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International Negotiation November 25, 2017

Angelica J. Delmo Sir. Jumel G. Estraero

AB Foreign Service 401

A. Powerful Venus: India on Women Empowerment

We need women who are strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble,
so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational, and so
disciplined they can be free
-Kavita Ramdas

B. Chapters

I. Abstract: this study talks about on how India protects the rights of their women
against violence and how women in India can attain gender equality this will also study
about how women are now empowered when it comes to politics and how women are
changed throughout the years


Women are born to have a big part in our society. Way back in history, in ancient
India, Vedic women enjoyed high rank in the society. Equipped with better education
and opportunity to attain spiritual and intellectual standards; but since the late Vedic
period woman status in India has changed differ from before, child marriage, widow
burning and polygamy slowly worsening women position in the society (Basu, 2014).
Upper caste ladies should accept the Purdah customs, men are very dominating at
that time, and Women are not allowed to go outside without their husbands permission
(Rout, 2016).

Since then, women in India are experiencing a lot of gender inequality through
men. Today, in India are still on the risk against violence, especially the children, some
of the dangers of being a women in India is that walking alone at night without any
companion there is a big chance of being raped.
Basu, Arnab, Role and Status of women in Ancient India, IMPORTANTINDIA, 19, 2014Rout,
Naresh, Role of women in Ancient India, 2016
Not only women but also girls in India are in danger about this issue, one of this is child
marriage when a girl needs to marry an old man, or maybe in exchange of dowry, also
the violence against them is the main reason on why women should speak up for

Girls are less valued than boys in India, and they are lacked in education and
rights, some of them cannot do things on their own, like they were being chained on
their necks. Most of them are exchanged just to pay their families debt, some are
mistreated and harassed, the reason why some of them tend to shut their mouths,
afraid that no one will listen to them.
One of the problems also focusing on abuse about women is the domestic
violence, which is happening inside the house where women are being beaten by their
husband, to stop this kind of violence women should know how to speak up for
themselves and to have this women must be educated about these laws which can
protect them (Pant, 2017).
On the other hand there are some women who let their voice be heard not only
on their country but throughout the world; one of this is Kavita Krishnan who speaks out
for women in accordance to violence and rights, giving voice to those women who are

Nowadays even if women are now equal in men still some practice that can
cause violence against women are still there, it can still triggered women rights and it
will cause inequality between man and women.(Banerjee, 2012)

To be able to speak for yourself and to fight for your rights is important in our
society nowadays, we should not fear because its our virtue and we should open our
eyes in this society, we should know and we should seek for us not to be left out.

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II. A. Statement of the problem:

1. How does the constitution protect the rights of women?

2. How to stop domestic violence against women in India?
3. Does women empowerment are now strong in Indias society?

B. Methodology:
In this study, the researcher used the Basic Qualitative Document Analysis
because of its appropriateness to the study. Its an intended process of books, journals;
thesis related to the study, it elaborates knowledge by analyzing situation.
According to (Bowen, 2009) Document analysis is a form of qualitative research
in which documents are being analyze and interpreted by the researcher to give an
answer around a specific topic.
This method will only focus on documents, journals and books, on where the
researcher tends to analyze each of them and make a statement throughout of it.

III. Review of Related Literature:

Constitution in Indias Women Rights

National Mission for empowerment for Women (2001) is a policy that focuses on
the empowerment of women on the future, addressed discrimination, better health care
benefits and strengthening institutions that talks about the issue of women and children,
participation of women in decision making and policies and also to obtain gender
This will help the women to promote awareness against violence not only in the
house, public but also in the workplace; with this women can have a better access in
politics and to have a proper health care and benefits that is important to women in
India so that they could secure their health.
Bowen, Glenn, Document Analysis as a Qualitative Research Method, Qualitative Research Method,, 2009
National Mission for Empowerment for Women,
(Garg, 2012) today, women are still facing a lot of struggles protecting their rights and
dignity, so there are legal and constitutional rights that are made for women, some of
these are the Female Feticides, killing of a fetus girl inside the womb, since the ancient
time Indias customs of killing a girl fetus is a practice it is very shameful in Indias
society killing an innocent child inside the womb of a women, the government take a full
effort to spread this awareness to stop this practice in India. The Child marriage which is
the most common Indian custom damaging the future of a child and their rights in the

