1.0 Executive Summary 2.

0 Situational analysis The Commerce Graduate Student Association (CGSA) of Concordia is a student association in it’s x year of operation. The Association is well known and established, and marketing is now essential to allow its business to expand and reach the broadest number of XXX in its target market. The association seeks to represent graduate students and enhance their lifestyles. This is achieved by offering facilities for students to meet and/or work, as well as by creating social events and promoting activities outside of the CGSA. 2.1 Market Summary Through the University, the CGSA has access to information about the students they represent. In the following section we will analyse this information to better identify our target market, their need and how we can better communicate with them. External analysis: Publics served: • Input publics o Donors :GSA , who else do we g et $ from? D’arcy Ryan, Dean xyz Do Anna G and Ayanna count? Gerry Hughes & Bob Menard o Supliers: Ka pong, JMSB facilities, o Regulators: quebec and federal NPO laws, Concordia university, JMSB • Internal Public; o Management: Board: CGSA 5 Board Members + GSA rep+ MSC Rep + o Staff: no paid staff. Volunteers: Sebastien, Jovo Partner public: CSM, MBA Society, ICC, Speaker series, Small consulting bureau, Consuming public: JMSB Students especially MBA,

• •

Registrations for the Fall of 2007

PHD MSc MBA CA CMA Investment Management EMBA AMBA

2.1.1 Market demographics: The profile of the graduate students we represent can be broken down along the following lines: geographic, demographic, psychographic?, and behavioural. Geographics Our geographic market consists of students: • that have access the university by public transport (xx km radius) • that have access the university by other means of transportation (car, train) • the total targeted market is of XXXX students Demographics • • • • Male and Female (65/35)??? Single or Married (any ratio available?) Have children (or not) between the ages of 0 and 30+ Age group

Psychographics if any? Behaviour: • MBA Students are mature students who are serious about their studies. Table X: Market analysis Graduate Growth Students Baby Boomers Mid Life Crisis 2007 2006 2005 2004

Seven year itch Recent graduates TOTAL 2.1.2 Market Need The CGSA is offering Graduate Students, with facilities in which they can mingle, relax or study. Students are also encouraged to participate in organized events in which they can get to know other Graduate Students. Finally the CGSA represents JMSB Graduate students in various associations and boards. Representation: When necessary, graduate students interests need to be well represented at various levels. Relaxation: Students need a comfortable place to unwind in between classes. Practicality/Versatility: Students need small rooms to study in and/or conduct group meetings. Entertainment: Students wish to participate in events, meet peers, unwind etc. Networking: At the graduate level students usually seek to obtain more than just a title. Networking allows to tap in unlimited labor resources. Today’s graduate may be tomorrows employer. 2.1.3 Market Trends: Graduate studies are becoming more and more of a requirement in order to access jobs of a certain (managerial) level. Furthermore, as work positions become less permanent, workers seek to constantly perfect their skills to be ready for the next time they’ll need to Also, New 1) Students are staying students (& home) much longer 2) With job security now becoming inexistent, more and more workers seek to constantly perfect their skills to be ready for the next job. 3) Marketforce is getting more picky and moves around much more? Is this point number 2 said differently? 2.1.4 Market growth: Logic: we are moving to new facilities. If new facilities are being built it is because we foresee a growing demand for them And the graduate student market is indeed growing. Does this mean we have to start planning everything bigger and need a bigger budget? 2.2 SWOT analysis The subsequent SWOT analysis identifies the key strength and opportunities of the CGSA and explains the threat and weaknesses faced by the association. 2.2.1 Strengths

1) Funding is a bureaucratic process that is already established and self perpetuating. Board members do not have to worry about raising funds, just how to manage them. 2) The CGSA has been established for X amount of years 3) has been free of any corruption (unlike the GSA). 4) CGSA Board members have a DIA student = Point of contact for other DIA’s (but program died) 5) Board Members are MBA students with various undergraduate backgrounds ( Arts - Audrey, English literature – Jon, IT – Karim, History – Tania, ??? - Caroline ) which allows them to combine and cumulate skills. As a result Audrey did the posters, Karim the wiki, Jon website text, 6) The CGSA Board members also are graduate students, which allows them to be in daily contact with the target student population. 7) The CGSA board members are well known by their MBA peers 2.2.2 Weaknesses 1) CGSA Board members are not in frequent contact with PHD, MSc, CA, CMA, Investment management, DIA, EMBAs, and AMBAs which are segments of the population whose interest they represent. 2) Board members can be quite busy; VP Internal works full time as a flight attendant, president is planning his wedding in the summer of 2008, Audrey worked all summer, Jon, Audrey, Caroline and Karim are all taking the case comp class in the hope of making the team. Imagine if they all do? 3) Environmental weakness; All 5 board members give priority to their MBA. Come mid terms and finals they may become less availables and devote less energy to the CGSA. 4) Organizational weakness: (Number one weakness) The CGSA is actually highly disorganized. The previous team left little information as to how to run the organization this is the reason for this paper. 5) The location of the CGSA office is not very visible. It’s at the end of a dark hallway and you need a code to get in the lounge area. Unless you know it’s there it is hard to find. 2.2.3 Opportunities 1) Ongoing opportunities through alliances with other organizations such as CASA, MBA Society, WIBC, GSA, CMS. 2) Increased enrollment means a greater turn up to our events. 3) The high traffic in the CGSA lounge makes it an excellent area for promotion and to hold small events. 2.2.4 Threats 1) Increased enrollment means a greater turn up to our events. More people means more costly events. Do we have an increasing budget? 2) Unpredictable cash flow. When do we get our funds? 3) The well frequented CGSA lounge is majoritarily frequented by MBA students. 4) Perception that it is the MBA lounge needs to be dispelled.

