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This is the big list of links at the Links of Wisdom wiki. :3

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Hack & Slash: Blog Index
Suggested Reading | Necropraxis
Philotomy's Musings (PDF)
The Basics of Role-Playing Games
Hack & Slash: On Resurrecting the Quantum Ogre and Having Him Over for Tea: Be
open about traps, mistrust, information and all that.
Ten Foot Polemic: Party Upgrades in a Deadly Campaign: Meta gaming is not a
problem. Player knowledge is part of the fun in a long campaign.
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: (Adam West voice) "Actually, Robin...": regarding
player types: you cant help them do that if you are condescending to the whole
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: How Much Do You Want To Be A Wizard?: I think of
D&D working kind of like a dinner conversation.
Goblin Punch: OSR-Style Challenges: "Rulings Not Rules" is Insufficient
Dispatches From Kickassistan: Managing Player Expectations
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: Kinds of Player Skill: If youre in a theoretical
discussion of role-playing games, these explanations might help: diegetic (in game, in
character, IC) and extradiegetic (out of game, out of character, OOC) thinking skill,
creative problem solving, mimetic skill.
Matthew Finch's Quick Primer for Old School Gaming (free download from Lulu)

Scope of the Game

Playing D&D With Porn Stars: How To Play The Game
D&D ID, an illustrated guide to how to identify the editions of D&D
D&D Retroclones - Taxidermic Owlbear
Definitions of Standard D&D Terms
The Alexandrian on Hit Points
Quickly, Quietly, Carefully: What do hit points represent?
Use of the Word Level
Order of the Stick satire on the multiple uses of the word "level"
Old School RPG Blogger Advancement Level Titles
How to Use the Dice
The Alexandrian GM Dont List #2: Rolling to Failure
Let It Ride or Push Your Luck | Necropraxis: In Push Your Luck play, the number of
attempts is not limited but risk attends each try.
Goblin Punch: Game Design: When To Be Random
The Order of the d30
Troll Dice Roller and Probability Calculator
Delta's D&D Hotspot: Testing a Balanced Die
Hill Cantons: Attribute Checks- The Simple Route
Cyclopeatron: Simple Multi-Ability Checks
How to Win
Treasure Hunters HQ: Campaigns Use People: How to play as a player. A short list
with advice.
House Rules
Coins and Scrolls: The Index
PrinceCon III from 1978, also note all the PrinceCon D&D variant rules, more info on
Goblin Punch: The GLOG
Dreams of Mythic Fantasy: I've Released a Game Thing into the Wild: House rules by
James Smith (PDF)
The XP Experience: Skill and Task Resolution... A Cool Chart.: A system for handling
skills and task resolution in a more granulated manner.
House Rules | Necropraxis
Halberds and Helmets (German PDF)
Cyclopeatron: Gary Gygax's White Box OD&D House Rules

Player Character
Coins and Scrolls: OSR: The Three Estates: All about medieval life
5MORE System: lightweight task resolution: A quickneasy generic non-combat mechanic
How to Create a Player Character
Behind the Name: Random Name Generator: actual names filtered by languages
Bardiches & Bathhouses: The PC and Family: Roll for parents, siblings and children
1d100 Retroactive Backstory: The basic idea is that every time you level up, you roll
1d100 on the Backstory table. Each has a hopefully-inspirational fragment of
backstory and two potential outcomes. Now the trick here is that the other players at
the table decide what your character must have done, based on how your characters
been acting in the game thus far.
Halberds & Helmets: Character Sheet Generator 1st level only, B/X is the default

& Magazine - Wizardawn: B/X Character Generator: This will create some unique
characters complete with statistics, abilities, skills, experience, coins, spells,
descriptions, appearances, and inventory.
Ten Foot Polemic: 1d100 Retroactive Backstory: Roll once when you level up,
referee asks a question and the other players answer it for you. And you get a little
Goblin Punch: The GLOG: Character Creation
An Abominable Fancy: Boilerplate Fantasy Playbooks: These playbooks should
greatly speed up chargen, especially for new or young players. Ask the player what
kind of character they want to play, hand them the appropriate packet, and then
answer any questions that come up. You should be done in about five minutes.
Fantasy Shields - A Coat of Arms generator for your personal heraldic shield! - For
RPG campaigns or World Building: Heraldry
Uplink RPG Site - Heraldry: Uplink Heraldry Generator
False Machine: 5e Underdark Background
Save vs. Total Party Kill: Random Character Generator
Jeffs Gameblog: D&D chargen as a party game
Quick Character Generation
Hill Cantons:Alternative Character Generation System
Diceless Character Creation for Classic D&D
Roles, Rules & Rolls: Old School Players character sheet and generation
Troll & Flame: 3d6 in order
L'Orgasmo Cerebrale: Roll #d6, some of them in order (Rafu's matrix for rolling Ability
Childhood Events -- Valley of Blue Snails
Adolescent Events -- Valley of Blue Snails
B/X Blackrazor: 100 reasons Characters Are Together (review)
Characterization Made Easy by Scott Bennie (pdf download)
Bohemian's Good At System
B/X Blackrazor Headgear
Akratic Wizardry: Background Professions
Alex Schroeder: Determining Class
Hit Points and Hit Dice (and Death)
Coins and Scrolls: OSR: Death and Dismemberment Table + Early Retirement
Tables: When your maimed character wants to retire
Surviving Character Death: A long description of a campaign set up with character
death in mind. How to make the transition, what to expect. Quote: this story is not
about your character. It is not about a hero or even a group of heroes. This story is
about a world and a universe.
Goblin Punch: Narrative Wounds and Fast HP Refreshment: If the character chooses
to recover HP in one turn, they must also assign themselves a narrative injury. This
injury has no mechanical effect except to reduce their maximum HP by 1 point per HD
for the day.
Monsters and Manuals: Hit Points as Proxies for Character Traits, and the Genius of
the Abstract: How to interpret a STR 18 fighter with 1 hp.
Basic Red: Hit Points Are Kung Fu: Why people still fight when they have only one
The XP Experience: Zero Hit Points: Dismemberment, Dying, and Death: A new
system for handling death and dismemberment.
WWCD?: Player's Guide: Secret hit points
Ten Foot Polemic: Death and Resurrection in a Weird World: A table of terrible things
to happen when high level characters are raised from the dead.
I'd Hit That
L'Orgasmo Cerebrale: Rafu's card-driven Grievous Wounds (the Pulp Fantasy
Hidden in Shadows: The Meaning of Hit Points
Akratic Wizardry: Hit Points and Constitution
Alexis' Mass Effects on Hit Points
Alexis' Good Negativity - For each point below zero, the player's stats are lowered by
Trollsmyth: Death and Dismemberment a table with consequences for anybody
dropping to 0hp and below
B/X Blackrazor: 50 ways to die
Troll and Flame: Deadlier Death and Dismemberment (table for <0 HP)
Troll & Flame: So, You're Dead
Dyson Logos: Wounds & Pain
Bonuses and Penalties Due to Abilities
The Jovial Priest: My Three Favourite House Rules
Goblin Punch: Conviction: You charge your Conviction whenever you follow it
and get into trouble. [] You spend your Conviction to get +10 to a d20 roll, but
you can only spend your Conviction when it is related to the same Conviction.
Goblin Punch: Career Paths for 3d6 Fantasy: Roll 3d6 in order and discover
something about your past.
The Jovial Priest: Ability Scores Tag
Jovial Priest: An Ability Score of 3 is Unplayable
Stuart's Alternative to the Six Stat System
Jovial Priest: Grip Strength is the best real life comparator for the ability score
The City of Iron: House Rule: Specialist Knowledge
Daniel R Collins (Delta): How does Intelligence Relate to IQ?
Akratic Wizardry: Sanity
Jovial Priest on Charisma: Hitler's henchmen, Batman's Robin and Arthur's
seating plan
Character Classes
New Class: The Traveler | Land of Nod: a Doctor Who-esque class
Doomslakers!: character class: a bunch of cool character classes by James V. West

