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Write the shortened name or titles of a person correctly.

1. miss rina sanjuan- Ms. Rina Sanjuan

2. president noynoy aquino Pres. Noynoy Aquino
3. mister demy reyes – Mr. Demy Reyes
4. doctor rey arellano – Dr. Reyes Arellano

Write the ending noun of each word? Write (s, or es)

1. Book = s,
2. table = s,
3. teacher =s,
4. box = es,
5. church = es
6. brush = es
7. bus = es
8. glass = es
9. tomato =es,
10. potato =e s,
11. mango =e s,

Write a or an before the nouns.

1. dog a
2. teacher a
3. letter a
4. egg an
5. apple an
6. elephant an
7. ox an
8. towel a
9. game a
10. bottle a

Write a or an to complete the sentence.

1. I use __a___ soap to clean my body.

2. I see __a__ doctor if I feel sick.
3. I saw __a__ lion at the zoo.
4. Look, theres __an___ airplane.
5. I have__a____ sandwich in my bag.

Write the short form of the following:

1. January – Jan.
2. Friday – Fri.
3. April – Apr.
4. February – Feb.
5. December – Dec.
6. Sunday – Sun.
7. Monday –Mon.
8. May – May.
9. March – Mar.
10. Tuesday –Tues.
11. August – Aug.
12. October –Oct .
13. Wednesday – Wed.

Add an apostrophe (‘) or an apostrophe (‘s) to each noun to show


1. bird _’s__ wing

2. ladies _’___bags
3. janitor __’s__ mop
4. boy _’s___ pants
5. baby _’s___ big
6. babies __’__ diapers
7. father _’s__ hat
8. girls__’__clips
9. pupils _’___ books
10. teacher__’s__ table

Rewrite the following noun phrases to their possessive forms.

e. g. the computer of Rikka

Rika’s computer

1. the stairs of the building – building’s stairs

2. the slippers of man – man’s slippers
3. the tail of the dog – dog’s tail
4. the horns of the carabaos – carabaos’horns
5. the meeting of the parents – parents’meetings
6. the field trip of the children – children’s fild trip
7. the party of the teachers – teachers’ party
8. the bag of the boy – boy’s bag
9. the flower vase of my mother – mother

Answer each sentence use some, little, or few.

1. They brought (some, little) grapes for me.

2. They also gave me a (few, little) packs of nuts.
3. My mother prepared (some, few) juice for them.
4. She served the juice together with (few, little) slices of cake.
5. Minda ate two slices of cake but drank (little, few) juice.
6. She asked our maid to bake (some, little) cookies.
7. Our maid then bought (few, little) eggs from the nearby store.
8. Mother put (some, few) butter and sugar in a bowl.
9. She also sifted some flour with a (few, little) baking powder
on another bowl.
10. I had (some, little) cashew nuts ready.
I. Read the following questions carefully. Write the letter of your
answer on the blank before each number.

_____1. What is the science process of observing the things around

us using our sense organ?
a. Description b. Observation c. Comparison

_____ 2. What sense organ will you use when you want to know
the smell of perfume?
a. nose b. eyes c. tongue

_____ 3. What can our eyes do?

a. see b. hear c. taste

_____ 4. What is the science process of identifying the similarities

and differences of the objects?
a. Observation b. Comparison c. Description

_____ 5. Which of the following tastes sour?

a. papaya b. tamarind c. water

_____ 6. What is the science process of telling something about an

object such as its solor, size, shape, taste and other observable
a. Observation b. comparison c. Description

_____ 7. Strawberry, apple and cherry have the same ____

a. size b. texture c. color

_____ 8. coffee tastes_____

a. sweet b. bitter c. salty
_____ 9. What is the use of our ears?
a. hearing b. smellingc. touching

_____ 10. In observation we use _____

a. body b. sense organs c. behavior

II. Identify the taste of the following objects. Write sweet, sour,
salty or bitter.

1. Chocolate –
2. Medicine –
3. bitter gourd –
4. vinegar –
5. salt –
6. dried fish –
7. candy –
8. green mango –
9. tamarind –
10. ice cream –

III. Write true or false.

1. We look for the similarities and differences of the objects

when we compre them?
2. Apple and strawberry are similar in texture.
3. We compare two or more objects at the same time.
4. Comparison is not a science process
5. In comparison, we also make use of our sense organs.

IV. Compare the following set of objects by writing their

similarities and differences.


Similarities – and
Differences – and
V. Identify what is being describe. Write your answer.

1. It is soft. You use it when you are sleeping.

2. It is a tall animal. It has a long neck and legs. It can be found
in the zoo.
3. It is where we put our things. You bring it in school
4. It is an air transportation. It brings us to far places at a faster
5. It is usually seen in birthday parties. It has different shapes. It
has air inside.