We all know that this customs will remain in Indias beliefs and tradition, but as the
years past and we are in a society that we are practicing gender equality between men
and women, this practice must stop to prevent violence and abuse against women in
India. Gladly, the government came up to an Idea of not necessarily vanished the
practice but to lessen this situation to protect women and children against this inequality
they felt on their society.
(Nicolas & De Vega, 2016) in the Philippines where women also gain violence and
inequality, the constitution also made a law protecting women and children against
abuse, the Anti-violence against women and their children law (VAWC) any act or a
series of acts against a woman who is his wife, former wife or against a woman with
whom the person has or had sexual or dating relationship, or against her child, whether
legitimate or illegitimate, within or without family abode, which result in physical, sexual,
psychological harm or suffering, or economic abuse including threats of such acts,
battery, assault, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty.
This act prohibits those people who are violating women and children, helping
women in the Philippines to speak for themselves a law that will protect the rights of
both women and children in the future. With this law, not only women are protected
against abuse but also the children who are on this kind of treatment against others, this
will also help both women and children to fight for their rights.

Garg, Ankur, Legal and Constitutional rights of women in India,
August 30, 2012
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How to stop domestic violence against Women in India?
(Nijhawan, 2017) domestic violence is one of the main causes in India why
women sometimes are afraid to speak for their rights, some women become dependent
to the male letting violence conquer their dignity. But today India government is in the
women side now; even some are still practicing their beliefs and customs. The
Protection of Women against Domestic Violence Act 2005, government saw how
women in India are risk of Domestic Violence; this act helps the security and safety of
women mentally, physically and economically.
The Protection of Women against Domestic Violence is one way to develop the
protection of women against violence, also this will be a great help to all women to
protect their dignity and not to be underestimated by men in the house to gain their
confidence and to be more independent type of women.

(Dado, 2017) Today, I will share my campaign for the prevention and how to
seek help for those suffering from domestic violence against women here in my own
country, the Philippines.
March 8, marks the day of International Womens Day, Noemi Lardizabal-Dado
lead a campaign against violence in women, she quoted the word I will be Bold, and
campaign against violence in this campaign Noemi speaks for women rights to tell the
authorities about domestic violence and to give women a voice to speak about their
experience about this problem. This will not only help those women who are
experiencing about this problem but also this will protect other women about this issue
that most of women facing today, this will also encourage them to be independent on
their own.

Nijhawan, Lalita, Domestic Violence: How women deal with it,
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(Felipe, 2017) The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG)
wants to seek women to help the government stop violence and the culture of silence
and abuses committed against them.
Many of Filipina women are at risk of violence and abuses, so the Department
of Interior and Local Government came up to an idea to make a plan to help women
against violence, many of them are experiencing those kind of treatment it should be
stop so we could help our society to promote awareness and to make a change.
(Dubey, 2016) There are many crimes that occur in women in India, women
are not safe and it can cause many challenges and struggles, so the Indian government
made laws to stop violence against women, here are some laws regarding women so
they can protect them, first the Prohibition of Child Marriage 2006 where children are
not allowed to marry at the young age and there is an exact year to marry; the Dowry
Prohibition Act 1961 it is a norm in India where marrying in exchange of dowry, so that
the family will be penalized. The Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace
(Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013, where the women in the workplace
must be protected against sexual and violence.
These laws are made to protect women against violence, not only in the
house but also in the workplace which has a lot of issue in the India today and with this
laws not only the women will be protected but also the children which is at risk of
violence as well. Now with this it can help women to fight for their rights and for the
children who is tortured and those children especially girls who are undergoing this kind
of customs of marrying at the young age, even some part of Indias countries are
practice with this customs at least half of their women population now has their rights on
their side wherever they go they women are keeping this rights to stop violence against

Felipe, Cecille, Pinays urged: Report Violence against women, PHILSTAR.COM,,
March 6, 2017
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Does women empowerment are now strong in Indias society?

