G'I Ana'll, ~ s€!@1k the CQ U nsel of Y ~ur kn€lwled'l~ and ~ s,eelk tit€! h elp ~f Y e ~'J OmI1Jnrterl<l:~ a.ud ~ b~see,cb. Y.ou fa,r "our Ma:gnt!

fkent G.raee~ l.gr~ly, y,0!"~re

. CapaMe'&.1 aID mot. YOY lm0W &: I l~ow R~1:: & U are th~e IiD@wE!r ef the unseea I ,

, to .Allah .tf 'iflruJ know that this matter [then mention the thing to be d'Rdd,ed ]1

~:s good fonr me in Iny reUgI,on and in rny Ufe and for m,wt81fare hl the lif'! ttl ,€:t),me '(e.r say: in ttds Ufe aMd t\lle afterUle~ then QrdafR it fOJ .Mll' &. make U: easy

~ for me,duul b15sme in it and ify,[I,~ know that this matter is bad fer me in m relism(lin& ta my life and for my welfare ru.D the life te come [ or say: in this life

and the afterUft]J then distance itfnJ'ln me and distance me from it and ordai

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