B/X BLACKRAZOR: Exceptional Traits for B/X: simple d10 special ability chart for
fighters, clerics, thieves, M-Us
Basic Red: Shopgirl: template to turn standard classes into hard-working wageslaves
who adventure parttime
Against The Wicked City: B/X Class: The Extras: Play a band of grunts as a single
Jeffs Gameblog: Or get them all together: Collecting all the random advancement
charts in one Google Docs document
Jeffs Gameblog: One Size Fits Most: Random character advancement for non-
standard classes
Dungeon of Signs: HMS Apollyon Viking Character Generation Rules: Viking themed
subclasses and house rules
Against The Wicked City: 200th post spectacular: the big book of B/X classes!:
Angels! Blue Folk! Brass Men! Children of the Pines! Clocktopi! Deep Ones!
Disciples of the Word! Extras! Ghouls! Goblins! Half-Trolls! Inquisitors! Mesmerists!
Noncombatants! Orcs! Patchwork Girls! Renunciates! Sandshapers! Sirtya! Snake
people! Skaven! The Unkindness!
Named Levels: Random level titles
Goblin Punch: Regional Classes - Kaladar
Customized Classes for B/X by Of Dice and Djinn : Based in part on Paul Crabaughs
excellent Customized Classes from Dragon #109, but altered and reworked so that
xp values for the seven canonical classes remain unchanged
Customized Classes for B/X: Examples: Classes built using the XP tables from Of
Dice and Djinn
Jeffs Gameblog: Loosening up on B/X Race-as-Class: a lot of options and
suggestions on how to add more classes to your game
custom class generator for Basic D&D / Labyrinth Lord: This page generates a
random character class for your classic D&D games based on an article by Paul
The City of Iron: Ix: Player Character Races
A Wizard's Kiss: FLAILSNAILS-compatible race & class compendium
A Wizard's Kiss: What I Talk About When I Talk About Prestige Classes
A Wizard's Kiss: More About Prestige Classes
Erin D. Smale's Building the Perfect Character Class
Dyson Logos: Glantri Crafts as Prestige Classes with 4 sample classes
Lord Kilgore: Wizards and Warriors 5-color character classes
Bargle: 0D&D Character Tables listing all combat systems (Thac0, man to man, mass
combat, fantasy table, etc)
Tales of the Rambling Bumblers: Simple Combination Classes
Saturday Night Sandbox:Dweomon & Dweomon Master
CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: 200 names for humans by Scrap Princess
Cultural Archetypes
Simple Hybrid Classes
Of Dice and Djinn: Mutants!!!: If your character has a Charisma of 8 or less, then
you can start play as a mutant in addition to whatever other class you choose.
9 and 30 Kingdoms: X Without Spells using Turn Undead mechanic for variant
class abilities
9 and 30 Kingdoms: Class Building
9 and 30 Kingdoms: Class Construction Table
Labyrinth Lord Bard Character Class | The Lizard Man Diaries
of Pedantry: Bardic Songcasting (Spellcasting description)
of Pedantry: A New Take on the Bard (Class description)
Strange Magic: The Bard for Basic D&D
Lands of Ara: 2d6 Bard (Non-magical bard, skills based on 2d6 roll)
Djeryv's Advanced Edition Companion Bard (pdf)
Alexis' Bard
9 and 30 Kingdoms: Bards Without Spells
The Celebutante
The Dandy
Clerics and their kin
Hack & Slash: On the Old Gods (Part I): If you run a game without clerics, use
bonds to describe the relationship between character and divinity.
Dungeon of Signs: Fallen Empire - The Imperial Cult, New Class and Spell lists
Goblin Punch: Towards a Better Cleric: Takes away vancian magic from clerics
and gives them faith/mana points
gloomtrain: that old time religion: What would some other gods look like?
Classic Greece and the D&D Cleric Problem | Lost Pages: Allternate Powers for
Dungeon of Signs: Cult of the Leviathan - Clerical Spell List: Water based cults
Of Dice and Djinn: Prophets (cleric sub-class): Prophets are almost exactly like
clerics. They even share the same spell list, but prophets keep all their spells
memorized at all times. The catch is that the prophet can only perform each of
these miracles once, then they loose that spell forever.
GIBLET BLIZZARD: Random Table: Healing from the Snake God: Negative
consequences for beeing healed by the snake god without swearing eternal
The Tao of D&D: How To Play A Cleric: How to role-play a megalomaniac, how
to reach for the stars, how to aim for a world-changing cleric
Inquisitor | Dyson's Dodecahedron
games with others: Shinto-Doctor-Mushi-Shi Clerics for OD&D and B/X
Rotten Pulp: Summoner
Strange Magic: Monks and Assassins for Basic D&D
Jeffs Gameblog: canonical B/X cleric to-do list
OD&D Clerics and Zoroastrianism
Dyson Logos: Healers
Strange Magic: Bene Gesserit as Cleric (and a great example of class design)
The Ship's Doctor
Goblin Punch: 7 Myths Everyone Believes About Druids: Food for thought
if you want to add druids to your campaign.
Grognardia: Druids of Dwimmermount
9 and 30 Kingdoms: Druids
Blood Druid/Blood Witch
Witches and Witch Hunters
Witch: by James V West, handdrawn
Witch: by James V West
Trollsmyth: Witch
The Other Side Blog: Witch Familiars
B/X Blackrazor: Witch Hunter
9 and 30 Kingdoms: Alchemist and Witch
The Witch for B/X
Turn Undead
Dungeon of Signs: HMS Apollyon Player Manual - Turning Rules:
Example of how to adapt the turning rules to your campaign.
There's Dungeons Down Under: Turn Undead Made More Simple
9 and 30 Kingdoms: Clerics Without Spells uses Turn Undead to handle
healing and other abilities
Fighters and their kin
Random Advancement Class: The Sellsword | Die Uncast
Doomslakers!: FIGHTERS!: Some special abilities by James V West
Werewolf hunter by James V West
Daily OSR fix: Day of Class: Wolf Blade
OSR Class : Lycans Bane | knightowlgames: Werewolf hunters!
Doomslakers!: Sword Slinger Character Class
Sword+1: Vat Engineered Troopers (VET class for White Star)
Save Vs. Dragon: New BX/LL Character Class: The "Purely BX" Ranger
All Watched Over by Insane Machines in Space: THE CHEM RANGER -
Genetic Troopers for Labyrinth Lord / OSR
Black Knight: evil fighters by James V West
Of Dice and Djinn: LL Custom Class: Amazon Huntress: These Amazon
Huntresses are utterly at home in the forest, and are able to gain the trust and
loyalty of wild animals.
Of Dice and Djinn: LL Custom Class: Primitive: Cavemen
Beyond the Black Gate: Expanding the Fighting Man
Basic Red: The Lawman, Bold Iron-Nerved Keepers of Peace in XXR's Strange
DNDable West
Bat in the Attic: The best summary of a paladin I have read (repost): Paladins
must be likeable.
Basic Red: The Shootist- My BX/LOTFP/etc Game DOUBLECROSSROADS'
rifleman, pistoleer, and shotgun surgeon.
Basic Red: Common Folk- A Baseline Class For Cowboy Cosmic Carnage in
Doublecrossroads: Cowboys. Require firearms in your campaign to make
The Red Box of Westmarch: Basic Iron Heroes: A 10th level fighter with a rusty
knife is nearly as dangerous as one wielding Excalibur. Its not the sword, but
the arm that wields it.
Random Diversions: Labyrinth Lord - The Beastmaster
The Wisdom Frog Croaks: Queens of Battle, Monarchs of Murder
Luchador, V3!
Labyrinth Critical! Class: Doxy, take 2!
Strange Magic: Paladins and Anti-Paladins for Basic D&D
THE LAND OF NOD: Barbarians and Bards
THE LAND OF NOD: The Beastmaster
9 and 30 Kingdoms: Beast Master using X Without Spells approach
The City of Iron: More classes! (?) -- Brute & Archer
The City of Iron: More classes! -- Leader and Blade
Jeffs Gameblog: canonical BX to-do list: Fighter
R&R Character Class: Kensei (duelist)
R&R Character Class: Headhunter
B/X Blackrazor: B/X Beastmaster
B/X Blackrazor: B/X Bounty Hunter
B/X Blackrazor: Back When We Were Myrmidons Together (Fighter Level
The Normal Man / Woman
Joesky's Barbarian
Troll & Flame: Devil in the Details - Berserkers
Daddy Grognard The Rose Blades Paladins
Initiates of Mithras Paladins
Atlantean Barbarians
B/X Blackrazor: B/X Barbarian
Ode to Black Dougal: B/X Barbarian Class
Zak's Random Barbarian
Zak's Alternate Fighter
Zak's New Random Ranger
Random Paladin
The Stranger (John Carter Archetype)
The Machine-Bonded
Barbarian for Kitsune and Kensei
The Warlord
Wizard's Kiss: Warlord
Magic-Users and their kin
Coins and Scrolls: OSR: Class: Wizards: links to various wizard schools, and
some house rules
Summoner by James V West
Goblin Punch: The GLOG: Wizards: They include the Illusionist, Necromancer,
and Orthodox Wizard (the most traditional one).
Do Not Take Me For Some Turner of Cheap Tricks: Turn all magic users into
Warlocks, or a Warhammer overhaul of the magic system
Dying Stylishly: Metamorphosists
Methods & Madness: The Minimalist Magician: An alternate take on spell-
Doomslakers!: Witch Character Class
Corey Ryan Walden: OD&D Warlock
Star Wizard: an astrologer class by James V West; instead of spells you know
stars and ask them to do your bidding using reaction rolls
Of Dice and Djinn: LL Custom Class: Shaman: Wearing costumes and binding
Goblin Punch: New Class: Spherical Wizard
OD&D summoning | Necropraxis: Summoning summons one monster from the
wandering monster table. Use other spells and reaction rolls to befriend, charm
or dominate it!
The Wizard's Panoply: Accessing higher order spells requires adding to ones
panoply - the idiomatic collection of magical resources a magic user must
accumulate to become a great and powerful wizard one day. Each level of spell
beyond the first requires one magical thing.
Le Chaudron Chromatique: Goblin Enchantress (with shaman and retinue)
Dungeon of Signs: HMS Apollyon - Necromancer Subclass
Goblin Punch: Elementalist Wizards
Learning spells: risks & investments | Necropraxis: Roll 1d6 to learn new spells.
A table of things to do in order to improve your chances.
Ten Foot Polemic: The Muscle Wizard
Cauldrons & Clerics: 100 Chaotic Familiars (DCC)
Genie binder | Necropraxis: A class that gets wish as a class abilitysort of.
Phantom Seas: A Witch class for LotFP
The Tombs of Akrasia: Easy Wizard Sub-Classes (DEAD LINK)
Dyson's Dodecahedron: Fleshcrafters
Jeffs Gameblog: canonical to-do lists for Basic/Expert magic-users
Bargle: Vancian Spell Points System from CHAINMAIL
City of Iron: Elementalist Class
City of Iron: Necromancer Class
Dyson Logos: Enchanter Class
Dyson Logos: Merchant Prince Class
Hill Cantons: White Wizard
Magic-User Level titles
Houri Class
There's Dungeons Down Under: Pain-free, no-fuss Magic-User variants for the
busy DM
Zak's Random Wizard
The Gadgeteer
Necropraxis: The Spellblade
Hack & Slash: The Blue Mage
Axes and Orcs: Tenebraeist Class: Shadowcaster
The Rodent Beggar
Magic-Users Without Spells
Le Chaudron Chromatique: Goblin Enchantress (with shaman and
retinue) : Goblin Enchantresses are not goblins who cast spells or
enchantments, but rather humans who for whatever reason natural
attraction, strange rituals, or ancient family secrets are enchanting to
goblins. Goblins love them, are oddly mesmerized by them, and obey their
call and their will. The more a goblin enchantress allows goblins to server,
the more willing they are to do so.
gloomtrain: pyromancer class: Dark Soul style pyromancy
Goblin Punch: Manrider Alchemist Class: Dominate a humanoid to ride.
Use lots of potions. For small characters such as halflings, goblins or
Genius Loci: Ice Priestess - OSR Class for any setting
gloomtrain: Warlock 3.0: Warlocks entering pacts with spirits; use of the
reaction table
9 and 30 Kingdoms: The Apothecary A non-magical alchemist
Magic-User Familiars
Mazirian's Garden: Unfamiliar Familiars
Ten Foot Polemic: Easy Familiars That Are Actually Good: Familiars dont
die and can cast a spell. If you die, they explode into a demon to menace
your friends.
Goblin Punch: You're Doing Familiars All Wrong: Familiars are
summoned and need to be appeased. They do your bidding but you owe
them favors in return.
9 And 30 Kingdoms: Familiars
Familiars are terrible and difficult to fix
gloomtrain: righteous punching for justice: a simple but customizable Monk
Of Dice and Djinn: LL Custom Class: Jedite: Loyalty, Duty, Honor; this is the
Jedite way.
Goblin Punch: Muscular Puncher: while wizards train their minds, a muscular
puncher trains only their body
Searching for Magic: New Class for LotFP: the Monk
Multiversal Monk/Pugilist/Asskicker Class for Labyrinth Lord and Such
Dungeons and Digressions: Yogi
Grognard's Grimoire: S&W Monk
Monk class
9 and 30 Kingdoms: Assassin and Monk based on Delving Deeper Thieves
(see also this monk modification)
Axes and Orcs: Monks for Adventurer Conqueror King
Natural Philosopher
Psionic Warrior
Thieves and their kin
Rub-a-D&D: butcher, baker, candlestick-maker, tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor: the
Spy as a B/X class | Lost Pages: Spy.
The City of Iron: OSR Rogue Class: Part 1: instead of getting better at their
thieving skills, you gain more skills as you gain levels
Assassins & Poison | Necropraxis
PLANET ALGOL: Shadowdancer Prestige Class for Thieves
THE LAND OF NOD: The Shadowdancer
The City of Iron: More classes! -- Assassin redux
Jeffs Gameblog: canonical BX to-do lists: Thieves
R&R Character Class: Ninja
Beyond the Black Gate: Swords and Wizardry Thief class
Jovial Priest: Old School Thief using the best of the OSR rules
Zak's Thieves and Liars
9 and 30 Kingdoms: Tourists based on Thief class
9 and 30 Kingdoms Miners and Smiths as Thief variants (mainly for dwarves,
but open to all)
Grease Monkey
Magitek Engineer
The Alice/Alistair/Fool
The Bastard Class
Thief Skills
Hack & Slash: On Locks and Keys: Redux: Use a Yahtzee mini-game for
lock-picking (or hacking anything, really)
Doomslakers!: THIEVES!: If a thief fails their roll, that just means they
werent perfect. Also, thieves gain extra abilities.
Methods & Madness: Alternate Backstabbing for old school D&D
Quickly, Quietly, Carefully: Rolling vs Role Playing Discovery of Traps
and Secret Doors
Aeons & Augauries: Alternate Lockpicking: Names for locks, distribution
by dungeon level, tools required
B/X BLACKRAZOR: No More Skill Rolls, Dammit!
Dyson Logos: d6 and 2d6 Thiefin for Basic Dungeons & Dragons
Robert Fisher: On thief skills in classic D&D
The City of Iron: Expanded Thief Class
Rather Gamey: Dead Simple Lock & Trap Mini-game
The City of Iron: Pick Pockets Results Charts
Necropraxis: Thief Draft including summary of OSR thieves
Hill Cantons: Mountebank
B/X Blackrazor: B/X Mountebank
Dyson Logos: Rat Cultists
Roles, Rules, and Rolls: Demihumans In Hardcore Mode: No resurrection for
elves, dwarves, gnomes and halflings!
Hill Cantons: The Robo-Dwarf, a LL and B/X Variant Class
Jeffs Gameblog: Random BX Dwarf Advancement: roll for random
changes when you level up
Goblin Punch: A Few More Words on Dwarven Culture
games with others: Dwarf in the Machine (5e D&D Race/Dwarves/some
Dungeon of Signs: Dwarves are Horrible
Dwarf Names by Scrap Princess
Dwarves of Death: Necrodwarves, Necromantic Flamethrowers, Runic
Necromancy Magic Items, Beard Leeches
Jeffs Gameblog: canonical BX to-do list: dwarf
Hill Cantons: Feral Dwarf
B/X Blackrazor: B/X Dwarven Troll Slayer
Jovial Priest: Dwarven Level Titles
Jeffs Gameblog: Meet the all-new, all-weird Elf: roll for random changes
when you level up
From the Sorcerer's Skull: The Weird Life Cycle of Elves: explaining wood
elves, high elves and dark elves
Stasis Engine: "The Aral Sea... was...": A little bit of background on wicked
elves ruling over a dead sea
Like Being Read To From Dictionaries: Do you remember Thool's horrible
moth people?: Elves are Moth Men with a powerful glamor.
Semper Initiativus Unum: Weirding Up Your Elves: Growing horns at 4th
level Is just the beginning!
Of Dice and Djinn: LL Custom Class: Elfulan: More Star Trek Fantasy
games with others: WE STARVE (Elves for D&D that are not Tolkien
Elves): Different Elves
Goblin Punch: Elven Culture and Magic: Elves embody beauty and
Dungeon of Signs: Demons of the North: All about elves.
Elf Names by Scrap Princess
GROGNARDIA: The Devil's in the Details: Three tables to roll on when
creating elf characters.
Elves of Pahvelorn | Necropraxis: They take an extra point of damage from
iron weapons!
Middenmurk: Fallen Elves: Elves are lost in the diminishing world, grown
senile and disparate and corrupt. These are the rustic folk of dell and
cave. Descriptions based on the first level spell they know.
Ten Foot Polemic: Elves Fallen Further: Weird changelings slowly losing
their humanity Updates: Tweaking the Elf Fallen Elves for LotFP
using first level spells from Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Jeffs Gameblog: canonical BX to-do list: elves
City of Iron: Fey Class for Labyrinth Lord
Dyson Logos: Elven Warder Class
Jovial Priest: Elven Level Titles
Christmas Elves
Gypsy Elves
Jeffs Gameblog: Random BX Halfling advancement: roll for random
changes when you level up
Save Vs. Dragon: New BX/LL Character Class: (Halfling) Warslinger
Of Dice and Djinn: LL Custom Class: Halflingon: Halflingons are known
throughout the lands for their aggression and brutality
Dungeon of Signs: Everyone Hates Halflings: Inspiration.
Ten Foot Polemic: Weird Monster Hunter Halfling Class: Halflings who
dominate other creatures and bind them to their will.
Hill Cantons: Black Hobbits
Strange Magic: Hobbits for B/X D&D
Jeffs Gameblog: canonical BX to-do list: Halflings
B/X Blackrazor: B/X Juggernaut
Dr. Samsara's Recasting B/X Demi-Humans as Human Classes
Desperate Courage
Jovial Priest: Halfling Level Titles
Axes and Orcs: Halfling Druid for Adventurer Conqueror King
Axes and Orcs: Sky Gnomes for Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Gnome Class (variant)
Trollsmyth: Charisma-based Gnome Class
Other, Non-Monstrous Races-as-Classes
Discrete Dice: Jackalla - servants of Anubis, the Agyptian Lord of death
(Undead Hunter Racial Class) : Undead killing jackal people
The Disoriented Ranger: Ratpeople Class for the D&D RC (or Labyrinth
Lord and so on)
The Disoriented Ranger: Ape Men for the D&D Rules Cyclopedia
(Monkey Business Extra 1)
Rachel Bonuses: New-school race-as-classes part the third: Tieflings
What Would Conan Do?: Tieflings: Sins of the Mother
What Would Conan Do?: Bariaur Class
What Would Conan Do?: Githzerai Class
Canines, play as dogs, hounds, pugs, etc.
Goblin Punch: Star Children
Straits of Anin: Children of the Sea: Also, a separate spell list, mutations
(blessings), monsters ( Example Lords of the Sea)
Of Dice and Djinn: LL Custom Class: Orionixie: Slender and lithesome
green skinned women. They are amphibious, equally at home on land as
they are in lakes and streams.
Basic Red: 5e Background: A Goat: If your campaign can take goats
disguised as humans,
Dandy In The Underworld: Secret Santicore: New Fantasy Race: VAT-
SPAWN: with tables to roll on
Vaults of Nagoh: Fungal Murderhobos of the Wilds: Myconids
Monsters and Manuals: BECMI Rogue Modron Class
Monsters and Manuals: BECMI Bariaur Class
Limited Wish: Forgotten Realms Race-Classes for Labyrinth Lord:
Includes Dragonborn, Genasi, Tiefling
Nine-Tailed Fox
Sky Men
Axes and Orcs: Moogle Fusiliers (musketeers)
Axes and Orcs: Moogle Machinist
Against The Wicked City: New B/X Class: The Goblin
No Signal!: Labyrinth Critical Class: Robodroids!
Henchman Abuse: Robots
Axes and Orcs: Oil Surge Relay: A first draft: 1st draft of rules for playing a
transforming space robot in a fantasy setting
Medusa by James V West: When you use your special powers too often, save
vs. spells or turn into a monster after all.
Doomslakers!: Rat Bastard Character Class
Of Dice and Djinn: Custom Class: Naked Mole Ratling
Of Dice and Djinn: LL Custom Class: Ratling: Ratlings are small (about halfling
size) sentient rat men who are invasive and can be found in almost any
Of Dice and Djinn: LL Custom Class: Minotaur
Goblin Punch: Dopplegangers
In The Shadow of Puzzled Vikings: The Hungry Folk: Myconids, more for
Blueholme Prentice Rule, ie. just three levels
Dungeon of Signs: Undead as a Playable Class - HMS APOLLYON Player's
Guide: The Draugr
Goblin Punch: Brackles, a PC Race: plant people that die every winter and
restart on level 1
False Machine: Kenku: Kenku are human. They just always wear the Bird Mask.
ALWAYS. No-One knows why. They are a travelling rootless people who never
stay in one place for long. Unfortunately they have been cursed with a poor
sense of direction.
The Avarian- A Hubris Race for DCC | Wrathofzombie's Blog: Bird man, shape
changing, must choose Law or Chaos, must choose Path of the Trickster (with
Spellcasting) or Path of the Scoundrel (with Thief abilities)
Dragon class | Necropraxis
Labyrinth Lord: Axolotl Men
Axes and Orcs: Heroic Skeleton for Adventurer Conqueror King
Axes and Orcs: Warpforged: Scifi Robot Characters for ACKS
Ten Foot Polemic: Plant Goblins for LotFP: Fungus-based goblins who bud off
an army of squabbling minions
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: Hengeyokai, or the Those With Two Skins
Stuffed Crocodile: Uruk Hai
Frightful Hobgoblin: The Orc
Stuffed Crocodile: Duckfolk
Strange Magic: How to Make a Monster PC
Underworld Cleaning Service: Mind Flayers
Underworld Cleaning Service: Lizard Men
Underworld Cleaning Service: Succubus
Underworld Cleaning Service: Centaurs
Underworld Cleaning Service: Blue Dragons
Grognardia: Goblins as a PC Race
Goblin Character Classes by John Wilson
Lovecraft: Cat, Deep One, Ghoul and Serpentman as Race Class
The Society of Torch, Pole and Rope: Mule Racial Class
Trollsmyth: Nixie Racial Class
The Society of Torch, Pole and Rope: Octopus Racial Class
Lands of Ara: Ogres as PCs
Hill Cantons: Half-Ogre Racial Class
Trollsmyth: Half-ogre Racial Class
Underworld Cleaning Service: Half-Orcs
Underworld Cleaning Service: Ogres
Trollsmyth: Pixie Racial Class
Saturday Night Sandbox: Equestrian Ponies!
R&R Character Class: Hengeyokai (shape changer)
Dyson Logos: Toad Racial Class
Moribund (undead)
Shallow Ones
Orcs, Half-Orcs, Ogres, Minotaurs, Trolls etc as Player Characters
Vampire Class
Green Martian Warrior
3- and 4-Handed Weapons
Shardik (Bear people)
Necropraxis: War Dog
Warpstar Knights (Kirby)
Exiled Siren
The Beast, for all your sentient animal needs
Necropraxis: Were Creatures playable write-up for a Were-man race that
includes stats, rules on how and under what circumstances a player shifts to
and from were-form
Hive Mind PC Races
Character Alignment
Dispatches From Kickassistan: Alignment Ain't for 1st Level
The Priest of Chaos Said
The Priest of Law Said
Roles, Rules & Rolls: "Ten Commandments" PC alignment system
Jeff Rient's Threefold Apocalyptic Alignment System
Daddy Grognard Good, Evil and the Line Between Them
Zeal's Expanded Alignment System
Check For Traps - All About Alignment
Check For Traps - All About Alignment Part II
Jovial Priest: Unaligned - a new alignment choice
Dyson Logos - Alternative Alignment System
Methods & Madness: Languages, alignment or otherwise: A short list of languages for
demons, angels, magic-users, fairies, etc
The Alexandrian Random GM Tip Fantasy Lorem Ipsum: Print a page or two of
gibberish and use it whenever you need a foreign language.
Making Languages Relevant | Papers and Pencils
Campaign Languages: An example of how a referee might set up languages for a
new campaign
What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse: Sprechen sie Neutral?
Weapons and Equipment
Beyond the Black Gate: Standard Starting Equipment Package.: Its the standard.
Charactersheet including an quick equipment sheet: Includes little pictures of things
Aeons & Augauries: Filthy Lucre in a Grotty Age: Strange Corina and Quality of kit
and arms
Dungeon of Signs: Dogs aboard the HMS Apollyon
Strange Magic: Heavy Arms and Armour in B/X D&D
Straits of Anin: The world is as sharp as a knife: Equipment for the mythic Pacific
Equipment Costs
Necropraxis: OD&D Equipment
Troll & Flame: Starting Equipment
Random Starting Equipment Chart
Kenneth Hodges' Medieval Sourcebook: Medieval Prices
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Dollar (Improvising
Equipment Costs)
Jovial Priest: Acquirement and a Silver Based Economy
Delta's DnD Hotspot: On Money
Against The Wicked City: War Masks of the Wolf Khans
gloomtrain: Equipment List: -if you bring a barbarians axe to a noble wedding,
people are going to look at you funny, and if youre wearing a diamond-studded
dragoon helm in the bad part of New Londinium, everyones going to think they
can eat you for breakfast
Goblin Punch: Dinner Jackets, Plate Mail, and Barbecue Sauce: fashionable
clothes as armor
Dungeonskull Mountain: Advanced Loin-Girding (limiting plate armor to fighters
and dwarves)
Historical Sources
Middenmurk: Body Armour: Lots of pictures!
Gary's Source Book on Armor: free link to Charles Ffoulkes' 1909 book,
Armour & Weapons
Armor Class
Jovial Priest: Armor for Thieves and Magic-Users
Aeons & Augauries: The Naked Warrior or Diapers in the Dungeon
Paladin in Citadel: Dexterity As Armor Class
Dragonsfoot: Weapon Types versus Armor Class
Delta's D&D Hotspot Weapons vs. AC
The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms: Shield Rule: Shields ignore 1s on
damage rolls
Trollsmyth: Shields Shall be Splintered!
See JD's comment regarding rearranging AC to give shields more
Helmets and Headgear
Dungeon of Signs: Helmets
Building Mecha
THE RUBY DROPS OF NARCOSA In the Jewel Glades of #Narcosa, where
the water: Narcosa
The City of Iron: Psychoactive substances for adventurers: Narcosa
GIBLET BLIZZARD: We're Here to Lick Your Toads: Narcosa
The Jovial Priest: Poison, made simple
Daddy Grognard: Poisoned!
B/X Blackrazor: Poison Tag
Jovial Priest: Poison, made simple
Overcomplicating Labyrinth Lord weapons for fun, Addendum, on using reach,
fixing weights, fixing prices, and so on
Magician's Manse: Making Weapons More Interesting
Methods & Madness: Single Digit Weapons: One digit to define damage,
initiative, vs. armor, etc. versus Armor Class
Goblin Punch: Guns for the Children: spend more bullets to deal more
damage, aim to halve the distance penalty, and other interesting rules
Dungeon of Signs: Firearms Fumbles
B/X Blackrazor's Adding Firearms to B/X D&D
Non-Combat Equipment
Violent Media - Dice and Design: Big Basic Weird Fairytale Equipment d100
Table: For character creation, roll three times on this table
Adding Smartphones to your Game World | Papers and Pencils: And apps. And
it might work!
Dungeon of Signs: Starting Minor Magical Items For Darkly Haunted Noble
Aeons & Augauries: Grotty Food and Drink: Food quality degrading
Dungeon Equipment
Old Guard Gaming Accoutrements: The Oily Rag
Land Transport
The Jovial Priest: Combat rules for mounts, mounted charges and 'on the
fly' mass combat rules.
Society of Torch, Pole and Rope: Get your horses here
Sea Transport
Hill Cantons: Ships for Classic D&D