(Sandeep, 2017) as of now, women are now experiencing women empowerment

in India, but still even though they have progress in empowering women, still some
women are abused in other parts of India, especially in Delhi which has a number of
cases about raped and deprived.
The women empowerment are important to have a fair treatment towards
men, this will help the economic growth of India by helping the women to develop in
terms of economic and stability of the country, like the social empowerment for women
and also the better access for education which leads to women empowerment to have a
strong and independent in the future.
(Ballescas, 2016) the Philippines in Asia countries are in high ranked on the most
equal in terms of gender and women empowerment, nowadays, women in the
Philippines are now as stable as man and they can also do things like a men does, in
workforce women are no on their high peak of success like men, the Philippines is now
strong in empowering women of the society.
To have a strong women empowerment are now needed to see of one country
is developing economically, this will help one country to balance worked force in both
gender. Nowadays women are the same as men, in the Philippines setting way back in
1980s women are always in-charged of house and taking care of their children, but now
as the country are undergoing to what you called development man and women are
now equally seen as one in working area and in the society, in other families now,
where women are working outside to feed their children and to buy their necessities
while men are in-charge in the house cleaning and cooking for their children. We can
now see how societies see them as equal in terms of economic and development.


Sandeep, Article on Women Empowerment| Essay on Women Empowerment, IASPAPER.NET, October 26, 2017
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(Sharma, 2017) now that the government is making their way to give women
equal protection and rights, but still its only on papers and women are still experiencing
those abuse towards men, in some other regions in India, women are still facing this
brutal inequality and unfair treatment, on of this issue facing by the women are the
raped cases where most women are being gang raped, child marriages and female
infanticide which is very common in India, and men are more favored than women, less
education towards them which leads to harassment and lack of freedom towards
Even if women in India had this laws which can help them to protect them but,
still some of them are being harassed and being raped, it means that its still stable for
empowering women in India, to obtain this, its not only the government who will do this
and respect women but the men as well should treat them fairly as well so. Men should
see women with respect and dignity to have an equal stand in the society.
(Team work, 2015) issue in quality between men and women are gaining a lot of
attention in the society, to have a women empowerment are important, with this women
can obtain protection and fight for their rights, and to have a stable development in
economic and social development in the country.
Women empowerment are important in the society today, women must be
educated in expressing their self and to hear their voice in the society. Women
empowerment can make the country stable and developed as well, societies must look
for men and women equally, to obtain these women must develop their confidence and
to be recognized how women are now independent even some of the population is
being dominated by men.

Sharma, Yogesh, Women Empowerment a Reality or Myth,
empowerment-a-reality-or-myth February 19, 2017
Teamwork, Essay on Women Empowerment: Its Meaning and Importance, IMPORTANTINIDA.COM, August 6, 2015
IV. Presentation, Interpretation & Analysis or PAID

Since women in India are at risk of abuse and harassment towards men and still
women are seeking for their rights.

According to (BBC News India, 2014) this is the chart taken in Indias National
Crime Records Bureau, as we look at it, it shows how many women are being violated
domestically, molested, kidnapped, raped in the year 2014, domestic violence in India
are the number one issue in India Society.

Up until now, even there are laws made to protect women about this violating
their rights it still up to men to respect them and their dignity, women should know how
to fight for their rights because its the only thing they can do to save their lives against
those people who are harassing them.

Not only in domestic violence, but also in rape cases are also one of the main
issue in India, Child Marriage and abuse are also an huge issue in India, now to protect
them Indian society must open their minds to treat equally both men and women so that
women in India can gain confidence to be able to speak for themselves.

BBC News, October 24, 2014
Source: Google images: women rights

Source Google Image: two women with a banner saying no to sexual violence

In this picture shows how women are still not free against violence and up until now
they are still seeking for their rights, the right to hear their voice and to speak out, they
need more acceptance and understanding in their society.

If we can imagine the world free with violence in women and children, this world
will be a better place for all of us, society must see the equality between them, they are
both need in social and economic development, they are both need in workforce and
the women empowerment are needed to strengthen and develop.
Source Google images; Young girls holding a banner to stop Child Marriage

About this issue of child marriage, this is also the reason why children in India are
also afraid to speak for their selves, although child marriage is a customs and many
region in India are still practicing this, still children need to have proper education and
female infanticide must be stop in order to treat girls right and also more education in
girls to give them a better understanding about their society.