2.3 Competition Organizational level: no other organization exists as formal competition of the CGSA. Behavior level competition: Many sources of competition exist at this level. Figure X below describes possible sources of behavioral competition for the annual graduation event. Figure X competition to the MBA Graduation 1) What desire do I want to satisfy? Work, Exercise, Household chores, Job Search 2) How do I want to be entertained: With friends & family, at home, TV, Movies, drinks, Theater 3) What form of entertainment do I want to go to? 3.0 Marketing strategy 3.1 Mission (purpose, raison d’etre, inner calling to pursue activity/perform service. Original founders intentions. How vision will be achieved).Mission statement answers: What does the association do? Product / services offered. Who are it’s clients. Nature and location of the business’s marketing territory. Who are the members of the association. How does the association conduct itself? “Our Mandate (mission): 1) act as the official representative of all Commerce, Administration, MSC, (name them all) graduate students of Concordia university 2) To formally represent all the members’ interest a. at the Faculty of Commerce, b. at the Administration level, c. at the University level (including all board councils and committees), d. and within the business community ude 3) To promote and provide for the academic, social and recreational interests to its members 4) To exercise such care (or supervision) that will ensure activities are conducted in the best interests of the Association and Concordia University.” 1 3.2 Marketing Objectives “Our Objectives: 1) Represent Commerce students at the department, faculty and university levels./ Sit on various boards with the aim of representing the CGSA members’interests increasing the awareness in the university, and obtaining subsidies/sponsoring, Create a teacher review mechanism to ensure quality teaching.

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Increase the scope of involvement in our historically successful activities and events (& create new events and activities?). Promote services and events, both previous and new . Publicize events within the business community Inform students of events and services within the university, the faculty (e.g French coach), and the business community (YES services) Plan events with the aim of facilitating networking, getting to know your peers. Ensure events reach every group represented by the CGSA Plan original events attract to the greatest number of students. 2. Foster the creation of networking opportunities and bonds between student by events and. Sense of community belonging. Promote other association’s events (MBA S golf event and Mesa 14, GSA’s Chinese new year 2) Continue to provide and manage high quality facilities for our students Lobby to have a better internet access on campus Ensure the proper running of the 2nd floor computer lab. Ensure printer has paper and toner Have computers serviced regularly Provide and maintain a room for students to meet peers to relax and study. Ensure the lounge is in good working condition Remediate to anything lacking or not functioning properly 3) Improve student lifestyle and increase school spirit”2 Facilitate a student book exchange. Promote other association’s services (XXX partner system, CMS workshops & services, GSAs Dev interstudents bonds & create networking bonds to serve in the future. 5) normalize standard procedures of the CGSA to benefit future CGSA executives and facilitate transition to future CGSA teams. Keep track of spending in a quarterly budget report. Hold well planned weekly meetings with agenda and minutes and to dos Establish a clear set of bylaws. Establish a list of contacts for MBA students 6) Implement a sustainability program to include initiatives such as a recycling program, energy saving measures, car pooling services, bike racks. Values (everything you do as a group what is your priority) Access, Diversity, Belonging, Networking,

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Vision: What keeps us on moving forward. Where the goal-seters want to see themselves in the future. An image of the future we wsih to create. A future identity The CGSA wil be remembered by Commerce and Administration students for it’s effort of fostering quality of student life Culture: In an organization, culture is something that develops over time. However not every organization has culture. In the case of the CGSA there are two reasons that may explaien this situation. First there is a high turnover rate of CGSA teams as each team’s mandates last no more than a year. This turnover rate is sometimes even greater, as not all elected members complete their mandate. For example, this year ’s VP External, resigned some three months after being elected. The lack of culture can also be attributed to the absence of a culture transfer mechanism from one CGSA team to the next. When the transfer takes place, the former CGSA members, who usually were in their second year, graduate and move on. As a result no one remains to transfer and reinforce the previous CGSA’s culture. There is however a culture on which CGSA members can draw upon. That is the culture of the students in the MBA program. Overall it is Classification of the CGSA: Entreprenuerial: Sources of funds are donative and the nature of control is entrepreneurial(professional managers) is