An Abominable Fancy: Boring Spells: a completely flavor-drained spell list, just straight
mechanics. Want a Fire Mage or Shadow Walker or Time Lord or Gadgeteer or whatever?
Just pick the mechanics you need and dress them up in lovely fluff. Also, some examples.
Spells Recognize Their Own | The Mule Abides
Clerical Spells
Lord Kilgore: Random Table for Determining NPC Cleric's Memorized Spells
Nine and Thirty Kingdoms: Clerics without spells
Giblet Blizzard: Healing from the Spider God Especially useful for drow
Giblet Blizzard: Healing from the Squid God Useful for Cthulhu-cultist types
Magic-User and Elf Spells
d4 Caltrops: Spell Features.: Six differentiating features for first level spells in order to
give every magic-user a certain something
Darves Hill: Elf & Magic-User Sumerian LL Spell Names / Command Words
Ode to Black Dougal: B/X Magic-User Spellbooks
Elf & Magic-User Sumerian Spell Names & Command Words
Interpretation of Known Spells
The City of Iron: Wild Magic: Light!
The City of Iron: Wild Magic and the Humble Hold Portal
Cyclopeatron: Sleep Spell
New Spells
More Spells and Ideas for the Vivimancer | Skirmisher Publishing LLC
Spells for the Vivimancer | Skirmisher Publishing LLC
A (Spells)
Alabaster Homonculus
Auric Devourer
B (Spells)
Brimstone Monolith
Brood of Sin
C (Spells)
d100 Curses | Papers and Pencils
Chalice of Asmodeus
D (Spells)
E (Spells)
Etheric Screen
F (Spells)
Jeffs Gameblog: Fire in the Hole: how fireball expands to fill dungeon
rooms and corridors, possibly incinerating the party
Face of Terror
G (Spells)
H (Spells)
I (Spells)
Ten Foot Polemic: Cast this spell then kill your family.: Immortality
Inscribe Curse
J (Spells)
K (Spells)
L (Spells)
The City of Iron: Wild Magic: Light!
M (Spells)
Searching for Magic: A Dungeon Master's Favourite Spell or, Why Bother
with Lichdom Anyway?: How to use the Magic Jar effectively.
N (Spells)
O (Spells)
P (Spells)
Pact of Brass
Perform Function
Q (Spells)
R (Spells)
Hill Cantons: The Hill Cantons Big Dumb Reincarnation Chart
S (Spells)
Hack & Slash: On Unique Speech: Speak with Animals. Speak with
Silver Negation
Summon Aerial Trilobite
Summon Gremlins of Nightmare from Needles Swords and Stitchery.
T (Spells)
Don't Split the Party: When the Wise Man Points at the Moon the Fool
Looks at the Wise Man's Finger: Teleport and Clairvoyance without a limit
on distance = Mages settling on the Moon and other Planets! This means
every wizard that knows both Clairvoyance and Teleport is effectively a
one-man space program with access to FTL travel!
U (Spells)
V (Spells)
W (Spells)
X (Spells)
Y (Spells)
Z (Spells)
Collections of Spells
Dying Earth Spells for D&D | Necropraxis: A big list of Vancian Spells
spells for csi: greyhawk Blog of Holding: Police, Investigators, Murder
Dungeon of Signs: Servants of the Elder Gods - Spell List
Pangean full spell lists (1000+ spells)for Wizards and Priests in HTML format
Space Age Sorcery
Mostin's Metempsychotic Reversal & 10 other Vancian Spells
Four Horrid Spells
Two d30 Spells
The City of Iron: Spells of Thread & Rope
Kellri's AD&D Spell Reference
Dyson Logos: Elven Warder Spells
The City of Iron: An Arcane Alphabet
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: Some New Spells and A Question About Them
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: One Thousand Hogs, Etc.
False Machine: Speleo Spells
Enchanter Spells
Dyson Logos: 8 Enchanter Spells
RetroRPG: Hypnotic Music
Illusionist Spells
Darkwater Press: The Basic Illusionist
The City of Iron: Codex Prisms
The City of Iron: Illusory Abode
Fighter Spells
Weapon Tracking
Khosura Street Blues: where I get lazy and tell you about how my campaign is going
making a post with some pictures, plus an attempt at a Knotromancy School for W&W
| Lost Pages: Sorcery School of Knotromancy
The Hydras Grotto's house rules for research and Spellbooks
Jeff and ChicagoWiz's Discussion on Copying Spells into Spellbooks
Uk-Ketabb Spellbook
Anxiety Wizard: Epiphanies, Dead Wizards, and Found Spellbooks: a random chart
of arbitrary caster restrictions on found spells
Ten Foot Polemic: Rune Magic: How runes combine to creat magic effects.
Applied Phantasticality: Wild Talent Generator and Psychic Combat Simulator
Hack & Slash: On a Guide to Illusions: Figment Creativity: Getting creative with
Redwald RPG: The Dweorgas Runes
Redwald RPG: Dweorgas Rune Magic
Daddy Grognard: Curses!
Dyson Logos: 48 Random Curses
Troll & Flame: Variations on Vance
Spell Memorization Effects ("Side Effect Magic") by James Maliszewski
Secondary Powers and Residual Effects from Spell Memorization by Trollsmyth
Troll & Flame: Personalized Magic
Casting Unmemorized Spells
Rambling Bumblers: Ad Vance: To a More Vancian Magic
Jovial Priest: Staves and Wands
Carapace King: Ley Lines Using magical locations as a replacement for divine
Blood Druid Spells
Dungeon Crawl Classics Magic for the Rest of Us
Spells without levels
Magical Research and Production
The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms: Legendary Weapons: Kill creatures with more HD
than your level to make it legendary.
The City of Iron: d30 Table of Magical Research Results
Necropraxis: Magical Research Assistance

