Installation Instructions: IrriGRAY Rainwater Kit

Although IrriGRAY dripperline is designed for graywater use, its low filtration requirements and even, fast flow rate make it the ideal choice for gravity irrigation of collected rainwater. IrriGRAY is the only dripperline requiring minimal filtration (40 mesh / 400 micron) and providing 0.4 GPH flow per emitter with just 12” of head pressure. Supplied with 150’ of IrriGRAY dripperline, this kit will irrigate at a flow rate of 1 gallon per minute (refer to last page for flow rate specifications). Additional coils can be added. Items required to install this kit:

Barrel, mobile trash can, or rainwater cistern / tank It is the installers responsibility to ensure the container is strong enough to hold water, and is secured to prevent drowning and/or spill risks! Drill & 3/4” holesaw
4 Minute Installation Video (click on Icon)

Multiple areas of garden can be irrigated evenly at the same time (note this layout requires an additional 3/4” tee not included with the kit).

2 Minute takeoff connections Video (click on Icon)

Drill a 3/4” hole in the bottom of the container.

Insert the rubber grommet into the hole.

Rubber grommet should be flush with the wall of the container.

Push the 3/4” takeoff fitting into the grommet (the end of the takeoff fitting has two retractable winglets).

3/4” takeoff fitting shown fitted to the container.

Push the 3/4” tube and valve assembly onto the takeoff fitting.

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Installation Instructions: IrriGRAY Rainwater Kit

Take off and valve assembly complete, with valve closed.

Connect the 40 mesh filter and 3/4” supply line.

Connect dripperlines to the supply line where required (shown here on gravel for ease of viewing).

To connect the dripperline, push the 3 barbed side of the takeoff into the dripperline.

The tool prong makes it easier to push the fitting all the way.

Push a hole into the 3/4” supply tube using the punch end of the tool.

Click the dripperline into the hole (it will make a ‘click’ sound).

To close the end of a dripperline, slide a figure 8 fitting onto the end.

Bend the end of the dripperline (figure 8 already on the line).

More information
Product web page IrriGRAY technical specification Capillary irrigation effects Understanding what plants need

Slide the figure 8 towards the bend, so the end is in the fittings.

Cover the dripperline and irrigation area with mulch to conserve water.

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Installation Instructions: IrriGRAY Rainwater Kit
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Flow rates of IrriGRAY network (gpm = gallons per minute) Head Pressure Feet 1’ 3’ 6’ 100’ 0.7 gpm 1.1 gpm 1.5 gpm Total length IrriGRAY dripperline 150’ 1.0 gpm 1.7 gpm 2.2 gpm 200’ 1.3 gpm 2.3 gpm 3.0 gpm 300’ 2.0 gpm 3.4 gpm 4.5 gpm

IrriGRAY Rainwater Kit Contents: These diagrams illustrate the amount of head pressure obtained from a barrel collecting rainwater. Minimum head pressure is obtained when the barrel is empty. Extra head pressure is generated when the barrel contains water.
QTY 150’ 150’ 1 2 1 1 1 1 10 Extra head Min. head 1 10 1
Flat ground, near floor level Placing a barrel sideways, on a barrel stand will provide more head than a barrel standing directly on the ground. This is only important if a faster flow rate than 1.0 gpm is required (with 150’ of IrriGRAY).

Item 16mm Irrigray Dripperline 3/4” LDPE Supply Line IrriGRAY 40 mesh screen filter 3/4” barb / 3/4” thread adaptors 3/4” purple back valve 3/4” grommet & 3/4” takeoff assembly 3/4" Insert Elbow 3/4" Plug 16mm Barbed Insert take-offs Hole Punch to suit 16mm take-off fittings 16mm Insert Figure 8 Ends Installation Instructions

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Extra head

Min. head

Ground sloping downwards, away from the house Little flow rate benefit is achieved by laying a barrel on its side if the irrigation area is down hill from the barrel location. Ensure the barrel is placed on a firm, level surface to avoid risk of tipping.

IrriGRAY kits are assembled in the USA, from local and imported components. Over 65% of this kit (by value) is manufactured in the USA. The design is based on our Australian products, proven over 5 years and tens of thousands of sales!

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