This child marriage must affect the young brain and also it not good that girls in
India are just an exchange for dowry and to pay the families debt it can triggered the
way they think and the way they will look at the society they are in. they must be
protected because they need protection and to protect them they need strong laws and
empowerment they need development. How can they archive development of course
they need laws, laws that can protect them against harassment, force, raped and
violence, the society must give a strong protection and not only society but also to those
men, they should respect their dignity.

One of the most dominant factors that a women can have is a better education,
why they need education, well because education is needed to gain knowledge about
things and laws in the society, one of the great example of those women who speak for
the voice of children is Malala Yousafzai, is an 20 year old girl, a young Noble lecture,
peace prize, who speak for the rights of children to have a strong access in education,
children at their young age must know how to read and write. Education can help young
girls to know their right and to fight for it, so education is a must in Indias society to
achieve equality in both boys and girls.
Source Google images: Malala Yousafzai

To give an answer to this problem about women rights in India and issues of raped,
harassment and lack of education giving to them, there are five problems that Indias
society must fixed:

1. The Female Infanticide

Source The Hindu, a child painted her face to speak to stop female infanticide

Since his tradition of Female infanticide is one of the hottest topic in Indias society,
the laws about this must be strengthen to give protection against the new born female
baby this must stop be in order this give life to another human, because child is a gift
from above. Even though most of them are being dominated by men, women, girls
should have their equal rights in the society and be accepted towards development and
to be able to learn and to be able to see the world that is in stored for them, to be free
without any hesitations.
2. Child Marriage

Source Google Images: Children of India holding a banner to stop child marriage

Child marriage is also a tradition in India, even though some parts of India are now
fully aware in this customs and make laws to stop this still there are some part of India
that are still into this customs, this should be stop and let the children to have their rights
to have their time of their lives when they were still young, because kids are the future
of tomorrow.
3. Domestic Violence

Source Google Images: Domestic Violence against women

Domestic Violence against women also the main issue in India today, many
women are suffering domestic violence against men, Physical violence that can cause
frightened in women mentality, this should be stop in order to give strength in women
and to empower them so that they would be able to be independent on their own.

4. Proper Education
Source Google image: Women in India inside the school

Of course education in very important not only India but all over the world, girls in
India must have a proper education to have equal right with boys, because education is
a tool for success and with education women can be successful in different aspects.
5. Women Empowerment

Source Google Image: Vandalism about Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment in India must be strengthen in order to obtain gender

equality between men and women, women must developed their social status in life and
also to have a full access in the society they are in, in this Globalize world women
should know everything that is happening to her society, she must know how to fight for
her rights and to speak and to be heard by the many.
V. Summary, Conclusion, Recommendation


Now that we see how women in India are being unequally protected between men
and the way that most of Indias society are being dominated by men and Patriarchal
system are very strong and widely accepted in tradition. To summarize everything even
if youre a women or men, you both have rights, I do think that women can obtain this
rights and freedom when the society can look for them equally, India as one of the most
high cases of women violence, and child abuse, the government needs to make a
strong women rights to protect them not only in papers but they must make a move to
stop this violence against women. A woman needs respect and a will to live.


As for the conclusion, I think that in this world today, as I read stories about
women in India are being violated and taken away their rights as a human being, it very
painful to see those women who are suffering against the hands of the man. Nowadays
even though some women are now voicing out in the society, but still there are some
who are keeping their mouth shut and afraid to speak. I do believe that a woman
helping other women is important, because they can feel that someone is there beside
them to take care of them and to help them fight against violence.


To help the women in India, first they must stop the female infanticide, killing of
new born babies are bad and stop this as being their custom or tradition, because what
will happened if the world has no women in it, so we must protect them, better access in
education is a must to help women, proper health care and also to stop violence against
them. Because without these women we are nothing, we are incomplete. Lets help to
stop violence against them and all together lets make a better place for both men and

Source Google Image: Quotes for Women Empowerment

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