The Adventure
Beginning the Adventure
Top 100 City Encounters and Plots: 100 story hooks for cities, with little use of the
player must do this and lots of blatant or implied open question left on the table for
each hook.
Daddy Grognard Holy Hooks
Daddy Grognard Hooks Apocalypse
Daddy Grognard Hooks You Can Bank On
Daddy Grognard A Right Royal Bunch of Hooks
Party Size and Composition
Ten Foot Polemic: Animal Training for Non-Rangers: how to train your pets
Shams Grog n Blog: Entourage Approach
Organizing a Party
Elfmaids & Octopi: d100 Tragic Old Murder Hobos
Save vs. Total Party Kill - Why Are We Together
Hack & Slash: Megadungeon Adventuring Hooks
OD&D Discussion: Keeping track of turns during crawls/wilderness
An Abominable Fancy: B/X Movement Charts and Calulator: download Google Doc
as Excel Sheet and you should have a nice little calculator at hand
Alex Schroeder: 2012-06-20 Hexcrawl Procedure
The Retired Adventurer: A Procedure for Exploring the Wilderness
Hidden in Shadows: A Matter of Inches...
OD&D Discusion: Sneaking and Hiding without Thieves
Blood of Prokopius: Holmes & Cook - Movement
Alex Schroeder: 2014-07-12 Rule of Uncool: Start reading from your character sheet
until somebody at the table facepalms
Methods & Madness: Encumbrance, Movement and the rule of four: Alternate
encumbrance system, in one single PDF page.
Methods & Madness: The utility belt: A rule to fix cost, weight, and inventories, for any
was gary right about gold coin weight? Blog of Holding: 10 gold per pound means
reasonable, poker chip sized coins
Arts & Crafts: Morbidly Encumbered edition: item cards and blue-tac for your
inventory; lots of other rules for weapon tags, movement, exhaustion, chases
Quickly, Quietly, Carefully: Simplified encumbrance, movement, and wandering
monster checks: Just use the armor to determine your movement rate.
Dungeon of Signs: HMS Apollyon Exploration Rules and My take on the Overloaded
Encounter Die: One significant item per point of strength.
WWCD?: Player's Guide: Simplified encumbrance based on max number of items =
strength rating
Roles, Rules, and Rolls: Putting Two Great Encumbrance Ideas Together
Making Encumbrance Work | Papers and Pencils
games with others: Inventory Management & Encumbrance in Older D&D (Part 2)
Rotten Pulp: Matt Rundle's Anti-Hammerspace Item Tracker
Delta's D&D Hot Spot: Encumbrance
Delta's D&D Hot Spot: On Bags of Holding
Dungeon of Signs: Luceat Lux Vestra - Making Light Management More Interesting in
Old School Games.
Dungeon Design: Light, Distances & Decisions
Old School D&D Mechanics - Infravision
Playing D&D with Porn Stars: Key mechanic
Ode to Black Dougal: Marked For Death getting thrown into prison and escaping
The Retired Adventurer: Trapplications: encounter table for traps: what kind of trap it
is and what kind of warning you get
I Don't Remember That Move: d20 Traps
The Retired Adventurer: Trapplications: Roll for random trap, and roll for evidence of
the trap being nearby.
A New Way to Handle Exploratory Skills
Jovial Priest: find traps or FIND TRAPS
DND With Porn Stars: Some Trap Theory (a taxonomy of traps and reasons for their
Telecanter's Receding Rules: Traps! (quick trap generating)
Hack & Slash: Spellbook Traps
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: Some Trap Theory
Roles, Rules & Rolls: Endless Bag of Tricks
Jeff's Mutation Table Compilation
Hack & Slash Dungeon Tricks & Traps
Experience Points
Melancholies and Mirth: Dungeonless OSR Gameplay: Selling Occult Information as
Generic Quests: Incentives for questing and exploring while keeping xp for gold:
selling information, heads, maps
Dungeon of Signs: Carousing Tables - HMS Apollyon Player's Guide: Carousing can
provide additional experience, either directly or by providing time for reflection on the
events of recent expeditions.
Dungeon of Signs: Drunk in Denethix - ASE Carousing Table
Dungeon of Signs: The Price of Knowledge - Carousing for ASE Scientists
Jeffs Gameblog: Party like its 999
Roles, Rules & Rolls: Carousing, Inc.
Troll & Flame: Negative XP
The Tao of D&D: Experience Solved
Jeff's Gameblog: eXPloration
Streamlined Alternate Approaches to Various Adventuring Rules
Ynas Midgard's RPG Blog: Rappan Athuk - Stages of Play
Hazard System | Necropraxis: The six-sided Hazard Die deploys threats, manages
resources, keeps time, and tracks light. Dungeon of Signs has its own
interpretation of this approach as well.

The Encounter
Dungeon Fantastic: Negotiating with Monsters: Common PC Errors: Mistakes players make
made when negotiating
Hack & Slash: On the Monster Conversation: Talk first, fighting optional
Order of Events in One Game Turn
Ynas Midgard's RPG Blog: Alertness and Stealth
Roles, Rules & Rolls: Surprise rules & guidelines
Quickly, Quietly, Carefully: Consolidated Surprise Roll
Old-School Psionics: Understanding 1e surprise rules
Monster Reactions
Simple Socializing: The Give & Take System | Papers and Pencils
games with others: Morale, Reaction Rolls in any kind of D&D: Use a morale check to
see whether monsters remain loyal to their bosses or their nature, or whether they
agree to your proposals.
The Alexandrian: Hostile Forces
Against The Wicked City: On romantic fantasy and OSR D&D: If you use the reaction
system, then instead of the dungeon becoming a series of tactical combat challenges,
it becomes a network of social challenges.
Trollish Delver: Here's why combat is probably holding your game back (and how to
fix it): make sure you use the reaction and morale rolls to make sure enemies will not
fight to the death
How to Start a Revolution in 21 Days or Less: Why D&D Has Lots of Rules for
Combat: A General Theory Encompassing All Editions
Ynas Midgard's RPG Blog: Alternate Rule for Paralysis
The Lizard Man Diaries : Ascending Armour Class for Labyrinth Lord: New AC = 20-
AC. Players get a bonus to hit.
Critical hits!
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: How To Keep Keep Simple Combat Interesting

Roles, Rules, and Rolls: Combat Escalation

Creepy Combat Commentary
Combat Sequence
Basic Red: Initiative Should Kill You: An argument for group initiative.
Ynas Midgard's RPG Blog: Marvel-esque Initiative and Turn Sequence
Initiative: Declared, Phases, Speed and Length | 1d30
Eldritch Wizardry Initiative for use in Ad&d
Troll & Flame: Combat Sequence of Play
Grumpy Old Troll: OD&D Chainmail Combat
Old School Psionics: Initiative, Weapon Speed, & Charging
Defensive Movement
How to Attack
Players Are Never Going To Stop Calling Their Shots | Papers and Pencils: a
way to handle called shots
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: Called Shots
Protecting Party Members In Combat
Troll & Flame: Choice via Simplicity
The Tao of D&D: Weapon Breakage
B/X Blackrazor: Auto-Hits
Tales of the Rambling Bumblers: Super-Simple Combat Maneuvers
Target 20 System (simplified attack and saving throw system by Daniel R.
Advanced Gaming & Theory: Random Combat Events
Carapace King: Fighting Giant Monsters
d20 table for critical hits and fumbles
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: d100 Brutalizer: Synonyms for body parts and
damage types to improve your vocabulary.
The One Death & Dismemberment Table to Rule Them All
Death & Dismemberment: [D&D On Death & Dismemberment Tables]: List of
Death & Dismemberment tables
Delta's D&D Hotspot: Area of Effect Images: How many targets are hit by a
fireball spell, a red dragon breath cone, if youre not using a battle map?
On Death & Dismemberment Tables: Includes a list of implementations and a
discussion of its benefits.
Straits of Anin: We are eaten forever: An alternative to level drain: loss of
humanity, rolled on a table.
Degree of Success as Damage | Necropraxis
1, 2, 3 Hit Mooks: Dont worry about tracking every last hit point.
Jeff's Gameblog: Consolation Prize-based Weapon Mechanics
Trollsmyth: Shields will be splintered
Akratic Wizardry: Anyone can Backstab...
Troll & Flame: Deadlier Death and Dismemberment
Overclock your Damage
Missile Fire
The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms: Rain of Death
Delta's D&D Hotspot: Indoor Missile Ballistics
Delta's D&D Hotspot: Basic D&D on Archery
Super-Simple Combat Maneuvers Tales of the Rambling Bumblers: The
correct URL for an extant dead link
B/X Blackrazor: Two Weapon Combat
B/X Blackrazor: Class Based Variable Weapon Damage
B/X Blackrazor: Explaining D6 Damage
Class Based Limits on Damage
Rule of the Assayers I - Weapons, Armor, Combat
Super-Simple Combat Maneuvers
...and the sky full of dust: Simple Knock-Out Rules
Unarmed Combat
An Abominable Fancy: Grappling Rules, Compared: short summaries of the
various house rules out there
The Tao of D&D Unarmed Combat
Troll & Flame: Grappling
Weekend Wizardry: Unarmed Combat
The Sky Full of Dust: Goblin Kiss and other demihuman unarmed combat
Group Maneuvers
Vaults of Nagoh: Shield Wall rules
Cavalry and Mounted Combat
Delta's D&D Hotspot: Basic D&D on Cavalry
Jovial Priest: Rules for Mounts
Roles, Rules & Rolls: Encounter Reaction/Morale table
Walk Through of CHAINMAIL morale
Rule of the Dice: How I put crazy in my game (Sanity levels for D6 Horror)
The Retired Adventurer: An Updated Version of My Chase Rules
Roles, Rules, and Rolls: One Page Chases: Final: Roll 1d6 for every 3 points of
Movement you have to cover distance. A 1 indicates obstacles.
Kill It With Fire!: The Chase (an RPG mini-game to keep escaping exciting): A d12
table with an event each round for each side. Then they decide how to tackle the
event, or roll against its DC.
Alex Schroeder: 2014-01-12 Chase Rule: Using 2d6 to determine the outcome
Hill Cantons: Pursuit Rules for D&D: Dice rolling is always fun for tension
Mass Land Combat
Mystic Bull Games: The Battle of Ravencrest Keep -- Dumb-assed Mass Combat for
your B/X, OSR Games: Dumb-Assed Easy Mass Combat Rules for B/X and Other
OSR Games (link at the end of the blog post)
Mass Combat for The Black Hack
More Thoughts about TBH Mass Combat
How to Run CHAINMAIL: An Example using Tokien's Battle of the Five Armies.
Massive Combat System by Joesky the Dungeon Brawler
Microlite20: Mass Combat Made Easy
Old School Psionics: Mass Combat Rules - the easy way!
Jovial Priest: 'On the fly' mass combat rules
Saving Throws
Favorable and Unfavorable Saves | Necropraxis: going back to the three, but simpler
Hack & Slash: On Abstraction and Saving Throws: how having five saving throw
categories that dont explain how you did it is cool because the abstraction is just
Delta's D&D Hotspot: Saves as Severity

