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11/24/2017 Practices

Site Preparation, Excavation, and Backfill Specification
CVS02100 MAY 2014
Editorial Revision

Roadway and Area Paving Construction Specification
CVS02350 JANUARY 2017
Complete Revision

Underground Gravity Sewers Specification
CVS02700 OCTOBER 2004
Complete Revision

Chain Link Fence and Gates Installation Specification
CVS02830 DECEMBER 2016
Complete Revision

Structural - Anchorage into Concrete View Abstract

Application of ASCE Anchorage Design for Petrochemical Facilities
STE05121 JUNE 2017
Complete Revision

Anchor Fabrication and Installation Into Concrete
STF05121 NOVEMBER 2017
Editorial Revision

Fixed Industrial Stairs
STF05511 JANUARY 2017
Technical Correction

Structural - Concrete View Abstract

Guidelines for Tank Foundation Designs
STE03020 MAY 2005
Complete Revision

Vertical Vessel Foundation Design Guide
STE03350 DECEMBER 2008
Technical Correction 3/3