Roque, Jason R.

HUB 22

Mr. Mariano Thomas S. Ramirez Christian Morality “The WORLD needs TODAY, the VIRTUE of PRUDENCE”

The social - political situation of the Philippines right now has been so much affected by the discerning what is right and wrong. Most of the officials that are seated in the throne of the government have been very corrupt when it terms to money. The Filipino citizens right now is shouting and screaming because of the poor system of our country. Almost ¾ of the Philippines’ population has no food to eat, no shelter to live on, and no clothes to wear, while the officials in the government is enjoying and pampering themselves with so much money that came out of corruption. There is a quote that says, “The LOVE of MONEY is the root of all EVIL!” Money have been a great influence to the politicians whether for good things or for bad one. Actually, the mere fact that all the negative or should we say, EVIL things that we are encountering or the Philippines is encountering right now are just the results of the decision that we make every moment of our lives, especially the officials of the government. One of the results the most of us already know is the high statistics of murder in the country. People are influence by the money and power they want to achieve so they have to kill someone to eliminate hindrances to their sort of EVIL success. Sad to say that poverty is also one and the greatest result of unwise decision of so many people in the country. The irresponsibility of the some Filipinos and the graft and corruption of the government officials contributes to the poverty in the country. Most of the negative aspects in the Philippines, like our credibility, integrity and the level of thinking to the Filipinos are precisely the outcome of not DISCERNING the good and the bad things that we should and should not do.

As a Filipino Christian, being prudent is the virtue that we can contribute to our society right now. Prudence is discerning what are the good and bad things you encountered in life. It is true that choosing the right decision is not easy but the mere fact that it is the right thing we should do it. God has given us the freewill to choose, but still as a child of God or made by the image of God, we must be essentially good and do well. In a decision, if we choose the bad side, at first we will not face the consequences but sooner or later it will come back. Just like the water cycle, whatever you do to break the cycle, it is still a cycle it will come back around. A simple quote says, “What goes up, must come down!”, that simply means in your decision if you choose right you will get good things back but if you choose the wrong one it’s the opposite instead. If we, especially the government officials, will stop in making unwise decision the problems in our economy and society will be reduced or even gone. It just takes many guts to make a right decision rather than the bad one. Also, having a discerning spirit will help each and every Filipinos prevent the bad things that maybe the result of choosing the wrong one. Sometimes when we choose the right decision we felt some regret but in the other way we felt some lightness in our heart. It is better to do the right thing and enjoy the rewards rather than doing the wrong thing and suffer the consequences. Just like spider man say, “A great power carries with great responsibility!”, consider your decision is a sample of a great power and it definitely carries with great responsibility. Remember also the line, “What would Jesus do!” decision, think first what if Jesus was in my place what would he do? In making a

“Your DECISION right now will determine your FUTURE!” -Jason Roque

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