Individual Monsters
Coins and Scrolls: Monster Menu-All Part 1: Eating the AD&D Monster Manual
Aeons & Augauries: Name some of the monsters
Hack & Slash: On Collective Nouns for Fantasy Dungeons & Dragons Monsters &
Against The Wicked City: Monsters from Central Asian Mythology 10: The
Abaasy: One arm, one leg, one eye, riding two headed dragons
Goblin Punch: Foreign Angels: Dwarven angels are utterly different. So are
elven angels.
Goblin Punch: Giant Ants: Stats for three kinds of giant ants, info on how they
react, variants, anthill variations, obstacles within, other non-ants within, ant
nobility with quests and the like, rewards,
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of the Aboleth
Old School Psionics: Psionic Monster profile - Aboleth
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Aerial Servant
Old School Psionics: Psionic Monster profile - Agathion
Digital Orc: Aliens for D&D As in the Ridley Scott/James Cameron ones
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Anhkheg
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Ant, Giant
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Ape and Carnivorous Ape
Old School Psionics: Perils of astral travel - Astral Searchers
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Axe Beak
Stasis Engine: beetle...juice...?: Beetle Mystics in the desert
Goblin Punch: Berserkers: With tables for types, encounters, wrinkles.
On Parasitic Mutations in the Common Beholder's Symbiotic Ocular Fauna: a
Beholder parasite
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of the Bugbear
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Baboon
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Badgers
Old School Psionics: Psionic Monster profile - Baku
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Baluchitherium
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Barracuda!
Daddy Grognard An Adventure for Every Monster - Bears
From the Sorcerer's Skull: Hateful Glare - The Beholder Examined
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Basilisk
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Beaver, Giant
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Beetle
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Beholder
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Black Pudding
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Blink Dogs
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Boar, Wild
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Brownie
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Buffalo
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Bugbear
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Bulette
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Bull
Goblin Punch: The Ungreya: Children. Unborn aristocracy.
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of the Cockatrice
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Camel, Wild
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Carrion Crawler
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Catoblepas
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Centaur
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Centipede, Giant
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Chimera
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Cockatrice
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Couatl
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Crayfish, Giant
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Crocodile
Carcass Fiddler (Lunching on Lamias
Old School Psionics: Psionic Monster profile - Couatl
Crypt Crawler
Goblin Punch: Dungeon Dryads: Remember that they are a roleplaying
Core Worms: a Demon parasite
...and the sky full of dust: Daskdraudigs
Old School Psionics: Psionic Monster profile - Devas
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Demon (Manes)
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Demon (Succubus)
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Demon, Type I
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Demon, Type II
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Demon, Type III
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Demon, Type IV
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Demon, Type V
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Devil, Barbed
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Devil, Bone
Daddy Grognard: An Adventure for Every Monster - Devil, Erinyes
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of the Doppelganger
Hill Cantons: Deodand
Goblin Punch: Droggins: Stick them anywhere you would stick a dragon,
especially a weak dragon.
Dragon Lice: a parasite for dragons, possibly related to elemental
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology Of the Pseudo-Dragon
Here Be Dragons, Sycarion Diversions
E.G. Palmer's Random Unique Dragon Generator: Sycarion Diversions
Old Guard's d6 Unique Dragon Generator
Necropraxis: Dragon Draft
Unworthy Cudgel's Dragons and dragon-creation rules
Blood of Prokopius: Druids as Monsters and want to be Elementals
Old School Psionics: Psionic Monster profile - Duergar
Goblin Punch: Where the Elves Go: Time lords. Fight them and every hit
changes the world outside the window.
games with others: WE STARVE (Elves for D&D that are not Tolkien Elves):
non-playable elves
Elfish Hypertrophic Immune Disorder: an Elf disease
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: Temple of Elemental Bickering: Every
elemental summoned will in turn summon the other missing elementals in
order to get back to neutral
Ele*meh*ntals, Amirite?: Linked from above article with interesting
options for elementals.
Monster Manual Sewn From Pants: Elementals
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of Elementals
Call Them What You Will They Are Not Elementals: Sycarion Diversions

Dyson Logos: Elemental Subtypes - Air Elementals

Dyson Logos: Elemental Subtypes - Earth Elementals
Dyson Logos: Elemental Subtypes - Fire Elementals
Dyson Logos: Elemental Subtypes - Water Elementals
Dyson Logos: Elemental Subtypes - Wood Elementals
The City of Iron: Sub-Elementals (Mud, Frost, Lava, Ash, Steam)
The City of Iron: Elementines
Old School Psionics: Psionic Monster profile - Elemental Princes
Elves, Gypsy
Ettin -- Rolang's Creeping Doom
Dyson Logos: Eye, Obscene
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of the Flailsnail
Facethief & 3 Other Mosnters By Vaults of Nagoh
Formless Spawn of Azoth
Goblin Punch: Good Fairies
Goblin Punch: Sinister Folk: They arent people. Theyre probably faerie-
folk, doing such a poor job of impersonation that its appalling.
Monsters and Manuals: Faerie Knights
Monsters and Manuals: Faerie Commoners
From the Sorcerer's Skull: An Assortment of Faeries & Spirits: The
Denham Tracts (1846-1859) on folklore contain a list of fairies and other
creatures of the North of England.
Goblin Punch: Three Types of Green Slime (and Three Types of Traps)
Goblin Punch: Undermen, Grues, and Grue-coins
Doomslakers!: Gravity Guard
Goblin Punch: Half-ghouls: If you converse with them, they speak mostly of
shame and hunger.
Githyanki and Githzerai Names by Scrap Princess
Gaseous and Fluid Emboli In the Gelatinous Cube: a Gelatinous Cube disease
Common Neophyte Errors in Golem Construction: diseases for Golems
Hypertrophic Mineral Affinity: a Dwarf and Stone Giant disease
Grazaolin's Disease: a Gith disorder
Cerebro-spinal Parasites In the Common Gnoll Population: a Gnoll parasite
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of the Gelatinous Cube
Gibbering Mouther Character Class | Dyson's Dodecahedron
Old School Psionics: Psionic Monster profile - Githyanki
Goblin Punch: Fungal Giants + Moss Men + Disease Rules
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of the Giant
Goblins and game theory Blog of Holding: Goblins can turn into
hobgoblins, bugbears, or flesh golems using a ritual. Also, the Nash
GOBBOS: They dont always heal right though. Theyre like walking
talking cancers. They reproduce by budding.
Aeons & Augauries: More Goblins
Goblin names by Scrap Princess
Goblin Punch: How to be Creative, also Blobbins: some techniques on
how foster creativity in writing adventures, followed by a description of
blobbins: blue, boneless goblins
The Tao of D&D: Kicking Goblins Back Down Stairs
What Are the Goblins up To?
Busted Goblin Machines
Golym Zul-Dukh
What fresh hell is this?: Gift Horse : Its a horse. It eats men.
Against The Wicked City: Monsters From Central Asian Mythology 8: The
Hortlak: Central Asian vampires
Goblin Punch: 2d6 Humans (Random Ecounter)
Le Chaudron Chromatique: Hammers Goats!: They are the spawn of [table] and
[table] and they have a random blessing: [table]. Simple and effective!
Goblin Punch: False Hydra: A hydra using mass charm and mass suggestion
and mass dominance to remain invisible and eat. Whole villages are enslaved
and eaten.
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of the Hydra
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of the Giant Space Hamster
Old School Psionics: Psionic Monster profile - Hollyphant
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of the Ixitxachitl
...and the sky full of dust: Inklings
Old School Psionics: Psionic Monster profile - Intellect Devourer
Zenopus Archives: EGG's Iron Skeletons of Grusyin
Tabletop On the Desktop: New Creature: The Jackdaw
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of the Jermlaine
Against The Wicked City: The Kergeden, or Siberian Unicorn
Names of Kenku by Scrap Princess
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of the Kobold
Old School Psionics: Psionic Monster profile - Ki-rin
Old School Psionics: Psionic Monster profile - Kraken, greater
Leprechaun, Pixies & Treants, names there of, by Scrap Princess
Memory Leeches: a parasite for Vancian spell-casters
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of the Lammasu and Lamia
Carapace King: Leaf Leapers
Daddy Grognard Werewolverine
Goblin Punch: Manticores
Against The Wicked City: Criminal Man: Men? Orcs? Cursed?
Against The Wicked City: Moon Elves
Goblin Punch: Attack of the Drill Cities: A city full of morlocks, derro saboteurs,
fomorian giants etc. appears.
Goblin Punch: Monsters of the Great Rot: Fungus stuff. Gross.
Bacterially Induced Tentacle Atrophy Syndrome: a Mind Flayer disease
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: The Philosophers: How do psionic monsters like
Mind Flayers or the Grell think? How do they react to humans?
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of the Minotaur
Medusa -- Rolang's Creeping Doom
Old School Psionics: Sith Lords of D&D - Mind Flayers
Carapace King: Moth, Doomsday
Brass Jackal
Goblin Punch: Nymphs
M E T A L vs S K I N: Narcosic Sentispores and Cut Up Dungeons for
#Narcosa: Narcosa fungi that replace your brain.
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of a Nightmare
Goblin Punch: Outsider Psychology: What would an individual do if it knew of
all the parallel universes in which it also existed? Does this explain how the
slaad act?
Goblin Punch: Ogres and Their Hungry Kin
The 21 Pseudo-Sentient Oozes of Sutoyar the Mad by Jeremy Duncan
Goblin Punch: An Orcish Prayer: Orcs hate their gods almost as much as they
hate themselves. This is because the gods hate them.
Dungeon of Signs: Orcs are a Disease, a look at the Little Brown Book Orc.
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of the Orc
Hack & Slash: On Oozes, Slimes, Jellies, and Puddings
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of the Neo-Otyugh/Otyugh
Oni (Weekend Wizardry)
Old School Psionics: Psionic Monster profile - Opinicus
Goblin Punch: Purple Lightning People: Also comes with great treasure. The
Golem Key awakens a servant golem with an empty cage for a head.
Hill Cantons: Pelgrane
B/X Blackrazor: Ponaturi (Kuo-Toa)
#MonstrousPlants When insects burrow into trees, a common defense is
the: Trees fighting back against elves.
Tantalus Vine (A Hamsterish Hoard of Dungeons and Dragons/Lunching
on Lamias
Overgrowth of Oxidizing Bacteria In the Rust Monster: a Rust Monster disease
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of the Rat
The Land of Nod: Reindeer, Flying
Against The Wicked City: Monsters from Central Asian Mythology 9: The Sirtya:
magical white dwarves; also a player character
gloomtrain: SPACE MAGIC
Goblin Punch: Revamping the Undead: The Shade
Goblin Punch: Revamping the Undead: The Shadow
RENFIELD'S CAT: Skelintons Versus Demons One Oh One: Some nice ideas
for why skeletons and demons hate each other (and you)
games with others: Slaad (D&D 5e gods)
Gigantism in Sprites: A disease for sprites
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of the Stirge
Monster Manual Sewn From Pants: Slaad
Shutai -- Hamsterish Hoard
From the Sorcerer's Skull: Any Color You Like, They're All Slaad
Dyson Logos: Stag Centaurs
Old School Psionics: Psionic Monster profile - Su-monster
hellahexi | notions of chance and fate are the preoccupations of men engaged
in rash undertakings: Treants
Goblin Punch: Trolls
Thri-kreen names by Scrap Princess
Regenerative Inhibitor Suppression Disorder: a Troll disease
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of the Troll
Jeffs Gameblog: Trumpeter of Doom
Old School Psionics: Psionic Monster profile - Thought Eater
Undead are Pockets of Stopped Time | The Lizard Man Diaries
Infections In the Undead: a disease for the undead
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of the Unicorn
Daddy Grognard: Undead Stirges (and Stirge Zombies)
Dyson Logos: Undead Guardians of Veroth
Old School Psionics: Psionic Monster profile - Ustilagor
Goblin Punch: Vargouilles
Hack & Slash: On the Ecology of the Vampire
Tower of the Archmage: Vampire Spawn
Vomiter -- Playing D&D With Porn Stars
Old School Psionics: Psionic Monster profile - Vagabond
d100 Reasons the Wizard is more than they Seem | Papers and Pencils: NPC
wizards must have strange powers.
gloomtrain: out in the swamp where the water is dark: Witches!
The Lair: 10 Variant Wights
Fungal Replacement in Wyverns: a Wyvern disease
Corpse Worms (Lunching on Lamias)
Carapace King: Wingworms
Goldworms: a Xorn parasite
Old School Psionics: Psionic Monster profile - XagYa & XegYi
Old School Psionics: Psionic Monster profile - Yuan Ti
Daddy Grognard Flame Zombies
Maggot Farmers (Swords & Dorkery)
Campaign Wiki Halberds and Helmets: Monsters: A subset of the Labyrinth Lord
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: redoing the Monster Manual
Dungeon of Signs: Heraldic Beasts
games with others: Spreadsheet Porn (All the basic OD&D Monsters broken down by
useful information)
Dropbox - Monster Diseases.pdf: Collection of the #MonsterDiseases hashtag in a
Monster Diseases: the #MonsterDiseases hashtag on Google+
d30 Table of Dungeon Diseases: i.e., more monster diseases
Manual de Mostros: Beautiful illustrations of common monsters.
Chaos Hordes v1.0: A compendium of chaos creatures for old-school roleplaying
games. Labyrinth Lord version, by Steven A. Cook (The Borderlands).
Monsters Wiki: Old School Stat Blocks for Monsters (OGL and other free licenses)
Sham's Grog 'n Blog: Random Monster Determination (bestiary)
Monsters by A Hamsterish Hoard of Dungeons and Dragons
Roles, Rules & Rolls: Varlets & Vermin low level monsters
Metal Earth: Science Fantasy Critters
Undead Variants -- Valley of Blue Snails
Daddy Grognard: Something Nasty in the Water
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: All Zak's monsters
Kellri's PDF Reference for AD&D Monsters
The Book of Beings by David C. Lovelace
Unworthy Cudgel's Bestiary
Monsters from Movies, Games, and TV

