Character Captain
Name: Text: Date: Books: Lance Tanganco___________________ Book 13 - 16______________________ August 30, 2010___________________ The Odyssey______________________

Character Captain: The Odyssey involves a whole cast of great warriors and fantastic creatures. Your task is to get to know and understand the characters in the

text. Describe their personalities--how they act, how they feel, what they think. Share the observations you have about them to your group. Select adjectives that describe one or more of the characters in your novel, and support your selection with examples taken from your reading assignment. Write down the name of the character/s and the adjectives that describe them. Identify the specific incidents in the text that support your claims.
Character Adjective/s Specific Example of Behavior/Action in the Text (indicate Book #)



He asked the other council members to donate food and other luxury items to aid Odysseus in his journey to Ithaka. Book 13 Athene explained that she was with him all the way since the start of his journey and that she will not back out in the last stage of Odysseus's chance of going back home to Ithaka. Book 13 He offered food and shelter to the stranger and clearly said it was just not because of his old age that he treated him this way. It was because everybody should be treated the same because they were all gifts from Zeus. Book 14 He respected the decision of Telemachos to willingly go back to his home country to Ithaka. Book 15










She was able to understand and come up with conclusion and an inference based on what she saw when the eagle flew above them. Book 15 He did not clearly state the reason why he killed the person in Argos. He just said that he was just a fugitive running away from the relatives of the victim. Book 15

Theoklymeno mysterious s

Common Character Traits adventurous beautiful curious impulsive energetic gentle honest lazy nasty proud shy simple warm melancholy iconoclastic awesome brave creative dainty funny generous intelligent messy nice pretty sad short tall witty mellow artistic bold courageous dangerous happy independent mischievous nosy quiet sloppy smart trustworthy wild aimless belligerent athletic bossy considerate exciting friendly humble inventive mean open rich serious studious thoughtful loud loyal active cheerful daring entertaining fun-loving hostile neat poor respectful successful selfish unselfish silly prudent visionary

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