August 2010

School Opens on Tuesday, September 7th
School Supplies
Homeroom lists will be posted at the school entrances on Friday, September 3th. Students can visit the school on Friday, over the weekend, or early Tuesday morning to see which homeroom class they should report to on Tuesday morning, September 7th.
There is no standard ―Supplies List‖ for secondary school students. In their first class together, subject teachers will inform students of the supplies required in each of their courses. Having said that, there are some basic supplies that could be acquired before school starts: General: A three-ringed binder for each academic subject (one each for Eng., S.S., Science, and Math), looseleaf paper, dividers (4-6 sets), pens, pencils, a ruler with a metric scale, an eraser.

TUESDAY, September 7:

Del Views

Grade 9-12 students start at 10:15 a.m. Students will report to their homerooms for instructions. In homeroom, Mathematics: A scientific calstudents will receive copies of their culator having the trigonometric funcschedules, agenda books, the school timetable and bell schedule will be ex- tions sin, cos and tan as well as a geomplained, and lockers assigned. Grade 9 etry set and graph paper. -12 students will be dismissed for the day at approximately 11:00 a.m. Physical Education: All stuGrade 8 students start at 12:00 pm. At that time they will report to ―The Delview Dome ―(our Big Gym). A team of teachers and senior students will lead the Grade 8 Orientation Afternoon (dismissal at approx. 1:00 p.m.)
dents must wear running shoes and have a T-shirt, shorts and socks to change into for each PE class (please note that cutoffs and other makeshift shorts are not permitted as gym strip). It is also strongly recommended that an extra lock be acquired to use on the P.E. lockers during classes. While change rooms are locked, they are not supervised during class time and thefts have occurred – but never from a locked PE locker!
Inside this issue:
Delview Website
School Opening Information Bell Schedule/Agenda Books/Go-Cards Calendar/Counsellors/Attendance Principals Message 1 2 2 3

9111 - 116th Street Delta, BC V4C 5W8 Phone: 604-594-5491 Fax: 604-597-4374 Delta School District Website

Mr. D. Younger—Principal Mr. M. Robinson—Vice Principal

Student Registration Form/Student Accident 4 Insurance, course change times Locks/PAC/Grease/Community Information Student Fees/Dry Grad 5 6

School Information
Wednesday to Friday Class Schedule (September 8-10)
1st Period 8:30 — 9:45 Homeroom 9:50 — 10:10 2nd Period 10:15 — 11:32 Lunch 11:32 — 12:15 3rd Period 12:15 — 1:30 4th Period 1:35 — 2:47 Cafeteria service will start on Wednesday, September 8th. Regular Bell Schedule (Starts Monday, Sept. 14) Period 1 Period 2 Lunch Period 3 Period 4 8:30 — 9:55 — 11:17 — 12:00 — 1:25 — 9:50 11:17 12:00 1:20 2:47 Block Rotation Day 1 A B C D Day2 B A D C

School Calendar September to December 2010
Tuesday, Sept. 7 Friday, Sept 10 Wednesday, Sept 15 Friday, Sept. 24 Thursday, Sept 23 Monday, Sept 27 Wednesday, Sept 29 Thursday, Sept. 30 Monday, Oct 11 Wednesday, Oct 13 Friday, Oct 15 Thursday, Oct 21 Friday, Oct. 22 Wednesday, Oct 27 WednesdayNov. 10 Thursday, Nov 11 Wednesday, Nov 18 Wednesday, Nov 24 Friday, Nov 26 Wednesday, Dec. 8 Friday, Dec. 17 December 20-Jan.3
Tuesday, Jan 4

Collaboration Day Bell Schedule (occurs 16 times in the school year) Period 1 9:35 — 10:40 Period 2 10:45 — 11:52

Block Rotation Day 1 Day 2 A B B A

Lunch 11:52 — 12:30 Period 3 12:30 — 1:35 C D Period 4 1:40 — 2:47 D C By slightly lengthening our regular instruction days and restructuring our Professional Development days, collaboration time is provided to teachers on 16 mornings. This time will be used for the ongoing development and implementation of teaching strategies and methods as well as for curriculum development.