Monster Generators
Lost Papers of Tsojcanth: On Deconstructing Monsters
Monster Design
Against The Wicked City: Your Demon Lord Doesn't Need That Many Hit Dice
The Miscreated Creatures Questions | Papers and Pencils: Questions to ask yourself
as you design new monsters
Hack & Slash: On Cultivating the Fantastic
Playing D&D With Porn Stars:Imaginable Monsters, Sci-Fi Monsters, etc.
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: Review of Every Monster In Alphabetical Order (post
series, link begins w/entry "Z")
Strange Magic: Cutting Monster Entries Down to Size
Roles, Rules & Rolls: Bad Monsters (post series, start at bottom)
Jeff's Mutation Chart Compilation
Metal Earth: Keeping things fresh over the long haul
Nine and Thirty Kingdoms: DMing genius monsters
Dyson Logos: Reskinning Dragons
Dyson Logos: Uniquely Undead
Jovial Priest: XP drain not Level Drain
Wandering Monsters
Hidden in Shadows: Number Appearing
Dungeon Design: On Wandering Monsters
The Retired Adventurer: A Procedure for Wandering Monsters
Wandering Monster Tables
Against The Wicked City: Random Encounter Tables: The Steppe
Against The Wicked City: Random Encounter Tables: the Taiga
Goblin Punch: Elven Warbands: Terrible high elves. Terrible, terrible elves.
Goblin Punch: Have A Nicer Trip: Each monster gets a little scenario or two.
Also: random NPC events.
K&K analysis of monster & treasure assortment by level
Sham's Grog 'n Blog: Random Monster Determination (random monsters)
Sword & Board: Caravan Encounters
1d8: What are those wandering monsters up to?
The Savage Sword of Scadgrad: Random Lairs for the Wilderness Sandbox

Non Player Characters

Cymric Names (female) - Google Tabellen
1000+ Cymric Names (Male) - Google Tabellen
English Given Names from 16th and Early 17th C Marriage Records
Mutation Apocalypse: Post Apocalyptic Names for Wizards, Witches, Sorceresses,
Warlocks, Enchanters, Enchantresses, Sorcerers, Magicians, etc.: A big d100 table
for posh names
Arabic Names
Jeffs Gameblog: random medieval Welsh names
Jeffs Gameblog: medieval Flemish names
Jeffs Gameblog: random Cornish names
Fantasy name generators. Names for all your fantasy characters.
Traits and Characteristics
Jeffs Gameblog: Three Steps to Memorable Villainy
d100 Mercenary or Bandit Leaders | Papers and Pencils
Coins and Scrolls: Horrible Peasant NPC Generator
Coins and Scrolls: OSR: 1d100 Peasant Grievances: when players want to talk to
peasants, you can improvise, or you can take this table
Hack & Slash: Character Traits: a two page PDF with characteristics and personality
How to Make Friends and Imagine People a roll all your dice set of random tables
on two pages to generate non-player characters
Planet Algol: 160 Random NPC Traits
Roles, Rules & Rolls: Dramatic Personae NPC traits
Beyond the Black Gate: Monsterless Manual NPC statblocks
Rival Adventuring Parties
Roles, Rules & Rolls: Dungeon Rivals
Dandy in the Underworld: Rival Adventuring Parties
Elfmaids and Octopi: d100 Rival Dungeon Parties
Dungeon of Signs: Signs your party is not the first in the dungeon.
Retainers / Henchmen
Of Dice and Men: The Dungeon Mascot! An OSR Hireling Class
B/X: At 5th Level, Everybody Rides by Benjamin Baugh: Getting fantastic mounts
Random Diversions: RPG Animal Companions - Dogs and Horses
Meatshields!: The Classic Fantasy Hireling and Henchman Generator
A Paladin in Citadel: Henchmen Followers and Hirelings
Hill Cantons: One Hireling List to Rule Them All
Cyclopeatron: Henchman Card Fillable PDFs
Sham's Entourage Approach
Grognardia: Retainers in Moldvay/Cook/Marsh
Telecanter: Hireling Traits table
Hack & Slash: On the Strong and Weak Henchmen Forces
B/X Blackrazor: 3 posts on Charisma and Henchmen
Specialists and Mercenaries
Old School Psionics: Population distribution of Psionic NPCs
Old School Psionics: Seeding the City with wild Psionics
Old School Psionics: Creation Psionic NPCs the easy way
Goblin Punch: Non-Euclidean Geography: A four dimensional wizard needs your
Elfmaids & Octopi: d100 Necromancers
Sorcerer's Dick Move Table
Creepy Witch Spells
Witch Traits
Coins and Scrolls: OSR: Medieval Correspondence Part 1: "Now I will write him such
a letter that, when he reads it, he will die."
Face Generator specially the faces by Alex Schroeder
Daddy Grognard: Mentors, Meatshields and Mary Sues
...and the sky full of dust: NPC Motivations Reaction Check and the Reasons Behind
D&D with Porn Stars: Hidden Traits Of NPC You Didn't Realize Was Going To Be
Important Until You Actually Started Playing
D&D with Porn Stars: Random NPC Relationships

Aeons & Augauries: Hyperborean goods, loot, and treasure: 100 goods, loot, and treasure
of frigid hyperborea. No gp values attached.
Selling Expensive Loot: A mini-game to sell powerful magic items
Treasure Types
Dreams in the Lich House: Treasure Maps
Advanced Swords & Sorcery: Ancient and Medieval Coins (PDF)
Land of Nod: Ten Uncommon Coins
The Tao of D&D: Ornamental Gems
Jovial Priest: G Is For Gemstones (quick tables to determine gemstone based
on value.)
Jeff's Gameblog: Semiprecious Stones, base 50 gp value
Jeff's Gameblog: Fancy Stones, base 100 gp value
Jeff's Gameblog: Precious Stones, base 500 gp value
Jeff's Gameblog: Gem Stones, base 1,000 gp value
Daddy Grognard - A Hoard for Every Treasure Type - A
Daddy Grognard - A Hoard for Every Treasure Type - B
Daddy Grognard - A Hoard for Every Treasure Type - C
Other Valuable Stuff
Hill Cantons: Information as Treasure Type: Building Dynamic Sandboxes Part
III: Adding rumors and maps and other info stuff to your treasure list
To Distant Lands: Books: How books can be useful to answer questions you
might have
Ten Foot Polemic: Books! aka Droppin' Lore aka Make Libraries Great Again:
10 Polemics take on book value/lore.
Hack & Slash: Guide to Creating Interesting Treasure
Ars Ludi:Treasure Tells a Story
Daddy Grognard: Coming Soon...(A Hoard for Every Treasure Type)
Magic Items
Magic Items by A Hamsterish Hoard of Dungeons and Dragons
Troll & Flame: Magic Items should be Magical
Goblin Punch: Oh My God More Magic Weapons and Gumbeasts
Goblin Punch: Weird Swords and Not-Swords
Beyond the Black Gate: An alternate way to generate magic weapons
Jumping on a 2-Year Old Bandwagon: Replacing +1 Swords | Papers and
Hack & Slash: On Magical +1 Swords
Dungeon of Signs: Evocative +1 Sword Replacements
Aeons & Augauries: Different Magic Swords, A Proposal: A new way of
handling weapon powers.
B/X Blackrazor: B/X Blackrazor
Dyson Logos: Blackrazor's Kin, the Six Kale Swords
Trollsmyth: Bloodthirsty Sword
How to Start a Revolution in 21 Days or Less: Wayedge
Jovial Priest: Cursed Swords
Dia Marfoir, the God-Slayer Sword
Other Weapons
Goblin Punch: Arrows of Zao: 50 magic arrows
Hack & Slash: On Magical +1 Weapons
The Flail of Biting Insults
Dented Helm of St Cassius
Musings from the Dungeon: Skod's Shield
Goblin Punch: Potion Rules + Some Oozes
Goblin Punch: The GLOG: Alchemy and Oozes: 100 potions and how they
relate to oozes
Goblin Punch: Bottle Imps
Dyson Logos: 6 Magic Potions
Dyson Logos: 6 More Magic Potions
Aeons and Auguries: Alchemical Apparatus
Rolangs Creeping Doom: Ten Potions and Alchemical Mishaps
D&D with Porn Stars: One-Page Potions
Book and Scroll
Labyrinth Lord Spell Book / Known Spells Generator
Jovial Priest: Cursed Scrolls Retrospective
Tomb of Many Tongues
Hereticwerks: Free PDF: 1d10 Magic Rings: ten magic rings
Attack wands | Necropraxis: Buy a wand that does d8 damage. If you roll a
wand, it decreases to d6, etc.
I Don't Feel Like Tracking Charges (using dice rolls to determine when an item
is drained)
Miscellaneous Magic Items
games with others: 100 Minor Magic Items for D&D (from Numenera)
Dungeons and Digressions: Grasping Gauntlets
Hamsterish Hoard: Dipteron's Panacea
Hamsterish Hoard: Some Hedge Magic Items
Monsters & Manuals: Kojo Cigarettes
From the Sorcerer's Skull: Tintype of Dark Wonder
Dyson Logos: Mitral Spheres
Cyclopeatron: Culinary Guide to Wizard Entrails
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: all Zak's items
Rare Books in D&D
Teleli: Fetters of Friendship
Trollsmyth: Wayedge
Trollsmyth: Brian's Satyrical Poetry
Land of Nod: Mystic minerals
Weekend Wizardry: Wineskin of Satyr Summoning
Weekend Wizardry: Double Bottle of Analysis
Weekend Wizardry: Urn of Phantom Trapping
Weekend Wizardry: Bottle of Instant Sedimentation
Weekend Wizardry: Vase of Opulent Growth
Weekend Wizardry: Hip Flask of Concealment and Beaker of Temperature
Tim Brannan: Magical Hats
Poor Man's Jug
The Wizard's Brain
Ash of the Bitter Fields
The Necklace of Saint Barry
Aeons & Augauries: Magical Candles
Aeons & Augauries: Magical Ropes
Cursed Items
Goblin Punch: Curses and Stuff from my Viking Game: Includes a Star Child
Save vs. Total Party Kill - Nan's Bag of Sweets
Dreams in the Lich House: Dream Codex of the Oneiromancer
Weekend Wizardry: Coin of Confusion
The Cutting Stone
Dyson Logos: The Throne of Bone
Unworthy Cudgel's Artifacts

