aged around five months old lying on his
front with his bottom showing and thought it
would be fun to have it printed on the cake.
But staff at UK supermarket, Asda, whom she
asked to transfer the print, refused to help
unless Jordan agree to censor the picture,
because it showed the child’s bare bottom.
They claimed that the photograph – which
featured her son David as a five-month-old baby,
and lying on his front – could be pornographic,
and insisted on covering his backside with a
strategically placed star. ■

Paddington Bear is
Paddington Bear, the bear who’s
fond of marmalade sandwich and
is kids’ most loveable character,
celebrated his 50th birthday on
Paddington, who was brought to
life by author Michael Bond, has reached his
fiftieth milestone – but luckily for him he hasn’t
aged a bit.
The first Paddington story was published in
1958, when the bear was found at Paddington
railway station in London by the Brown family,
with a note attached saying: “Please look after
this bear. Thank you.”
To honour the occasion, the politely spoken bear
partied the afternoon away in London with
more than 200 school children.

Potter’s ‘invisibility
cloak’ almost within
Your dream of having a Harry
Potter ‘invisibility cloak’ could
soon turn into a reality, thanks to
researchers at the University of
Illinois, who have developed a technique using
computer simulations that results in the nearly
total cloaking of an object.
Researchers say that the mathematical proof
brings scientists a step closer to a practical
solution for optical cloaking.
“This is much more than a theoretical exercise,”
said Harley Johnson, a Cannon Faculty Scholar
and professor of mechanical science and
engineering at Illinois. “An optical cloaking
device is almost within reach.”
In October 2006, an invisibility cloak operating in
the microwave region of the electromagnetic
spectrum was reported by researchers at Duke
University, Imperial College in London, and
Sensor Metrix in San Diego.