- School Opens - School Photos - Collaboration Day-9:35 start - School Fee Collection - Grade 8 Parent Night - Professional Day - Collaboration Day-9:35 start - PAC Meeting & AGM -Thanksgiving Day - Collaboration Day-9:35 start - Interim Reports Home - Parent Teacher Interviews Early Dismissal - Professional Day - Collaboration Day-9:35 start - Collaboration Day-9:35 start - Remembrance Day - Report Cards Home - Collaboration Day—9:35 start - Professional Day - Collaboration Day– 9:35 start - Last Day of classes in 2010 - Winter Vacation
- Schools Re-Open

Ms. Schlatter Students with last names beginning with the letters A - K. Ms. Pooni- Students with last names beginning with the letters L - Z.
Students can make appointments to see a counsellor about either school or personal matters by filling out a counselling request form (by their office doors). If a parent needs to talk to a counsellor, please call the school at 594-5491 to make an appointment.

Student Agenda Books
During the first week of school all Delview students will receive an Agenda Book. They are designed to be a practical and convenient way of organizing information and managing time. The section on Delview’s policies at the front of the book is a most valuable guide to the school. While teachers will be spending some time going over the contents of the book with students - and reinforcing their use on a regular basis - we would encourage all students and their parents to familiarize themselves with it. There is room in the book to record marks and to keep track of student progress.

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School Information
Principal’s Message

It’s hard to believe that another summer holiday is rapidly drawing to an end and that we will soon be returning to school. I hope that you have all had a chance to enjoy some time with friends and family to relax and recharge. Over the holiday our staff has been working hard getting the school ready for a smooth opening. Our office staff has ensured that administratively we are ready to go, our counselors have reviewed and corrected student schedules while our custodial crew has the building in great shape. For students new to Delview, I would like to make you aware that Delview follows a semester program. This means that students will have four courses for the first half of the year (until Jan. 28th) with their remaining four classes starting on Jan. 31st. This is shown in the student schedules being sent home with this newsletter. While we have made attempts to check all of the student’s schedules, please review the schedule that you have received to ensure a balanced load of academic and elective classes between the two semesters. For the 2010/2011 school year we will be continueing the inclusion of teacher collaboration time in our schedule. By slightly lengthening the teaching time each day and by reorganizing our Teacher Professional Development time we have created 16 opportunities for our teachers to work together on ongoing curriculum development and the development and sharing of teaching strategies and methods. A focus for many of our teachers this past year has been on more authentic assessment, through the use of the collaborative time, we expect this development to continue. For students and families, the structural change that you will see with the collaborative time are the 16 late start days occurring on Wednesdays throughout the school year. On these days, first period will start at 9:35 with all periods shortened to 65 minutes for the day. The schedule of these collaboration days is included in this newsletter and they are also shown in the fridge magnet schedule sent home with this package. On these days students are expected to be in class for 9:35. For those students who must be dropped of early, a room will be provided where they can gather and quietly work on homework etc. We look forward to meeting our new Grade 8 class – the class of 2015 – and to working with our returning students as we anticipate another exciting and successful year for the Devliew community. We’ll be holding grade assemblies during the second week of school to provide information to all students about the coming school year.

Leading up to the summer and also over the summer, we have experience a few changes to our teaching staff. Mr. Waldman returns to us from South Delta and will be teaching in the English department. Ms. Bochen has taken her maternity leave and we look forward to welcoming Ms. LeBrun to the Home Ec. Department teaching foods. Ms Sahaydak also joins Delview in the Home Ec. Department teaching foods. Ms. Harnik is joining Delview to teach Math and Science. Ms. Schalk remains on her maternity leave and we are happy to have Ms. Manery continue with us teaching French and Physical Education. Our Alternate teacher, Ms. Lekakis, is also on a maternity leave and we are pleased to welcome Mr. Pomeroy to the alternate program. Mr. Mew is continuing on his medical leave, and we are pleased to have Mr. Brown continue teaching in the Tech. Ed. Department. In this newsletter you will find information about our opening day activities on Tuesday September 7nd, about school supplies, agenda books, locks and lockers, course fees, pictures and all those other Back-To-School issues you are wondering about. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 604594-5491 or come to the school office between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. any weekday. Finally you can learn more about the school by logging onto our website at: Mr. D Younger, Principal