Preparing and Running the Game

Advice and Various Other Unsorted Links
4d20 Adventure Hooks & How To Use Them
Repetitive battles in dnd Blog of Holding: Twenty ways to make a goblin encounter
different (works for any monster)
Dungeons & Dutch Ovens: Sandboxes and Quagmires: Common pitfalls in sandbox
game sand what to do about it
Against The Wicked City: OSR aesthetics of ruin: Why it makes sense to run your
campaign amidst ruins
The Alexandrian Opening Your Game Table: The Open Game Table is also
discussed in a three part series: 1,2, 3
Goblin Punch: Building Houses for Murderhoboes: Some thoughts for people
unhappy with the party playing a bunch of murderous do-no-gooders
Hack & Slash: On Campaign Design Patterns: Linear structure, a safe base for the
The Alexandrian The Railroading Manifesto: What is railroading?
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: Chokers And Chandlers: a lot of territory between the
total sandbox and the total railroad
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: A Method For Making A D&D Sandbox: 25 steps to
start and run a sandbox
The Alexandrian Thought of the Day Juggling Scenario Hooks in a Sandbox: a
sandbox will have many hooks; the trick is preparing situations
I'll See It When I Believe It: Making Knowledge Valuable: How to make sure that
gathering information is a useful activity.
Goblin Punch: 4 Legs of the Table Mimic: Where Interesting Combat Comes From
Roles, Rules, and Rolls: The Mediocrity of Improvisation
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: Die-Drop Instadungeon + Continuing Adventures of
Mandy, Zak & Raggi: Using drop die charts to generate a lot of information at the
same time.
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: Zak's EZ Adventure-Making Chart: Write a little matrix
describing the relations of all the parties in an adventure.
Roles, Rules, and Rolls: Endless Bag of Tricks (Download): The download link is in
the sidebar!
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: The "One More Idea" Method: Start simple and stupid,
then go through everything, adding one thing. Then do it again. And again. Iteratively
build something cool.
RENFIELD'S CAT: Advice for the Newly Afflicted
Jeffs Gameblog: Old Schoolin': How To Get Started
The Alexandrian Thought of the Day Bloat in Extended Narratives: Keep an eye
on the pace at which new arc-plots are introduced.
Bat in the Attic: The Rise and Fall of Roleplaying campaigns.: List of the most
common reasons that end sandbox campaigns.
Monsters and Manuals: Hack and Slash vs. Titanic Struggles, or the Goblin Massacre
and Giant Slaying Approaches: decide! Will your game be about killing a lot of
weaker enemies or about killing one incredibly strong opponent?
Telecanter's Receding Rules: 5 OSR Table Types: Several different types of tables
and strengths thereof
Hack & Slash: On a Guide for New Dungeon Masters
Hack & Slash: Techniques to increase player agency
Dreams in the Lich House: Say Yes; Skill Checks in a Rules-Lite-System
The Architect DM: How real life locations can be applied to a D&D game
Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Making your campaign METAL!
Beyond the Black Gate: High Fantasy Campaigns
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: Songs Useful In D&D Games Renamed To Reflect
The Situations Wherein I Have Used Or Plan To Use Said Music
Jeff's Gameblog: how to Awesome-Up Your Players
Kellri's Old School Encounter Reference
Grand Experiments: West Marches
Gorgonmilk: Boiling Down Your Campaign To Its Essential Salts
Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Guide to Adventure Writing
Grognardia: Locale and Plot
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: How Much Do You Want To Be A Wizard?
Sham's Grog 'n' Blog: OD&D Cover to Cover
Sham's Grog 'n' Blog: The Empty Room Principle
Cyclopeatron: Simple Multi-Ability Checks in Classic D&D
Check For Traps - Foundations of Gamemastering
Check For Traps - Judging the Game
Check For Traps - It's Not Your Story
Check For Traps - The Gamemaster As Satan
Check For Traps - Adversaries Are Made of People
Check For Traps - Managing Problems and Players
Check For Traps - How to Host an RPG Session
Check For Traps - Violence and Viscera
Tales of the Rambling Bumblers: Sandbox Play
Tales of the Rambling Bumblers: Welcome to the Jungle!
Jeff's Gameblog: 20 Quick questions for your Campaign Setting
Jeffs Gameblog: Triple Secret Random Dungeon Fate Chart of Very Probable Doom
B/X Blackrazor A to Z Series: Making your Campaign Kick Ass
"The Oat-Bran Rule": Inter-player social skills
Grognardia: Picaro and the 'Story' of D&D argues D&D is a picaresque
Check For Traps - The Challenge of Campaigning
Character-Based Sandbox Campaigns
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: Conan Knew More About Cimmeria than Howard Did
Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque: World-Building: When is Enough Too
Much?: Nobody wants to read more than the bare basics.
"Top Down, Zoom In" approach to world-building
Check For Traps: Putting Your World in Motion discusses adding event triggers and
NPCs to your world
Jeffs Gameblog: Make your own List of Kings
Town name generator: A stand-alone Perl script that is simple enough to be easy to
adapt to your campaign. Based on syllables.
Random God Generator, or Who Dat God?
Mazirian's Garden: Dreams and Reality: Recursive dreaming.
Qadhi, He Who Felled the First Tree: God of death and healing
Dungeons and Digressions: The Mysteries of a Religious Order
Old School Psionics: God embedded in the natural world
Caffeine Symposium: Religion in D&D
Apotheosis of the Invisible City - Starting From Scratch: Faith Manages
Vaults of Nagoh: Memestorms and Ideocults
General Resources
Dungeons & Dutch Ovens: An Exercise in Improvisation, Procedural Generation, and
Small Scale Adventuring
Lies I Love To Believe: Tarot Card Sandbox Toys
B-X Quick Reference Sheet - Infinite Dragons
Abulafia Random Generators: Abulafia is a collection of user-contributed random
generators housed within a special kind of wiki. That means you can use the pages
here to get interesting random names, treasure, plots, and anything else you need.
Blessings of the Dice Gods: Dungeon Dozen Fan Index: An index to another blog
with a gazillion inspirational, random tables.
Adventures Wiki is a collection of links to old school adventures in the blogosphere
Choose a Scenario (Setting!)
Elfmaids & Octopi: d100 low level village mysteries or Goat Quest Missions
Goblin Punch: Bardic Services
Roles, Rules, and Rolls: genres: Simple 3d20 tables for various inspiration on various
genres. Be sure to click older posts to get all of them!
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: 100 Problem & Puzzle Set-ups: one-liners to help you
make weird and puzzling stuff
Men & Magic of Middle Earth | Original D&D Discussion
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: The One True Table, First Draft + Reader Participation
Jeff's Gameblog: Epic Sandboxery

Location-Based Resources
Designing Your Own Maps
Map-Driven Campaign Design: Sorted from most elaborate to most expedited
1. Bat in the Attic: How to make a Fantasy Sandbox - 34 steps, 10000 words,
and 24 hours of work. But its thorough!
2. The Escapist: Go, Go Gazette describes how to build a sandbox through
placement of a few dozen static encounters and then augment it with
dynamic (i.e., random) lairs and encounters.
3. The Welsh Piper: Hex-based Campaign Design suggests dealing with a
much smaller area and expanding as you go; outlines this process and
provides helpful tables and illustrations.
Lampblack & Brimstone: Campaign Setting: Making the World
follows the Welsh Pipers process but zooms out a bit at first.
Excellent complementary piece.
Monsters and Manuals: A Little Ancient Mesopotamian Campaign
Setting With Your D&D, Sir? - another example of the Welsh Pipers
Mapping Tools: Wilderness
Hex Map Editor: a web app to draw and annotate your hex map; including
notes for a game mode (no editor, just seeing the notes in a sidebar as
you click around)
HexMapper: A Java application from 2008 which offers recursive zooming
Inkscape: Old School Hex Map Tutorial
Text Mapper: Editable random hex map generator
Hexographer World/Starmap/Wilderness Map Creation Software
Hand-drawn: 4-Part tutorial for hand-drawing, scanning, labeling, and
coloring world maps
Beyond the Black Gate: Mapping Resource Links
Mapping Tools: Dungeons
Gridmapper: simple dungeon map generator using SVG for your browser
(stand alone file) | ANAmap: a free RPG Map Editor: simple dungeon maps
(online only, requires flash)
Dungeon maps for RPG. Create maps online, download as PDF and
PNG.: Flash application to draw dungeons.
ASCIIFlow Infinity: simple ASCII Art dungeon drawing tool
Mipui: Simple and collaborative grid-based map editor (online only)
Mapping Specific Locations
Generation of Detailed Carcosa Hex Maps
Easy D&D Village Maps: Toss the dice and start drawing
Tips and Advice
Use hexcrawls for quick-prep, open-ended wilderness exploration; use
pointcrawls for more focused locations and deliberate, meaningful travel.

Have one hex = one day of travel, regardless of terrain and other hexcrawl
Use iconic rather than symbolic imagery to "awesome up" your fantasy
Why 6-mile hexes are superior: 1. Navigation, 2. Horizons, 3. Subhexes
ColorBrewer: Color advice for cartographers
Pre-Made Maps
Dyson's Dodecahedron: Fantastic collection of maps, many of which have
adventures written for them
Paratime Design Cartography: Maps by Tim Hardin; organized by location
and style
and the sky full of dust. | Maps: Nice collection of map, a little tough to
Hobbs's architecture: containing designs and ground plans for villas,
cottages and other edifices, both suburban and rural, adapted to the
United States. With rules for criticism, and introduction : Hobbs, Isaac H.,
and son, Philadelphia : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive: a
Forests and Chases of England and Wales: Early Maps
Japanese Maps of the Tokugawa Era
Maps of fortifications and towns, Netherlands, 1649
Dungeon Geomorphs and Random Generators
Generating maps that look like Middle Earth maps: With name places
based on artificial languages to boot.
Dave's Mapper using dungeon geomorphs from all over the place
donjon; RPG Tools: World generators, name generators, quest
generators, tons of stuff.
Kellri's Dungeon Geomorphs
DunGen Dungeon Generator: Generates flow chart dungeons!
The Acorn Afloat: Geomorph generator: Generates a weird sort of
wilderness, black and white, half Zelda, half Red and Pleasant Land
Philosophical Musings and Design Principles
textgolem: when they ask to research the dungeon
Various Individuals General Philosophies on Dungeon Design
Goblin Punch: Dungeon Checklist
Alex Schroeder: Quality Dungeons and How To Build A Dungeon

Bryce Lynch
Dungeon of Signs: Dungeon Design and Stocking - with examples!:
Consider the past and stock accordingly. With an elaborate (and beautiful)
example dungeon.
Hack & Slash: On Meaningful Choice in the Dungeon
Goblin Punch: What Is Tested? - designing dungeons as tests
James Raggi: Guide to Adventure Writing, Insect Shrine of Goblin Hill
Design Notes, and LotFP: RPG: Is this how D&D is supposed to be
Matt Finch
On Dungeon Mapping
The Alexandrian Jaquaying the Dungeon: The first article in a series on
how to make dungeons non-linear
Dungeon layout, map flow and old school game design: Melans famous
discussion of map complexity. Also posted here.
Dungeon of Signs: Map design thoughts.: Things to consider when
creating maps: sometimes realistic maps are boring. Push harder!
On Megadungeons
In Places Deep: Mastering the Megadungeon: 60-80 rooms per level is
fine, having two levels and only expanding later is fine
Semper Initiativus Unum: Megadungeons, Bosses, and Goals: Every
session should be of potential interest to drop in players.
Beyond the Black Gate: Megadungeon Resources A lot of the same
advice as Benoist below (and a free megadungeon level too), but offers up
some nice random tables and a lot of other features
Benoist's advice on building a megadungeon and an example he
develops, including background, a side-view sketch, and complete
map/key of one level
Hack & Slash: On Gameplay in the Megadungeon - brief post highlighting
the three aspects of engaging with a megadungeon: exploration,
encounters, and extraction
Hill Cantons: Pointcrawling Ruins Revisited and Hill Cantons:
Pointcrawling Ruins, Stocking Structures
Resources: Lists, Tables, Procedures
One Page Dungeon Contest (1PDC) has tons of single page adventures

Playing D&D With Porn Stars: Zak's Dungeon Roller - tables for creating the
basic overarching premise of a dungeon; after this, go get your map and stock
with the tools below.
Stocking Dungeons
The Alexandrian The Art of the Key Part 4: Adversary Rosters: Keep a
list of monster groups that can move between rooms next to your map.
Goblin Punch: Dungeon Checklist
Random Dungeon Stocker using 1000 crowd-sourced entries listed here

Alex Schroeder: One roll dungeon stocking - detailing the process behind
converting the stocking tables from Moldvay into a single d20 table
Detect Magic: AW-Style Dungeon Stocking: Every room should contain a
mapping issue, treasure, lore, or some danger. Mix and match.
Henchman Abuse: Nitty gritty of dungeon design - some notes on how this
dude stocks his dungeons
Tools for Specific Areas or Aspects of a Dungeon (Traps, Entrances, Etc.)
Hack & Slash Tricks, Empty Rooms & Basic Trap Design
Dungeon Dressing Tables - a couple d100 tables for dressing up corridors
and empty rooms
Hack & Slash: Dungeon Entrances - list of 60+ possible dungeon
Ars Ludi: Curing the Bad Trap Blues - a couple tips on how to make traps
more interesting
Friction Points and Wandering Monsters - a system for increasing the
chance of more dangerous responses to adventurers as they make their
presence more obvious
Dungeon of Signs: Walls and Doors - Mega Dungeon Detail on the
Cheap. - not necessarily for megadungeons only
Effects of eating unknown stuff in dungeons
Telecanter: The Original Tumbling Dungeon and its ongoing use in play -
3D dungeons that rotate
More Link Collections
games with others: The Least Information (Maps, Keys): A collection of
links, focusing on dungeon maps
Rusty Battle Axes Compilations of Megadungeon Links and Resources:
Part I (Design & Play) and Part II (Maps, Tables, Generators). Despite title,
very few of these resource are for megadungeons only.
Pits Perilous: Weather Tables From a Real Meteorologist
Mapping with Sandboxigons | Breeyark!: Using eight sided tiles instead of hexes for
wilderness mapping, and some templates to go along with it.
Stasis Engine: The Grandest of all the Patterns in Nature: There were once forests in
the polar regions. Half a year of day. Half a year of night. Everything full of dinosaurs.
Hexcrawl Resources | ars phantasia: a collection of links to blog posts and tools
General Systems for Wilderness Travel
How I Hexcrawl | Lost Pages: with special focus on line of sight
Solipsistic Hexes | Necropraxis - Pretty standard 10-step procedure at the end;
main twist is that one hex = one day, no matter the terrain; random table for what
happens if party tries to go faster
Detect Magic: Pathcrawl - basically, create paths connecting all static
locations; includes methods for stocking map with static locations; travel off-path
leads to additional danger
Roles, Rules, and Rolls: One-Page Wilderness System
Trollsmyth: Hex Mapping (20 part series): Despite the title, most of this is
philosophizing about hexcrawling. There are plenty of helpful tips and some
random tables, but its a lot to wade through.
Specific Rules and Procedures
What Would Conan Do?: Six Dimensional Weather: A hex map with weather
conditions, roll 1d6 to move around. Variants on G+ exist.
Overland Encounters Tales of the Rambling Bumblers
of Pedantry: Roughing It - Wilderness Travel System - doling out damage for
Tao of D&D: Noodling with Travel, further development of a Wilderness
Travel System - commentary on the damage for travel procedure
Nine and Thirty Kingdoms (with Link to Spawn of Endra post): Hunting Rules
and Foraging Rules
Le Chaudron Chromatique: PCs camp events: using camp events to add
personality to NPCs, find new dungeon entrances, etc.
River Crossings
Goblin Punch: Travel and River Crossings
Carapace King: River Fording
Nine And Thirty Kingdoms: How's the Weather?
Methods & Madness: The Rule of Three - Easy outdoor survival rules :
Progressive damage for outdoor dangers
Random Tables and Generators from Broadest to Most Specific
Coins and Scrolls: OSR: Fast Mapping: Part 1, Kingdom -> County Level: How
to know which areas are prosperous and which are not.
Abulafia: Fantasy Region
Abulafia: Fantasy Landmarks
Abulafia: Parish
Abulafia: Hex Map Key
Aeons & Augaries: Who Rules Here?
Random Encounters and Events During Travel
Wonders & Witchcraft: Random Encounters in Faceny: While travelling
through settled lands
Daddy Grognard: If you go down to the woods today... - random table for
woodland exploration
Abulafia: Fantasy Campsite
Old School Psionics: Food-chain competition in game play - random table for
alpha predator that show up in PCs camp at night
Wilderness Areas by Goblin Punch: Brainstorms based on inspirational pictures
Brimstone Waste: See also separate post about local monsters.
Mismera: See also separate post about local monsters.
The Great Rot: See also a separate post about local monsters (with disgusting
Commentary: No Random Tables or House Rules Here!
Mythical Wilderness: Hill Cantons and Troll & Flame both philosophize about
this concept.
I'll See It When I Believe It: How far can you see on a hex map?
What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse: Yes, the Wilderness is dangerous, but
not everywhere is wilderness - a reminder that there are also borderlands
Hidden in Shadows: % in Lair - commentary on the % in Lair stat
The Moral of the Story, a subsystem proposal for Masters of Carcosa | Papers
and Pencils: Keeping track of law vs. chaos and making a place more lawful by
deriving a moral of the story (or adventure)
Additional Links and Resources
Things to do in a shipwreck | Richard's Dystopian Pokeverse: What usually
happins in a shipwreck and in what order?
Hexcrawl Resources | ars phantasia: A collection of annotated links, many of of
which youll also find on this site.
Bardiches & Bathhouses: Annoying Anachronisms: Some background on taverns,
mercenary companies, offices
Goblin Punch: Hungry Joe: A city in hell
Settlement Creation
Medieval Fantasy City Generator by watabou: Quick sketch generator for
fortified human settlements!
Stasis Engine: The court architect Phraanc L'loiid Rait: Using Frank Lloyd
Wrights unrealized plan for reworking downtown Baghdad for an elven
Jeffs Gameblog: Random Hamlet Names: Best name generator for towns
on the internet
Abulafia: Fantasy Town - Best random fantasy town creator on Abulafia!

Fortresses, Castles and Citadels

Abulafia: Random Fortress
Abulafia: Castle - random generator
Elfmaids & Octopi: Complete Guide to Psychonian Citadels: A long
selection of tables to generate some fantastic fortress or post-
apocalyptic refuge including various locations and events. And:
Extra Citadel Stuff...
The Welsh Piper: automated tool for creating fantasy populations
S. John Ross: Medieval Demographics Made Easy
Logistical Demographics of the Ancient Wilderness, and other
snooze inducers...part VI
Random Events, Situations and News
Magician's Manse: Random Village Situations
Society Torch Pole Rope: What's going on in the town
Taverns, Carousing, and Other Town Activities
Goblin Punch: Downtime Activities + Carousing Table
Detect Magic: Taverns: How to run taverns.
Abulafia: Tavern - Random tavern generator
Feast! Tables for food, drink, reveling companions and events both
ordinary and odd
General Guides on Running Cities
Rocket-Propelled Game: Marx & Monsters: A Radical Leftist Fantasy
Sandbox: How to run a New Crobuzon or Russian Revolutionary or bomb
throwing anarchist urban campaign
Playing D&D with Porn Stars: Urban Rules for Slacker DMs
Roles, Rules, and Rolls: Street Guide Without Streets: a simple sheet to
list important locations, characters and random encounters in a settlement
without a map
Detect Magic: City Procedure: How to run a city
City Creation
Goblin Punch: Dwarven Architecture
Abulafia: City - random generator
In Crpathium: Tables and ideas to create your own Viriconium-inspired
12 Nearby Cities | The Githyanki Diaspora: City suggestions with a
Planescape feel, includes suggested exports
10 Underground Cities | The Githyanki Diaspora
Specific Locations to Add to Your City
Bizarre Urban Locations
Abulafia: Gothic Manor
Theater Amphisbaena
Detect Magic: Naumachia: How to run staged naval combats in an arena.
Its basically playing Rock-Paper-Scissors to generate outcomes. One of
them being: In either case, add hostile opposing teams to the city
encounter table.
Random Encounters and Other Tables
Girdle of Giant Charisma: City Intrigue Flowchart Thingy: Ideas to add
some intrigue to cities and towns.
Goblin Punch: The Final d8 Assassins
Goblin Punch: d6 More Assassins
Goblin Punch: d6 Assassins
Trollsmyth: Playing with Kyma - the Bazaar District: Excellent random
Weird City Encounters
In which I risk my life by revealing the mysteries of the guilds Blog of
Holding: Rolling up secrets that the various guilds are guarding
Gangsters & Thugs
Daddy Grognard: Hooks and the City Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4
Jeffs Gameblog: Running Some Numbers: Sea Voyages
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: Watercrawl (adventures on ships)
Mazirian's Garden: Simple Underwater Rules
DM Muse Weather Generator
Sea of O'sr ships, islands and saltbox encounters
What Would Conan Do?: Planar Cultures
Mazirian's Garden: To Where Have I Opened the Way?: Descriptions of three planes
plus random encounters that could occur when opening a portal to them.
Daddy Grognard: Men with Sticks and Ropes - philosophizing about the afterlife with
some discussion of planar travel, especially interaction with the Spectral Plane
Goblin Punch: Azathoth the Microbiologist - thoughts about what it would be like to
play a campaign under Azathoths microscope
Blog of Holding: Fairyland: Dude points out that everything is bigger in Fairyland.

Other Resources
Goblin Punch: Nameless Queen Yama: A necromancy cult

Optional Rules
Dominions and Rulership
Coins and Scrolls: OSR: 1d100 Baronial Grievances : roll to see what is troubling the
Baron today
Coins and Scrolls: OSR: Building Castles: converting a dungeon into a castle
The Retired Adventurer: Your Landholding PCs Should Not Have a Good Idea of
How Much Land They Own: use a relationship map instead of a real map for
Coins and Scrolls: OSR: Land and Investments: domain management, simple and
Coins and Scrolls: Table of Rulers: History of the Franks Edition: Tables to describe
rulers, deaths, events for an ongoing war, and various miscellaneous bits, including
The Haven Turn | Papers and Pencils: Recover from injuries, research magic words,
acquire elven guns, create a potion, hear petitioners, and so on.
Coins and Scrolls: Table of Rulers: Byzantine Edition: Tables to describe rulers,
wars, and death.
Investments, Citadels, and Domains | Papers and Pencils: Investing in your domain
and upgrading it.
Coins and Scrolls: OSR: Don't You Know There's A War On?: There is a war
somewhere and it affects the homeland: taxes, loans, ransom notes
Coins and Scrolls: OSR: Medieval Stalemate Simulator (or Six-Dimensional Warfare):
Rolling some dice to see how the war goes this campaign season. (Usually it doesnt
change much.)
Hill Cantons: Building a Mid-Level Domain Game: Opportunities for career
advancements and more
Hill Cantons: Founding a Town
Hill Cantons: Construction Rules for Classic D&D
Hill Cantons: Foraging and Farming Rules for Classic D&D
The Penultimate Harn Page: The Medieval Farming Year
Hack & Slash: Old School Psionics - complete set of rules for Psionics, usable in any
old school game; addresses shortcomings of original ruleset
Old School Psionics: Psionics made enjoyable - three simple rules mods to the
Psionics rules in AD&D 1e
Psionics (Beta) - Mindbender class and incomplete rules for psionic powers
Dungeons and Digressions: Table of Taxes, Fines, Tariffs and Fees
Retrorpg: Debtors Prison - a dungeon (complete with a map and key!) for those who
cant pay their debts
Roles, Rules and Rolls: Level Titles as Money Sink - basically what the title says
Additional Resources for Specific Genres and Themes
Against The Wicked City: Romantic Fantasy Revisited 1: What it is, and what it might
Against The Wicked City: Romantic Fantasy Revisited 2: Why would I want this in a
Against The Wicked City: Romantic Fantasy Revisited 3: How do I use this in a game
of D&D?
Against The Wicked City: Romantic Fantasy Revisited 4: So what does this look like
in practise?
Dreams in the Lich House: Horror in Dungeons & Dragons
The Underdark Gazette: Conan and the Cheap DM A Guide to Free Resources
for Running a Hyborian Age Campaign
The Underdark Gazette: Conan and the Cheap DM Revisited A Few More Free
Resources for Running Hyboria
Science Fiction
TRAVELLER: Out of the BoxThe Rules are Not Your Friend | Tales to
Classic Traveller Character Generator
The Necromantic Halfbreed: Starship Generator: Generates ships suitable for
D&D in space or horror Science Fiction
Sword+1: Space Fantasy OD&D Style

House Rules Collections

Death & Dismemberment: Revised house rules document
Melancholies and Mirth: Introduction and Player's Guide
The Retired Adventurer: Into the Depths: Its a chassis that Ill be building off of and using
for Necrocarcerus and other fantasy campaigns, loosely inspired by the size and rules
minimalism of Searchers of the Unknown and Into the Odd, with bits and pieces of my
favourite house rules in it, and based off my experience using various versions of Swords
and Wizardry. Its meant to be easy to plug material from other games into - my become-a-
wizard rules for it will be some mixture of Wonder and Wickedness with the spell research
rules from Crimson Pandect. Its classless, with minimal stats to keep track of, and is almost
entirely the player-facing elements of the rules. I stuck in an upgraded version of my
leveling rubric for the Black Hack, since that seemed popular with folks.
B/X Mars
Ten Foot Polemic: The Ten Foot Polemic Unified House Rule Document These collections
are basically one DMs take on this entire wiki, picking and chooses what works for him.
Ten Foot Polemic: House Rule Document: Written for LotFP, but probably applicable to any
old thing.
Hellebarden und Helme: a German player handbook
Elliott's Ale House: My D&D B/X House Rules: includes item saving throws, the flail, the
time it takes to put on armor,
Hill Cantons Compendium
Delta's Dnd Hotspot: Primary House Rules
Removing the Golden Thread: A level-less D&D
Dungeons & Delevelator plus Flailtartary Convertatron Look Ma, no D&D Levels! (almost)
Rules for Other Genres
Sword+1: Ruins & Ronin White Box Edition: Pseudo-Japanese setting, Ruins &
Ronin PDF by Mike Davison on Lulu is the $1 version
What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse...: Flying Swordsmen RPG: Wuxia
Necrocarcerus: for a recent update, see this update
The City of Iron: Labyrinths of Madness Lovecraftian games of horror and
The Age of Conan and Warriors of Mars

Inspirational Sources
From the Sorcerer's Skull: The World of the Glass Harmonica: It has been argued before,
that Barbara Ninde Byfields 1967 Lexicon of the Fantastical, The Glass Harmonica
(republished in 1973 as The Book of the Weird) was an influence on D&D. Its easy to
understand why, given Byfields atmospheric illustration and whimsical prose. While it
would certainly be a variant, more fairytalish world, I think you could do a lot worse than
basing a campaign on the details from the book.
Medieval Bestiaries: Alphabetical List: A list of monsters with descriptions from various
Mutation Apocalypse: Meditating on Medieval Bestiaries: An interesting take on medieval
bestiaries. Its great because it skips all the obvious entries and the entries it has
summarize the beast in a sentence or two plus a picture. Great skimming for inspiration, all
in one page.
Stasis Engine: either we shall find strange adventures or else some great change in our
fortunes: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. You know this to be true.
Trollsmyth: Romantic Fantasy and the Heroine's Journey: Understanding the difficulties for
romantic fantasy for roleplaying games
Jeffs Gameblog: Old wine into new skins: Taking very old fairy tales as inspiration for your
games with others: Monsterparts (attribute-less D&D)

Reviews of old and new material

TSR Products
Jeff's Gameblog: Eldritch Wizardry
Grognardia: A1 Slave Pits of the Undercity
Grognardia: B1 In Search of the Unknown
Grognardia: B4 The Lost City
Grognardia: C1 The Hidden Shrine Tamoachan
Grognardia: D3 Vault of the Drow
Grognardia: Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits
Grognardia: I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City
Grognardia: Isle of the Ape
Grognardia: Warhammer Fantasy Role Play
Grognardia: Traveller--76 Patrons
OSR Products
The Evil DM: A blog about AD&D 1e, Holmes and Mazes & Perils RPG
Delta's D&D Hotspot: Random Dungeon Stocking: Comparing random dungeon
stocking procedures accross different editions of the rules.
The Underdark Gazette: A Guide to Free OSR Resources
Grognardia: Michael Curtis's Stonehell Dungeon
The Underdark Gazette: Tim Shorts's Knowledge Illuminates
Dungeon of Signs: PDFs to download: Gus L has some very nice adventures


Jack Vance
Jeff's Gameblog This Is Vancian Magic (excerpt from Vance)
Grognardia on The Dying Earth
Rambling Bumblers: Ad Vance: To a More Vancian Magic
J.R.R. Tolkien
Monsters & Manuals on Tolkien Vs. D&D
The Hydra's Grotto; The Hobbit 1937
Traveling Spellbook: The Limits of the Fading Folk: Using Tolkien to justify level
limits for elves, dwarves and halflings.

Daddy Grognard: The Mummy - best D&D film ever?


Playing D&D With Porn Stars: Art History For D&D People

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