August 2010

Student Emergency Release Form (Pink Form)
As a secondary school, in the event of an emergency, we will undertake appropriate procedures to safely evacuate students from the building, with the majority of students leaving the site when permitted to do so to go home. For school staff to be aware of those parents/guardians who are providing permission for their children to leave the school site when it has been deamed safe to do so by the authorities or who are requesting that their children remain at the school site until such time that they, or a designated temporary guardian, can come and collect them, we ask that you complete the enclosed Student Emergency Release Form. This form also asks for an out-of-province contact (should normal telephone service is disrupted, only long distance calls to areas unaffected by the disaster are possible) and medical alert information, and return it to the school office by September 17th, 2010.

Student Registration Information Form (Blue Form)
Enclosed with this newsletter is an important form to help the school maintain accurate records and to enable us to communicate with you more easily. Please take a few minutes to check the form and to add information where there are blanks or errors. Throughout the year the office often sends out e-mails to parents to inform them of important events and/or notices. To facilitate this form of communication please ensure you update your email address on the registration from. Please return the updated form to the school office by September 17th, 2010.

Video/Photo Release Form (Green Form)
In order to celebrate student achievement at Delview, we publish student photographs in our newsletters, on school websites, and occasionally in the local newspapers. Please sign the enclosed Photograph/Video/Website Release Form to give permission for us to use your child’s photo for such purposes and return it to the school by September 17th, 2010.

Student Accident Insurance
The District would like to draw your attention to Optional Student Accident Insurance that is available to all students registered with the Delta School District. This insurance is inexpensive and provides three different plan options. Parents are reminded that the School District’s basic insurance coverage does not include coverage for students who have been injured in an accident. Please take a moment to determine if the insurance offered by IAP Kids Plus Accident Insurance meets the needs of your family. You can learn more by: visiting the IAP website: or by picking up an application from the school office in September.

Student Course Schedules
Included with this newsletter is your child’s schedule for next year. While our counselors have been able to check many student schedules, they have not checked all of them to ensure that they are complete and balanced to the best of our ability. Please check over the schedules and if you have any concerns our counselors will be available at the following times: Tuesday, Aug. 31 9:00—11:30 for Grade 12’s 12:30—2:30 for Grade 11’s Wednesday, Sept. 1 9:00—11:30 for Grade 10’s 12:30—2:30 for Grade 9’s Thursday, Sept. 2 9:00—10:00 for Grade 8’s 10:30—12:30 for Grade 11 & 12 Please be aware that our timetable is very full and course changes can be difficult to make. Students are helped on a first come basis and long line-ups to see the counselors often occur.

August 2010

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School Information
Locks, Lockers, and Protection of Valuables
Students are assigned a locker for the school year. Unless given permission by the office, students are to occupy only their assigned locker. A combination lock must be used to secure the locker. Good quality locks can be purchased from the office for $6.00 each. Students are strongly encouraged to purchase a lock from the school. Inexpensive locks purchased from other sources are often vandalized, resulting in damaged or stolen personal property. It is also important that students not tell others their combination, but if a student suspects that others do know their combination, the office will exchange locks for them at no charge (providing the original lock was purchased from the school). In order to protect valuables from loss or theft, we encourage students to secure them at all times. If you ride a bike to school, a good lock should be used (bike racks are located at the front of the school). Lockers should always be closed and locked. Never share your lock combination with anyone. If possible, leave your valuables at home. Students are encouraged to use a combination lock to secure their belongings in the P.E. change room lockers. The school has no insurance for lost or stolen property and cannot take responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged personal student property.

Continuing Ed Opportunities
Classes for High School completion and Adult Basic Education will begin September 8. You can find courses for adults at all academic levels – come and see us! We offer a wide variety of regular academic and elective courses! We are now offering full credit courses which you can take on-line. These courses are offered tuition free to students in Grades 10 to 12. Course advisors and ongoing assessment are available. Please phone 604-594-6100 for an appointment. Courses include: English Fundamentals and English Conversation, classes for general interest, as well as Media Arts and Woodworking for credit. Register early – look for our Fall brochure in your community newspaper August 23 or 24 or check our website at Classes begin September 8th, so don’t miss out! Register at: 1. 2. 3. School Board Office (Phone 604-940-5550) for High School Completion Delview Adult Centre (Phone 604-594-6100) for Adult Basic Ed and High School Completion Ladner Adult Centre (Phone 604-946-3150) for Adult Basic Ed, 8:30 am – 12:00 noon

North Delta Newcomers
North Delta Newcomers and Friends welcomes women new to the area or interested in meeting new friends. They have monthly dinner meetings and various activity groups such as cards, golf, Mom and tots, walks and potluck dinners. For more information please call Marilyn at 604-5917967 or Pam at 604-597-7974.

Homestay Families Needed
Delta School District is looking for homestay families who would be interested in hosting a visiting student for summer, half year, or full year study terms. International students generally come from Asia, Europe, and South America and can be ages 10 to 18. For more information, contact: Gerda Chase (North Delta Coordinator) 604-202-9686 Teri Gallant (Tsawwassen) 604-319-2575 Kerstin Dashkewytch (Ladner) 604-562-3274

Parent Advisory Council Meeting (PAC) Wednesday, September 29 Delview Library at 7:00 pm
While PAC meetings are informal, they are an important avenue not only for parents to find out what is happening at Delview and in the district, but also for parents to give input to the school regarding school programs, policies and activities. Come to PAC and let's work together to ensure Delview continues to be a great school for our kids!

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School Information

Enclosed with this Newsletter is a Statement of School Fees for the first semester on the 2010/2011 school year. This statement reflects fees related to courses your child is currently enrolled in and is subject to change based on any course changes. In such courses as Woodwork, Metalwork, Electronics, Music Art, and Media Arts teachers will explain to students in the first week of school what “basic projects” will be completed without any additional cost and those “enhanced projects” that will be available for a fee (using superior materials, taken home by the student for personal use). Students will have the option to prepay for all of these enhanced projects at the start of the course or to ―pay as they go‖ project-by-project if they choose to complete an enhanced project as the course progresses.

On Friday, September 24th, we will collect the fees described below as well as any project pre-payments for elective courses (Woodwork, Metalwork, Electronics, Music, Art and Media Arts). Fees can be paid in full that day or split between two cheques dated September 24th and October 8th, 2010.
Basic Student Activity Fee $25.00 (This fee is collected from all students at the start of the year to support extra-curricular activities, school clubs, athletics, dances, intramural activities, and theme days. It also pays for the Student Agenda books.)

Workbook Deposit Fees Science 8 $ 8.00 Science 9 $ 8.00 Chemistry 11& 12 $ 25.00 Biology 11 $ 8.00 Biology 12 $ 10.00

Accounting 11 & 12 French 8-12 Spanish Calculus 12

$18.00 $10.00 $25.00 $ 8.00

Math 8 Math 10 Math 11 E. Math 11 Math 12

$ 6.00 $ 6.00 $ 8.00 $ 8.00 $ 10.00

These fees are refundable based on condition of book when returned at the end of the semester. Other PE 11 & 12 Yearbook (optional) Locks (optional-available for purchase at the Office) *Commencement Fee (for Grade 12 students only) *(This fee is collected from all Grade 12 students to rent their grad gown $30.00 $50.00 $ 6.00 $45.00
rental, and for a memento for each student)

Athletic Fees: will be announced by coaches of each sport at the time that try-outs are called.

School Pictures and “Go-Cards”
Student photographs will be taken on Friday, September 10th, at which time all students will be photographed at no charge to provide their GOCARD for transit and for the school yearbook. Students may wish to buy a photo package from the school photographer. Photo packages must be pre-paid on picture day. Package order forms will be distributed to students on or before September 8th. Please return forms with payment to Photographer on Picture Day. Please note that there is no fee for the “Go-Card” and you do not have to buy a photo package in order to receive a “GoCard”.

Regular attendance and punctuality are closely related to success at school. At Delview we work closely with parents to promote this. If your child is absent, please notify the school either by calling 594-5491 (the answering machine can be used outside of school hours) or by sending a note when the child returns to school. If we have not heard from a parent or guardian on the day of an absence, the school will endeavor to call the parent. If at any time you wish to check on your child’s attendance or progress, most information is immediately available through Parent Connect and if you are having difficulty, please do not hesitate to call the school.

August 2010